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Fred Weber. Translation: Solo Trumpet in B-flat. Trumpet or Cornet. Mogens Andresen. The Staigers. Brass Ensemble. Translation: For trumpet and piano accompaniment. Solo for trumpet. Herbert L. Cornet Solo. Cornet sheet music. Albert O. Translation: Trumpet. Fantasie, Theme and Variations. Jean-Baptiste Arban. Translation: Trumpet Solo sheet music. On the Carnival of Venice. Translation: Fantasia Brillante, for Trumpet and Piano. For Trumpet in Bb, Piano.

Solo part with piano reduction. Piano Accompaniment sheet music. For Trumpet and Piano. Advanced Search. Home Repertoire Lists. Repertoire Lists Commissions and Premieres. Anthony Roper G. Euphonium Concerto. Symphony No. Carnival of Venice. Euphonium Music. Concerto for Double Bass. Call of the Seasons. Rhapsody for Euphonium. Symphonic Variants. Euphonium Concerto No. Concerto for Euphonium. Variations arr. Andrew Lloyd Weber.

Rule Britannia. Believe…Endearing Young Charms. Bassoon Concerto in B-flat. Fantasie Originale. Concerto per Flicorno Basso. Midnight Euphonium. Nessler — Arranger: Lake; Fischer, N. BB — "Solveig's Song" — E. Grieg — Arranger: Safranek; Fisher, N. BB — "Vilja-Lied" — F. Newcombe; Fischer, N. BB — "Nightingale Song" — C. BB — "Der Liebestraum" — Hoch, op. BB — "Maritana" — Th. Moses — Arranger: Tobani, op.

Wallace's Opera of the Same Name. BB — "Humoreske" — Tchaikovsky, op. BB — "Suite Bohemian" — J. The Appeal, 2.

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The Caravan, 3. The Tarantella. This one was not present in ]. BB — "Der Postillon" — F. Mair, op. BB — "Die Post" — H. These 20 items are in Box 3]. BB — "Die Alpenfee" — Ed. BE-1 — "40 Etudes" — W. Wurm; Rahter, Leipzig [processor's note — This was not present as of ]. BE-2 — "20 Etudes" — G. Wurm ;—Rahter, Leipzig [processor's note — This was not present as of ]. BE-3 — "62 Daily Exercises" — E.

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Paudert; Benjamin, Leipzig, copyright [processor's note — This was not present as of ]. BE-4 — "Little Studies" — G. Donderer; Rahter, Leipzig, copyright [processor's note — This was not present as of ]. BE-5 — "24 Etudes" — E. BE-7 — "Method of Transposition" — L. Liesering; Benjamin, Leipzig, copyright — Remarks: 2 Volumes [processor's note — Volume 2 was not present as of ]. BE-8 — "Etudes Pratiques" — R.

Laurent; Leduc, Paris, copyright [processor's note — This was not present as of ]. BE-9 — "Common Sense" — W. Thieck; Bechler, Milwaukee, copyright [processor's note — This was not present as of ]. Goldman; Fischer, N. Harris; Harris, Lynn, Mass. Kubli manuscript. Colin; Gornston, N. BE20 — "10 Famous Etudes" — A. Blaha; Zimmermann, Leipzig — Remarks: two volumes. BM-4 — "English song Collection" — Remarks: 32 Solo Arrangements — piano scores [processor's note — This item was not present as of BM-5 — "Salut Do amour" — G.

The work is by E. BM-7 — "Marche Slave" — P. Tchaikovsky, op. Roberts; Fischer, N. BM—9 — [This is a folder not included in the card filed but stamped "BM-9". It contains an assortment of scores in Russian, German and English]. BO-5 — "Mattinata" — R.

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Leonca Vallo — Arranger: Von A. Pfeilschiffer; Learborough Both this title and the one before are in Folder 8. Zellar; Schirmer, N. BO — "Fantasie Concertante" — Th. Bohm, "O Schone Zeit" by C. Suppe, "Si tu M'Aimais" by Denza. BO — "Facilita" — J. Hartmann — Arranger: Ed. Newcombe;Fischer, N. BO — "Nordische Fantasie" — Th.

BO — "Serenade" — C. BO — "Because" — G. BO — "Carnival of Venice" — H. Clarke; manuscript — Remarks: Cornet solo for Small Orch. Clarke; manuscript [processor's note — not present as of ]. BO — "Down in the Forest spring " —L. BO — "Nachklange aus dem Zillerthal" — Th. BO — "Aria" — C. Gounod; manuscript — Remarks: From Der Tribut von Zamora [processor's note — not present as of ]. BO — "Aria" — Mendelssohn; manuscript — Remarks: a. Opera Sommernachtstraum [processor's note — not present as of ]. BO — "Gefunden Fantasia " — R. Kietzer, op. BO — "Klange aus Steiermark" — Th.

Handel; Ditson Co. BO — "Last Rose of Summer" — v. BO — "Concertstuck" — W. Popp, op. Otterer — Arranger: ed. BO — "Fantasie Brillante" — Th. BO — "Der Liebestraum" — T. BO — "Alpine Melodies" — Th. BO — "Beruhmtes Largo" — G. Handel; W.

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Benicke, Leipzig, Copyright [processor's note — not present as of ]. Cecelia [processor's note — not present as of ]. BP-1 — "Capriccio Brillante" — H. BP-5 — "Legende Heroique" — J.

The Carnival of Venice

Mouquet, op. BP-9 — "Fantasie" — F.

SOLOS - B♭. Cornet/Trumpet with Piano

In BO BP — "Ungarische Rhapsodie 2" — P. Wiggert, op. Hartmann — Arranger: H. Prendiville; Fischer, N. Hartmann — Arranger: Rev. BP — "Favourite" — J. BP — "Poemes Slovaques" — G. Mellin; manusript — Remarks: Ech Raspacholl, Danse Slovaque [processor's note — not present as of ]. Beethoven, "Wiengenlied" by W. Goldman;Fischer, N. Hoch; Standard, N.

BQ — "Marchen" —K. Komzak, op. BQ — " 1 Volksliedchen" — K. Komzak — Arranger: V. Bach; manuscript — Remarks: 2 Trumpets, Alto, Baritone. BQ — "Wiegenlied Lullaby " — J. BQ — "Czardas" — F. Doppler — Arranger: V. BQ — "Einleitung v. Rall — "The Rosary" E. Rall — "The rosary" E. The material in these two boxes consists of musical scores, song books and other items donated by Gilbert H.

Mitchell LCol. Retired , to the International Trumpet Guild. Other Mitchell material is housed in the University of Maryland Archives. Their finding aid on him says, in part, "As a cornettist, conductor and educator, Gilbert H. Mitchell, Jr. Drafted into the Army in , he began an illustrious career as a cornettist and conductor with the United States Army Band "Pershing's Own. The Gloria Trumpeters were a trumpet quartet lead by Mrs. Katherine Rankin Williams.

Their music is in an envelope from LCol. Gilbert H. Mitchell addressed to Professor Stephen G. The music includes:.

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Burrell — "Polonaise in D Major" Beethoven —. Williams, Copyright Williams and Walter M. Majestat des Kaisers von Russland. Kreutzer in Werke fur Cornet a Piston mit Pianoforte. Frehde in Transcriptions und Compositionen fur das Cornet. Frehde in Transcriptions und Compositionen fur das Cornet, Der Barbier v. Wagner's Tannhauser fur Cornet a Piston und clavier von J. According to an article published in the New Amberola Graphic, No. She made her Carnagie Hall debut at the age of 9, playing a solo piece by Rossini. She entered the Julliard at age 13 and graduated at the age of 15, but under New York state laws of the time one had to be 16 to receive a bachelor's degree.

She had to wait 80 years for Julliard to send her a diploma. She went on to become one the first female stars of vaudeville. A fuller biography is available on the blog archives of Susan Fleet. Brannigan, 1st Prize Winner, Kubli, CSU Archives. Scope and Content These archives contain documentation from the founding of the organization through the s.

Series 8 — Photographs Processor's note — These materials are semi-processed and contain mostly group shots or candid photos taken at various events such as the ITG conferences or regional and international competitions and festivals, such as the International Brass Congress and other venues. International Trumpet Guild Journal Many issues of the Journal had special supplements, often consisting of printed music, but sometimes reprints of articles from early brass-related periodicals. Journal , vols. Folder 11— I. Folder 19 — "Friendships! I, May 19, 11 — T.

Hosei Soken Lecture? Now What? Jens Lindeman 2. Stanley Curtis 3. Garth Greenup 4. Garth Greenup Side B: 1. Desenclos, pm, October 31, Contestants: Side A: 1.