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The basic flow of CI is like this. While using CI, we have to follow the MVC rules as we should not echo any thing in controllers and models. So there is no need to write the logic in models that is not related to database. Follow CodeIgniter document :. So if you're familiar with some java framework like hibernate or jpa, you can easier make model of CodeIgniter's model work as ORM system by using a third library like CI datamapper.. It make you model work as a base or database object system where you just care about the nature db object that your system is working with.

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Model - This is the part of your application that defines its basic functionality behind a set of abstractions. Data access routines and some business logic can be defined in the model. View - Views define exactly what is presented to the user. Usually controllers pass data to each view to render in some format.

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Views will often collect data from the user, as well. Controller - Controllers bind the whole pattern together. They manipulate models, decide which view to display based on the user's request and other factors, pass along the data that each view will need, or hand off control to another controller entirely.

I am new in codeigniter and I am little bit confused about code written in Controllers and Models in Codeigniter Best way to write code for logout Controller Logout. Same thing if I will do in Cake php then what are the changes in that case? Rohan Kumar Rohan Kumar Also can you tell me how to use database in helpers? Email does not belong in the controller! You send email as part of certain business logic steps; from the model!

Further, models are often just DALs with the insert and fetch logic being pushed into the controller. I have little experience with CI, I just know it's similar enough to Cake to also not get it right. Rohan It's weird to have a "logout model". To access Lynda. Visit our help center. Web Development. Preview This Course. Starting with the what and the why, instructor Bernard Pineda introduces key CodeIgniter concepts, such as the Model-View-Controller pattern and working with a database.

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Then learn how to set up your development environment and save time with CodeIgniter's auto loader, helpers, and libraries. Explore advanced scenarios such as validating user input, uploading files, error logging, and more. Using the full-featured sample web app included with the exercise files, you'll get a real-world foundation for learning how to build your own applications with CodeIgniter. Topics include: Loading views and data from containers Routing with controllers Creating models Configuring the data Working with data, forms, sessions, and headers Logging and error logging Extending CodeIgniter to consume dependencies.

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Show More Show Less. Resume Transcript Auto-Scroll. Related Courses. Preview course. Search This Course Clear Search. Welcome 51s. What you should know 1m 29s. Using the exercise files 34s. What is CodeIgniter?

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Set up our local environment 4m 55s. The MVC architectural pattern 1m 55s. Get Started with CodeIgniter. Get CodeIgniter running 2m 25s. Load views and data from controllers 5m 12s. Controllers and automatic routing 3m 47s. Create models and load them 3m 58s. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. NOOK Book. The CodeIgniter Model-View-Controller framework provides genius simplicity, flexibility, and efficient resource usage, boosting performance and reusability. This book is packed with engaging examples to understand the usage of controllers, libraries, and Codeigniter CI Models. This book commences with a quick discussion of the CodeIgniter Integration with external plugins such as Flickr API, Google Maps and more will be reviewed with clear usage examples.

It will then cover CI naming convention rules, mandatory and optional configurations, and usage within a CI project. It will also cover user defined configurations.

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By the end of this book, you will not only understand user-defined libraries in a CI framework, but also their services, role, usage, and scope with the help of an example-based approach. The book also covers helpers, models, and views, as well as their usage. Using this book, youwill soonbe able to develop feature-rich web applications using the CodeIgniter MVC framework. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

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