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Lee Free PDF. There are two great antichristian religious systems of deceit revealed in the book of Revelation. This has been the majority position of historic Protestant interpretation Historicism for centuries though later writers often see this with more clarity. Lee gives us evidence of this in Calvin and Islam, citing Calvin as follows,. Given the prominent place in Scripture that God apportions to revealing Islam as one of the most significant antichristian forces in history and in the light of the rise and progress of Islam in our day , Dr.

Lee has provided a much-needed service to the Christian community by gathering together into one easy-reading book the thoughts of one of the greatest Reformers, John Calvin, on one of the chief historical enemies of the church of Christ and the souls of men. Islam in the Bible by Dr.

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Lee's final production, sent on Dec. From more free MP3s by Dr.

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Lee on eschatology, Antichrist, Islam, etc. Roman Catholicism, the Jesuits, Islam, etc. Click here to download. Please wait Search Advanced Search Search Tips. JOEL R. Greg L.


Phone Orders: Sign Up Now! Islam Muslims In Bible Prophecy, In the Book of Revelation "In fact, when the classic historicist position is studied, the fulfillment in the case of Islam and Revelation chapter nine is seen to be so striking and well attested that ' even advocates of other approaches who are adamant in their rejection of the historicist system of interpretation have admitted the convincing nature of this particular identification '" - Steve Gregg, commenting on Revelation in Revelation: Four Views : A Parallel Commentary , p.

Francis Nigel Lee, Calvin on Islam "There are two great antichristian religious systems of deceit revealed in the book of Revelation. Please Note: To continue browsing while you are listening to the free MP3 audio books or sermons on this page, click on the small speaker icon to the right of the title to open Sermonaudio's MP3 player in a separate window. You may also download these free MP3 audio books or sermons by clicking on the disk icon. The section on Islam begins part way into this sermon, and is excellent, so it is worth the wait! As if this had not been regulated by the purpose of God!

The pretext of the [ preteristic ] Romanists which they make in extenuation of the tyranny of their idol [the Papacy] -- is that it was not possible for Christ to forsake His bride.

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But here, the weak have an assurance on which to rest -- when they learn that the disfigurement which they see in the Church, has long since been foretold. Because Paul declares that when the World has been brought under the rule of Christ -- a defection will take place However, Paul is not speaking of one individual -- but of a kingdom that was to be seized by Satan, for the purpose of setting up a seat of abomination in the midst of God's Temple. This we see accomplished in Popery. For, since Mohammed was an apostate , he turned his followers, the Turks , from Christ The sect of Mohammed was like a raging overflow, which in its violence tore away about half of the Church.

It remained for [the Papal] Antichrist to infect with his poison the part which was left. Yet, in the words 'the Lord Jesus shall slay' in Second Thessalonians -- Calvin insists Paul "predicted the destruction of the reign of Antichrist He will be annihilated by the Word of the Lord Although unseen, these powers control future events and realities. The unveiling comes to the Apostle John through a series of magnificent visions.

The visions unfold like a vivid science fiction novel. The strange language, imagery, and symbolism in Revelation were not quite as foreign to first-century Christians as they are to us today.

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The numbers , symbols, and word pictures John used held political and religious significance to believers in Asia Minor. These followers were familiar with the Old Testament prophetic writings of Isaiah , Ezekiel, Daniel, and other Jewish texts.

Book of Revelation

Today, we often need help deciphering these images. To further complicate the book of Revelation, John saw visions of both his present world and of events yet to take place in the future. At times John witnessed multiple images and different perspectives of the same event. These visions were active, evolving, and challenging to the imagination.

John, who was exiled on the Island of Patmos by the Romans for his testimony about Jesus Christ and nearing the end of his life, wrote the book in approximately A. The book is also written to all believers everywhere. These congregations were standing strong, but facing temptations, the constant threat of false teachers, and intense persecution under Emperor Domitian. Revelation is a glimpse into the invisible spiritual battle in which good battles against evil.

God the Father and his son, Jesus Christ, are pitted against Satan and his demons. Jesus has already won the war, but in the end, he will come again to Earth. At that time, everyone will know that he is the King of Kings and Lord of the Universe.

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Ultimately, God and his people triumph over evil in a final victory. God is sovereign. He controls the past, present, and future. Believers can trust in his unfailing love and justice to keep them secure until the very end. Followers of Jesus Christ are cautioned to stay strong in the face of suffering, to uproot any sin that may be hindering their fellowship with God, and to live clean and undefiled by the influences of this world. God hates sin and his final judgment will put an end to evil.

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Those who reject eternal life in Christ will face judgment and eternal punishment in hell. Followers of Christ have great hope for the future. Their salvation is sure because Jesus conquered death and hell. Christians are destined for eternity, where all things will be made new. The believer will live forever with God in perfect peace and security. His eternal kingdom will be established and he will rule and reign forever victorious.