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The arduous poverty of the settlement is seen, not as an unfortunate interim, but as of spiritual value in itself. I grew up believing that my family had long held a deep rejection of all things Catholic. I was not meant to consider a migration to this other religious geography. My experience of the Plains is that the geography does not easily serve to segregate groups. One must work very hard not to notice what the neighbors are up to.

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That my experience is not atypical of the Diaspora is shown in the frequent statements that what remains important about the Plains pioneers are various sets of values expressed in the stories of westward movement and seen to continue in present descendants. These embodied values vary from work ethic [40] to the importance of church. He then applies this construct to the life of the Church. Let not the. Dawson Church be discouraged today. There are people in every state in the union, Canada ,and some foreign countries that have been converted in the Dawson EUB Church.

So the influence of the Dawson Church has gone forth and is still going forth over this great country of ours. Here he analogically adapts a Plains pioneering ideology from westward expansiveness to an expansiveness of a spiritual identity. Gottlieb Heim my 3rd great-grandfather was a very stern man who left a strong mark on succeeding generations.

Haller as spiritual leader. His wife Margaret was of a completely different disposition and could laugh until tears rolled down her cheeks. Heims evidently were noted for the occasional Margaret-like indecorum. My junior high Sunday school class was composed of mostly Heim cousins. But one Sunday this elderly, small and fragile woman took each of us by the shoulders in turn, sitting us firmly in our chairs.

Charles 'Spike' Wooldridge

I believe that I am most strongly marked by the legacy of Margaret. We have company! What has this to do with God? It is vitally important to a healthy theology, a healthy relationship with God and healthy relationships with one another. If we chart this geography of play on the terrains of Pennsylvania and Nebraska what I find interesting is that while there are stories about play in Blooming Grove [50] they are rare. For me, the explanation is the sky. The geography of the Plains provided vast metaphorical geographies for the exuberant release and exploration of play as an essential part of living.

Play in PA feels vertical, enclosed. It feels like play within limitations. Play in Nebraska feels horizontal, open. These are very different geographic metaphors. Thus far differences in the mapping of spiritual spaces have contrasted Nebraska and Pennsylvania. The small family farms that supported strong and vibrant small town communities are no longer feasible. Harlan Heim provided a similar tank filled with ice and vast quantities and varieties of soda.

These were events peopled by well-known faces, governed by deeply ingrained, very normal, daily experienced relationships. My early assumptions were that church was also a communal expression of the extended family. Life, I thought, was to be one endless stream of large numbers of people gathering at church to eat and play.

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My mother said that I would only be asked to light candles when Bernice Georgi, the woman in charge, could see that I sat quietly through the whole service. Currently, author Mills has over 40 books in the print form, which have sold more than one million copies altogether all over the world. As much as 6 anthologies written by her have appeared in the bestseller list of CBA. Author Mills won the Choice of Inspirational Readers for two times in the years and Author Mills says that she had always dreamed of becoming an author, but was lacking the courage to put her first step ahead initially.

In the beginning, she used to write stories and poetry, but did not use to have the confidence to let them get published. Now, she realizes that some of her earlier works were quite good to have seen the light of the day. Seeing how her own story has unfolded, author Mills always suggests the aspiring writers not to give up on their dreams.

She always recommends the new writers to have a good look at their personal aspirations and expand their horizons so that they can include the vast opportunities around them.

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As far as the hobbies of author Mills are concerned, she is considered to be a hardcore coffee lover. She likes to roast the coffee beans herself. Apart from that, Diann Mills is an avid reader. She also likes to cook and take care of her grandchildren. Author Mills believes that her grandchildren are the very smart like her. This series consists of a total of 3 books, which were published between the years and The Tyndale House publication published this book in the year At the beginning of the book, Taryn Young is depicted as preparing for a dream honeymoon after having a whirlwind romance.

As she waits in the lobby of the Houston International Airport to catch a place, a bomb blows off and decimates the whole terminal. She remains alive, but deeply injured.

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When Taryn gains her consciousness, she finds that her husband has gone missing. What is even more shocking to her is that she has been named as the prime suspect along with her husband in the bomb attack. Further, the FBI tries to convince Taryn that her husband is not what he has depicted himself to be. Verified Purchase. Arietta was separated from her older sister, Gwyn, when Norsemen attacked their village and Gwyn was abducted. Ten years later, a group of Norsemen return to the village including Gwyn and her Norse husband and children.

Arietta is betrothed to Edwynn but is attracted to her handsome but frustrating brother-in-law, Wulfric. She fights her attraction because of her betrothal and because Wulfric is an unbeliever. Arietta has memorized the Scriptures so she tries to live by it and serve others. Wulfric knows there is something different about Arietta and has to learn to trust her God.

It was interesting to learn a little about the Vikings and their beliefs and customs. This was an easy and quick read, a little slow towards the middle but the action such as attempted murder, kidnapping, and arson intensifies towards the end.

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This book was so good that I read it in one sitting. A Viking raid separates Arietta's sister, Gwyn from her home. Ten years later, Gwyn returns home with her Viking family. She apparently was assimilated to be a Norsewoman, which infuriates Arietta. Arietta can't believe how welcoming the villagers are to the Vikings.

She reluctantly finds herself drawn to Gwyn's brother- in-law, Wulfric, despite her impending betrothal to Edwynn. The story deals with issues of forgiveness, different cultures coexisting together, and trust in God. I highly recommend this book.