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She secretly credits much of her success to the ruthless Machiavellian suggestions of her dog Tanya and the offsetting new-age emotionality prescribed by her cat Lord Farnstable.

The Great Race

Their competing ideologies helped establish a balanced path. Due to an unprecedented housing snafu at Harvard, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was paired with a local dairy cow as freshman roommate. At one point, PayPal was going to be an online payment system for those looking to purchase imported exotic cats.

Cooler heads prevailed and the company decided to focus their efforts on a broader audience.

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A truly inspirational figure. A health scare Tunisian feather rot saw Beakberg sidelined for a few months but the resilient bird came back stronger than ever. A persistent rumor has some believing that renowned thought leader Simon Sinek is nothing more than a human mouthpiece for a hyper-smart butterfly named William J. It will change the way you think about your office work environment.

Last year Olivia became a member of the Young Kennel Club and decided to take Roxy to dog shows, which they both love.

After growing up on the streets of Romania, Icey was found nearly frozen to death in a public shelter three years ago. The collie corgi cross weighed only 15lb, had no teeth or tail, split ears and was on the brink of death. Val Philips, who runs a border collie rescue centre in Surrey, was sent his picture in December and knew she had to do something to rescue him. Since being brought to the UK, Val has seen Icey make a full recovery and is now a happy, healthy dog.

10 Examples of the Unsung Animal Companions Behind Legendary Legends

Bella had been treated badly. She was covered in injuries and been starved close to death. Bella also needed a great deal of training because she was experiencing social and behavioural issues. Since being introduced, Karen has helped care and train him which slowly changed her outlook on life. Perhaps a piece of the drums leather could be taken from the drumhead, cut and shaped and attached to the legs of one of the small creatures.

It was done and thus originated the bat. The ball was now tossed into the air, the bat was told to catch it. With his skill in dodging and circling he kept the ball constantly in motion never allowing it to hit the ground. Through his impressive performance he convinced the birds that they had gained a valuable ally.

Crufts 2016: Legends on four furry legs

There was no time to send for more. At the last minute it was suggested that perhaps stretching the skin of the squirrel itself could make suitable wings. So, by tugging and pulling the fur between the front and hind feet, the task was completed and there originated the flying squirrel.

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When all was ready, they began the game. Eagle and Bear met, a face-off ensued and the flying squirrel caught the ball, cradled it up the tree and passed it off the Hawk. Hawk kept it in the air for some time.

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Then, just as the ball was to hit the ground, the Eagle seized it. Eagle, dodging and doubling, maintained possession and kept the ball from even the Deer, the opposition… the fastest of the four-legged team. Eagle then faked to Squirrel and passed to Bat, who moved in hard and left to score the goal. This goal won the victory for the birds.