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Remy wants to cook, which is something only humans explicitly do. He crafts a relationship with a small group of humans and finds success. Meanwhile, the villain of Ratatouille , Chef Skinner, disappears. What happened to him? What did he do with his newfound knowledge that animals were capable of transcending their instincts and performing duties better than humans? Those collars indicated to Muntz that animals are smarter and more like humans than we think. Now that humans have discovered the potential of animals, they are beginning to cross the line.

To develop this new technology, the humans begin an industrial revolution hinted at in Up. This is true, but it is not explicitly stated how and when he developed the collars. Also, we know Ratatouille takes place before Up for several reasons. This supports the idea that Up takes place years later.

In the beginning of Up , Carl is forced to give up his house to a corporation because they are expanding the city. Wait a second. Did you catch that this one corporation achieved global dominance? Interestingly, this is the same organization alluded to in Toy Story 3 :. In Finding Nemo , we have an entire population of sea creatures uniting to save a fish that was captured by humans.

BNL shows up again in this universe via another news article that talks about a beautiful underwater world. Lines are being crossed. Humans are beginning to antagonize the increasingly networked and intelligent animals. Think about Dory from Finding Nemo for a second. She stands apart from most of the other fish. Her short-term memory loss is likely a result of her not being as advanced as the other sea creatures, which is a reasonable explanation for how rapidly these creatures are evolving.

We may also get some more evidence pointing to animosity between humans and animals. This would actually show signs of how the animals are beginning to change in intelligence gradually. When it comes to A. Who is the main villain of this movie? You probably thought of Buddy, a. Syndrome, who basically commits genocide on super-powered humans.


Or does he? He used technology to enact revenge on Mr. Incredible for not taking him seriously.

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Seems a little odd that the man went so far as to commit genocide. This is cleared by Brad Bird, the director, who says the movie takes place in an alternate s, which means the movie opens in the s. And how does he kill all of the supers? He creates the omnidroid, an A.

When Mr. Incredible is first told about this machine, Mirage mentions that it is an advanced artificial intelligence that has gone rogue. Incredible points out that it got smart enough to wonder why it had to take orders. The omnidroid eventually turns on Syndrome, and starts attacking humans in the city. Why would an A. Do machines have an inherent hatred of humans? The movie even shows clips of the superheroes with capes being done in by inanimate objects, such as plane turbines…accidentally. But why would machines want to get rid of humans in the first place?

The Pixar Theory - Every Pixar Movie Is Connected

Enter Toy Story. Yes, the toys love it Uncle Tom style, but over the course of the Toy Story sequels, we see toys becoming fed up. Syndrome points to the answer. He tells Mr. Incredible that his lasers are powered by Zero Point Energy. This is the electromagnetic energy that exists in a vacuum. By the events of the Toy Story movies , we are in the 90s until Meanwhile, Pixar is hinting at dissatisfaction among pockets of toy civilizations. The toys rise up against Sid in the first movie.


Jesse resents her owner, Emily, for abandoning her. Healthy skepticism is great in science, but outright incredulity and denial are more the province of religion and politics than science. This one, by Ranga-Ram Chary seems to have gained some traction? The multiverse theory if proven true, would once again exponentially enlarge the scale of creation. How about our infinite universe residing in an ocean of infinite universes? Could this be an answer to the question of why our Universe has a surplus of matter when the Big Bang should have theoretically produced equal parts of matter and antimatter?

I find it very interesting that this residual emission signal should coincide with the enigmatic CMB cold spot. What are the odds on a chance alignment? If you were to travel in one direction for infinity and leave the area that all our best telescopes can see you would likely see something more.

The Upside Down

It is like saying the Sun circles the Earth to say that our universe is all there is. Infinity is a big word.

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A fact that can not be unproven. I also agree with InTheory. I have always had the suspicion that the original universe became unstable after the Big Bang, and that it split into a matter and a parallel antimatter universe. But where would the evidence be? This may be the answer. Light is cast on the metaphysical aspect of the Multiverse in the novel, The Dregs of Aquarius, beginning on page Insight was gained on an Acid overdose.

Seriously, the answer is there. Hi Mich48 At the Big Bang, the space created had to have a positive Riemann curvature, or otherwise we would not see the remote galaxies retreating at roughly equal rates. This implies a closed Riemann geometry. This curvature is tiny because the equation is divided by the fourth power of the speed of light.


A love that asks for nothing and gives nothing in return; it is simply there. I will never be yours, and you will never be mine; nevertheless, I can honestly say: I love you, I love you, I love you. Misattributed [ edit ] God is where you let Him in. This expression originates with a statement of Kotzker Rebbe , who, when he was five years old asked his father "Where is God?

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May love be your guide in every moment of your life. Though widely attributed to Coelho on the internet, and originally added here within the section for The Alchemist , this specific form has not been located in any editions available in online searches. The directive "Let love be your guide" is a very old one, and did not originate with Coelho.

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