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We want you to know that your dream is our dream — that your prayer is our prayer. Bagai also saw the parallels in the fight for civil rights between African Americans and South Asian Americans. As the youngest son of Vaishno Das Bagai , an Indian immigrant who took his own life after being stripped of citizenship and facing racism in California.

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He revered Mahatma Gandhi, nominating him for a posthumous Nobel Prize , and stood in solidarity , both spiritually and financially, with Dr. Chandra Gooneratne at uchicago in Gooneratne found that by wearing a turban, he avoided racial harassment simply because he was seen as not black. Some African Americans began adopting this trick as well , wearing turbans and sometimes putting on accents just to avoid discrimination.

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With a turban…you fly unmistakable colors. But you miss the whole point of this game, which is to make the American know you and leave him as your friend for life.

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But at the time, it was seen as just another tool for survival. Look, here I am, a living example of American democracy in practice. Saund was fiercely supportive of his constituents. He increased benefits for veterans and families, protected labor programs, invested in infrastructure, and helped fund STEM research. He was also a vocal supporter of the Civil Rights movement. Saund was a beacon for South Asians and American politics, proving that the American dream was for everyone. SubbaRow discovered how adenosine triphosphate , or ATP, provides the body with energy for all of its activities.

He went on to then discover vitamin B He also created methotrexate , a critical drug for chemotherapy, earning him his nickname. The victories of science are rarely won single handed. No one man should get the credit. Later he became the assistant director of research at Lederle Laboratories where he created methotrexate.

The technical man must not be lost in his own technology. He must be able to appreciate life; and life is art, drama, music, and most importantly, people. Khan was also an activist. During the Bangladesh Liberation War, Khan was one of the founding members of the Bangladesh Emergency Welfare Appeal and the Bangladesh Defense League, which provided humanitarian aid and defense forces to the fledgling country.

After the war, Khan helped the BEWA become the Bangladesh Foundation to help the country with its healthcare, agriculture, and education. It is currently the oldest Indian newspaper published in the States. The stories have covered the lives of non-resident Indians, as well as social and political events affecting India.

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My job is to publish a quality newspaper and not to project myself. The ss were seen as the golden age for newspapers, but the articles were geared toward a white male demographic. Raju was able to create a sustainable newspaper that broke those barriers and still runs today. A hurricane is born when the wings flutter … Where will the butterfly, on my wrist, land?


Kashmiri-born Agha Shahid Ali was an accomplished writer and poet, who wrote several books and was a finalist for the National Book Award. His words spoke to the intrinsic feelings of many South Asian immigrants and made him a venerated author across the diaspora.

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The seventeen days of Asiatic steerage seemed like the experience of another man the very moment the immigration authorities gave me permission to enter the United States. To request a quote, fill out our Contact Form and we'll call you or Call Us now at. Monday thru Friday.

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