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It is situated in a very active cycling community with lots of organised rides and clubs. This very active shop will now be able to support its riders even better than before. Our local retail services team works closely together with their global colleagues, to ensure we are always on top of the retail game and well informed of any CI developments. Thus, the global retail messages can reach our dealers directly through our local team and therefore we are able to keep our high standards and help our dealers to create the Specialized vibe.

All Specialized dealer staff also attend product, merchandising and Body Geometry Fit classes held annually at our headquarters in Stellenbosch. This make-over would call for a full revamp of the store, adding extra space to ensure a better shopping experience in a better retail environment. Now in we are ready to officially launch this new image to the public, hence the event on the 29th of January. Some services on offer, will include a wide range of new bicycles from beginner to top of the line in each category, apparel, nutrition, a fully equipped service centre with highly qualified mechanics and top quality tools, a fully equipped Body Geometry Fit Centre — authorized and trained by Specialized, shop rides for customers, technical talks and workshops seasonal and on occasion.

The industry is changing and it feels amazing to have built our shop as a brand. LeRoux specialized. Summer, winter, morning or evening, there are few activities as convenient as walking or running. No matter where you are in the world, all you need is a suitable pair of shoes and comfy clothing to get some exercise — indoors or outdoors.

Set aside 20 minutes. Inhale deeply. Stretch out your legs. Left-right, left-right. Get your heart pumping. It really is this easy. VOB is the largest running club in the Western Cape and they host 20 weekly events, which include morning and evening runs, time trials, track sessions, trail runs and social events. These are open to non-members too. They also have a talented development squad of committed development runners.

Starting from the Cape Union Mart store in the Gardens Centre, there was much chatting and laughter as the runners meandered through the streets, enjoying the warm summer evening. This scenic route, starting from the Gardens Centre, will be held bi-weekly — on alternate Monday evenings. He had an exceptional year in where he won numerous races, often setting new course records. Although Calitz is a world-class, competitive trail runner, he took advantage of the social run to meet other runners.

They also have a presence on Facebook www. We believe that the increased prize purse will also attract a larger field of international XTERRA warriors, which in turn just might encourage the weekend warrior to come along and be a part of the fantastic XTERRA vibe. Having a highly competitive field is also great news for spectators and we hope that more people will come out with their families to be a part of the event.

The team has put a lot of effort into raising the bar even higher than before. Athletes competing at this event stand the chance to qualify for the world championship final in Hawaii later in the year. We can honestly say that it was more a case of the area choosing us, than us choosing the area. It is very positive to see the growth of the cycling community on the West Rand.

The high demand for reliable and quality cycling products has been typical of the South African cycling market — being very race orientated. Our target market is all who like cycling, including children, entry level riders as well as the stage race enthusiasts. We not only sell the best bikes, but also have a great workshop. It feels great to be part of a brand that is exclusive to a small dealer base. The field for the 29th edition of the km Classic includes the likes of two-time winner Nolan Hoffman and champion James Perry, who will line up for the seven-strong Team Abantu.

He said his team, which leads the local Masters and Ladies Cycling Club summer series standings, had been training hard and currently had good form. Prinsloo singled out fellow climber Conrad Viljoen and domestique Henno Cronje as critical prongs in their attack. With the national road championships starting just two days later, NMMU captain Viljoen said he would use the PE race as his final preparation for the competition.

As team captain for the local event, the year-old said his role would be to keep his squad calm and focused. He said the new European-style route, with its four short climbs, would provide some exciting racing action for spectators. Aside from the main prize purse, the fast men will race for the sprint prime on Buffelsfontein Road, while the climbers compete for the King of the Mountains title on the Maitlands climb.

Accessible spectator points along the route include the new Dream Mile on Lakeside Road, the traditional Maitlands hotspot and the finish line at Hobie Beach. For more information visit www. There will be a mat where chips can be checked. Mountain biker Marco Joubert and road rider Kellan Gouveris will both be gunning for glory when their respective races roll out at Addo and Hobie Beach.

So for me the victory would be much sweeter. The following year, he signed with Tasol-GT as it was then known and made his professional debut on home turf at the PE cycle race. Chevermeh Erzroom , Turkey A 12e. Chiah-na Swatow , China PE 5f. See list of Missionary Societies and accompanyiug note on pages 6,7.

Cliickamulgar Mangalore , India W 9g. Chin-chew Amoy , China PE 5f. Chinglcput Madras , India FS 8g. Chingpoo Shanghai , China MS 4p. Ching-sing-Tong Foo-chow , China M 5f. Chinsurah Calcutta , India FS 8f. Chintorapalli Arcot , India R Og. Chio-be Amoy , China Tt 5f. Chiong-hu-pwano; Yong-ping , Ghi? Chittoor Arcot , India R 9g. Chocho Peking , China A 5e. Chokong Prome , Br. Burmah B 7g. Chombala iMangalore , India BE 9ir. Chonglok Hongkong , China BE 5f.

Choonkoosh Harpoot , Turkey A 13e. Choung Gan Prome , Br. Christianauram Tinnevelley , India PG 9h. Chumba, India S 9e. Chundicully Jaffnal, Ceylon C 8h. Chiisau Ningpo , China B 4e. Cochin, India C 9h. Codacal Coimbatoor , India BE 9g. Colpetty Colombo , Ceylon- AV 9h. Conjeveram Madras , India FS 8g. Coonoor, Kunniir Coimbatoor , India.. Copay Jaffna , Ceylon C Sli. Cotta Colombo , Ceylon C 9h. Cottayam Cochin , India C 9h. Culna Calcutta , India FS 8f.

Cutwa Calcutta India BM 8f. Dacca, India BM 7f. Pacliepalli Guntur , India L 9g. Dndnp-langoe Kediii , Java N 5i. Damasliin Calcutta , India FS 8f. Dantoon Calcutta , India F 81'. Dawochan Kediri , Java N 5i. Dedgaw Ahmednuggur , India A 9g. Dehra, India C — P 9e. Demangan Kediri , Java N 5i. Demirdesh Broosa , Turkey A 14d. Dharmapnttanam Calicul , India BE 9g. Dharwar Belgaum. India BE 9g. Djapannan Soorabaja , India N 5i.

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Dohnarvu Tinnevelly , India C 91i. Doreh, NeiD Guinea N 3i. Duma Tabello , Almaheiixi I. Dnmairudiem Rajalimundry , India C Dum bum Calcutta , India BM 8f. Eastern Beniral Calcutta , India C 8f. Seelist of Missionary Societies and accompanying note on pages 0,7. Ede3'engoody Tinnevelly , India PG 9h.

Egin liarpoot , Turkey A. Elian tur Cochin , India C 9h. Ellatnr Calicut , India BE 9. Ellore Masulipatam , India C 8g. Eraur "Batticaloa , Ceylon W 81i. Erentangal Arcot , India R 9g. Ericarte Cochin , India C 9h. Eris Menado , Celebes I. Erungalore Trichiuopoly , India PG 9g.

Erzroom, Turkey A 12e. Etawah Cawupore , India P 91'. Fahwhoa Shanghai , China MS 4e. Firozepoie Lahore , India P 9e. Foo-ciiow, China A — M — C 5f. Formosa I. Fukwing Canton. China 10[ of. Fiirocho Yokohama , Japan M 3e. FiUtehgurh Furrukhabad , India P 9f.

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Futtehpore xVllahabad , India P 8f. Fyzabad Luckuow , India C 8f. Gadak Belgaum , India BE 9g. Gahu Ahmednugirnr , India A 9ir. Galala Amboina I , Moluccas N Galle, Ceylon S— W 81i. Gampola Ivandy , Ceylon BM 8h. Gangrai Calcutta , India LM 8f. Geghi liarpoot , Turkey A 13e. Germesh Aintat , Turkey A 13e. Giridi Calcutta , India FS 8f. Giriiwa Galle , Ceylon W 8h.

Gnanodavam Arcot , India R 9g. Goalnndo Dacca , India W 8f. Go-che Amoy , China PE 5f. Godapiti va Galle , Ceylon W 8h. Godda Santals ,i? Gonawelle Colombo , Ceylon BM 81i. Gondali Lucknow , India M 8f. Gorlapalir Arcot , India R 9g. Goruckpore Benares , India C 8f. Govindpore Chota Nagpore , India G 8f.

Gudde Mangalore , India. BE 9g. Gudur XelUrre , India H 8g. Gujranawala Sealkote , India UP 9e. Guledgud Belganm , India BE 9g. Gunong Si toll Nias I. Guidaspur Sealkote , India UP 9e. Gurun Si vas , Turkey A 13e. G walior Furrukbabad , India P 9f. Gya Pama , India BM 8f. Haboosi Harpoot , Turkey A 13e. Haini Diarbekir , Turkey A 12e. Hai-tang Foo-chow , China M 5f. Hakodadi, Japan M — C 2d. Halong Amboina I. Hambantotta Galle , Ceylon W 8h. See list of Missionary Societies and accompanying note onpagesGJ.

Hang-keDir Hing-hwa , China M 5f. Hauwelle Colombo , Ceylon BM 81i. Harpoot, Turkey A 13e. Hassan Aintab , ' Turkey A 13e. Hastings Calcutta , India LM 8f. Hatwan Jalna , India FS 9g. Hebsnr Belgaum , Iratia BE 9g. Hondella Colombo , Ceyhn BM 81i. Hentifada, Br, Burmah. Hiogo Kobe , Japan A 8c. Hirampiir Santals , India C 8f. Hoan-a-clian Formosa , China PE 4r.

Hong-san Amoy , China R of. Hooeli Harpoot , Turkey A 13e. Hosadurga Mangalore. Hf -isban Swatow , China PE 5f. Hul ly Pjt'lgaum. Huiakegb Harpoot , Turkey A 13e. Hu-lu-sanir Yong-ping , China M 5f. Hurdui Furruckabad , India M 8f. Hnscnik Harpoot , "Turkey A 13e. Hydei'vAIjad, India M 9g. Hydkhaiiad, India C KM'. Ichme flarpoot , 2'urkey A 13e. Ikla Delhi , India C Of. Illujargo Cliota Nagpore , Liclia G 8f. Indramajoe Cheribon , Java N Gi.

Ing-ang Yong-ping , China M of. Ing-chung Hing-liwa , China jNt of. Itwari Nagpore , India FS 9f. Jaffna, Ceylon W 91i. Jagadri Lodiana , India P 9e. Jalaudhar Lodiana , India P 9e. Jalgaum Jalna , India FS 9g. Jalna, Jaulna, India FS 9g.

Uptempo is the Tempo - German Edition - Warm-Up Mix by WATERMAN

Japaka, Java N T ]. Jaunpui- Benares , India C 8f. Jellasore Calcutta , India F 8f. Jerkad Trichiuopoly , India LL 9g. Jessore Calcutta , India. BM 8f. Jlianjra Calcutta , India PG 8f. Jlieelum Sealkote , India UP 9e. Jibbin Aintab , Turkey A 13e. Jiwaipooniee Sylhet , India. WC 7f. Joginda Calcutta , India G 8f. Johnnug'4er Calcutta , India BM 8f. Juuir, Jooueer Bombay , India C 9g. Kabruang Talaut Is. Kadike Mungalore , India BE 9g. Kaity Coimbatoor , India BE 9g.

Kajas-apas Samarang , Java N Kajawoo Meuado , Celebes I N 4b. Seelistof Missionary Societies and accompanying note on pages 6,7. Kajoowatoo Amoorancr , Celebes I. Kajoowi Amoorang , Celebes I N 4h. Kakaskassen JMenado , Celebes I. Kalanaur Sealkote , Jndia UP 9e. Ka-la-paw Formosa , China PE 4f. Kalalhavelly Batlicaloa , Ceylon W 8h. Kali Amoorang , Celebes I. Kaliaiipiir Mangalore. Jndia BE 9g. Kalighat Calcutta , India LM 8f.

Kallaar B. Kalmiinai Batticaloa , Ceylon W 81i. Kalpi Cawnpore , Lidia P 9f. Kam-a-ua Formosa , China PE 4f. Kamatipura Bombay , India PG 9g. Kambam Madura , India A 9.! Kampli Nagpore , J7idia FS 9f. KaiKlabada Galle , Ceylon W 8h. Kaudapola Kandy , Ceylon S 8b. Kaiidappenkundu Calicut , India BE 9g. Kandiputtur Arcot , India Tl 9g. Kax'd Y. Kanejan Amoorang , Celebes I. Kaug-kbau Amoy , China PE of. Kaugra Cbumba , India C 9e. Kannani Coimbatoor , India BE 9g.

Kaunit Cocbin , India C 9b. Kauouaug Amoorang. Celebes I. Kanzeli Prome , Br. Kapasdanga Calcutta , India C 8f. Ka-poa-soa Formosa , China PE 4f. Kapoja Amoorang , Celebes I N 4b. Kapookaya Marsovan , Turkey A 13d. Karau Kottalivoe Balticaloa , Ceylon W 8b. Karasamangalam Arcot , India H 9g. Karativo Balticaloa , Ceylon W 8b. Kardeuballi Belgaum , India BE 9g. Karding Sbangbai , China MS 4e. Karibnri Arcot , India R 9g. Karimbo Amoorang , Celebes I. Karor Amoorang , Celebes I N 41i. Kamwapara Coimbatoor , Indki BE 9g.

Kashmir, Sikinagar, India C 9t'. KasoorataD Amoorang , Celebes I. Kassar Menado , Celebes I. Katana Colombo , Ceylon W 9h. Katauam Cochin , India C 9h. Kattupadi Arcol , India R 9g. Ivatlupadi Mangalore , India BE 9g. Katugastotte Kandy , Ceylon B! Kawaugkoan Amoorang , Celebes I N 4h.

moravian heritage in the western cape - Western Cape Government

Kedikt, Java N 5i. Keilu Sealkote , India UP 9e. Kempol-keutjeng Kediri , Java N 5i. Keotlia Prome ," i? Barmah B 7g. Kerto Redjo Soorabaja , Java N 5i. Kessab Autioch , Turkey A 13e. Keti Coimbatoor , India BE 9g. Khamgaum Jain a , India FS 9g. Khanyan Calcut ta , India FS 8f. Klieyaschak Hongkong , Ciiiaa BE 5f. Ivhokar Ahmednuggui' , India A 9g. Khundittnr Cutlack , India GB 8f. Kia-sioh Hing-hwa , China M Sf. Ki-boey A moy , China PE 5f. Kidderpur Calcutta , India C 81". Kieh-yang Swatow , China PE 5f. Kijawa Amoorang , Celebes I N 41i.

Killis Aintab , Turkey A 13e. Kim-kai-tschai Hongkong , China BE 5f. Kiuanur Coimbatoor , India BE 9g. Kinilo Menado , Celebes I N 4h. Kio-a-laou Formosa , China PE 4f. See list of Miesionary Societies and accompanying note on pages 6,7. Kioiig-nia Amoy , China PE of. Kioto, Japan A 3e. Burmah B 7ir. Koaiijim Amoy , China PE 5f. Kobe, Japan A 3e. Kodawalauiya Cochin , India C 91i. Koija Menado , Celebes I.

Koilandi Calicut. Kolgaw, Kolagav Ahmednuggur , Jndia A 9g. Kolongan Menado , Celebes t. N 4ii. Koloi- akam Arcot , India K 9g. Kombai Madura , India A 9h. Kombi ]Menado , Celebes I N 4h. Konchatti Calcutta , India FS 8f. Kong-a-na Formosa , China PE 4f. Kongarapakuritclii Tinnevelly , India C 9]i. Kong-kiaui; Foocbow , China M of.

Konkan Bombay , India FS 9g. Koomelembooai Amoorang , Celebes I. Koomoo Menado , Celebes I. Koordab Cuttack , India GB 8f. Koosbtea Calcutta , India BM 8f. Koowil Menado , Celebes N 4b. Koreng Amoorang , Celebes I. Korigammana Kandy , Ctylon BM 8b. Kotaffberrv, Kotargiri Coimbatoor , India.. Kotgurb Simla , India C 9e. Kotigabawatte ilolombo , Ceylon B. AE 8b.

HAUSBANK - Definition and synonyms of Hausbank in the German dictionary

Kottapalli Arcot , India Tt 9g. Koitaram Trivandrum , India L3[ 9b. Koviluttu Tinnevelly , India C 9b. Krian Sarawak , Borneo PG 5ii. For full esplauation of abbreviations, etc. KunnaukulLini Cochin , India C 9g. Kunniir, Coonoor Coimhatoor , India. Knrcna Colombo , Ceylon PG 8h. Knrli Jalna , India FS 9g. IncHi M — C lOf. Kwangchi Canton , China W 5f. Kvvav-tham Swatow. China PE Sf.


Kw'itang BUavia , Jaba N 6i. Kyelang, Thibet U 9e.

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Kyoug-ma-ngay Bassein , Br, Burmah B 7g. Laggala Kandy , Ceylon W 8h. Lahore, India P — C 9e. Lai sia Formosa , China. PE 4f. Lakhaiii ara Calcutta , India FS 8f. Laloompei Menado , Celebes I N 4h. Lamhi-iedjo Kediri , Jam N 5i. Lanibi-roto Kediri , Jara N 5i. Lam-gan Formosa. Langowan Amoorang , Celebes I N 4h. Laoling Tientsin , China EM 5e. Lapi Amoorang , Celebes I N 4h. Laia Amboina , Moluccas N Latery Amboina , Moluccas N 4i. Lawangan Menado , Cekbes I N 4h. Leilem Amoorang , Celebes I N 41i.

Lek-tu Foo-chow , China M 5f. Liaai Savoo I. Lieng-chu-li Hing-hwa , China INl 5f. Hongkong , China BE 5f. Lindantn Amoorang , Celebes I. Lingliil Menado , Celebes I N 4li. Liongkay Amoy , China PK 5f. Lirong Talaut Is. Livvootoong Amoorang.. Loigar Amoorang , Celebes I N 41i. Lorn pad Amoorang , Celebes I.

Longhau Canton , China KM 5f. Loliardugga Cliota Nagpore , Lidia G 8t'. Loompias Menado , Celebes I N 4li. Lundu Sarawak , Borneo. PG 61i. Lyung-kong-tsai Hongkong , China BE of. Madhas, India. INIaggona Galle , Ceylon. India A 9g. Mahanad Calcutta , Jndia FS 8f. Makawittc Colombo , Ceylon BM 81i. Malasamudra Belgaum , India BE 9g. MallMpalli Cochin. India C 9h. Maliigam Naslk , India C 9f. For full explanation of abbreviation? Manl h m Chota Nairpore , India G 8f. JMauchentuduvy Batticaloa , Ceylon W 8li.

Mandal vy, B'lrniah PG 7t'. Mandschuni Coinu. Manepy Jaffna , Ceylon A — C 91i. Mania Savoo. East Indies N" 4j. Manissa, Turkey A 14t'. N" 4h. Mapolo Amoorano- , Celebes I. Makasii, Turkey A 13o. Maravila Colombo , Ceylon PG 8h. Marclia Chot i Nagpore , India G 8f. Maiidin, Turkey. Maron Kcdiri , Java N Maksovan, Turkey A 1 3d. Marutavanibadi Arcot , India II 9g. Malhauspiir Chota Nagpore , India G 8f. Matoongkas VIenado. K 41i.

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Maulmain, Br. Mavelicara Cochin. Mayaben Prome , Br. See list of Missionary Societies and accompanying note on pages 6,7. Medampe Colombo , Ceylon BM 8h. JMenunauapurain Tinnevelly , India C 91i. Merissa Galle , Ctylon W 8h. Mezereh Harpoot , lurkey A i;5e. Wihintale Trincomalee , Ceylon W 81i. Celebes I N 41i. JModjo-warno Sooiabajn , Java N Burmah B Tir.

IMoonjoosoon Cesai'ca , Turkey A loe. JMorottio, Rawattawatta Coloi. Mosul, Turkey A 12e. For fuU explanation of abbrovintione, ctc. Mudanapilly Aroot , India U Oj,-. India C 9e. Mundakayam Cochin , India C 9h. Muiideru Maniralore , India BE 9g. Mulialpaud Cuddapah , India PG 9g. Mut wal Colombo , Ceylon PG 8h. Mutyaladad Cuddapah , India PG 9g. Muzattarnauur Simla , India P 9e. Mymensiug Dist. Nagalapuram Tiunevelly , India PG 9h. Nagasaki, Japan M— K— C 4c'. Nalcheiuvupnlli Arcot , India R 9j,-. Nallammalpuram Timievellv , India C 9h. Nallur Tinnevelly , India. Namaluvacli Tinnevelly , India C 9h.

Namhung Canton , Cldiia li. Nang-nik Hing-livva , China M 5f. Nangoor Negapatain , India PG 9g. Nankang Iviukiang , China. Nanking, China " 5e. Nansinur Arcot , India R 9g. Kantai Foochow , China A 5e. Narasingannr Arcoi , India R 9g. Nasik, India C 9ir. Seelisjt of Missionary Societies aucl accompauying note on pages 6,7. Nazareth Tinnevelly , India PG 9h. Nazian,2: Shangliai , China :MS 4e. Negombo Colombo , Ceylon W 9h. Nellore, India B— FS 8ir.

Nellore Jaffna , Ceylon C 9h. Nettur Calicut , India BE 9ir. Newase Ahmednuggur , India A 9g. Ngoro Soorabaja , Java N 5i. Ngou-hun-tang Swatow. China PE 5f. Ngu-ch'eng Foochow , China M 5f. Ngu-ka Foochow , China M 5f. NiAs I. Nindoor Batticaloa , Ceylon W 8h. Njenhangli Swatow , China BE 5f.

Nugegoda Colombo , Ceylon C 8h. Nuwara Elya Kandy , Ceylon C 8h. Nynee Tal, India M 9f. O-kang Amoy , China R 5f. Olesha Cochin. Ombolata Nias I. Ongole, India B 8g. Onrantangal Arcot , India R 9g. Oodoopitty Jaffna , Ceylon A 8h. Oroomiaii, Persia P 12e. Osaka, Japan.. Oudh District, India :M 8f.

Pachamba Calcutta , India FS 8f. Pa-cbia-chnani; Tsi-nan , China. Padiir Mfiijahire , India BE 9ir. Paek-ko leu Pling-b wa , China M 5f. Pakanteii Sumatra I. Pakoo Oorei Amoorang , Celebes I. Pakoo-Weroo Amoorang , Celebes I. Palamanair Arcot , India Tl 9g. Palamba Amoorang , Celebes I. PaUimcotta Tinnevelly , India C 9b.

Pabiveram Madras , India C Si. Palee Paori , India M 9e. Pallam Cocbin , India C 9b. Pabiad Guntur , India L 9g. Panabpore Lucknow , India M 8f. Paualla Kolapoor , India P 9ir. Panassen Amoorang , Celebes I N 4b. Pancbegaw Abmednnggur , India A 9g. Pancbgani Poonab , India A 9":.

Panditeripo Jaffna , Ceylon A 9b. Pangaoo Amooranc: , Celebes I N 4b. Pangko Piilo petak , Borneo UM P-inneivilei Tinnevelly , India C 91i. Paunikiilam Tinnevelly , India C 9b. Pan-to Amov , China PE r r". Paori, India M 9e. See list of Missionary Societies and accompanying note onpages6,7. Papakelan Menado , Celebes I. Papar Kediri , Java N 5i. Paraperi Calicut , India BE 9ff. Parateevu Batticaloa , Cylon W gli. Parepei Amooraiig , Celebes I N 4h. Paslaten Amooran. Pasroor Sealkote , 'India UP 9e.

Pnsso Amoorang , Celebes I. Pasnmalai Madura , India A 9b. Patborgbatta Calcutta , India LM 8t'. Patna, India BM Sf. Patrashurj Cbota Nagpore , India G 8f. Pattambaukam Arcot , India DL 92;. Paumben jMadura. Tndia PG 9b. Pauniran f Peking , China A 5p. Pecbuia Amoy , China PE 5f.

Peb-cbioli Amoy , China PE 5f. Peb-tsin-kliay Formos:i , China PE 4f. Pennon Calcutta , India FS 8f. Percbeng Harpoot , Turkey A 13e. Periakulam Madura , India. Periyapulam Jaffna , Ceylon W 9b. Perpulankulam Tinnevelly , India C 9b. Peshawar, India C 9c. Pe-taou Formosa , China PE 4f. Petciiaburj, Siani P 6g. Pettab Colombo , Ceylon W 9b. Pinamorongan Amoorang , Celebes I N 4b. Pinajialangkow Amoorang , Celebes I. Piring Cbota Nagpore , India G 8f.

Pita Cota Colombo , Ceylon C 8b. Ploly JaffiiM , Ceylon W 8h. Poah-bay Formosa , China PE 4f. Podalorapalli Arcot , India li 9g. Poerboliugo Banjoemas , Java N 6i. Poka Amboina , Moluccas N 4i. Poklo Canton , China LM 5f. Pokscbakha S vvatow , China BE 5f. Poloipitiya Galle , Ceylon W Sli. Barmah B Ig. Pontak Ainoorang , Celebes I N 4b. Poo, Thibet U 9e. Poreiar Negapatam , India LL 9g. Pouugdeli Prome , Br. Burniah B? Pragasapuram Tinnevelly , India C 91i.

Prome, Br. Burmali B 7g. Pudiangndi Calicut , India BE 9g.