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Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Feb 21, tengkusitihasmah rated it did not like it Shelves: boughtthis. I am sorry. Not even finish. To some people, it might be a worth read, but naah, not my cup of tea. Feb 06, Tengku Anis rated it did not like it. You should stop writing Tunku. The stories was like "wehh amende cite ni" Idk what are you trying to convey through your stories? With the shamans,rape and all the sexs things. Its just a typical malay stories and not horror at all.

Don't know where's the plot and the moral values of the stories. Baziaq duit beli bak kata Siti. View all 6 comments. Sep 23, HusnaReads rated it it was ok Shelves: dirty-content , fixi-books , goodreads-malaysia-challenge , misteri-seram. First of, a big congrats to Tunku Halim for this book : I knew the writer he's the dad of my lecturer's friend. However it does not affect my review. I think a few early chapters were great. I liked vampire stories but when too many chapters are about vampires, I get bored.

Feel like reading twilight tbh. Just a darker version. Better if titled vampire stories. This book is titled horror stories. Yes, some of the book does terrified me, some are just mehh. Not because the stories are not good. But a few stories especially halfway through the book , idk where the plot is going, like what are the writer trying to tell me? That the characters made out almost every stories? Halfway through the book, it gets really lengthy, with lots of descriptions that idk whether it contributes to the plot or not. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm not an expert in writing. If this is a horror and romance genre, doesn't mean every stories is about making out.

Please kids, stay away from this book hmmm.. However, I'm sure Horror Stories 2 will be better.

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Thanks again to Tunku Halim for sharing May 05, Jason rated it did not like it. Once again, we are shown that Malaysia is still 50 years behind the rest of the modern world in regards to its literature, music, and film. Even China has more talented authors, directors, and musicians than the gem of Southeast Asia, and they live under much greater censorship and oppression.

This anthology is fraught with grammatical, spelling, and vocabulary mistakes. Its stories are predictable, stereotypical, racist, and completely bereft of any scares or clever twists. Further, to call thes Once again, we are shown that Malaysia is still 50 years behind the rest of the modern world in regards to its literature, music, and film. Further, to call these characters cardboard caricatures would be an insult to cardboard and caricatures everywhere. I hated this book. Hated it, hated it, hated it. Malaysia, you may have natural beauty, but you are lacking in in the arts.

I'd be embarrassed to loan this book out to friends. View 2 comments. Jun 12, Ema rated it it was ok. It's very Malaysian. And old stories.

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Cliche, I mean. Not scary at all. Not thrilling. Some chapters are personification of real issue like gambling or adultery. Another chapters are about madness. And few stories represent dislike or disgust over gay people. Really dude, you used sex to create stories with gays? That's not good. All the stories are typical. The writing though is good. Stories, no. Feb 23, Plainqoma rated it liked it Shelves: I'm hoping for a wow, ewww, ahhh feelings but all I got were hmmm and meh. Pretty frustrated really. Kekangan bahasa mungkin. Glad finally I got to the last page without skipping.

But most of the stories were original indeed.

Best Horror Short Story Collections

Apr 06, Hanies Nik Azlan rated it liked it. Not much of an influence except possibly on Francis Ford Coppola [ ] , it is still a wonderful movie [ ]. It won its lead, Fredric March, an Academy Award [ ]. He quickly became a regular, and by his cartoons had evolved into his immediately recognisable style.

  1. by H.P. Lovecraft.
  2. Vegetarian Cooking: Spaghetti with Sweet and Spicy Vege Whitefish (Vegetarian Cooking - Vege Seafood Book 88).
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His darkly comedic visions of death and the macabre lasted until , and spawned The Addams Family television show [ ] and a more recent movie double, in and Guy Endore also wrote the screenplay for what may have been one of the fascinating early vampire films Mark of the Vampire Tod Browning, -- if the studio had left it alone.

However, it is only here that it becomes relevant to us, when the composer Carl Orff sets it all to music and creates the quintessential horror sound-track. O fortuna Many people tuned in from another popular radio show and missed the opening explanation, believing it to be a real invasion [ ]. Admirers of Lovecraft's work, they were determined to ensure it survived both the author and Weird Tales [ ].

Derleth and other authors such as Robert Bloch [ ] and Robert E. Howard began to utilise the mythos in their own stories, with mixed success. The movies they did let through were generally edited out of all recognition. It is interesting that during this period, one of the most popular British radio serials was John Dickson Carr's Appointment with Fear ; a weekly short dramatisation with a host known as the Man in Black played by Valentine Dyall.

While some Americans had similar sentiments Variety regarded The Wolf Man [ s ] as 'dubious entertainment at this particular time' [ 91 ] the public proved them wrong. The Nazi Movement in Germany, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, attempted the genocide of the Jewish race, creating one of the enduring symbols of the Bad Guy. Meanwhile, on August the 6th and 9th of , America showed the world a new type of Horror; its canvas: Hiroshima and Nagasaki [ ]. By however, the more visual mediums were taking precedence, and the programs fell by the wayside. Individual shows can be found in later years, for example CBS Mystery Theatre , but they are few and far between.

Carnivals were never the same again. Other achievements include the fascist future of Fahrenheit and his collections of poetically macabre short stories such as The October Country What RKO wasn't expecting and wasn't sure it wanted was a series of movies of subtle horrors and meticulously maintained atmosphere.

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Cat People was also remade with lots of sex, Nastassja Kinski and a rather nice panther in and Robert Bloch also wrote a comic version for TV in As well as SF and action titles they would also produce America's first and most famous horror comics, the likes of Tales from the Crypt , Haunt of Fear and Vault of Horror , all edited by Al Feldstein. EC became a cult sensation -- until , that is, when Dr. The backlash was incredible, EC was brought under the scrutiny of a US Senate Subcommittee and business went downhill fast. Mad Magazine remains the only survivor of the publishing house, though several of the old titles are seeing reprint.

As Gaines said in the nationally televised court case: 'It would be just as difficult to explain the harmless thrill of a horror story to a Dr. Wertham as it would be to explain the sublimeness of love to a frigid old maid' [ 36 ]. A 'fairly lively spoof which put an end to Universal's monsters for a while' [ 3 ], [ s ]. The other main contender in this field of political nightmares is Aldous Huxley's Brave New World Lights Out had started as a series of specials in , and became a regular series, and Appointment with Fear and Suspense also made the transition.

It hadn't taken long after World War II for another conflict to appear and these films were a telling indication of Cold War tension and, by the way, of the rush of UFO sightings that began in earnest in , in a decade 'in which anxiety, paranoia and complacency marched hand in hand' [ 5 ]. The themes were internal invasion, corruption and paranoid fantasies. Sears, were large scale invasions portrayed. Naturally enough, post-holocaust movies started to appear, and it was also the decade of the monster movie, giant ants, silly robots, hairy beasts and mixtures of the two , Neanderthal men, lizard-skin girl-lusting critters and on and on Jack Arnold's The Creature from the Black Lagoon is the best example , mostly the product of science gone wrong.

Mind you, the Japanese had their own thoughts on that subject [ ]. It was an adaptation of J. Campbell's 'Who Goes There? The story was re-adapted by John Carpenter in it looked real good, but did anyone understand it? Miller is a highly regarded mainstream writer, Death of a Salesman possibly being his most famous play. Price specialised in playing exquisitely evil villains, ranging from the intermittently possessed Charles Dexter Ward The Haunted Palace , Roger Corman, to the Abominable Doctor Phibes Robert Fuest, -- the sequel's pretty good too.

Although very fond of camping it up, he is the genii of some truly chilling moments in movies such as he produced with director Corman [ ]. Well over twenty films have been devoted to the exploits of Godzilla, mostly the product of Honda and Eiji Tsuburaya, and other examples followed: Baragon, Ghidorah, Gaos, Gamera, Rodan, Manda, Mothra All followed a strict ritual of killer breath and city-destroying tendencies Tokyo suffered many ignominious deaths.

And the reason for all this isn't too hard to find [ ]. The US version added Raymond Burr as a reporter to the original, released in I am Legend is perhaps the best resolved of the many looks at Man Alone in the City. As well as a novelist Matheson has had great success with short stories and writing for movies and television, including the original Night Stalker and [ ].

And a pig's head. It's had a couple of adaptations, none of which we really want to mention. Kiss Kiss followed in ' The Horror Library series is as good as horror gets, and these truly are the best of the best. Now this new book has compiled the best of the best, and no horror fan should miss it. Every story inside is an absolute winner! The book features 33 of the top stories from each volume spanning the last decade. This collection is one of the most perfect representations of how truly horrifying and intelligent horror fiction can be.

I usually pick the book up here and there or bounce around to my favorite authors. It is pretty rare that I will actually just sit down and read a short story collection from cover to cover. That makes this one pleasure of a read. Brown , I knew I was going to be enthralled with this collection. This is unique take on an alien invasion. This marvelous short story is about a Dad who is trying to console his children. His son and daughter are upset because the other children at school told them that their parents were going to pick one of them to be given to the garbage collectors, shadowy creatures that come at night to take one child of a family with two.

From there, the story moves to a maddening and tense drive sequence that leads into a violent and sad ending. There is a story in here for every genre fan and enough to play on every fear.

The short story is the perfect medium to deliver a quick, intense burst of fear

This was one of the best compilations I have read in recent years. There is something for every type of horror fan, some new names and some old favourites. Everything from Bizarro to paranormal thrillers. This collection covers everything. It took me a while to get through this book as I was enjoying a story at a time but I was disappointed when I finally came to the end.

However, I will be going back and reading each individual volume to see what I missed. A good reminder for me why I read horror in small spurts only! Great thrills and chills tho. Two of my very favorite things put together in one book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book features 33 of the best horror from each volume, stories in total.