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My Social Priorities Shifted. If you were to plot the amount of nights I spent drinking in clubbing over the course of RY on a line graph, it would look like a lesson on the financial crisis. On top of that, I started spending more and more of my free time building my relationship. The allure of hitting up a new club, pounding some shots, and looking for someone fun to make out with is really diminished when you can reliably pull off the third thing without needing the first two.

If you listen carefully, you can hear my year-old self screaming in confusion and terror in the past as I sit here, openly blogging about choosing to drink wine at home with my partner instead of raging in cities around the world. Circle of life.

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Cousteau started with two married couples in attendance, and a third half of an engaged couple joined us at the end of South America. By the time we were halfway through Europe, the Cousteau Tramily had sufficiently processed our relationship, and it was generally agreed upon I think that we were a solid and happy couple instead of a ticking drama bomb, so we were allowed to move in together. My friends and family joked that I would fall in love around the world and come back with a wife.

You know, romantic stuff like that. Things got so real, so fast. Everyone talks about the difficulties of travelling with your significant other, and how the unique stresses and demands of going abroad can stress and even break established couples. I met Krista at the start of a full year of travel, so there was nothing we could do but embrace it. We scoured the streets of Paris on a holiday weekend, looking for a copy shop that would let us print out our Greyhound tickets. This year alone we have dealt with family and friend crises, career struggles, failed personal projects, and money problems.

At times, it feels like a crash course for everything we can and will face in the future. I Fell In Love. In fact, I already do. Who knows where you could end up in a year? Sign in Get started. Feb 13, Never miss a story from P. I Love You , when you sign up for Medium. The narrative as a whole is looped back on itself: the initial ceremony of the eclipse on Mount Latmus is only understood at the end as the event in the waking world that corresponds to the ceremony of the sacrifice of Endymion to Diana in the dream.

The two levels of the framework-narrative and the internal narrative converge, while continuing to be dissociated in the minds of the two characters. Endymion and his interlocutor Pyzandre are emblematic of the opposition between illusion and analysis, dreaming and waking, myth and reason, and the logic of ambiguity vs.

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Endymion is linked to Lethe, while Pyzandre is associated with analysis and truth alethia. Endymion embodies the call for transcendence in an earthly world marked by universal inconstancy, of which the moon is emblematic, and Pyzandre represents the prosaic counterpoint of scepticism. This philosophical interpretation of the romance is different, but not very far from the poet Henry Vaughan's interpretation of Endymion's adventures as the meditations of the soul:.

Nor are they mere inventions, for we In the same piece find scattered philosophy, And hidden, dispersed truths, that folded lie In the dark shades of deep allegory, So neatly weaved, like arras, they descry Fables with truth, fancy with history. The mythological destiny of Endymion is conducive to paradox: in the romance there is no clear separation between the solid and substantive world of true sensations and emotions of the waking state, and the evanescent dream world. But how counterfeit, because so sensible?

To sleep, perchance to dream, is perhaps not to exist. When some sensory input from the outside environment succeeds in entering the realm of dreams, it is transformed there just as light is diffracted when it passes through a liquid. The incorporation into the sleeping state of objective external sounds is again a well-known traditional motif: Aristotle mentions the way sound stimuli are both distorted and amplified when dreaming.

This metamorphosis of sensation, which can even take the form of synesthesia, takes on a metaphorical coloration: the thunderclap could become the crashing of a cymbal, or alternatively a scarlet colour. It is thanks to these images, which translate an organic sensation, that the doctor can use the dream as a symptom of the illness that it represents and prefigures.

In each of these cases, the illusion of the dream consists precisely in the making of a metaphor. Thus the dream illusion can be considered in both cases as a conversion of external or internal sensory data through a metaphorical process In the classical age the somnambulist was seen as a sleeper who acts out his dream, without his motor functions being inhibited as they normally are during sleep.

Coming from the Middle Age, the singular figure of the sleepwalker has received its letters of nobility through Cervantes and Shakespeare. He crossed the whole of the courtyard, which was very large, and went straight to the stable. He entered, patted his horse, harnessed it and set to saddling it: but as he did not find the saddle in its customary place, he seemed very troubled, like a man who has been short-changed. He mounted the horse, and galloped up to the door of the house, which he found to be closed. He dismounted, and after picking up a stone knocked repeatedly against one of the door panels.

After several vain efforts, he remounted the horse, rode it to the drinking place, which was at the other end of the courtyard, made it drink, went to tie it to a post, and returned to the dwelling quite calmly. He became more attentive to the noise made by the servants in the kitchen, approached the door, and put his ear against the keyhole. Then suddenly going over to the other side, he entered a low-ceilinged room where there was a billiard table.

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He went to and fro several times around the table, adopting all the postures of a player. He then went to place his hands on a harpsichord, of which he was quite a good player, and he made some noise. Finally after exercising himself thus for two hours, he went back up to his chamber, and threw himself fully clothed on to his bed, where we found him the next morning at 9 o'clock in the same posture in which we had left him. The illusion consists of miming rather than performing actions. The unintended spectacle provided by the sleepwalker is a pantomime.

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The world of his dream is thus exceptional in that it is accessible to an external spectator: by deduction from the pantomime gestures, the spectator is able to fill in the missing elements, understanding the game Seigneur Agostino is playing from his postures around the billiard table , even though no balls are used.

Ordinarily concealed by the body, it appears as though overlaid on the waking scene. The sleepwalker becomes a kind of automaton-like body who cannot see what is before his very eyes, but who projects in broad daylight the night-time existence of the senses that can ordinarily only be perceived in absentia and retrospectively. In the course of the seventeenth century, the interpretation of divine or demonic dreams would pose the question of the interfering of the senses differently, and the sensory illusions of dreamers coming from other cultures, such as peoples from New France described in the Jesuit Relations, would offer new, challenging theological and anthropological counterparts to these psycho-physiological approaches of dreams.

VII, p. For when we are awake we do not imagine what we imagine when we are asleep, nor when we are asleep do we imagine what we imagine when awake, so that whether the phantasiai are the case or are not the case is not absolute but relative, that is, relative to being asleep or awake. It is fair to say, then, that when asleep we see things that are not the case in the waking state, though not absolutely not the case.

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There are plenty of things on the list. She knows how to do it well, and does it with no effort. She has a sense of style, so your place is going to be very beautiful and cozy at the same time.

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Spanish homes have little in common with Nordic places where everything is neat and neutral-colored. Women from Spain prefer their houses and apartments to be bright and filled with flowers. They also take care of keeping a house clean and tidy. Cooking is another milestone in the family life of a Spanish woman. Many people would give everything to have it on the daily. And if you marry a beautiful Spanish woman, you will be one of the luckiest men in the world. These women adore cooking. Food is a kind of a cult for them.

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In their opinion, this is both their duty and the way to relax. The traditional food is very diverse, nutritious, and in most cases healthy because of the natural ingredients Spanish housewives choose. Now, we have come to the most tempting feature of Spanish girls — their looks. Everyone knows that these women are stunningly beautiful and stylish. Their dark hair and fathomless eyes, their combination of chic and sensuality — these are the things that will enslave any male. You probably understand that the best Spanish brides will select their husbands thoughtfully because they want their families to be strong.

Spanish people might seem too emotional to others. And the other way around, other nations might seem too distant to the Spanish. So, you should try to minimize this impression. But what you are to do is to show her who you are and not hide your feelings away. Mind that Spanish women like men to be generous not necessarily wealthy.

You can buy her super expensive jewelry but, unless you put your heart and soul into it, she will not appreciate it much. She believes that generosity is the ability to share, the time spent on trying to make your beloved one happy, and attention. These things will please her more than tons of money you pay for your gifts. Family Remarks. So, it is evident that you have to show respect to her parents, for example.

Moreover, it is vital that you respect your family because this shows more than being polite when you talk about hers. Some nations tend to complain about brothers or sisters. The first date with a Spanish girl is definitely not the time to do it. In most cases, Spanish women have a lot of nieces and nephews, and they are very close. So, this may lead to a misunderstanding. There are so many reasons why a man would love to devote his life to a woman from Spain.