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Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Wrong Kind of Love , please sign up. OMG, is anyone else as excited about this one as I am? Lexi Ryan Thank you, Aneesah! I hope you love Nic and Ethan's story. See 1 question about The Wrong Kind of Love…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. I liked her writing style, but I guess our understanding of forgiveness-limits and attitude toward the people, who betrayed us, is quite diverse.

All her past relationship with OMs were based on her sacrifices. She sacrificed her 2. She sacrificed her education, she supported her exes and somehow let them enjoy it. She called herself a professional doormat. I fully agree, unfortunately. I wish her character had more development, I wish she would stand up for herself; I wish she would cut off her evil sister from her life. But no such thing. Overall she was a kind and soft person, she loved children, she had a kind heart — but she was too soft, way too soft!!!

The h heard him speaking to OW and it was almost clear he cheated on her, but she was ready to marry him anyway. And if not for her twin vomiting on her dress, she would have married a man, whom he suspected of cheating. Later on she also let the hero treat her poor. She gave me my daughter. I mean a real good decent man would always treat a woman right, but he was absent in this story.

How much more of a doormat a woman can be??? There was hardly any repentance and no grovel from her sister. Almost nothing! Would I accept this person in my life? Would you? View all 55 comments. Backlogged but thrilled for my ARC! I found myself in a strange town with a mysterious stranger whose talented mouth and hands almost made me forget it was supposed to be m LIVE! ARC provided to me by author Lexi Ryan in exchange for an honest review. View all 4 comments. I imagined stripping out of my wedding gown and watching him smile in appreciation of my body.

All the while, he was fucking my sister.

Keep reading to see the full Love Note!

It also happens to be my first Lexi Ryan story. This story is about love lost then found, betrayal, secrets and lies. It really pulled me in with the smart witty plot and the drama that surrounded these characters. As she was preparing to walk down the aisle to the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with, she hoped her thoughts were wrong and he was the right man for her, a faithful and loving man. Nic knew her twin, Veronica, was set to move to Michigan for a job the night of the wedding. Being identical twins gave Nic the idea of going in place of Veronica and taking on her new position.

Nic moved to the small town of Jackson Harbor and began working for the hot and broody Ethan Jackson, caring for his six year old daughter Lilly. Along the way Ethan had lost the ability to trust, and to open himself up to the prospect of falling in love again. He knew that once those walls were able to come down, he would be able to open up, to love deeply and whole-heartedly.

The next time he fell in love would need to be the last, forever. These two were simply perfect for each other and as I read, I wanted nothing more than to see them finally reach their much deserved happily ever after. I wait with baited breath for each of their stories. This was such a heart-warming, humorous, sweet and so unbelievably hot story about love, loss, family, the ultimate betrayal and learning to forgive.

If you love your hot and steamy contemporary romances then I urge you to check this one out, because I have a feeling Dr Ethan Jackson will melt not only your heart, but your lady part too. View all 22 comments. It gave me all the feels!

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Talk about a slap to the face! I really liked Nic. She has a big heart and is so kind and loving. I was rooting for her all along and I am so happy she found Ethan. I loved Ethan! The chemistry and sexual tension between Nic and Ethan was off the charts! They are truly so perfect for each other. Also I loved their relationship with Lilly.

I highly recommend this book to all contemporary romance fans. Poor Nicole! She really got the short end of the stick when it comes to family. And the one time she decides to act out of character, it backfires in a big way. Initially anyway. Ethan Jackson is a one night encounter that pops back up as her boss. Nic doesn't WANT to lie, buts gets caught in the middle of some family secrets. And there are so many secrets. Ethan acts like a jerk to try to protect himself and Nic is rightfully offended. I like how she started out as the unsure one but became Poor Nicole!

I like how she started out as the unsure one but became more confident, while Ethan was the one who was rattled by her presence. What started out as a disaster ended up being the best thing to happen to them both. Just missed 5 stars though. I don't get how easily Nic forgave Veronica. Sure Marcus was horrible, but Veronica still did what she did.

Jim white - The Wrong Kind of Love

I almost felt like she wanted Nic to thank her for it. Looking forward to reading more about the Jackson clan! View all 3 comments. Good runaway bride turns nanny and the single dad read. There are a ton of secrets and lies in this book too. This one is bit of a slow build, but also not in some ways.

The Boys of Jackson Harbor

Or a doormat one. Or a backbone-less one. Or take-all-the-crap-from everyone-and-be-ok one. Or a too forgiving one. Apr 16, Gogol rated it did not like it. This writer needs to be firmly and seriously questioned regarding the identity of the person s who told her she could write!!!!! She deliberately creates situations in which her heroines are idiot doormats. I personally think every horrible thing that befalls the type of characters she writes about, is fully and categorically well deserved.

Her writing fills me with anger, and makes me want to hit a boxing bag, or better still, burn her books on a pire, because the demeaning attitude that she i This writer needs to be firmly and seriously questioned regarding the identity of the person s who told her she could write!!!!! Her writing fills me with anger, and makes me want to hit a boxing bag, or better still, burn her books on a pire, because the demeaning attitude that she instills in her heroines is everything that is wrong and sick regarding discrimination against women everywhere.

These heroines give smart, capable, women who Know their own worth and enjoy a sense o sself esteem, who fight to be recognised and accepted, a bad name. Do you know how? And her characters inspire nothing but disgust and disrespect. Go read something fun. If you are reading escapist romantic fiction, then you obviously need to feel better after finishing the damn book. Trust me, finishing this book was like swallowing a bag of nails. View all 7 comments. Heroine sounds like a professional doormat!!! Apr 16, Alla rated it liked it Shelves: audio , series , series-no-cliffhangers , standalone.

The first one in the Jacksons siblings series. It was good, I enjoyed it. The narration in the audio version is also good and well executed. View all 9 comments. Dec 06, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Let me state for the record and so we're all clear on this --Dr. Ethan Jackson is mine. His brother Jake might also be mine too. And possibly his younger brother Levi. Imma just need some Jackson brother love. This book is classic Lexi, and is soooooo good. Some angst, some humor, some inner turmoil, some sexy good times.

It's got it all. Nicole Maddox has just run away from the worst experience ever The fiance she is literally mi Let me state for the record and so we're all clear on this --Dr. The fiance she is literally minutes away from marrying. Devastated, embarrassed and looking to hide out while she licks her wounds, Nic impulsively hightails it out of town to Jackson Harbor, Michigan. Ethan Jackson is a single dad, still emotionally wounded from the loss of his wife. He works a ton of hours, and spends his time being a broody stick in the mud.

He's not looking for a relationship. Not now. Not ever. And who better to pass the evening with than the beautiful stranger with the sad eyes, getting drunk on tequila at his brother's bar? But things are about to get complicated for Nic and Ethan. Because secrets don't make friends, and lies break hearts.

But don't worry. If we're lucky, Lexi will put us back together at the end. Mar 03, Anna rated it it was ok. I voluntarily read and reviewed an copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book via Netgalley. It's quite previsible "nanny and her employer". But I liked the writing and could not put it down! Shame on me! The heroine is weak, dormat, she recognised it herself! She was this silly girl who wanted to pleasure everyone, she dropped her college for bf, left her work for her fiance.

Her cheater fiance who impregnated her twin sister. Sh I voluntarily read and reviewed an copy of this book. She worked for some widower previsible, huh?! He was grumpy and didn't want her Yes, he thought he was culpable in his wife's death. The story has good potential. I wish the heroine had got more balls! I would endure bitter, cold weather for just a small taste of Ethan Jackson! Goodness gracious…. This love story takes you on the wild ride of secrets, lies, and betrayal, while further enticing you with the sinfully provocative relationship between boss and employee.

I loved this book! The storyline, characters, and intensely raw emotions were a stunning blend that simply radiate off the pages!

The Wrong Kind of Love

An absolute must-read!!! Feb 07, Jennifer Wolfel rated it it was amazing. I've read just about every book Lexi has written. There is just something unique and special about her family sagas I say this because this is book number one of this series, though they are all standalone, but the preview to come makes me ache for more of Lexi's words now!!!! The Wrong Kind of Love was something uniquely different. Lexi put a great spin on this romance, and its unique story line really had me intrigued beginning to end!

Our heroine is running from her wedding. She's just foun I've read just about every book Lexi has written. Who could blame a girl for running far and fast from that situation. What unfolds is a beautiful tale of two souls trying to heal from very different heartbreaks, two people who don't believe in true love anymore. I fell madly in love with Dr. He's an amazing dad, who goes the extra mile, with a busy schedule, to spend as much time with his baby girl as he can. There is always something about a single dad that gets to me.

But it's not just his love for his baby girl, its his love for his whole family. The need to be something for everyone that he can. She's been broken in the worst of ways, doesn't want to believe that loyally and love exist anymore. Yet she gives her love so freely to a child that isn't her own. She goes above and beyond to help a family in desperate need. She sacrifices something she so desperately craves to keep a secret that isn't hers to bear.

She is the epitome of loyalty and love and she stole my heart completely as a heroine! Do yourself a favor and read this book NOW!

You will fall in love with Nicole and Ethan, and the entire Jackson family! I cannot wait to see what Lexi has in store next for this family, and I'm sure after that little preview I will NOT be disappointed Apr 05, Salma rated it it was amazing. More had to align to get a stubborn-ass grump to open his heart. But they did.

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I loved every thing about The Wrong Kind of Love. I am so so so happy it was NOT the same old my twin slash best friend stole my man bla bla bla.. The plot was strong enough to catch my heart in ways that reminded me why CR is indeed one of my favorite reading genre. Nic the sweet smart nice and brave twin who always lived for the others, Ethan the kind, intractable widowed doctor, his daughter Lili, TAGAN the ultimate best friend anyone would ask for, the yummy cute handsome Jackson brothers and nana omg i loved all of them even the not so so bad grinch twin Veronica..

Every character was unique in its own way and yup the author was smart to give enough to intrigue us to know more about this lovely family. View 1 comment. A terrific start to a new series by Lexi Ryan. Both main characters have had their hearts broken and are messes. A single dad and the wrong nanny at the right time make for a really fun-to-read story -- even though there are some tests to overcome.

Nic and Ethan melt the pages with their chemistry. The power of love takes up residence and what follows is a wonderful second chance for the real thing -- a happily ever after. A cast of characters to meet that are all so easy to like. Ethan's little A terrific start to a new series by Lexi Ryan.

Ethan's little girl is adorable and added to the first book's draw. You'll also meet the other Jackson brothers and their sister and momma, too. Add in a quirky and funny friend named Teagan and Veronica, Nic's twin sister the vote is still out on her -- the backstabbing betrayer that I'm not quite sure whether or not I can forgive enough to like or trust her.

Small town romance at its best. I'm absolutely looking forward to the next book. I'm not sure what I loved more about this story. Ethan aka Dr. McBroody Pants, our leading man, who was struggling with the loss of his wife a few years ago and due to his mom's impending trip, is in need of a nanny. He's a dedicated doctor, a loving father, an adoring brother, and a caring son.

Even in his moody, broody moments, he's still amazing. Nicole aka Nic, our leading lady, is very often described as "the good twin" and I could see why with everything I read about her and the more I felt I'm not sure what I loved more about this story. Nicole aka Nic, our leading lady, is very often described as "the good twin" and I could see why with everything I read about her and the more I felt I got to know her. Nic shoots me a helpless glance before following Mom into the house. I go in after them and pull the door shut behind me. Nic blinks at her. Lilly hops off the stool and stands in front of Nic with wide arms and a hot chocolate mustache.

The gesture seems so instinctive that it makes my throat thick. She pulls a set of keys from her purse and puts them on the counter with a pile of paperwork. She touches her temple. Lilly puts a finger to her lips as if she has to pretend to think about it. I still need to finish packing. She walks over to the stack of papers Mom left and fingers through them without looking at me.

My jaw aches, and I unclench my teeth. Look at me. Slowly, she lifts her eyes to meet mine, and lust zips hot and fast through my blood. I lock those instincts away and focus on what matters here. Not a wife. Not even a girlfriend. The longer I look into her eyes, the more the frustration and anger knotting my gut morphs into desire.

This push and pull is full of sex and longing. This whole situation feels off. Too convenient. Too coincidental. But I want her anyway. Even as I stand here and think of what a mess last night has made of my future, I want to push her against the counter and finish what we started in her hotel room. Instead, I take a step back. I need a nanny more than I needed an easy screw.

She shakes her head and looks me over, disgust curling her lips. You really are an asshole. Latest on the Blog. Start Reading Mode. Print Share. Share 1, Views Like 0. Or you can just copy and share this url. Visited 1, times, 1 visits today.