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A scaled score of represents the expected outcome Children in other years are assessed using NFER standardised tests where is also considered the expected standard. When will your child be assessed? At the end of the Reception year children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals.

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During Year 1 children sit a phonics check. What are the expected grades for the end of each year group?

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  8. What about children who are above or below the expected level? There is a financial cost, but this is a small annual subscription, which covers the cost of running the project, materials, training, and website support.

    Empiribox - Makes assessment of pupils' progress very easy

    Now run as a private venture by CLASSNorfolk, there is also a commitment from the NAP that the annual subscription will never rise, only reduce as more schools come on board. Moving forward, the content of the NAP will be streamlined, as teachers decide what the best model is for the students and schools involved, and more and more resources will be created for use in schools.

    Schools will get guidance on more accurate target setting as data from the pilot scheme becomes available, and they will continue to take part in moderation events across the County, and beyond, to ensure outcomes are consistent across all schools.

    It is unlikely ever to be the finished article, as it will be a constantly evolving model. It is hoped the NAP will grow to allow more and more schools, currently struggling to show progress for SEND pupils, to demonstrate just that.

    Assessing pupils not engaged in subject-specific learning

    We are really pleased to have teamed up with Pupil Asset, and schools can now get access to the NAP through this assessment platform. The book also contains photocopiable proformas for your own use. SENCOs and teachers in special and mainstream schools should find this book helps them to chart the progress of their pupils' learning very effectively. Annotation for P levels 1 to 3. Using and Applying. Shape Space and Measure.