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Common Ambiguity Examples

Interesting associations between the presence of Lynch Syndrome hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal carcinoma syndrome and ambiguous morphology have been discussed in the literature. The identity of some morphologically ambiguous endometrial carcinoma can be elucidated with immunohistochemistry or other ancillary techniques at present, but the nature of many still remains undefined.

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This review presents the concept of morphologically ambiguous endometrial carcinomas, proposes morphological gold standard diagnostic criteria for tumors that are not ambiguous an effort that helps define tumors that are ambiguous , provides a relevant literature review and offers practical guidance for sorting through diagnostically challenging cases. The data above fit fine to a standard dose-response curve.

AMBIGUOUS function

But if you try to fit it to a biphasic dose-response curve, Prism reports that the results are ambiguous. The data follow a standard dose-response model just fine, with no evidence of a second component.

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  • So fitting to a biphasic model -- with two EC50 values -- is ambiguous. This model describes a straight line with a slope equal to C and a Y intercept equal to the sum of A and B. But there is nothing in the data to fit A and B individually. There are an infinite number of pairs of values of A and B that lead to the same sum, so the same Y intercept. If Prism attempts to fit this model, it will conclude that the fit is ambiguous.

    Endometrial carcinomas with ambiguous features.

    Prism cannot tell the difference between this case and the previous one. But the two cases are distinct. The model in this example has redundant parameters. It doesn't matter what the data look like, or how many data points you collect, fitting this model will always result in 'ambiguous' results, because two of the parameters are intertwined.

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    • In the previous example, the fit was ambiguous with the example data set, but would not have been ambiguous with other data sets. Something equivocal is unclear or misleading: "The polling had a complex and equivocal message for potential female candidates" David S.

      What is vague is expressed in indefinite form or reflects imprecision of thought: "Vague Switch to new thesaurus. Liable to more than one interpretation: cloudy , equivocal , inexplicit , nebulous , obscure , uncertain , unclear , vague. Not affording certainty: borderline , chancy , clouded , doubtful , dubious , dubitable , equivocal , inconclusive , indecisive , indeterminate , problematic , problematical , questionable , uncertain , unclear , unsure.

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      Idioms: at issue , in doubt, in question. Mentioned in? References in classic literature?