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And what became of the prime minister who went into the surf and was never seen again? Explore the strangest tales, most incredible encounters and creepiest urban legends in Australia's history. Read about the investigations and weigh up the facts, do you believe the official explanations for these weird and wonderful events? All fall down Christobel, fourteen and heiress to a fortune, is bored and lonely until she decides to dress as a boy and rescue her servant's son who has been kidnapped.

It becomes a dangerous game set in the crime and disease-ridden slums of The Rocks. All-day nightmare A "Give Yourself Goosebumps" story. You had terrible dreams last night. And when you wake up, you're not in your bed -- or your room. You're stuck in some creepy old house, and you can't remember your own name! Your nightmares have only just begun Allegiant The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered - fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal.

So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she's known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories. Want to be an eagle? Or a bear? Or a fish? Then check out the souvenir shop in Snakebite Canyon.

They've got a pair of dried-up snake eyes with the power to turn you into a real animal. Maybe you'd like to buy a map of the lost gold mine. You could strike it rich. Or you could get attacked by a giant kid-eating spider! The choice is yours in this scary adventure that's packed with over 20 super-spooky endings. Amal unbound Twelve-year-old Amal loves learning and dreams of becoming a teacher.

Then something unimaginable happens. After an accidental run-in with the son of her village's corrupt landlord, she is forced to work as his family's servant to pay off her own family's debt. At the opulent and corrupt Khan estate, Amal realises she will have to find a way to work with others in order to bring about change, and to achieve her dreams. His mates are going to be so jealous. Going up is awesome, but when disaster strikes, Spencer will need to be nothing short of amazing.

Amber amulet, The Twelve-year-old Liam McKenzie patrols his suburban neighbourhood as the Masked Avenger - a superhero with powers so potent not even he can fully comprehend their extent. Along with his sidekick, Richie the Powerbeagle, he protects the people of Franklin Street from chaos, mayhem, evil and low tyre pressure - but can he save them from sadness?

Anaconda ambush Sam Fox is on a field trip with his uncle in the Amazon when he's swept over a waterfall into an underground lake and discovers a fortune in gold. But, there's an enormous anaconda lurking in the cave and the snake is just the first obstacle Sam will have to overcome if he's to get out of the Amazon alive.

Ancient starship, The When an ancient starship has been discovered in the Egyptian desert, Amelia's dad is whisked away to help. Meanwhile, the first human guests have arrived at the hotel and they're turning out to be the strangest visitors yet. Are the spaceship and the odd guests connected? Amelia and Charlie may be the only ones who can solve this puzzle And the ocean was our sky "Call me Bathsheba.

Led by the formidable Captain Alexandra, they fight a never-ending war against men. Then the whales attack a man ship, and instead of easy prey they find the trail of a myth, a monster, perhaps the devil himself With their relentless Captain leading the chase, they embark on the final hunt, one that will forever change the worlds of whales and men. Angel creek There are only two things that Jelly likes about the new house on Rosemary Street, the old apricot tree and the creek over the back fence. One night, Jelly and her cousins spot something in the creek's dark waters.

At first, they think it's a bird but it's a baby angel with a broken wing. Jelly decides to keep it. But, she soon discovers that you can't just take something from where it belongs and expect that it won't be missed. Angel: through my eyes The gripping tale of a teenage girl who has been separated from her family in the typhoon ravaged city of Tacloban in the Philippines.

Battling looters, rubble, water damage, and the underlying fear that her family has been lost to the typhoon, Angel is desperate to find them again. Anila's journey Menace and mystery lie in wait for Anila Tandy who secures a job drawing birds for an English naturalist, travelling on a river boat up the Ganges River.

Anila will use this journey to search for her father, missing for years and presumed dead. Anila must test herself in the man's world of India, in the late s. Animal planet Colt Lawless is on the run, suddenly famous, and more than a little superhuman. But can he save the last animals on earth? The deadly rat flu virus has changed - humans are catching it and nobody is sure why. But he and Birdy are trapped in the sewers, and the man who holds the key to it all is being held prisoner at DoRFE Headquarters.

Full text of "The Notebooks Of Samuel Taylor Coleridge ( Vol- Ist )"

Is this the end of the road - not just for the circus, but for all of humankind? Apothecary, The In , after her parents are identified as communists, Janie must move from Los Angeles to the safety of London. The war has ended but it's a tense time, and Janie is uncomfortable at her new school. She notices Benjamin, a curiously defiant boy, who dreams of becoming a spy.

When his father, an apothecary, is kidnapped, Benjamin and Janie are embroiled in a plot involving real espionage and nuclear threats. Apprentices, The It's two years since Janie Scott last saw Benjamin Burrows, the mysterious apothecary's defiant son who stole her heart. Benjamin has been experimenting with a new formula, allowing him to communicate with Janie across the globe.

When a mystery threatens them all, Janie, Benjamin and their friend, Pip, are thrown into a desperate chase around the world to find one another, while trying to unravel the mystery. Ariki and the giant shark Ariki is not like the other children on Turtle Island. She belongs heart and soul to the sea, where she plays all day with the dolphins and turtles.

One day, a giant shark appears and the fishermen are too afraid to go out. Without fish the people will starve - and only Ariki can save the day! Art fraud detective The security guard at the Town Hall Gallery has a big problem. Some of the priceless masterpieces have been stolen and replaced with cunning forgeries.

The guard needs your sharp eyes and patience to identify the fake paintings. Ash princess Theodosia was six when her country was invaded and her mother, the Fire Queen, was murdered before her eyes. On that day, the Kaiser took Theodosia's family, her land, and her name. Theo was crowned Ash Princess - a title of shame to bear in her new life as a prisoner.

For ten years Theo has been a captive in her own palace. She's endured the relentless abuse and ridicule of the Kaiser and his court. She is powerless, surviving in her new world only by burying the girl she was deep inside. Then, one night the Kaiser forces her to do the unthinkable. With blood on her hands and all hope of reclaiming her throne lost, she realizes that surviving is no longer enough.

But she does have a weapon: her mind is sharper than any sword. And power isn't always won on the battlefield. Asterix series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Asterix versus Caesar When the chief's niece, Panacea, is captured by the Romans with her fiance, Tragicomix, the Gaulish warriors Asterix and Obelix join the Roman legion in order to find them.

Astrid Spark fixologist: the girl with the incredible, magnetic fingers The silly, inventive and fun adventures of a girl with a magnetic finger. Aurora rising The year is , and the graduating cadets of Aurora Academy are being assigned their first missions. Star pupil Tyler Jones is ready to recruit the squad of his dreams, but his own boneheaded heroism sees him stuck with the dregs nobody else in the Academy would touch.

And Ty's squad isn't even his biggest problem. Trapped in cryo-sleep for two centuries, Auri is a girl out of time and out of her depth. But she could be the catalyst that starts a war millions of years in the making, and Tyler's squad of losers, discipline-cases and misfits might just be the last hope for the entire galaxy. Austere academy, The The Baudelaire orphans are sent to a terrible boarding school where they meet the Quagmire triplets and watch their backs for Count Olaf. Bad beginning, The After the sudden death of their parents, the three Baudelaire children must depend on each other and their wits to outsmart a distant relative who is determined to use any means necessary to get their fortune.

A story of misery. Barney and the secret of the french spies In orphaned Barney Bean now has a flourishing farm in the New South Wales colony and everything he ever dreamed of But when Elsie falls ill and Barney rushes to be by her side, he finally learns the deadly secret she has been hiding.

Who is this strange and beautiful girl who will not speak? And could France ever attack the isolated colony? Barney and the secret of the whales Barney Bean is keen to make his fortune and he hears a secret. A sailor's secret about the treasure of the colony. But, Barney wonders how chasing whales can make you rich, and whether an adventure at sea is worth leaving everything he loves. Batman: Nightwalker Returning home from his lavish eighteenth birthday party, Bruce Wayne stops a criminal's getaway - disobeying the police and crashing his car during the chase.

Sentenced to community service in Gotham City's Arkham Asylum, he encounters some of the the city's most dangerous and mentally disturbed criminals. Among these, Bruce meets the intriguing Madeleine who has ties to the Nightwalker gang that is terrorizing Gotham City. She's a mystery Bruce has to unravel but can he trust her? The Nightwalkers target the rich, and Bruce's name is next on their list. Battle boy series Easy to read adventures that time travel to some of the most intereting historical events to meet real people. Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Battle of the heroes Quinn, Sebastian, Elanor and Tom have defeated the black witch, Githa, and found the last crucial piece of the prophecy, the sea serpent's scale. Back now at Wolfhaven, they search desperately through the castle crypts for the sleeping heroes, whom they hope will save them all, before the dark moon rises and they lose everything. Battlefront One hero lost in a raging tsunami. One sign pointing to a deadly battle.

One day left until the end of After escaping from security officers, they must race to their final destination- Felix Scott's mega-ship Infinite Horizon- and decode one last deadly sign. If they don't get this right, then it's game over- not just for them, but for the whole world. But after a mind-blowing secret is revealed in Antarctica, they're in for a heart-stopping final face-to-face battle with a unimaginable enemy.

Adventure Stories

Who will live and who will die? Bear Grylls: Spirit of the jungle Mak and his family are in India. Things are going well until their raft is capsized on a wild river and Mak is separated and lost deep in the Indian Jungle. Can Mac survive long enough to find his way out of this strange, unfamiliar and dangerous landscape of bugs, bats, monkeys, snakes, bears, wolves, panthers and worst of all poachers?

And if he can survive, will he really want to leave? Sebastian and Elanor seek help from Crowthorne Castle but both allies and enemies will reveal themselves. Tom and Quinn venture into the mysterious moors where a hideous beast lies in waiting. Beast of Hushing Wood, The Ziggy Truegood feels a threatening presence in her tiny town of Hushing Wood, which is deepened by a recurring nightmare she has. When Raffi, an exotic young boy, and his grandfather come to town Ziggy's fears intensify. Unfortunately, her own wise and knowledgeable grandfather is ill, unable to help her.

She wonders are the pair there to save her or to hunt her? Beetle boy When his dad mysteriously goes missing from his job as Director of Science at the Natural History Museum, Darkus Cuttle moves in with his eccentric uncle. Next door live two lunatic cousins with an enormous beetle infestation. But, the beetles are anything but ordinary. They're an amazing, intelligent super species, and they're in danger of being exterminated.

Darkus and his friends must save the beetles. But, they're up against the mad scientist of fashion and haute couture, Lucretia Cutter, who has dastardly plans for the bugs. Behemoth The behemoth is the fiercest creature in the British navy. The Darwinists will need it now they are at war with the Austrian Clanker powers. Alek, heir to the Austrian throne, is posing as a commoner while Deryn Sharp, a girl, is posing as a boy in the British Air Service. Despite their different philosophies, the pair unite aboard the airship Leviathan, hoping to end the war.

Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above. Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books; up to five more can be read as personal choice books. See Series lists for individual titles. Their business of scavenging fishing tackle leads to a very dangerous encounter. Beowulf Beowulf, the fearless warrior battles three evils that terrorise the entire kingdom of Denmark. He slays Grendel the merciless ogre and his vengeful sea hag mother. In his old age, Beowulf faces a bloody struggle with the deadly dragon of the deep in which he may not be as successful as in his youth.

Your aunt and uncle told you to stay out of their basement. So, of course, you check it out. That's where you find the dusty old refrigerator. In the fridge there are two containers. One is filled with purple goop. It smells just like a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. The other holds a piece of chocolate cake.

Your stomach is growling. If you eat the purple goop, you start shrinking. Pretty soon you're battling it out with a gigantic monster - a mouse! If you choose the cake, you grow into a tall giant. Now you're trying to escape the police, who are convinced you're a mutant alien! Beyond the bright sea Crow was just a baby when she was tied into a boat and pushed out to sea. When she washes up onto a tiny island, there are just 3 clues to her origin; a birthmark in the shape of a feather, a ruby ring and a sea-soaked letter with just a few cryptic words remaining.

Crow will set out on a remarkable treasure hunt, and discover what it truly means to be a family. Beyond the knock-knock door After ruining a classmate's costume party, the Bowman triplets are chased into the city sewers. Locked inside, they discover a gateway to another world where sharks fly, swashbucklers scheme and party costumes become real.

The triplets are mistaken for famous heroes and must fight the biggest trouble of all. Big book of Antartica, The Antarctica is the driest, coldest and windiest continent on Earth. Even though it is a harsh and difficult place to live, Antarctica is home to more than a thousand plant and several hundred animal species. Antarctica has 90 per cent of Earth's ice and plays a major role in our weather. Scientists from around the world live and work in Antarctica to better understand the future of our planet.

Welcome to The Big Book of Antarctica. Big dry, The With each year of drought the heat became worse. The lawns and crops withered and died. Buildings began to crumble and collapse, and more people left the city. George and his little brother, Beeper, become worried when their father fails to return from a trip to town for food and fuel.

Fear for the safety of their dad quickly becomes a fight for their own survival in the hot and brutal conditions. Lee Hargrove only wants one thing-to win a scholarship to Summer Sports Camp. His school is holding a competition and the winner gets to attend the camp for free. Lee is one of the favorites to win along with his friend, Cory "Lucky Duck" Duckworth and another athletic classmate, Laura Grodin.

Laura is good Lee has an idea and he's about to give Cory an unforgettable birthday present that will really get the party started. Blackthorn's betrayal: honouring a warrior's pledge Blackthorn's greatest desire, to become a Trahern warrior, is dangling within her reach. But, she must embark on a treacherous mission, deep into enemy territory, to infiltrate the Doane camp. She must locate the stolen daughter of Esil but the stakes are higher than she could ever imagine.

As the mission takes a sinister twist, Blackthorn's instincts are put to the ultimate test. Blackthorn: becoming a forest warrior Alyana is determined, despite being female, despite being so young, to become a great Trahern warrior. When her father dies, leaving her orphaned, she flees the constraints of her religious uncle's household and lives rough and wild, hunting and fighting in the great forest. Then her worst fears are realised. It is far worse to be captured by her enemies, the Doane, than endure her previous loneliness and isolation.

Blind trek Hilton and Tim can't stand each other. They are forced together via their parents' friendship and their bike has crashed in the middle of nowhere. The only way home is to walk. Danger lurks and, if the boys are to survive, they must work together. With his adult side-kick, Frank, he takes on a case to solve the kidnap of football coach, Kelvin Hunt.

Bloodhound Beka Cooper is finally a Dog, a fully fledged member of the Provost's Guard, dedicated to keeping peace in Corus's streets. Delving deep into the gambling world, it won't be enough for Beka be her usual terrier self. She'll have to learn from Achoo to sniff out the criminals and to be a Bloodhound. Blueberry pancakes forever Winter has fallen in the world of story and Tuesday's typewriter lies silent. Far away in the Peppermint Forest, Vivienne fears she will never again feel the touch of the sun.

When the mysterious Loddon appears in Vivienne's treehouse, he brings terrible danger. Without warning, Tuesday is swept up into the world of story as she has never seen it before. In this forbidding and unfamiliar place, and without her beloved dog, Tuesday becomes Loddon's captive and has to muster all her resources to survive. Bombs that brought us together, The Charlie has always lived in Little Town. It's home: the curfew, the Regime, the thugs, the poverty. He knows the rules. Then he meets Pavel. Scrawny and sweary, he is a refugee from Old Country. The wrongest person in the whole place to choose as a friend.

But when the bombs come, the rules of Little Town change. Right or wrong: Charlie must choose. Bones Twins,Danny and Nicki, notice that their dog, Patch, is bringing home bones to bury in the garden. The only problem is that the bones look like human bones. The police are called in and their dad's prize-winning flowers are dug up. When they follow Patch around the neighbourhood, they get a very big surprise indeed. Book of answers, The: An Ateban Cipher novel Gabe and his companions journey to a remote mountain citadel where they learn the secret of the mysterious encrypted book that he has been tasked with protecting.

But their enemies are close behind them, and new dangers lie ahead. But during a winter of unceasing rain the forces of science, religion and politics begin to clash, and as the weather rises to a pitch of ferocity, all of Malcolm's certainties are torn asunder. Finding himself linked to a baby by the name of Lyra, Malcolm is forced to undertake the challenge of his life and to make a dangerous journey that will change his and Lyra forever.

Book of secrets, The: An Ateban Cipher novel Gabe has lived at the Abbey, learning the skills of the monks, since he was left on the doorstep as a baby. When he is plunged into catastrophe following the discovery of a dying monk who then vanishes, Gabe has to leave the Abbey for the first time in his life.

Lost in the forest and unsure of what to do, he is found by a group of misfits who defy all expectations. Together, they come up with a plan that will lead them all towards their ultimate goal of being able to live normal lives. Book thief, The It is in Nazi Germany. Death has never been busier and will become busier still. Liesel has just buried her brother when she picks up a book, partially hidden in the snow by his graveside. This is her first act of book thievery and the beginning of a love affair with books and words. When Liesel's foster family hides a Jewish man in their basement, Liesel's world is both opened up and closed down.

A sombre theme that includes some violence. Boy and the spy, The Things have never been easy for Antonio, but now it seems like the war will never end. So when Antonio is caught up in the dangerous world of freedom fighters and spies, will it change his life or destroy him? Boy versus rat dog Colt doesn't know his own strength. When a showdown with a rat dog has tragic consequences, his arch enemy, Officer Katt, seeks revenge.

She steals the thing that matters most to Colt, right when his superpowers seem to have disappeared. But superpowers or not, Birdy and Colt are on the case, and the secrets they uncover could change Colt's life forever. Bravelands: Broken pride When treacherous betrayal disrupts the fragile balance between the inhabitants of the Bravelands plains, a lion cub cast out from his pride, an elephant calf who can read the bones of the dead, and a baboon adolescent rebelling against his destiny, are thrust together.

These unlikely heroes must conquer their fears to to restore the harmony in the Bravelands. Bridge, The The city is at war. Southside, the hostiles live in squalor and are hungry to cross the river. Cityside, ISIS is in charge, keeping the hostiles at bay. Nik has spent his life training to join ISIS but, when his college is blown up and his friend kidnapped, he must cross the bridge into hostile territory. Nik and his friends must choose their loyalties in a war that is not as clear as they were brought up to think. Some language in context. Brief candle Based on the adventures of the Bronte sisters, Charlotte and Emily, and their brother, Branwell.

Cooped up inside the bleak parsonage in winter, they write adventures for the heroes of their secret worlds. One day, Emily escapes to the moor and finds a mysterious outcast, Heslington, whose story of lost love intrigues her. She resolves to help him. Brigadista year, My When thirteen-year-old Lora tells her parents that she wants to join Premier Castro's army of young literacy teachers, her mother screeches to high heaven, and her father roars like a lion.

Lora has barely been outside of Havana - why would she throw away her life in a remote shack with no electricity, sleeping on a hammock in somebody's kitchen? But Lora is stubborn: didn't her parents teach her to share what she has with someone in need? Surprisingly, Lora's abuela takes her side, even as she makes Lora promise to come home if things get too hard. But how will Lora know for sure when that time has come? Bring back Cerberus The demand: bring back Cerberus, the new technology that's only whispered about in the furthest reaches of cyberspace.

Drawn into the shady world of black-hat hacking and industrial espionage, Dom will need every skill he's learnt to complete this instalment. How can Dom steal something that doesn't exist. Failure is not an option. In a race against time, they need to foil a deadly plan to attack the Houses of Parliament. Brotherband series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Brotherband: The hunters The Heron brotherband must undertake a long and dangerous river journey to hunt their prey.

But even if they survive the journey, are they ready to confront Zavac in his lair? Brotherband: The invaders The Heron brotherband are on the trail of Zavac and his pirates, but they are in a well-fortified position, taking over a town. The Herons must drive out the invaders, by devising a fool-proof plan. Brotherband: The outcasts Hal finds himself the leader of a team of outcasts called a brotherband, enduring months of gruelling training in seamanship, weapons and battle tactics to become a Skandian warrior.

Bully chip, The A year after they defeated the evil Lester Smythe, Callum, Sophie and Jinx are having problems with two bullies who are targeting them at school. The friends do not back down and take on the bullies. But could the bullies' evil power be the work of Lester Smythe again. Buried ark, The Callie risked everything to try to save her sister Gracie from the Change, but she failed. Now she has to risk everything simply to stay alive in the Zone where the Change is everywhere and nothing is what it seems.

Until she stumbles across a secret from her past that might hold the key to defeating the Change. Hunted and alone, she finds refuge in the most unexpected of places, only to find that she is in more danger than ever. This book is usually read by students in years 9, 10 and above. Bushfire rescue While trying to stop cattle rustlers from stealing a stud bull, an injured Sam is isolated in the mountains during a horrific bushfire.

To survive, he must rely on his courage, ingenuity and the help of Chainsaw, a mad old rodeo bull. Cairo Jim amidst the petticoats of Artemis Amidst the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, Captain Neptune Bone has unearthed an incredible relic which promises him supernatural powers. Cairo Jim and Jocelyn Osgood after the puce empress A mysterious man inexplicably disappears mid-flight on the way to Shanghai.

The strange object he thrusts into the flight attendant's hand leads Jocelyn Osgood, Cairo Jim and Joan Twilight on a search for a priceless, Chinese antiquity. They seek out Professor Snerdforst and discover the hammer is more than a dusty relic. Cairo Jim and Jocelyn Osgood in bedlam from Bollywood Cairo Jim and his friends, including Valkyrian Airways flight attendant Jocelyn Osgood, must uncover yet another mystery of history when they become embroiled in the shooting of an Indian film.

Cairo Jim and the alabastron of the forgotten gods A seemingly ordinary vase is stolen from the Greek Archaeological Museum by a figure swathed in mystery. But the vase, an ancient alabastron, holds a potent force that must not be allowed to escape. Cairo Jim, that well-known archaeologist and little-known poet, must find out where they came from and why they are shown in such outrageous positions.

They search for them in the labyrinth but discover more than they could predict. Cairo Jim and the lagoon of tidal magnificence The kidnapping of the entire Turkish women's Olympic Tent Erection Team sparks an adventure which includes archaeological investigations by Cairo Jim and his off-beat team. Cairo Jim and the quest for the quetzal queen Cairo Jim must solve the riddle of the sudden and unexplained disappearance of paintings of the legendary quetzal queen. The paintings are not the only thing to disappear, so has Fifi Glusac, contortionist and harmonica player.

Cairo Jim and the rorting of Rameses' regalia A very exciting hieroglyphics discovery, in the Temple of Hathor at Dendara, sends Cairo Jim and friends off in pursuit of the secret of turning ordinary metals into gold. Cairo Jim and the sumptuous stash of Silenus Cairo Jim and his friends set out to stop Captain Neptune F Bone in his greedy pursuit to dominate the world's total gold resources, and to save King Midas's daughter. Cairo Jim and the sunken sarcophagus of Sekheret When Captain Neptune Bone disappears in the Red Sea while diving for a lost sarcophagus of a Pharaoh, Cairo Jim is called in to try and help find him in the dark and watery depths.

Cairo Jim and the tyrannical bauble of Tiberius Cairo Jim and his friends are sent to Rome to get to the bottom of an act of felony when a priceless and mysterious artefact, the Imperishable Bauble, is discovered to be missing. Cairo Jim and the xylophones above Zarundi Jocelyn Osgood, friend of Cairo Jim, becomes embroiled in the theft of a priceless, royal tiara. She is thrown into a world of chaos and mystery in Zarundi, Africa. Cairo Jim at the crossroads of Orpheus In the dusty ruins of the ancient House of the Perfumer at Pompeii, astonishing discoveries are taking place.

Long forgotten perfumes are being reinvented. But, when one of these whiffs of wonderment, believed to have legendary hypnotic powers, goes missing, it is up to that well-known archaeologist, Cairo Jim, and his friends to try and stop a rush of evil. The treacherous and devious Captain Neptune Bone is after the same priceless treasure. Cairo Jim on the trail to ChaCha Muchos Cairo Jim, archaeologist and failed poet, discovers he is not the only one on the dangerour trail to ChaCha Muchos, a mysterious city deep in dark Peru.

Cairo Jim series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books; up to five more can be read as personal choice books. Go to the Series lists for individual book titles.

Camel rider Set in the panic and confusion of a wartime attack, two boys from different cultures must rely on each other to survive in the desert. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 and above. Camp crazy Daks and his mates are camping. No parents, just four mates alone with nature. But then they find a hidden camp. Is it the legendary Jungle Jim or someone much more sinister.

Camp croc Camp Trib is legendary and Daks is finally there after years of waiting. So, too, are some wildlife smugglers. It's a jungle out there and Daks and his mates are in for an unexpected adventure at camp. Perhaps, they should be more afraid of the smugglers than the wildlife. Cardboard palace, A Jorge is from Romania. When he was very young, his parents sold him to Bill, a controller, who keeps Jorge in a small hut in a shanty town on the outskirts of Paris with other children.

Jorge is forced to steal to stay alive and to give everything to Bill. When Jorge meets Australian chef Ricky, he finally has hope of redemption. But he must also save his friends Ada and Gino, before Bill finds out. Carnage One missing, presumed dead. Two in trouble with the law.

Only four remain to solve the Second Sign. Too late, they learned that the First Sign predicted catastrophic attacks which have left Egypt in chaos. Yasmin is missing. Many more lives are at stake. If you could be a hero, would you DARE? Seven Signs. Seven days to save the world. Carnivorous carnival, The The Baudelaire orphans are falsely accused of murder. On the run from Count Olaf, they disguise themselves in a carnival as entertainers.

Caro was here One match, one chance, she thinks. Make it count. Skipping school to lead a group of friends - and enemies - on an adult-free excursion to an island in Sydney Harbour is Caro's idea of a twelfth birthday outing. Marooned overnight? She can handle that too. But the challenges multiply.

They're not alone on the island, and Caro must save her friends from life-threatening danger. Case of the getaway gold, The Anna and Tim find the real thief of the getaway gold. Cat at the wall, The On Israeli's West Bank, a cat sneaks into a small Palestinian house that has just been commandeered by two Israeli soldiers. The house seems empty until the cat realises that a little boy is hiding beneath the floorboards. This is no ordinary cat and she wonders what to do. When the boy's teacher comes looking for him, tensions rise quickly and, as Israeli tanks approach, the cat realises she must diffuse the situation.

Cat kin, The Ben and Tiffany overcome their own problems when they take on the human vermin of London using their amazing martial arts skills. These skills, learnt from the unnervingly cat-like and unlikely Mrs Powell, come from an age of cat-worship. Catch the Zolt Dom's family owe an ancient debt to a secretive organisation known simply as The Debt.

Now that Dom is 15, it is his turn to make the six Instalments required from each Silvagni male or sacrifice a pound of flesh in payment. Dom's first challenge is to catch the Zolt, a year-old Facebook bandit who has a penchant for stealing light aircraft from wealthy Gold Coast residents. Catwoman: Soulstealer When the Bat's away, the Cat will play. The coast is beautifully lined with hills, having a rich soil, and affording many places for cultivation. At the extremity of the bay, on the south, there are low bottoms, having a fine soil ; and in a short distance we come to a valley lying between two ranges of moun- tains near each other, covered with forests of oak, and at certain seasons of the year with grass.

This, valley varies from one to thirty miles in width ; and besides having large quantities of oaks and grass, has also fine clover and wild mustard. The valley is protected from the northwest winds by a high ridge called the Wildcat Ridge; which is covered with bushes and for- ests. The end of this ridge on the south is at the Anno Nuevo. On the north it has the town of San Francisco, upon the shore of the bay. The situation of this valley makes it one of the finest grain countries on the globe ; and the productions of the soil thus far have been forty and sixty times the amount sown.

Digitized by Oregon and California. The Strait of Carquines unites these two bays. The Suisoon is united with the mouths of the San Joaquin and the Sacramento, the rivers meeting at their mouths, and jointly flowing into the bay. The expanse of water formed by the junction measures about one mile in breadth ; though a distance of twenty- five miles is given into the interior valleys, for the purposes of navigation.

The Strait of Carquines con- tains water about fifty feet deep. The port and town of San Francisco is thus situated in a rich and lovely spot, and the neighboring country watered by the San Joaquin and Sacramento, affords to it the means of wealth and prosperity. With privileges so numerous, with enticements so powerful, and with blessings so inviting, the people of this place are poor and dependent Here water-com- munications can be made with comparative ease and security, but the natives are willing to borrow from their neighbors even boats to sail about their own wharves ; and never, unless the weather is very calm, do they venture on excursions to sea.

But a brighter day has dawned upon Alta California. When I was in that country, the emigrants who had left me upon my journey through the great prairie wilderness to Oregon, to settle in California, had arrived ; and around them was springing up the busy mart of business. American enterprise was beginning to awaken a new era in California. Before the hand 70 Oregon and California. While a few whom I esteemed, and with whom I had shared a part of the toils of a wearisome journey through the wilderness, had arrived in California, and were gathering around them the comforts and blessings of home, the tocsin of war was sounded.

Before the opening of the late war, the commerce was reduced to a few vessels, which would come for the purpose of getting tallow and hides, which were exported to the United States, Great Britain, and some of the South American, states. Onerous laws, strict prohibitions, and heavy duties were not the only things which injured trade. The destruction of the missionary stations also had a very powerful influence. The trade of the bay was in the hands of foreigners, even before its annexation to the United States, on account of their greater capital and energy. But those who traded here became frequently identified with the natives in their interests, by marry- ing among them, and by embracing their religion.

But now sheep are scarcely to be obtained for public Oregon and California. Wines of the finest quality were once obtained at thp Missions, but now very little of an extra quality is to be had. Since the above event, many other articles have been added to this list Articles of exportation are chiefly hides and tallow, together with some fur, including beaver and sea-otter skins.

Elk and deer skins are sold in some numbers from fifty cents to a dollar apiece. The wheat of this country has been exported in large quantities, and at one time was bought for fifty cents a bushel ; but lately it has been much dearer, bringing from two to three dollars a bushel, and much wheat and flour have been imported from Oregon.

The products are valued at about one million of dollars. While in California I sought to obtain such statistical information as I believed would be useful and interest- ing. Upon my applying to the editor of the " Califor- nia Star," for information, he politely furnished me with one of his papers, containing an article, upon the Digitized by 72 Oregon and California. I beg leave to insert in this place the greater portion of this article: — "The town of San Francisco Terba Buena , is situated on the west side of the great bay of the same name, and on the northern point of the peninsula, which lies between the southern portion of the bay and the Pacific Ocean.

It is about four miles from the narrows or straits, by which you enter the bay from the sea. The immediate site of the present town is an indenta- tion or cove in the western shore of the bay, directly in front of which, and at the distance of about two mites, lies a large island, called YerbU Buena Island. From the water's edge the land rises gradually for more than a half mile to the west and southwest, until it terminates in a range of hRIs of five hundred feet in height, at the back of the town.

To the north of the town is an immense bluff or rather, three in one , more than five hundred feet high, which comes down to the water's edge with precipitous sides of from twenty to one hundred feet in height. In front of this bluff is the best anchorage ground, the bottom being good, and the high land protecting shipping from the full blast of the westerly winds which prevail so constantly during the summer season. Between this bluff and the hills above mentioned there is a small and nearly level valley which connects with a smaller cove about a mile nearer the ocean.

The bluff forms the northwestern boundary of the cove, and the eastern boundary is another bluff, called the Rincon, but of only about fifty feet in height To the south and southwest of this last mentioned point, there is a succession of low sand hills, covered with a dense growth of shrubby trees peculiar to the country. From the water the streets run to the top of the range of hills in the rear of the town, and these streets are crossed at right angles by others run- ning parallel to the water.

The squares thus formed are divided into lots which are of three different sizes, viz. Beach and water lots. These lots were surveyed and offered for sale at public action by order of General Kearny, when he was governor of the Ter- ritory. There are about four hundred and fifty of them, of which about two hundred were disposed of at the safe in July. They brought prices ranging from fifty dollars to six hundred dollars.

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One quarter of the purchase money was required to be paid at the time of sale, a second quarter in six months thereafter, a third quarter in six months more, and the fourth and last in six months more — the unpaid balance bearing ten per cent, interest from the date of the sale.

About four-fifths of these lots are entirely under w r ater at flood tide, and will, therefore, require much improvement before they can yield revenue to the holders ; still, they are beyond. Fity vara lots. They are fifty varas depth and front, and six of them make a square. There are now surveyed about seven hundred of this descrip- tion, of which number four hundred, or, perhaps, four hundred and fifty, have been sold. These lots are sold at private sale by the Alcalde at a fixed price for each. If he fail to do this, the lot and improvements revert to the town.

One hundred vara lots. This is the largest class, and embraces that part of the town plot which will probably be the last to be improved by purchasers. There are about one hundred and thirty lots of this size, and probably sixty of these are still unsold. These are also disposed of by the Alcalde at private sale, at per lot. The conditions of sale are the same atf for the fifty vara lots. The sales of both classes are made only for cash, which must be paid at the time of purchase. Thus far they have been found more than sufficient for this purpose; and these receipts will probably preclude the necessity for taxation for a short time to come.

Those in the more recent surveys are seventy-five and eighty, with one broad avenue one hundred and ten feet wide. It is a source of regret that any street should have been less than eighty feet in width. Notwithstanding the object of this regulation was clearly manifest, some few speculators managed, by buying in other men's names, to get quite a number of lots each into their possession, wkh the avowed intention of holding them at such prices as would enable them to reap a fortune.

Such proceedings are certainly detrimental to the interests of the community, however much they may advance individuals ; and it is deeply to be regretted that the provisions of so wise and beneficent a regulation should thus be defeated. Since the greater portion of the centrally located lots in the plot have beea sold, this regulation has been annulled -by the Alcalde and town council. It is cer- tainly a matter of doubt, whether such a proceeding will have a beneficial tendency. They were collected in the latter part of June, , during short intervals of leisure from public duties; but from various and unavoidable causes their classification and publication has been delayed until the present time.

Whites under 5 years of age Of course, the whole of this increase was by immigration. It will also be perceived by a glance at the table, that the number of the white males and females are nearly the same under the age Digitized by Oregon and California. The others are Californians proper, and they, with two others born in other departments of Mexico in all thirty-two , con- stitute the entire Mexican population. Of the whole number a fact that will at once strike the reader , s three-fifths are from the United States. Not only is this true, but probahly at least another fifth, including Scotch, Irish, and German emigrants, have reached this country, after residing for a time in the United States.

A fact not to be wondered at, when we reflect that there is but one school teacher in the place, and that the town has as yet failed to erect a building suitable for the purposes of education. Some of the' Indians are very expert in the manufacture of sun-dried bricks adobes , tfnd in the erection of houses from them. The Sandwich Islanders are mostly employed as boatmen in navigating the bay, and they are said to be very servicable in the business.

Some few of the Sandwich Islanders read, and two or three can both read and write their own language. Occasionally there will an Indian be found, who had been taught, during the existence of the missions, to read ; but such instances are rare. Some of the Indians are considered by persons having them, as their property; and I am told, though I have never known of such a case, that there have been instances of the sale and transfer of them from one person to another.

As there is no necessity for such an institution as slavery in this country, and Digitized by Oregon and California. The few negroes who reside here are from the United States, and are as intelligent as is usual among the free negroes of the north. The results obtained were so meager, that it is not deemed of im- portance to lay them before the public. The truth is the most of the capital possessed by the great majority , of the inhabitants has been employed in purchasing lots, and improving them by the erection of fences and buildings. There is, though, a large amount of money employed in mercantile pursuits, and many small sums in other occupations.

That the public may be enabled to form some conclusions on this subject, the following statement of the number of offices and places of busi- ness is submitted, viz. Most of these structures are, indeed, but poor affairs, yet they constitute an important item, when taken as an index of the enterprise and improvement which the town exhibits. Since June, and up to the present time 80 Oregon and California. There can be no better evidence of the rapid improvement of the place than this single fact.

With the advantages of so fine a harbor, and the en- terprise of so hardy and intelligent a race of pioneers, it can scarcely be otherwise. Notwithstanding these conclusions are so obvious, I have heard it asserted, that Monterey is destined to outstrip it. That Monte- rey can never surpass San Francisco, I think the fol- lowing view will clearly establish : — 1. San Francisco has a safer g,nd more commodious harbor than Mon- terey. The waters of the bay afford an easy method of communication, and a facile means of transportation, between the town and the hundred lateral valleys which surround the bay, and which are destined soon to be- come granaries and hives of plenty.

It also has a ready means of communication, by water, with the rich and large valleys of the San Joaquin, the Sacramento, and the American Fork, as all of these rivers are tributaries to the bay. So far as my information goes, Monterey, although it has a fine country at its back, has none of the facilities for reaching and transporting the products of that country, which San Francisco possesses in regard to the country which surrounds it.

This, it seems to me, allowing all other things to be equal, would give to San Francisco an insuperable advantage. From the mountains to the sea, the distance variously extends from one hundred and fifty to two hundred miles. The total number of square miles would thus be more than one hundred thousand. This division is a populated and settled country, with such peculiarities as render it entire- ly distinct from other parts of the Territory.

The climate is mild and agreeable.

From the Mountains of Nevada the prospect is one of alternate valleys and mountains — plains and hills — beautiful streams and well-timbered bottoms. The mountains running between the coast and the Nevada are parallel to each of them, and as they run northward, are larger and higher, until finally they become in some places entirely covered with snow. Cultivation now is vastly different from what it was in former days. We hear of this being a land of pomegranates, of oranges, of grapes, and of 82 Oregon and California.

The evil that has resulted from the abandonment of the missions, is seen in the general neglect that shows itself upon the land. The missions employed by persuasion, by force, or by enticements, thousands of Indians, who were made to cultivate the soil, and were, in reality, nothing more than slaves. The moisture arising from a proximity with the sea, renders it highly favorable to potatoes and other vegetables.

Luxuriant fields of almost every kind of fruit and grain — perpetual spring casting its greenness and life over every object, and a salubrious clime, making health a lasting blessing, and life a com- fort, are the cheering and inviting advantages of Cali- fornia, west of the Sierra Nevada.

Although I have thus adverted to some of the strik- ing peculiarities of this country, with its productions, J deem it proper to state, that more particular accounts of its climate, soil, productions, etc. Along the coast, the prevailing north- west winds during the dry season, render the climate somewhat disagreeable and cold. The country in the interior, however, is quite different from that of the coast ; and, perhaps, there is not a finer climate to be found in the world than in some parts of the inland country of California.

The climate of the valley of San Juan is of this character. The fertile valleys of the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers, on account of their rank vegetation, are somewhat unhealthy in the months of September, October, and November, when this vegetation decomposes and fills the air with mala- ria.

The deleterious gases that load the atmosphere at this time produce chills and fevers, but these are of such a slight nature that they are easily prevented or cured by medicine. At other seasons of the year these valleys have a fine and pleasant atmosphere, and sick- ness rarely occurs. The unpleasant winds that sweep over the coast, by the time they reach the interior, have become warmed, and though retaining their puri- ty and freshness, have abated their force and violence. The climate along the coast is, in the afternoon, often cold and disagreeable to some degree, on account of Digitized by 84 Oregon and Calipor.

The ground is never frozen, and frost is sel- dom seen. Woolen clothing is worn with comfort during the most of the year. The atmosphere is also so pure that meat, even in the summer, does not be- come putrid. The soil of California varies as much as the surface of the country. With the exception of some small vales among the coast range of hills, there is little soil that is well adapted to agricultural purposes. There is, however, a plentiful supply of wild oats and grass for the deer and other animals. The northern country is fit for extensive operations in agriculture, but few efforts have been directed to its cultivation.

Leaving this coast range of hills, the land between the Nevada Mountains and the Pacific coast, is the most fertile part of California. It is capable of producing Indian corn, wheat, rye, and other grains, with many fruits of the tropics, and all those of temperate climates. In the valleys irrigation is not necessary for many of the grains, nor for tobacco, flax, and hemp; but Indian corn and vegetables require it. Wild mustard, oats, and clover, literally cover the country; the two latter of which grow to a great height.

Pasturage here is also very good ; but in the dry season, vegeta- tion, notwithstanding it requires but little water, be- comes injured, and the stock suffers considerably from want of food. Cattle and horses have formed the chief products of California. The greater part of the wealth of the people consists in their live stock, which is fine and Oregon and California.

The exportation of hides and tallow, average yearly not much short of one hundred and fifty thousand of the former, and two hundred thousand arrobas of the latter. The price of cattle per head will average about five dollars. Horses and mules are numerous ; the horses are smaller than the Amer- ican horses, but for a short journey endure more, and are more fleet. The price of horses fluctuates very much, on account of the immigration into the country ; but before there was much immigration, good horses varied in value from ten to twenty-five dollars.

The salmon-fishery is capable of being made a profitable business, if it is attended to. But while this is capable of being made a source of so considerable profit, the people have never engaged in the business to any extent. The vegetable productions of California embrace nearly all the grains and vegetables of the United States, and nearly all the fruits of the temperate and tropical climates. Thfe grain crops consist of wheat, oats, corn, and other small grains.

Potatoes, beans, and pease yield well. The vegetables are beginning to be cultivated extensively ; and supplies of the arti- cles just mentioned may be had in abundance, and of the finest kind. The soil is well adapted for the raising of grapes, and every year the labor and attention of the people increase in their cultivation. Rice, cotton, and sugar can not be profitably cultivated here, though some persons have expressed an opposite opinion.

Agriculture is in the rudest state. The utensils of farming are the same as those used when Mexico was invaded and conquered by Cortez, three hundred years ago. The plow is made of a prong of a tree, or a 86 Oregon and California. The ground is loosened three or four inches in depth, and in a rich soil, and on even land, produces large crops. They are drawn by oxen, and are adapted to the use of the Indian, who easily learns how to use them.

The introduction of American farming imple- ments will form a new era in agriculture in California. The cattle pasture in common. The want of fences in the country gives them a large field for roaming, and yearly, when the young are to be branded, they are driven into a pen into which all the owners go at the same time, each owner closely observing his neighbor, to prevent his own rights of property from being invaded. The cat- tle after being branded are again let out to their pas- tures. The persons who have composed the company engaged in marking the cattle, wind up the labor of the day by a grand feast, accompanied with various amusements.

It is not, however, always the case that the owners of the cattle wait until branding time ar- rives before they take notice of the stock. The brand is the only means of dis- tinguishing to whom the cattle belong. In law they can be claimed by the persons whose brand they bear. On this account those who steal them are always par- ticular to remove the brand, if possible. In selling them, another brand must be put upon them, or else the buyer's title is not a good one.

The wealth of a Californian can very accurately be known by estimat- ing the value of his stock. The income of an individ- ual from his cattle, if he has a very large stock, is great. An animal generally can be sold for five dol- lars, the hide bringing two dollars, the tallow three, and the flesh usually nothing. Without injury to the stock by a diminution in numbers so great as to effect a decrease of the average number at the time they are let out to pasture, about one-fourth can be killed yearly.

While in California, I was informed that Gen. The income at the missions must have been very large. Horses when broken are worth some- times as much as one hundred dollars, while a wild horse can be had for a very small sum, or for the troth 88 Oregon and California. So numerous are horses that at one time some were driven away and others slaugh- tered, because of their encroachments upon the feeding places of the other stock.

Lassoing cattle is exciting and interesting, besides being attended with considerable danger. Sometimes horses are lassoed while in a pen or krall, and some- times in the open fields. The manner of taking them is the same in both places. A noose is coiled up in the hands, and at a favorable opportunity is directed to the horse that the individual desires to take.

When caught, the horse exhibits the utmost fury, plunging and rearing until thrown down. The lasso, when he is down, is loosened, and the steed, being somewhat recovered in strength, makes many futile endeavors to release itself from the rope. After several. The grasses of this country are of many varieties ; are more abundant than those upon the Atlantic coast, and possess more nutriment.

The different species are all heavily seeded. The grasses are so numerous, and grow so profusely, that in the rainy season they cover the whole land. They are as nutritious as the grains used for sustaining and fattening the cattle; making it useless to raise grain for their food. The seeds of the clover and other grasses are so large that they are easily taken up by the cattle, when scattered upon the ground.

Some idea may be formed of the extent and charac- ter of the natural pastures of the country, from the fact that in the number of horned cattle was estimated at not less than , ; the number of sheep, goats, Oregon and Calipornia. I have no data upon which to base an opinion as to the present number of sheep, goats, pigs, horses, asses, mules, etc. California is rich in its botany and flora. During the months of May and June the greatest number of flowers appear. There are many medicinal plants. One of these plants is the aanchalagua, which is con- sidered by the inhabitants as an antidote for all the diseases to which they are subject.

It is especially useful in fevers and agues ; and for cleansing and reg- ulating the system, is, perhaps, unsurpassed by any other medicine. In the flowering season, its blossoms make a beautiful display. There is another plant called the amdle or soap-plant, that is very useful in washing linen ; its saponaceous part, which is the root, bears a likeness to the onion, and cleanses linen as well as the best manufactured soap.

I found also this plant when upon my journey into Oregon, imme- diately before entering the Umpqua Mountains. The botanists will have hereafter a large and interesting field for investigation, in the botany and flora of this country. The water-power in California is not very extensive, but is sufficient for milling purposes. There is a great scarcity of timber in most places, except where access is difficult.

The timber that can be had on the Nevada Mountains, can not now be obtained, on account of the difficulty of getting to it. The evergreen oak is wholly unfit for any other use than that of fuel. The pine and fir that can be had along the coast, and in the 90 Oregon and California. The quantity of game in California is almost in- credible.

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While the elk may be said to be the most numerous, there are many bears, wolves, wild horses, black-tailed deer, foxes, minx, lynx, muskrats, hares, badgers, antelopes, otters, cayotes, squirrels, Rocky Mountain sheep, and beavers. It is the opinion of Dr. Marsh, an intelligent gentleman, residing in the coun- try, that there is only one species of the grisly bear. In addition to the black bear of the United States, found also in Mexico, Dr.

Pickering is said to have seen still another species, the coat of which, in summer, bears some resemblance to the yellow bear that is found in Oregon. The young, unlike the grisly bear, is without horny claws. Its skin is made into quivers by the savages. The grisly bear has a skin sometimes as large as that of an ox ; it will sometimes attack and devour the savages.

It is very strong. The wolf is said to be like that found in Oregon, while others affirm that it is the same as the prairie-wolf of the upper Mississippi.

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The foxes are the same as the gray foxes of the United States, and have the habit, when pur- sued, of climbing trees. The wild fowls are very abundant. The skins of the large animals are ex- ported in considerable quantities. Birds are very numerous, but of only few varieties. Aquatic birds, such as wild geese, ducks, and swans, line the bays and indentations on the coast, and the rivers and lakes in the interior. Immense numbers of eggs are obtained from the islands of San Francisco Bay ; the soil of these islands is whitened with the guano of the birds.

Partridges and pheasants are Oregon and California. There are not many small birds. The Indians of California are generally of small stature, robust appearance, and not well formed. They wear their hair short, and it is usually thicker than that of the savages living north of them ; they also wear whiskers.

The women wear the maro, and the men go naked. Tattooing is practiced upon the breast to some extent. In some instances their ears are bored, and pieces of bone or wood worn in the openings. Their bows and arrows are about three feet in length, and are made of yew and encased with sinew.. They do not use the tomahawk or scalping knife.

An Indian village or rancheria usually contains only about five or sir wigwams. These huts are construct- ed by first digging a round hole in the ground, from ten to twenty feet in width, and three or four feet in depth ; over this are placed sticks, worked together ; these are covered over with grass and reeds; the whole being then overlaid with earth. There is only one entrance to the hut, and this is so small as to make it necessary to creep in order to get admittance.

The opening at the top serves as the chimney. The roofs are strong enough to sustain the weight of two or three men, and usually the savages sit upon them. Their tamascals or sweat-houses are built in the same manner, with the exception that they are larger and have several entrances. From the great quantity of muscle-shells and acorns that lie around their huts, it would appear that these are their principal food. The 92 Oregon and California. At the usual seasons the Indians take fish in consider- able numbers.

Their fish- weirs are made with some degree of skill. They drive stakes, inclining down the stream, into the bed, having three apertures, conduct- ing to square pens above : the natives stand upon a platform, constructed over the entrances tp the pens, where they catch the fish. A fire is sometimes kindled upon the platforms for the purpose of attracting the fish. In the days of the missions the Indians were either by persuasion, force, or presents, brought into their fold.

The understanding, or rather the rule, was, that they should become Christians, and for such a valuable blessing, they were required to give in exchange ten years of labor. At the expiration of the ten years of service, they were to receive their liberty, together with a few head of cattle, and a small piece of land, that they might follow agricultural pursuits. But these were only given when they could give bonds for their good conduct.

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