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It seems that these people keep assuming that historical epochs have distinct regimes of visuality, and further, that we can recognize the regimes of visuality in historical epochs previous to our own.

How could you avoid conflating the iconography of your own and other historical epochs? Mitchell wants us to recognize a problem with doing just ideology or doing just iconology. Mitchell thinks he can fix the problem.

The Pictorial Turn in the Contemporary Novel: Danuta Fjellestad

Mitchell thinks we can properly revive iconography only if we include a study of ideology 24, 29, Mitchell has been criticized by Boehm, for example for characterizing the pictorial turn too broadly. Who is served by asserting that pictures have a life of their own?

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They may haunt us but their autonomy is relative. Even if this is taking a long time due to institutional resistance, powerplays.

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  4. Visually-generated tropes of thought are entering into a dialogue with the dominant literary and verbal metaphors of thought. This is amazing coming from Mitchell, one of the leading theorists today and the editor of Critical Inquiry , certainly one of the chief propagators of literary theories of the verbal-Deconstructivist bent. Obviously good news for painters, this could additionally herald a rebirth of theoretical interest in the novel and in novel ists.

    Imaging Science: The Pictorial Turn in Bio- and Neurosciences

    The academic critic is the unacknowledged ideal creator of the Decontructivist critics, those revealers of all hidden tropes other than their own. The author may be dead but the reviewer is not. Painters, even conceptually oriented ones, are suspect for all the obvious reasons: sensuality, insufficient fashion consciousness, and so on.

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    It appears that the linguistic turn is rather firmly academically entrenched, and although weakened, it has not been replaced by a new form of tropaic visuality, but rather modified into a kind of social-event literalness. Philosophy has long portended an aesthetic turn with the increase in stature of aesthetics, the philosophy of art, once the barely tolerated foster child of metaphysics, to a position of vital importance, impinging on ethics, metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of mind.

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    6. Visual art since Duchamp has led the way from mimesis and personalism to questions of the ontology of art. Post-Duchampians by which I do not mean neo-Duchampians and Post-Joyceans are expanding this in new philosophical directions, such as epistemology, the hermeneutics of meaning, and theories of creativity, metaphor, social philosophy and more.