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But on one front, the search for ancient life on Mars has a leg up over its terrestrial equivalent, since Mars doesn't have phenomena like plate tectonics and volcanism constantly destroying its geological record, Tanja Bosak, a geobiologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told Space. So if there was life on the Red Planet billions of years ago, its traces could well remain.

Mars has attracted eight successful landers and rovers over the years, with its highest-profile current resident being NASA's Curiosity rover. That mission was carefully designed to look for places where life might once have thrived — but not to look for traces of that life. And it has done just that, identifying mudstones in Gale Crater as particularly promising and spotting ancient organic molecules not necessarily created by life.

But robots aren't perfect, and there are still plenty of lingering questions about Martian geology, he added. But robots are much hardier than humans. While humans are more mobile than robots, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin covered only about 90 yards 82 meters during their moon landing. Because Martian life likely never got larger than microbial, the features scientists are looking for are going to fit within a robot's view. But there are some ways humans still outpace robots, particularly when it comes to looking at the bigger picture of life on Mars.

And Westall said that she doesn't think robots will ever match human geologists for their knowledge and instincts in the field, or their productivity. But there's a sort of compromise that may be even more productive than landing humans on Mars. The secret lies in sample-return missions, in which robots collect rocks for scientists to study in terrestrial labs. NASA and its Japanese counterpart each currently have missions at asteroids doing just that. The sample-return format means scientists will have much more freedom to follow their curiosity, giving them the power to one day answer questions they don't yet know to ask, Farley said.

He pointed to the investigation of the infamous Allan Hills Martian meteorite , in which one argument for it containing proof of fossilized life, since debunked, rested on the presence of small magnetic minerals.

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And, of course, there are all the constraints inherent in getting an instrument to Mars, Farley said — it has implications for an instrument's size, weight, power, sensitivity to radiation and more. Unless we build a stunningly advanced lab on Mars, we'll always need to bring those samples home to study in earnest, Bosak said. That's much more plausible here on Earth, which is where NASA's next Mars mission, called the Mars rover and due to launch that year, enters the picture. Share Tweet Share Share.

I have the same issue. I've tried to remove and relink the assistant but that didn't help. I found a solution. My assistant was set up with multiple languages.

We Can’t Do That

I was using Swedish as my primary language and US English as a secondary language. Simply swapping the order of these to have US English as the primary language made the Spotify integration work! Same issue here but the language fix didn't work. There's an outage ongoing. I get this message when trying to play a radio station via TuneIn.

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Has anyone resolved this? I tunein will play fine from assistant on other devices but not from sonos with assistant. Hoping for a fix! Same here. Spent a full hour getting it connected of course, with Sonos, wifi setup never works and I had to break out the old ethernet cable and now, it won't play music.

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What's the point of voice if it won't play music? What the hell does that mean? Doug Ames. Mine did that yesterday within a Google Assistant routine playing a Sonos favorite radio station I use every day. I tried it again a few minutes later and it was fine again. Totally random. It seems to be mis-reporting an underlying transient issue. Upload image. Help Shortcuts.

Maximum file size: 2MB. Allowed image types:. Embed media. View real-time service status.

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