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Buildings must be mixed in age and condition so that people of all socio-economic backgrounds are able to make the neighborhood home and participate in its economic life. Aging buildings are necessary in order to be able to host non-profits, artist studios, and affordable housing units.

The Four Essential Ingredients for Urban Diversity (According to Jane Jacobs)

Older buildings and lower rents create opportunities for news businesses to gain their footing. This displaces lower-income tenants, is visually repetitive, and alters the character that caused the neighborhood to flourish in the first place. New development is important, but space must be left for economic diversity. As she wrote with great sass:. In our modern reality, density supports a diverse economic life. While suburbia can only support the economic demand of the majority, cities have the luxury of supporting a variety of cultures, scenes, and industries.

Six People Finding Strength in Diversity - The Brave

This provides opportunities for establishments ranging from Ethiopian restaurants to hip microbreweries to co-exist, share customers, and make the city an attractive place to live. None of these changes come overnight. Great neighborhoods are built over time and continually evolve. The trick is encouraging population stability and retaining economic diversity to allow people to build a neighborhood that works for them.

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Sign in Get started. Aug 6, Four Ingredients of Thriving and Diverse Districts Jacobs championed for diversity of purpose and use, economic classes, and cultures. Exhibition: Permeable Spaces.

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Rashida Tlaib claims Dem leadership uses party’s minority members as tokens of diversity

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Rashida Tlaib claims Dem leadership uses party’s minority members as tokens of diversity

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