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Its not really the French language. Real french people, you know, from France, call it bastard French. Do you really think the people who don't speak french, whether they be the northern inuit, marginalised immigrant, or the english elite of west Montreal who I personally hate even more than the seperatists FYI are going to be more or less likely to learn french by being completely shut out of all government?

Or is this yet another gentle reminder to those that are not the pure laine should GTFO? What do you think the result will be? That they all learn french stated goal or they all up and leave actual goal? The Official Site of the Vancouver Canucks. The Sportsbar. Canucks TV. Eastern Conference. Off-Topic General Search In. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted August 22, Marois said the idea is reasonable, given that French is the official language of Quebec.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I am not surprised by this at all. What, Jim Crow laws now? I guess overt racism IS the new policy. Vive le Quebec vrai! Le Quebec des laines pures! They have Nunavik which is semi-autonomous. Posted August 23, Yeah, we get it. You love the French language. Good for you. Posted August 24, Ouais, c'est possible, meme si le pleu part de Quebeqouis parle Franglais I think the total disenfranchisment and loss of democratic rights is more than Jim Crow enough!

Go To Topic Listing. Thus grows indifference. Replete with a devaluation of other languages, both in international institutions and locally. This severely limits their ability to learn foreign languages, as they cannot make sense of concepts and rules that would help them decode other languages. Interesting article however you are off the mark again AFG.

The comparison in this in regards to apartheid and Bill is not about language but the intolerance and justification of the laws. Right now all you nationalist are doing a double take and you will probably be mad at my statement and perhaps not understand.

Pauline Marois au Devoir - L'étapisme pour la Charte des valeurs | Le Devoir

Again the comparison is not about the laws that Quebec and south Africa use but the justification. Quebec Canada and South Africa use the same justification in order to hurt others. Not to segregate them. If anything, the anglophone minority of Quebec tries to segregate itself, and tries to take other minorities along to beef itself up. Dear genosses, Kriss, Raman and the furer of the Free Q. Republic, Herr Mathieau! No French?

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You are a second-class citizen… No any and any political career. Quebec is uber alle. You must swear to Quebec values. Not to beat women with the stones. Real and nice movie!

Montréal: le nom d’Amherst rayé de la carte

Have seen for the first time. Beautiful actors. I have always supported knowing both languages and indeed if this is what Marois intends then I support it entirely. There is nothing wrong with either language, nor any other language for that matter. As an anglophone in quebec, I never had an issue with the french language, that is, until bill was implemented and it started feeling like french was being shoved down our throats. I encourage this type of learning, and as for the narrow-mindedness of anglophones implied by some on this blog, i do not feel this is narrow-minded and anglophone children in quebec are now becoming trilingual.

Thanks for the perspective. I never thought of the material difficulties, or of the lack of qualified teachers. That has to be adressed. It did not exist before. And where did you get that Francophones did not want to learn English? Take it one step further; I think the whole province would be better off if education in Quebec were all bilingual — one school system for all, both languages. It would do a lot to reduce the resentments on both sides of this issue. Anglo kids would speak better French, Franco kids would speak better English and Quebec would be the better for it.

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  4. AFG — I agree that the french program in english schools today, is a direct result of Bill however, French as a second language always existed in English schools just not as intense a program as today. How could this be a negative solution?

    Not too many fluent English or French speakers but quite a few Japanese actually could understand basic English. The Japanese have quite a good education system. Their top students often learn two or three other languages. Some are right here in Montreal. They also speak excellent English. As for the Phillipines. Many just speak Tagalog, the predominant language, a mix of native, Spanish and English.

    The other dialects also have similar structure. The Phillipines suffer from the imposition of both Spanish and U. I have always found it amusing in Montreal that when walking down the street one hears many people chatting in English, but at least in the East as soon as they enter a shop or restaurant and engage in business it switches to French.

    Thus in Montreal, at least, Engilsh is a major language of socializing and personal interactions and French is the major language of business. This seems entirely backwards from how the outside would might imagine it should be. What I describe does not apply to everyone, of course, but I think for a large segment of the urban population it is true. At least in part this is because outsiders other than Quebecers or Frenchmen often fare worse in French than Montrealais do in Engilsh.

    So, curiously the situation you advocate for schools already exists spontaneously on the streets of Montreal. But I suppose that is just too bad. Deal with it! Most laws both protect us and restrict us at the same time. The irony of democracy is that the minority must always sacrifice for the benefit of the majority. It is appealing to try to preserve local industry and jobs, but it makes business lazy and unable to compete internationally.

    We need a way to keep francophone society from getting complacent under bill if we want to avoid falling victim to protectionism.

    Relationship with the Bloc Québécois

    What has always made the Japanese economy strong has been its single-minded pursuit of international education and the view that Japan as a nation deserves to have the very best of everything the world offers. The Meiji Emperor in the 19th century, intentionally sent the brightest students overseas in the hope of industrializing and modernizing Japan from within.

    Japanese as a nation always express a sense of admiration and a willingness to adopt things foreign, but have also found a way of taking the best from abroad and Japan-izing it for domestic use. If you make the very best stuff for yourself, the rest of the world will want it too. They meticulously preserve certain aspects of traditional culture, but for the most part the more international the better….

    Ta langue est merveilleuse!

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    Of course I understand your English, Antoine! I know your history and I realise you had years as a frontier culture with many acheivements followed by about really bad years with British and then anglo-canadien rule. Lets celebrate both our languages! Maybe it should be taught in French in Ontario. In general kids should have the opportunity to have 5 month exchanges and live in homes where no English will be used.

    This is what English Canada needs for our kids. Why is Canada not like the USA? Because we have two founding cultures and languages and others also, but not founding ones.

    Pauline Marois au Devoir - L'étapisme pour la Charte des valeurs

    As for Stephen Harpur he can go to hell! What a bully and control freak! Hopefully he is going down, and hopefully for good. Plus his French sounds terrible to my ear! I guess he tried that way, but the main thing is he has a mean streak. Mortimer J. In the event you look in to the historical past of education inside the US, you are going to begin to see the push to make general public schooling revolve about math and science, with the arts and humanities subordinate, correlates using the history of increasing centralization and federal government handle over the whole approach.