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Sign in and leave a review. Check-in Date Check-out Date. You're now subscribed Soon you'll receive news about top-rated hotels, irresistible deals and exciting destinations! Sign in to continue. Don't have an account yet? Create your account. On the stone pedestal at the foot of the Bell Tower stands a Tzar-Bell - the largest bell in the world. Not far from it one can see a Tzar-Cannon.

Another fine example of Russian architecture is the Faceted Palace. It was built in One of the well-known Kremlin museums is the Armoury Chamber. The famous golden cap of Monomach, the first russian imperial crown of Catherin II, made of guilt silver and many other precious historical items are exhibited there.

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All Rights Reserved. Is this bagage yours? Your baggage will be inspected at the border. I'll take my handbags along with me on the train. Porter, please check my trunk through to Moscow. Give the baggage check to the porter; he'll bring your baggage.

There's no baggage car on this train. You can get your trunk at the baggage room. She worked at an air base. There's a shelter for hikers two kilometers from here. You can buy fresh vegetables at the market. Where's the kolkhoz market? The market isn't open today. The market square is on the other side of the bridge. How many liters of gas does the tank of your truck hold? There's a large cask filled with drinking water in the dining room. My father had a small grocery store. They have a large stock of groceries. I've been invited to a ball at the embassy.

There's going to be a masquerade tomorrow night. The roof was supported by two thick beams. Give me two tickets in the first balcony. He's run for chairman three times now, but with no success. Your proposition will be put to a vote. Put a mailing wrapper on the newspapers. Send these books by third-class mail. Don't throw your empty tin cans away. Give me a jar of jam.

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I go to the steam baths every Saturday. Open the windows; it's like a steam bath in here. The public baths are around the corner. They really made it hot for him! The workers are temporarily living in barracks. Give me a lamb chop. For the winter he bought a sheepskin coat. We have roast lamb on the menu today. I advise you to buy yourself a sheepskin cap.

It's been a long time since I've played basketball. Is there any place around here I can buy a basketball? I know a lot of Krylov's fables by heart. Don't tell me any of your tall stories! We went to look around the Donetz coal basin. We have a swimming pool at our club. They were firing from a camouflaged battery. My flashlight battery has burned out. Put the teapot on the radiator. There were a whole lot of bottles standing on the table.

How is your father feeling? I'll introduce you to our new priest tomorrow. What kind of non-sense is that! Good lord, I almost forgot to give you the letter. Boy, you've certainly changed! Can you repair my shoes right away? What size shoes do you wear? He's henpecked. An alert guard has been organized to watch the crops.

You have to be wide-awake on this job. The patient needs constant care. The hundred-meter race will be run at two P. Where do they hold horse races around here? She grabbed her coat on the run and raced after him. I can't run as fast as you can. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps. She chases around the city all day buying things. You can catch the trolley if you run. He sure ran fast to give you the news.

We put the enemy to flight. His escape from prison was well planned. He got into trouble. The trouble is that I don't have any money. I have a lot of trouble with him; he's gotten completely out of hand. There's no great harm in his spending a lot of money. Misfortunes don't come singly.

Unfortunately for me, he turned out to be very touchy. I brought it on myself when I sent that letter. No harm done! He's not coming, huh? So what? What poor land this is! This writer has a poor vocabulary. This region is poor in coal. Poor thing! They're very poorly dressed.

I hurt my right hip. He has a fractured thigh bone. Don't run; we have plenty of time. He escaped from a prisoner-of-war camp. He came without a hat. That goes without saying. I was left without a cent. There's no doubt about it. It's five minutes to six. This roast is absolutely tasteless. She dresses in poor taste. Medical care at the factory is free. I'm ready to work for nothing. Have you still got any illiterates in America?

Idleness is no good for him. The doctors consider his condition hopeless. I see that you're a hopeless pessimist. He's hopelessly in love. It's practically impossible to find him at home. What a shame — not a single employee is at work! He was disgustingly drunk last night. He hid in a safe place. Give me a safety razor. You can cross the bridge safely now. To accept such conditions would be sheer madness. They say he loved her to distraction. It could have been done only in a moment of insanity.

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He'll undoubtedly come today. He's an absolutely honest man. The whites of his eyes are inflamed. Whip up the whites of eggs. Analysis showed the presence of albumen. Do you have any white shirts? Do you have any warm underwear? You can get both men's and women's underwear there. Here's two sets of underwear your size. She has beautiful table linen. Please change my bed linen. They brought you your laundry. The hamper is in the corner. We need ten liters of gasoline for the trip. You can take those spots out easily with benzine. You can't pass through there; the river has overflown its banks.

That town is on the Atlantic coast. A crowd gathered on the river bank. The ship sank not far offshore. He doesn't take care of his health. Save your strength. He watches every cent. He'll get well quickly if he takes care of himself. Watch your step; he's a tricky guy. Beware of pickpockets! Look out! It was purely a business conversation. Our chat lasted a whole hour. The chairman held an informal conference with the kolkhozniks. Our discussion was very lively. We chatted with your friend yesterday. What did you have such a lively discussion about?

We nominated a non-party candidate. He's a non-party man. Admission Free. You'll receive free medical care. All library books are loaned without charge. I don't want to disturb you. I'm sorry to trouble you. His high temperature worries me. It doesn't bother me at all. Don't worry about me; I'm not sick. Don't worry, I can finish it by myself. The patient spent a restless night. I have a very troublesome neighbor. He paced back and forth restlessly.

You're doing useless work. Talking to him is absolutely useless. Why is your desk drawer always in such disorder? These constant new orders make for confusion in the work. My room is in a terrible mess. He's a sick, feeble man. Unfortunately, we're powerless to do anything for you. I was mad as a hornet, but couldn't do anything about it. I've suffered from insomnia for some time now. I thought about it a long time as I lay awake. He's so scatterbrained I'm afraid he'll mix everything up.

What he said was so mixed up that I didn't understand a thing. I consider this discussion absolutely pointless. I wandered aimlessly around the city all day yesterday. That house has a concrete foundation. You'll find that book in the public library. I have a good economics library. Don't throw your trolley ticket away before you reach your station. I've brought you two tickets for tonight's concert.

How long is this ticket good for? How much is a round-trip ticket to Moscow? Show your membership card. Standing room only. Have you any sterilized gauze bandages? You'll still have to keep your leg bandaged for a long time. The theater was packed. Try our hamburgers with sour cream. Why is he hitting the boy? The clock is striking twelve. You've been idle long enough! Don't be an alarmist; nothing terrible has happened. I've been struggling with this problem for a long time. She's struggling hard to make a living. My heart was beating rapidly. I've worked over the stove for a full hour but just can't get it going.

It was done only for your good. Let's walk; luckily we still have plenty of time. The best of luck to you! You don't have to thank me; I just did what I had to. Thanks a lot. Don't expect any gratitude from him. He accepted your offer gratefully. Don't mention it. Thanks to you I got into the theater yesterday. Thanks to your interference it didn't develop into a quarrel. The plane landed safely. Everything ended happily. Under favorable conditions we'll finish this work tomorrow.

We received a favorable report about him. That was really a fine thing to do. He's a very fine person. The telegraph blanks are on the table. Fill out this form and attach it to your application. Why are you so pale today? A light flickered in the distance. The idea just dawned on me. He had a chance to show off his knowledge. There was a flash of lightning; it'll rain soon. Your boots shine like a mirror. Everything in her kitchen just shines.

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All is not gold that glitters. He's not very smart. She was wearing sparkling earrings. The child looked at me with shining eyes. It's worthwhile listening to him. He's a brilliant speaker. She passed the exam brilliantly. He's not doing so well.

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  7. I watched it at close range. They're close relatives of ours. He's a close friend of mine. This translation is close to the original. The day we're going to leave is near. Where is the nearest drugstore? They took the closest interest in our son. I live near your hotel. The station is quite near here.

    I've come to know him intimately during the past year. I want to move closer to the center of town. His point of view is closer to mine than yours. Don't take it to heart so. She's having a love affair with him. I feel very keenly about this subject. He's very near-sighted. This is a short-sighted policy. How did you like my pancakes? She turns out poems like hotcakes. Everything went smoothly after the first unsuccessful attempt. Try these little pancakes with jam. Give me a sheet of paper from that pad.

    This is a very comfortable smock to work in. Do you see that girl in the white blouse? Put the roast on a platter. Borscht is my favorite dish. We had a two-course dinner. Today's special is stuffed cabbage. You can't miss the porters — they all wear badges. The beans are from our own garden. He was left holding the bag. God helps those who help themselves. Thank God. God forbid! My god! God bless you. Honest to God, I didn't see it.

    Who knows! Let him go if he wants to. So help me! For heaven's sake, what happened? Our oblast or district is rich in iron. He's a wealthy man. We have abundant crops this year. Won't you have pot luck with us? We'll manage it with God's help. I used to see him every single day.

    A decisive battle was fought here. The affair ended in a fist fight. I have sharp pains in my side. He and I worked side by side for a whole year. He turned over on his other side and went to sleep again. He edged through the door sideways. Your tie is crooked. The drugstore is just around the corner from you. We shook with laughter. I was quite a boxing fan in my day. These shoes are made of thick calfskin. Is it a serious disease?

    Do you get seasick? My back aches. She has a sore throat. He's never sick. He had typhus last year. My heart aches for him. You'll have to make a detour around the peat bog. There's a lot of marshland around here. We chatted with him for a long time. She chatters without let-up. Don't talk nonsense! He sure likes to shoot off his mouth. Your button is hanging by a thread. He's been hanging around for a long time doing nothing. He suddenly felt a sharp pain. Is your headache gone? Give me something for a toothache. I was discharged from the hospital just yesterday.

    Where is the nearest hospital? You will have to go to the hospital for observation. He was taken to the hospital. Are you ill? He's a very sick man. Don't talk to him about it; it's a sore spot with him. It was very painful. It was painful to look at him. It hurt me to hear that. It hurts me to breathe. That's our most troublesome problem now. He likes to pass the buck. He's much too shrewd! Well, how's our patient? The psychiatric ward is in a special building. We're working at real Bolshevik tempo. He criticized his friend for not acting in a true Bolshevik manner.

    Most of my friends think so. He got a majority of the votes. Here's a big double room. He's a great artist. They attach great importance to it. He's beginning to look more and more like his father. These working conditions are more or less satisfactory. The names of days and months are not spelled with capital letters. Your room is larger than mine. I hurt my thumb. He wants one hundred rubles for it, no more and no less. I've two rooms: one is small and the other one somewhat larger.

    I'll be glad to meet him, especially since he's your friend.

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    Thanks very much. When you're in Moscow, don't fail to go to the Bolshoy Theater. This doctor has a great deal of experience.