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Nine years and four albums in and strange things are swimming in the liver pool. You know: big guitars in choppy bits; singing strongly enunciated then all awash with chorus during the nasty, erm, chorus. Not such a revelation, is it? Or perhaps you, like me, stare blankly at unfamiliar names in such charts and amble back to splendid isolation. Co-written with Pharrell and produced by The Neptunes, Wind It Up opens with Ms Rossdale singing Lonely Goatherd from The Sound of Music then dips back into both those strings, and the yodel, intermittently throughout - contrary genius!

The flow is fine, just deadened by the Hoods habitual downward intonation. Essentially an inditement of our paralytic tendencies the song nonetheless performs the cynical dual function of appearing to be a celebration of such - listing grog options and repeating the title line. Partially sic! Imagine then, if you can be arsed, my surprise at vaguely enjoying this! In a dense mix of reverb-soaked bass, drums, guitars and vocals, even trumpets and a toy xylophone arise.

These are the swirling sounds of unrequited love - a last chance to speak snatched away by fate - a feeling formed now haunting forever. Only you know this — other — you, alone. That said, the man is a changeling.

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Classically trained on violin, then emerging from a jazz background to create unique skewed pop, he has guested with everyone from Will Oldham to The Throwing Muses. I respect him particularly for his efforts in reviving the fine art of whistling — some of which features here. Aside from this and the odd phrase of plucked violin though, Dark Matter is all drums and guitars, bearing up an alternately fragile and soaring vocal as it intones a mysterious tale of whoa!

G The Frames Falling Slowly Frankly, I was about to remove this from my player and choose something else to review about a minute in. I abhor transparent striving for epic qualities and it seemed a tad too formulaic and contrived. Soon, however, I was seduced by the tenuous pairing of sincere humility and hope being enunciated, while the stunning variations in tone and dynamics weaved their spell - the violins that conclude the piece are sublime.

There are other reasons, and resonances, purely personal - such as the metaphor of man as a sinking boat. But, awfully, it is the images from the Twin Towers, especially those forensically featured in recent doco The Falling Man, that are killing me - over and over. Second track Come On…sorry…To Me, features an emasculating falsetto as our new Aussie idly demonstrates his utter lack of originality with a song he wrote himself!

Air Once Upon A Time Piano and acoustic guitars immediately signal a more organic and less electronic feel, rather a breath of fresh air! As the first taste of new album Pocket Symphony it is promising - a lightness of touch informed perhaps by acts featured on their spare and subtle Late Night Tales compilation. Recent recordings with Charlotte Gainsbourgh also utilised Godrich and Jarvis Cocker who contributes vocally to the forthcoming record but here the lucid layers of flute and bells are overlain by singing from the boys themselves.

Save Me may be sung in his laconic, matter-of-fact tone but it is a damning indictment of the death of even the dream of democracy. A paradox persists: every man is an island. G- New Buffalo Cheer Me Up Thank You Layered at the outset like Abbey Road era Beatles with multi-tracked harmonies, Sally Seltmann embellishes an early morning acoustic environment incrementally as bass, keys and some oscillating undertones of unknown origin rise and fall in the mix.

At heart, this is a simple song, almost a nursery rhyme — albeit one informed by world-weariness and fragility of a depth no young-un would yet be acquainted with. I actually feel a little sad sharing it. The privations of the soul in solitude resonate so strongly, while pleasures are noted as they pass. We all get caught. Is it? This, for example, is lovely, just lovely. Hey, so there is still something to live for!? All right!! Now, in the Famous Spiegeltent that would be a guaranteed sell-out over four continents.

As for the terror and numbness of psych treatments still employing this heavy metal? IT is just another snappy Goth song title — from hell. The Gotan Project flips the word and the genre on its head. Precise, radiant, playful, serious: realms of time, as well as space are straddled here - with the ease only true men of the world could maintain the group comprises a Frenchman, an Argentine and a Swiss! Soon to be performing in our own Opera House the Concert Hall, no less immersed in the diaphanous projections for which they are renowned, this augers well for an evening of sophisticated romance.

I was expecting noise - you know, these guys are my favourite Ramones inspired Japanese band from Australia — but 41 minutes of excruciating MP3-in-yr-CD-player static was a little unexpected OK, I did remove it in seconds. That was like Toecutter covering Guitar Wolf not a bad idea. It seems Bop Records may have whacked the video clip at the beginning, not the end, of these three tracks. Next Week is lame and lightweight but Spit The Rock Out recorded live at the Tote redeems with straight abandon — guttural glee! G- Modest Mouse Dashboard A fine subject for a song!

Modest Mouse embellish this hymn to fate with brass and surreal arcing strings over the interlocking layers of syncopated rhythms that would be fresh in the memory of those who witnessed them live recently. Fortunately, the indiscernible shouting that arose from Isaac Brock in his enthusiasm on those occasions is tempered here initially, enabling the song to build power over its course. Internal combustion for summer evenings on the roll. Opening track Red Robin Heart teases with guitar feels that brings to mind Sonic Youth yet the subsequent numbers seem unique in isolation.

The Return Of Possessions sincerely touches on the pain of parting with the relics of love while Gutter Times abandons such stasis for a good old rebound binge! Allmyfriendsaretrashbags is clearly the next stage of recovery - i. Buy now! Slap Bass! Digital reverb! This whole thing sounds like it was made by some reject from the remains of the New New Power Generation.

Really, this sort of formula was created solely to mass-market to primping, derivative fools — 20 years ago!! And oh - so real. Finally, Nick Cave has knocked up something primal and abased! Here, the star of the show — amidst audience adulation — is tortured by an inability to get one individual to put out, regardless of his efforts: sucking in the gut; reading her Yates not Paula!! D The Triangles Meat Blanket These kids met at a church camp and this surprised no one who heard their high-on-hope debut.

That homespun, sunny sound is still present in this first offering from their second album, Seventy-Five Year Plan great title! Two less adorned tracks though one featuring group whistling! The final number is similarly laboured, but tracks two and four are better in every way — condensed, propulsive sounds, with great irreverent Australian storytelling then classic shouted refrains. While no mean feat, even the title is clearly a step down from a band that previously released an album called You Only Think Twice.

What does that stand for? See, these guys have a big rep round the traps - for their live shows, particularly. Bust a nut, mate! I mean, as their encouraging intercession into the debate over morons at the Big Day Out bearing down on all and sundry with their inappropriate displays of the Union Jack — sorry, OUR FLAG - showed, these guys are thinkers.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Boy, boy, boy! Toys rocks reasonably, yet is still heavily populated by falsetto vocal garnishes and squealing analogue synths. Structurally it roams all over — a prog breakdown leads into an entirely new melody and harmonies a minute from the end. Shoot The Lights Out, meanwhile, comes across like Bow Wow Wow or Adam and the Ants at times - huge swathes of phonetic back-ups over a heavy percussive base — even as swish keyboards and vocals bring to mind homespun Scissor Sisters.

Producer Magoo has polished this within an inch of its life and brought out the energy of such invention nicely. A child prodigy who was playing piano at three, singing gospel at seven, and collecting records at nine he also founded Super Numeri and played bass for Ladytron , this man evidently has the chops to warrant Ninja Tune setting up a label — Counter — just for him! Two other mixes offer choppy drums for dancing on the one hand, and less rhythm on the other, but the original Part 1 has the balance spot on.

In Shock features that same rasping, sliding, haunted drawl — you can hear her eyes rolling back as beautiful violins twin with distorting guitars and bear up her ailing cry. Three non-album tracks are starker still — acoustics replace the electrics as violas curl beside eerie keyboards, bowed bass and even banjo. Strangely, even Wikipedia neglects to mention the bi-polar disorder that Kristin admitted suffering from at around the time the Throwing Muses broke up.

Her songs are clearly the products of a mental breadth that few experience. His light yet concise flows are well suited to this subject matter — drawing a series of vignettes that span an urban diorama ranging from the abject to the sublime. Live and deadly. Brandon Boyd is an adornment to inanity and self-importance. His pious lyrics embellished with preposterous news-reader phrasing and strident attempts to soar amount to little more than third-hand-relief for socially retarded rich kids. Dig it, man! Reviewing the first Stooges single in 33 years is not a responsibility I take lightly.

So far, so great. Pre-dating punk and shaming the future still. Their shows at the Metro were like a religious revival for love-struck nerds despite average arrangements and feeble vocals. Fair go! The onomatopoeic title track is a mix of deadpan Ian Curtis style vocals over big dry beats and occasional aberrant ascensions. I like! But are we seriously likely to get bad gags about hockey, health care and the way their money looks?

Not so long ago Al had Single Of The Week for his hilarious gangsta parody White And Nerdy, and some of the other tracks on the album will split yr sides. Putting this out as a single smacks of the very cultural imperialism he is attempting to satirise. Was it fear or forgetfulness? Single of the Weak Gomez girlshapedlovedrug Poor Gomez - lovely fellows, been through the industry wringer, were quite good once, etc.

Really, how often can they continue recycling colonial tours and playing to beery expats while demand at home wanes to withering? Its flat, unconvincing tone, and limp pace come across like the jaded ramblings of an old hippy reminiscing about how much better shit was in their day.

The most impressive feats were offstage though, as Walliams ravaged various women, performed long-distance ocean swims, and even combined the two with iron woman Candace Falzon - halfway between Bronte and Bondi! Pass the amyl! Dry, dissonant guitars spider rustily over elementary bass as Fiona takes the lead vocally with a pale, frail entreaty to do as the title says. Her ambivalence to power apparent, the boys behind - backs to the wall - meekly echo her words. I suppose now is as good a time as any to mourn the barely reported sacking of second guitarist Rui Pereira, whose sly good-nature and tangled attack were such a perfect foil for Liddiard.

Veering wildly from Tummy Touch beats type fare, through jazz stabs, into percussive exotica, and finally disco, Half A Lamington is held together with Spoonbills trademark folkloristic Australian samples. Jim Moynihan is a right renaissance man — making bizarre new instruments and improvising at festivals such as the Now Now; driving his van round Melbourne projecting amazing images onto buildings and installing sounds in public places. While he relented from his initial Herbert-like dogme and recorded some instruments to accompany the field recordings, telling the difference between the two is nigh on impossible.

Bloodstone opens with Middle Eastern string feels scattered over a pantheon of aural eruptions until huge slow beats emerge to anchor this floating world. Finally, Here Comes The Moon Man stretches yr head even further with bowed double bass, religious trinkets and a monster kick that disappears as suddenly as it arises. Under The Town is an astonishing and intense tribute to love and companionship - attributes sadly lacking in human affairs. Purity, simplicity and trust underpin the co-operative relationships of people and dogs: enabling a playfulness, and peacefulness, that is wonderfully restorative — essential in this era of shifty allegiance and immoral panic.

Mountains In The Sky offer beautiful strings while J Walker tips a yearning dub into Indian territory; both reducing the text to a few obtuse refrains. The mixes are subtle, evocative, and redolent with an overflow of the personal - characteristics of grief, longing…. The melody is strong enough to let them get away with it, but the template sure bangs another nail in the coffin of youth. Actually admitting as much is revolutionary given artists defensive habit of mealy-mouthed mincing with other terms Bloc Party , or outright denial - despite evident thematic unity - Paul McCartney, Jethro Tull.

This, our first taste of the forthcoming Year Zero, bodes reasonably well. The programming is tight and quirky, sick and slight pulses bubbling awkwardly out of serrated guitar swamps, Trent retreating into mumbled whispers then blistering attack by turn. The pubescent vocal pitch is a hysterical counterpoint to the heavy ZZ Top style backing, but it serves to reinforce the delirious, poppy, Sixties-trash heritage the band has grown up with — the vocals by the boys sounding like girl-groups from both back in the day and also current incarnations like The Donnas.

Too easy! A string loop begins then is overlain with every generic, emotive, pseudo-sexual, vocal warble imaginable and — oooh, aaah, whoa-oa-aah-oa-oa-aaah-ah — you get to thinking STOP! So indignant do you feel in yr solidarity with Ciara Princess Harris at this point that any awareness of the danger in subscribing to such stereotypical reductions is way beyond your Ken.

Just like a boy. If so, they sure are one-up on the HEAD-liners! This kicks over like P. A remix by Jamie Munton veers from whack jazz horns and scratching to outright noise, pleasing with playfulness rather than the beat retreat such fillers often provide. Two other album track remixes are less successful: Future Dogs give Caught Me a dipshit break-beat backing only; while our own Will Styles is marginally more inventive with Miracles — swooping bass tones and choppy percussive effects vaguely redeeming a pedestrian rhythm.

It is truly peculiar to hear such a fey, plaintive cry from these race mating Baptist bristlers. And utterly unconvincing. Sure, points for not repeating the established formula. Shooting fish in a barrel? Bullshit ballads like this are such empty ego-trips — meagre methods of with-holding patterns during mediocrities inevitable onset. Hold that lighter aloft, kids. Piracy funds errorism! B side Grocery Store gets us back into stride quick smart - with delirious and explosive blues breakdowns — at pace! Big seas oughtta make for level heads if these guys keep conniving to roam free.

And why not? Such relentless, barreling sound symbiotically propels Paul Smiths manic phrases and disguises the underlying format with sheer speed. Thanks for that. Its repetition in both radio ads and other street press reviews has baffled me — til now. I like this, but deriving a dated sound from under-explored margins past is worthy, not great. Children Collide Cannibal Currently receiving saturation airplay, this one throws me in two distinct directions simultaneously every time I hear it. There are obvious merits: simple, driving, upwardly-mobile rock riffs ascend with effortless care, arriving at a restive rendezvous through curious lyrics and angsty ardour.

Listened to while skating or driving, deep in love with yrself, this would resonate wildly. But cop it from a more considered perspective and deflation, even nausea, kick in. As yet though, this airy mission is only half-baked. No goddamn irony here, kids. This is straight-up, unreconstructed, big, brash, bluesy, balls to the wall — ROCK! Sweat, denim, smoke, booze and floozies. With radio often prioritising such formulaic spasms, you may never have the chance to find out if you like the original song!

This one though, is dandy! Derivative aspects are transcended by a tide of unexpected elements that literally keep you on yr toes. Urgent rhythms are swept asunder, while drops of single note feedback ring out and synthetic bass modes descend: everything convulses into a bizarre, spare march; reforming abruptly - only to end.

In a flash. The brisk vocal style and production is somewhat alienating if yr accustomed to their more delicate oscillations; lulled into a real sense of insecurity by the banneds past. Especially when this pale imitation of the archetypical peaking plane fits only awkwardly here — highlighting the detritus clumsily assembled by these craven parasites in order to assist their desperate attempts to EMOTE!

Oh yes, meaningful lyrics! Errm…something about killing. Or some….. All you need to do to gauge the worth of this sticky, smelly, gum-mottled, slice of floor is to carefully scrutinize the artist and track names above. Could you compress any more faux-now factors into one product? I thought not. That is all. Single of the Week Regal The Village Calling Subtle, rangy beats underpin a rich array of feels here— from blaxploitation-funk guitar lines to jazz vibes and orchestral strings that float by in parallel tempo altogether.

Cut-up samples of spoken-word and atmospheric washes of delay dislocate this piece beautifully, making its time and place of origin almost indefinable.

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That said, any gig whose guest list outnumbers the punters tends to be a bit suss. This band could, and should, achieve more than suburban sloganeering given the talents at hand. Or get smart, in stead. This amazing single relates two overlapping tales with each song: that of Spencer Perceval — the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated - and that of his assassin; John Bellingham.

To use the A and B sides of the single format so effectively and ambitiously takes me aback. This is epic, substantive and sombre - beautifully realized right down to the artwork. This comes on all skewed: clickety-splat percussion, carnivalesque harpsichord, distorted vocals bouncing hither and thither. It seems our opera refugee has decided being a sincere pop poppet may be a little shy of her aspirations. As with sex, informed choices need to be borne of experience — so try it on! I can only imagine some of the barely suppressed furrowed brows and heart palpitations that this engendered as her major label copped its first listen - mmwhahaha!

Old plastic wide-face made a song! Produced by a twerp. Remixed by twits including Shapeshifters! Oh wow oh wow! Drawling time erupts still with explosive escalations but the melody has slipped slightly. By manipulating his Magic Pipe and Boot and Saw Mike Silverman can create diabolical rhythms, surpassing even the most complex work of jazz nerds despite the fact he employs only one string! Originality like this is rare, and it helps to see it - to believe it. They rule. Relentless short-poppy sin drones like this are just so awesomely and awkwardly Australian.

The fact that Jay Whalley has unwittingly parlayed his weary scorn at the bullshit around us into a well rewarded and respected role in our national life cracks me up. Hope, I tell you! What do you DO with that again? Spell it with me: S. If those involved Floyd, Prydz, Ministry of Sound are serious about this, all subsequent releases will be audited and offset, right? This faint false cue sidles into a delicate and wayward vocal — pitch quavers as Verity Susman pines for an absent lover and ponders the chances of a home, made.

A faux Middle-Eastern guitar riff tumbles into a swirling morass of gentle vocal harmonies and organs, subsequently breaking down into wordless acapella, only to re-gather and transmute again into a peculiar reverb-drenched march - dwindling away eventually amongst finger clicks and tinkling bells. Ostensible whimsy and a simpler structure mask a universal yearning for much more than this. The other-worldly production completes a unique array of attributes. I see a new colour in old pop: sub-lime. The boys have been suffering their usual misadventures of late. A gig in New York was then cancelled after Spencer P.

Jones reportedly collapsed. Always said bourbon was dangerous! The altering prefixes and their similar sound undoes any earnest overtone, substituting instead a sense of mystery, confusion and change more suited to the restless quest of any self-guided spirit. My only quibble is that the pure form of the piece lacks any of the innovative sonic pre-mixing which - during the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot days - lifted Wilco beyond this ordinary, earthly plane. Here we have no match in style for the content meant. Is that all there is? Street sounds drop all over the shop then three-quarters of the way through panic breaks out and it all turns into distorted garage sump-oil sludge.

This slab of fear and noise harks back to early P. This may be just a warning. Songs of suppressed stress, written with gay abandon, featuring secret? Ever since she has not put a foot wrong. I consider her one of the greatest artists of our time. The effects of her unparalleled vocal gifts are exponentially expanded by the sheer courage of her indomitable spirit.

Unlike Madonna, and so many others, she reinvents with an unconscious relish for both the passed over and the true present — Timbaland on one hand, indigenous choirs and instrumentalists on the other. This is a dance of utter delirium on the corpse of our planet, an offering of everything to Kali. Attempting to evolve a few devices other than two-or-three-notes-with-descending-intonation-repeated would enormously improve this bands potential. Right on! The roadies HELPED to throw you yet, even with the velocity to do multiple somersaults, no-one commanded a score of more than four out of ten from Perry.

Imagine the album! A wussy guitarist? Messianic delusion of the most farcical form. The unjust violence toward them is painfully obvious to anyone with eyes to see it. The silence of other so-called democracies over this issue, in condemning the violence, is deafening. The willingness of Brussels to highlight human rights abuses in so many non-European countries, while staying silent on Catalonia, is glaring.

And the harsh repression of the Catalan people — from the arrest of activists and politicians to the removal of pro-referendum websites — is all I have seen take place over the last few days in Barcelona. A hand grenade would have inflicted the same casualties, if that the was the intention. Again, the targets are civilians and not erring government officials, which means that the action is meant to sow terror and fear upon the public, and not a legitimate expression of social frustration. We are suspecting that there could be more than one shooter, and the old man was just a fall guy.

October 6 From: Geopolitics Our views about the world are moulded by those who cast and press the dies together. There are no independent ideas unless the slave mind completely severs itself from the chains which keep pulling those synapses apart. Based on experiences of living in Britain under austerity as a young, queer, unemployed, female immigrant student — and not taking it any more. More info on: www.

Presuming that people are exploited and that it is in their interests to strike back, and we think they are and it is, what can we say about this? Sweden and Norway, for example, both experienced a major power shift in the s after prolonged nonviolent struggle. Both countries had a history of horrendous poverty. When the 1 percent was in charge, hundreds of thousands of people emigrated to avoid starvation.

Under the leadership of the working class, however, both countries built robust and successful economies that nearly eliminated poverty, expanded free university education, abolished slums, provided excellent health care available to all as a matter of right and created a system of full employment. Critical left-wing authors such as these try to push Sweden and Norway to continue on the path toward more fully just societies.

However, as an American activist who first encountered Norway as a student in and learned some of its language and culture, the achievements I found amazed me. I remember, for example, bicycling for hours through a small industrial city, looking in vain for substandard housing.

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Then I began to learn that the Swedes and Norwegians paid a price for their standards of living through nonviolent struggle. In both countries, the troops were called out to defend the 1 percent; people died. People were divided by mountains and fjords, and they spoke regional dialects in isolated valleys. Not until did Norway finally become independent. When workers formed unions in the early s, they generally turned to Marxism, organizing for revolution as well as immediate gains. They were overjoyed by the overthrow of the czar in Russia, and the Norwegian Labor Party joined the Communist International organized by Lenin.

One way in which most Norwegians parted ways with Leninist strategy was on the role of violence: Norwegians wanted to win their revolution through collective nonviolent struggle, along with establishing co-ops and using the electoral arena. In the s strikes increased in intensity. The town of Hammerfest formed a commune in , led by workers councils; the army intervened to crush it. The Norwegian 1 percent decided not to rely simply on the army; in they formed a social movement called the Patriotic League, recruiting mainly from the middle class.

By the s, the League included as many as , people for armed protection of strike breakers - this in a country of only 3 million! The Labor Party, in the meantime, opened its membership to anyone, whether or not in a unionized workplace. Middle-class Marxists and some reformers joined the party. Many rural farm workers joined the Labor Party, as well as some small landholders.

Labor leadership understood that in a protracted struggle, constant outreach and organizing was needed to a nonviolent campaign. The Depression hit bottom in More people were jobless there than in any other Nordic country. Unlike in the U. This decision paid off in mass mobilizations. Many people then found that their mortgages were in jeopardy.

Sound familiar? The Depression continued, and farmers were unable to keep up payment on their debts. As turbulence hit the rural sector, crowds gathered nonviolently to prevent the eviction of families from their farms. The Agrarian Party, which included larger farmers and had previously been allied with the Conservative Party, began to distance itself from the 1 percent; some could see that the ability of the few to rule the many was in doubt.

By , Norway was on the brink. The Conservative-led government was losing legitimacy daily; the 1 percent became increasingly desperate as militancy grew among workers and farmers. A complete overthrow might be just a couple years away, radical workers thought. However, the misery of the poor became more urgent daily, and the Labor Party felt increasing pressure from its members to alleviate their suffering, which it could do only if it took charge of the government in a compromise agreement with the other side.

This it did. In a compromise that allowed owners to retain the right to own and manage their firms, Labor in took the reins of government in coalition with the Agrarian Party. They expanded the economy and started public works projects to head toward a policy of full employment that became the keystone of Norwegian economic policy. The 1 percent thereby lost its historic power to dominate the economy and society.

Not until three decades later could the Conservatives return to a governing coalition, having by then accepted the new rules of the game, including a high degree of public ownership of the means of production, extremely progressive taxation, strong business regulation for the public good and the virtual abolition of poverty. Labor stepped in, seized the three largest banks, fired the top management, left the stockholders without a dime and refused to bail out any of the smaller banks. Earthing was a common practice in the past, but today people would stare at somebody walking barefoot in public.

However, many studies published over the years have proved that the practice has enormous health benefits. This means putting your feet on the ground enables you to absorb large amounts of negative electrons through the soles of your feet which, in turn, can help to maintain your body at the same negatively charged electrical potential as the Earth. James Oschman, a PhD in biology from the University of Pittsburgh and an expert in the field of energy medicine, notes:.

Edward F. A study at the University of California found that earthing improves facial blood flow regulation. Another study suggests that earthing may be the primary factor regulating the endocrine and nervous system. Dr Jospeh Mercola, an American physician who specializes in alternative medicine, explains:. Related: Questions swirl in the Las Vegas mass shooting But what can we expect from the same people who claim that inexperienced Arab pilots were able to dive into the World Trade Center towers with pinpoint accuracy to pull them down?

Yesterday, I did a brief analysis of the number of people killed and wounded at the Vegas Concert in roughly four and half minutes, which is the police estimate of the duration of the attack. I mistakenly reversed figures. The correct conclusion would be: the lone shooter killed or wounded 2. His distance from the concert, his lack of professional skill, his state of mind, among other factors, rule against it.

Any competent and honest law-enforcement analyst would see a huge red flag right away. Related: Las Vegas mass shooting: more than one shooter? But of course, multiple shooters destroys the official narrative and opens the door to an investigation that could expose, for example, an intentional false flag operation.

It cuts to the core of the absurd lone shooter assumption:. Another man who apparently has significant professional background re weapons has sent me his detailed analysis:. It was dark and no matter how well lit, there are many shadows to hide in. There are some devices like AutoGlove and Bump Fire that can simulate full automatic fire, but they cannot be used accurately or effectively. Even if the shooter was able to somehow obtain a full normal functioning automatic rifle, anyone with military experience can tell you that the rifles are difficult to control when firing more than 3 round bursts — especially a.

This is because the rifle will uncontrollably rise if automatic fire is constant. After the first 15 or so seconds, the crowd scattered and took cover. If this guy did this in 20 seconds, we needed him desperately in Afghanistan! To fire aimed shoots and swap out magazines would have taken him about minutes, and there is no way that each shot would have hit someone — more than likely would have missed. Say a guy purchases an expensive bolt action rifle in. Without experience, someone would have to mount the scope for him and do a rough sighting in with a laser.

This individual then takes this rifle to a range in broad daylight with no stress and using a bench rest and breathing techniques and all the time in the world and fires at a target yards. For this untrained guy to be wildly shooting with a high heart rate at nighttime? Well, bullets would be going everywhere! I fully understand that the estimates of killed and wounded, and the police statement that all the shooting took place in four and half minutes, may be off. These figures may not be precise. Nevertheless, they are a good and proper starting point.

And even allowing for later adjustments, the evidence for multiple shooters and against a lone amateur like Paddock is stunning. Related: Las Vegas False Flag? Because, in certain cases with great consequences, the overall agenda and the direction of an investigation are set from offices far higher than the positions of the actual detectives and agents on the scene. Only this. Everything else is off limits. The Mandalay Bay casino active shooting today comes right after ISIS claims responsibility for the Marseille knife attack that killed two people. Goodbye fiat dollar; Turkey is about to switch on its Russian-built nuclear power plant.

The recession put millions out of work. When people finally landed jobs again, they took whatever pay was offered. Economists hope this will change as more unemployed people find work or start quitting to get better-paying jobs. Over the past few decades, increasing trade and the establishment of global supply chains led to more competition from low-cost countries, such as China, especially in manufacturing.

With their jobs at risk, there was less room for American workers to ask for higher pay. Technological advances also made it easier for machines to replace workers, especially for routine and repetitive tasks. Artificial intelligence is even threatening Wall Street jobs. The truth is simply that the US government has been kicking the empty can for so long and its creditors have been pulling the ropes around its neck until it stops being the perennial bully to the rest of the planet.

Only gold-backed and resource-denominated currencies will be honored in the foreseeable future. These are just some of the reasons why the West needs to endure more false flag operations as we go along. Be safe. There's a formula to making a great first impression : Smile, make eye contact, be engaging.

But first impressions can also quickly lose their impact, especially when there's no substance beneath the surface glow. Building and maintaining great relationships , consistently influencing others in a good way and making people feel better about themselves , those are things relatively few people can do. But you can, because being the most likable person in the room has nothing to do with your level of success, or your presentation skills, or how you dress, or the image you project.

Being genuinely likable is all about what you do. How can you be more likable, in a sincere and authentic way? Never think about what you can get. Focus on what you can provide. Giving is the only way to establish a real connection and relationship. Focus on what you can get out of the other person, and you show that the only person who really matters is you. Shift the Spotlight to Other People.

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No one receives enough praise. That means one of the easiest ways to be likable is to tell people what they did well. Wait, you say you don't know what they did well? Shame on you - it's your job to know. Not only will people appreciate your praise, they'll appreciate the fact you care enough to pay attention to what they do. And then they'll feel a little more accomplished and a lot more important, and they'll love you for making them feel that way. Ask questions. Maintain eye contact. Respond - not just verbally, but nonverbally. That's all it takes to show the other person he or she is important.

When you do speak, don't offer advice unless you're asked. Listening shows you care a lot more than offering advice does, because when you offer advice, in most cases, you make the conversation about you. Don't believe me? Who is "Here's what I would do" about: you or the other person? Only speak when you have something important to say - and always define important as what matters to the other person, not to you. Never Practice Selective Hearing. Some people - and I guarantee you know people like this - are incapable of hearing anything said by someone they feel is somehow beneath them.

Sure, you speak to them, but that particular falling tree doesn't make a sound in the forest, because there's no one actually listening. Charismatic people listen closely to everyone, and they make all of us, regardless of our position or social status or "level," feel like we have something in common with them. Because we do. We're all human. I pulled into a service bay to get my oil changed. As I got out of the car, one of the techs said, "Man, those are nice wheels.

Too bad they're so dirty. When I walked to my car to leave, the tech was just standing up, filthy rags in his hand. Every rim sparkled. Every speck of brake dust was gone. Figured I would make 'em look better. That was years ago, but I still haven't forgotten it. Instead of turning idle time into "me time," likable people use their free time to do something nice - not because they're expected to, but just because they can.

Put Your Stuff Away. Don't check your phone. Don't glance at your monitor. Don't focus on anything else, even for a moment. You can never connect with others if you're busy connecting with your stuff, too. Give the gift of your full attention. That's a gift few people give. It alone will make others want to be around you. Never Act Self-Important.. The only people who are impressed by your stuffy, pretentious, self-important self are other stuffy, pretentious, self-important people.

The rest aren't impressed. They're irritated, put off, and uncomfortable. And they hate when you walk into the room. You already know what you know. You know your opinions. You know your perspectives and points of view. That stuff isn't important, because it's already yours. You can't learn anything from yourself. But you don't know what other people know, and everyone, no matter who he or she is, knows things you don't know. That makes other people a lot more important to you than you - because you can learn from them.

Choose Your Words Wisely. For example, you don't have to go to a meeting; you get to go meet with other people. You don't have to create a presentation for a new client; you get to share cool stuff with other people. You don't have to go to the gym; you get to work out and improve your health and fitness. You don't have to interview job candidates; you get to select a great person to join your team.

We all want to associate with happy, enthusiastic, fulfilled people. The words you choose can help other people feel better about themselves - and make you feel better about yourself. Granted, we all like hearing a little gossip. We all like hearing a little dirt. The problem is, we don't necessarily like - and we definitely don't respect - the people who dish that dirt. Don't laugh at other people. When you do, the people around you wonder if you sometimes laugh at them.

Incredibly successful people are often assumed to have charisma simply because they're successful. Their success seems to create a halo effect, almost like a glow.

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The key word is seem. You don't have to be incredibly successful to be remarkably charismatic. Scratch the shiny surface, and many successful people have all the charisma of a rock. But you do have to be incredibly genuine to be remarkably charismatic. Be humble. Share your screwups. Admit your mistakes. Be the cautionary tale. And laugh at yourself. While you should never laugh at other people, you should always laugh at yourself.

People won't laugh at you. People will laugh with you. They'll like you better for it - and they'll want to be around you a lot more. The result? It should Every weapon, vehicle, and device connected, sharing data, constantly aware of the presence and state of every other node in a truly global network. If not properly regulated, Elon suggested that machines could turn against their human masters. AI is a rare case where I think we need to be proactive in regulation instead of reactive. The Joint Chiefs of Staff described their vision for a completely networked military in the newest iteration of their National Military Strategy, which lays out their plans for building the military's weapon of the future.

David Goldfein said he had based the plan on a certain money-losing electric-car manufacturer. The future for the Air Force? The service needed to be more like a certain electric-car manufacturer. Goldfein waxed enthusiastically about how Tesla was able to remotely increase the battery capacity of cars in the U. Southeast to facilitate evacuation before the recent hurricanes. If we looked at the world through a lens of a network as opposed to individual platforms, electronic jamming shared immediately, avoided automatically?

Every three minutes, a mobility aircraft takes off somewhere on the planet. However, the concept that military leaders proposed in their latest review is less a strategy for increasing efficiency than a plan to connect all military equipment on a single network. The result would be better coordinated, faster, and more lethal operations in air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace. The Air Force has begun making broad investments in data sharing. And its experiments with next-generation light tactical attack aircraft are as much about hardware as networks, he said.

The Air Force Science Board is studying how to control a network of military equipment including light attack aircraft, tanks and even unmanned drones. As DefenseOne explains, although most of the research into the networked military is being conducted by the Air Force, once implemented, any system would likely include weapons from across the military, like Navy destroyers, said Chow. Related: Woman or machine? The Marines are also looking at tanks that are digitally connected through their armor, according to Lt. Navy leaders have also authorized research into connecting every object on the sea, land, air, space and in cyberspace.

T his is no exaggeration. In an amusing aside, DefenseOne notes that, despite the obvious parallels, military leaders detest comparisons between their tech pet projects and anything from the plot of the Terminator franchise. And while enabling instantaneous communication between military units would undoubtedly improve efficiency and tactical prowess, as Musk as pointed out, these projects should be undertaken cautiously.

The patient comes to see himself in a certain way, and this way implies a reduction of his own power. Reducing his own power, he literally sees himself as smaller. Related: Iron Rules Of Medicine. The cascade of effects continues. Seeing himself as smaller, he comes to believe he has no significant role in his own health and well-being. And armed with that conviction, he comes to believe he is gradually deteriorating.

This belief is a perception, a view of self. This view, like a magnet, attracts and interprets events as further evidence of weakening and deterioration….

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This reality is far from the only possible one, but it is the one the patient chooses. He has symptoms. These are not random, he is told. They are not transient. They cannot be ignored. They will not go away on their own. They are serious. A label is applied. A name. There is no doubt that the patient has this named disease. An entity. It is not a passing phenomenon. It is solid and stable. It is singular. This is what the doctor tells the patient he must do. Take a medicine. Have surgery. The treatment will get rid of the condition. The treatment is specific. It is geared to address the condition.

It is the solution to the problem. He knows. Nobody else knows. He is the authority.

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He is in charge of recognizing the symptoms, which lead him to make the diagnosis of the condition, which is turn leads him to prescribe the treatment. This progression is lock-step. There no other factors to consider. The doctor has effectively ruled out all other possibilities. These four symbols lead the patient into a state of obedience. And in that state, he realizes his own power is beside the point and is irrelevant.

This is not the first time he has been put through this progression of the four symbols. Therefore, the effect on him, over time, is magnified. Each successive visit to the doctor confirms he can and does develop new sets of symptoms—and each set implies a new condition. He views himself as a set of symptoms which indicate a condition and imply a treatment.

This is, in a sense, who and what he is. Over time, his conditions tend to be more serious. He never imagines that the toxic treatments he is taking are contributing to, or causing these more serous conditions - because each disease has a separate name, as if it exists in a vacuum. The doctor handles each diagnosis in that fashion. When the patient reaches a point where he views himself as BEING these symptoms and conditions and very little else, he simply waits for the next arrival of the next set of symptoms and the next condition.

This is how powerful symbols can be. In a better world, people would be educated in the use and effects of symbols, before succumbing to them. The doctor is real, I do have physical problems, the doctor really does make a diagnosis, and I do take real medicines. Why are you talking about symbols? Because what locks a person in is what happens in his mind.

And what happens in his mind is this parade of symbols. He rolls these symbols around in his mind and accepts them and locks himself in, and he sees himself as deteriorating. Any other ideas about what I am and what I can do are beside the point. No reason to entertain them. I have the potential to be more than a deteriorating person? What does that even mean? It makes no sense. Am I claiming that everything is in the mind? Nothing else possibly matters? No one ever really gets sick? Yes, there is a doctor. Yes, there is such a thing as physical illness. Yes, the doctor is delivering a diagnosis and calling it a condition.

In the mind, there are symbols of these elements - and that is what the patient is dealing with, for better or for worse. The wealthiest and most powerful families on Earth are the people who hide in the shadows. In this lifetime, the chance of you hearing their names is near zero percent. You have a better chance of winner a million dollar lottery jackpot than hearing or seeing their names on the news or internet. Two neighbor horse farmers came together one day to talk business. Related: The Illuminati and the House of Rothschild.

We can laugh over such schemes. And perhaps we should laugh at ourselves for having been fooled, for if there is one area in life that exceeds the religious in deception, and touches all of us it is the financial. What else can we do about it except laugh? The famous poet Lord Byron describes the archtype of our two farmers in , Who keeps the world, both old and new, in pain Or pleasure?

Who makes politics run glibber all? Jew Rothschild and his fellow-Christian, Baring. The closeness of the Rothschild brothers is seen in a letter from Saloman Salmon Rothschild to his brother Nathan on Feb. Visiting the Nation the Rothschilds Built. One of the Rothschilds in his will left money for ongoing building projects in Israel, and the Rothschilds are honored with a Street named after them in Jerusalem. The people of Germany and Turkey have been very close.

A few powerful Jews, including the Rothschilds were responsible for the wording of the Treaty imposed on Germany that ended W. The treaty gave the Rothschilds the German owned railway rights in Palestine which had been part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire , thus paving the way for the Rothschilds to have a sure leverage to dictate policy concerning Palestine. The Rothschilds had made loans to Turkey which amounted to almost one hundred million pounds. When the Turkish government collapsed after W. I because they were on the losing side, the Rothschilds had a claim on Palestine because of those unpaid Turkish loans.

The British government followed the dictates of the Rothschilds. The British were given a mandate over Palestine, and the Rothschilds were able to through their proxies in the British government, to create the steps that led to the nation of Israel. The Rothchilds as Prophets. One item stands out as a person listens to the International Bankers and reads their books.

They believe money is what makes the world go round. If you have money, you can do anything. Even after these families accumulate more than can be spent, these devotees continue selling their souls for this false but powerful god. Today his descendents meet twice daily in London to dictate to the world what the world price of gold will be. Another God Too. According to eye-witnesses, who were prominent enough to visit one of the British Rothschild homes, the Rothschilds worship yet another god too, Satan.

They set a place for him at their table. The Rothschilds are an important part of the history of the Seal of Solomon also known as hexagram, Magen David, six-pointed star, Star of David. The Seal of Solomon, the hexagram, was not considered a Jewish symbol before the Rothschilds began using it. One of the few ancient uses of the symbol was on the floor of a 1, year old Moslem Mosque found where Tel Aviv is today. In the twelve century an Ashkenazic Jew Menahem ben Duji, who thought he was the Messiah, used the magical symbol. Because the Rothschilds were Satanists they adopted this powerful magic symbol in for their coat- of-arms.

The name they adopted for their family actually comes from the fact that in the 17th century Mayer Amschel Bauer began hanging out a red hexagram in front of their house to identify it. Mayer Amschel then decided to take the name red-schield Rothschild in German after the red Seal of Solomon that they used. It took many years for the Rothschilds to finally create Israel.

The Rothschilds have been a primary force behind the creation of Israel , and so it is appropriate that the nation carries their magical Seal of Solomon as the state logo. The Ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel will not serve in the Israeli army because they know that Almighty God was not behind the creation of modern Israel, but rather the rich ungodly apostate Jews. They refuse to serve the ungodly.

Men like Falwell are the type that this Author finds reference to repeatedly in Jewish documents that speak of their power within the Fundamentalists. To twist scriptures about God seating the rulers and then to apply them to bless one Satanic secular communist nation and not another is inconsistent and not correctly using the Word of Truth.

Some people object that the conspiracy of Power is labelled Jewish rather than Satanic by certain concerned citizens. But then who knows precisely why people do what they do? If you ask someone why he does something, he will give you one answer today, another tomorrow, and another the next day. Does he do what he does for a real reason, or a single motive? A year after the Coalition agreement, with the economy languishing in negative territory, authoritative briefings started appearing that George Osborne was not as against new capacity at Heathrow as some. Could you please repeat that?

Democrats such as Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts sayfood stamps mitigate hunger in a still-weak economy. Moscow has continued to supply Assad with weapons throughout the crisis, saying it is fulfilling existing contracts. The U. Do you know the number for? The storm is currently more than 1, miles from the southern tip of Baja California and could reach Hawaii by Tuesday. Goodness knows what form of terrifying toughness she was plotting. The decision would mean wounded warriors who would normally have a government-funded meal just down the hall would have to walk, wheel or limp nearly a half-mile across the Walter Reed campus to the temporary "food trailer" for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Investors were looking to this report for more guidance becauseFriday's broader, government payrolls report will be delayed ifno deal on the budget is reached by then. Yet the recovery remainstentative at best and analysts assume the European Central Bankwill keep monetary policy accommodative for some time to come. Is it convenient to talk at the moment? The following month, female activists announced a weeklong sex strike to call for the president's resignation. His mile per hour fastball that confounded the Braves in his major-league debut, striking out seven and his dominating start in San Francisco, where he threw his career-first three hitter.

He flirted with a no-hitter in Miami for six innings. Could I have , please? Brian Fuentes in the bottom of the 11th of a inning Game 2 victory for the Yankees. He was tired of feeling that way. Initially it amazed us simply with its ability to search apparently instantaneously through every word currently on the world wide web. Now you can watch as you type, as it rapidly scans every search it has ever processed, to anticipate what you are looking for and suggest to you the question you might be just about to ask. Hundreds of police officers were deployed and around 5, auto-rickshaw drivers were questioned, leading to the arrest of three suspects.

Whereabouts are you from? Will I be paid weekly or monthly? One frequently observed glitch involved a page asking the user to answer security questions that either went blank or would not accept new data. Kansas officials urged residents to wait a few weeks for the "bugs" to be worked out before enrolling. I have also been a student so I know what its like from both sides, but some of what they have to deal with daily is above and beyond, regardless of who is paying for the service. I admire and respect my staff greatly.

They do a fantastic job. Would you like to leave a message? The excitement, the atmosphere, the fans out there were certainly giving me a lot of electricity and pumping me up. At The Beacon, she performed the ten songs on "Unusual with more than enough skill and character to make them seem like a contemporary part of her life. What university do you go to? The company also raised its full-year earningsand revenue forecast. I polled this week, anyway. Can I take your number? Friends had informed on her and hidden recording devices had captured her private conversations.

Will I have to work shifts? Becoming quite the oversharer, the singer has no problem baring almost all How do you spell that? He also took pain-killing injections before games. In last year's season finale at Washington, Romo suspected he suffered a broken rib but did not come out of the game.

Will I get paid for overtime? It was a completely different situation at Augusta. But I felt like I played tough, especially in the playoff, because no one's going to give you a major. Where do you study? Transparency is key to making this a reality. Do you like it here? The revisions showed home building added a little morethan previously thought. Geoffrey Ginsburg, Duke's genomic medicine chief. He leads the team that on Wednesday reported that a study involving people provided early evidence that the test can work.

The standby lawyers had requested to reduce their role because they believed he was seeking the death penalty. National Transportation Safety Board ChairmanMark Rosenker said the Heathrow incident was extraordinary news,coming so soon after the fleet had returned to service, but hecautioned against jumping to conclusions. They feel he wants to assert his position as a hardliner against India in his last few weeks in office.

They said the evidence showed that within weeks of his arrival in Baghdad, Manning had begun searching classified military computer networks for materials that were of interest to WikiLeaks. And it's important to note his video is not the only one in this case. The chain of events was captured on surveillance cameras, highway cameras, and the cell phones and iPads of other bystanders.

Why did you come to? Where do you live? Thecity is still in the process of proving it is eligible to filethe Chapter 9 bankruptcy petition, and Rhodes will beginhearings on the issue next month. I only really realised it when I started to edit the photographs. He might be able to come home Sunday. We will take care of him until he is back on his feet. Do you know what extension he's on? He simply wanted clarification on his role.

We can predict a frantic desire to know one thing:. Those arguments resonatemore now that documents leaked by Edward Snowden showed that theNSA collects domestic calling records and that big Internetcompanies provide information on thousands of overseascustomers. The rips centered on effort and lack of heart. Even during their well-documented second-half-of-the-season collapses, the Giants were rarely accused of laying down like dogs and quitting.

Officials said forensic experts are working to establish the nationalities of the terrorists but did not confirm earlier reports that British and American militants were involved in the attack. Could I make an appointment to see? Smaller factories,however, remained under pressure.

Swedish DJ Avicii landed at No. We have a broken infrastructure, the economy still falters mainly due to your silly games over the budget and debt ceiling. The list goes on and on. Maybe the cabinet members and higher ministers deserve one, but not regular MPs. How long have you lived here? Eighty percent of Pakistanis have access to a television, according to the Pakistan Institute of Public Opinion. A number of analystsdowngraded the stock. What do you like doing in your spare time? While employees are obligated to pay the minimum wage, there is no requirement to pay the living wage.

Rather than enhancing well-being, however, these findings suggest that Facebook may undermine it," said the researchers. However, to do that, the government would have to prove that the creation and funding of the street teams violated federal campaign contribution limits. But Myers pulled up short of the fly thinking center fielder Desmond Jennings was getting it, and the ball dropped behind him for a double. Have you got any? Images were analyzed using computer software to assess the volume and color of the face.

Now thanks to the shalerevolution as well as advances in offshore drilling, the set ofpotential investments has widened dramatically, outpacing thenumber of international companies pursuing them and the amountof capital available to be employed. The result is a noticeableshift in the balance of negotiating power. Some people need to digest energy early, well in advance, while others seem able to get a snack down them just before a class.

The best advice would be to get your daughter to try several snacks over a period of weeks and see what makes her feel good. They declined to offer an estimate but did not dispute that the number is likely to be in the millions or tens of millions. If violence breaks out near the pope, the world may once again see images of demonstrators enveloped by clouds of tear gas, stun grenades ricocheting off stately buildings and rubber bullets whizzing through the air.

No one was injured. You will also get all of the benefits received by Royal Mail shareholders, such as the right to vote at the annual general meeting. Is this a temporary or permanent position? The man behind the curtain who refuses to answer questions and address his loyal fan base is very much in charge. This effectively allows them to strike. What part of do you come from? The gestational surrogate or carrier doesn't donate her own egg, so she's not biologically related to the child she carries.

Often the borrowers are in financial distress and the financing arrangements tend to be unusual in nature. But this is the first time a former official and politician of this status has defected. What qualifications have you got? The gem has had a long, circuitous journey since Thomas had himself photographed with it in a carport in Brazil in Business Secretary Vince Cable will be talking to a committee of MPs about the flotation this afternoon. But that should change, at least for atime, after investors were reassured that the Fed would beflexible in the timing of its withdrawal of stimulus measuresand would keep interest rates ultra-low for an extended period.

And a newly uncovered report reportedly made by Al Qaeda fighters in Mali in suggests the group is scheming to take hostages in an effort to halt the U. I know people think I just say things to be shocking, but I actually do like py. It just depends on whose py it is. She provides credibility for the changes that he says he's gone through. If you don't believe him, maybe you'll believe her. The Windows and Office franchises remain highly profitable, and Microsoft is well-entrenched as a vendor of corporate computing products and services. How much does the job pay? I don't think anybody likes that, when your accountant says, "OK, you owe this.

You always want it to be less. Could I have a statement, please? They are not. Thanks to many schemes run at local level and national level, golf can be seen as an inclusive sport. Except it will not be viewed in that manner at Muirfield next week. And for that we can only pray the Honourable Company will feel, at the very least, a bit ashamed. It can respond to a series of potential missions, including rescues within Egypt or delivering supplies, or more drastic contingencies such as securing the nearby Suez Canal.

Smith was exceedingly careless on a second-quarter scramble that was easily jarred loose. He was downright reckless on his fourth-quarter attempt to put the ball behind his back as he was about to get drilled. Manager Joe Girardi was ejected for his outburst after Dempster was not ejected. One New Yorker told me "the City is a tough place to manage" with big business, labor unions, bulging population, ethnic conflict and some very invasive media.

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If theearnings numbers aren't good, even if the debt ceiling stuff isresolved, the market could come back a bit," said Peter Esho,chief market analyst at Invast Financial Services. How many would you like? Economists aredivided on how much the hike was to blame, as the Asianfinancial crisis and then Japan's own banking crisis followedshortly afterwards. Did you go to university? Nearby, her husband, Nabil Gergi, 58, a pharmacist, explained the family's concern. You could not be on the team unless you were doing well in class.

He was the total coach. I won games. And you get your bobblehead two days before me? And by the way, why are you even getting a bobblehead? And I have been really encouraged by some of the meetings I have had, and approaches that have been made, over the past few weeks and months. United Airlines experienced problems withelectrical panels on two s, one of which diverted to anotherairport during a flight from Houston. Qatar Airways said thatmonth that it grounded one of its jets because of the sameproblem United had experienced.

Boeing later traced the problemto faulty circuit boards in the panel. He called on the government to modify the law to enable Ofsted not just to inspect the quality of care at the increasing number of privately run children's homes but also their corporate capacity, leadership, and fitness to practice. Businesses that the bank exits may come roaring back, and businesses that it stays in may produce less profit than expected. What's more, rivals with weak hands may be slow to fold, reducing profitability for everyone else, analysts said.

After activation, the GAPs were housed in incubators on Earth and aboard the shuttle to maintain temperatures appropriate for bacterial growth. Could you tell me the dialing code for? Find the latest company results, track share performance and access all the tools you need. Although the bankdoes not disclose how many of its staff work in home loansspecifically, Wells Fargo had over 11, mortgage loan officerson its payroll at the end of March.

It makes one grateful to be well and working every day. In January , U. Customs and Border Protection sent out a memo saying interagency partnerships were important to address border security threats on federal lands. Guys would like to have that situation and just see what it's about. It doesn't mean that just because somebody wants to be that that they're going to leave.

Me leaving would never come across in my mind. It was just an experience that I thought would be an experience I'd want to experience. It may well be opportune to have a look at it. You never said a word, you just sat there. But you were always watching everybody. Yeah, I was taking in everything I could. Reaction to the rat was less positive. The drug is currentlybeing tested in late-stage studies as a as front-line treatmentfor acute myeloid leukemia in the elderly.

What's your number? In recentyears, however, the U. How do you do? An emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council was set for 3 p. Ltd's capsules, the company said ina release late on Saturday. Who's calling? Great guy and he was a great teammate when I played with him. It was an unfortunate accident. And yes, the head coach is the guy who is responsible for the losses.

It's all coming back. Please select the reason you are flagging this content: spam, trolling or just inappropriate. Then write us a short note explaining why you flagged it that way. The new test doesn't have those limitations and could be used to detect new diseases, including potential bioterrorism threats, according to the news release.

The company said it could not recognize BlackBerry 10 devices shipped in the quarter until those devices are sold through to end customers. That suggests carriers have been having difficulty moving the new line of devices. We are most appreciative of the stewardship provided to this important institution by A. As he himself told his cabinet on Sunday, worries over Iran played directly into his Palestinian decision-making.

Could you send me an application form? But if they succeed there, then it wouldn't hurt to havean Aston Martin in your portfolio," said Stefan Bratzel, thehead of Germany's Centre for Automotive Management. Hague drew stark lines between Assad's remarks and the Syrian opposition, which many critics believe includes a growing Islamic extremist element. But they did, and Lewis showed once again why he is so lethal when he is in the mood. Against the odds he put his car on pole on Saturday, then controlled the race, capitalising on his fresh rubber when he needed to overtake after each pit stop.

It was a consummate performance. The Obama administration has strongly resisted such disclosures. You people seem to conveniently forget about the 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Amendments when on this topic. Russia is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's main ally and arms supplier and has vetoed three Western- and Arab-backed council resolutions condemning Assad's government. How many more years do you have to go? The 5-foot-6 Bono, who slimmed down from pounds to , says his amazing weight loss has dramatically improved every aspect of his life.

There has been friction, particularly with Lithuania, over transit regulations. Woods has won the Memorial here five times. Kuchar won it earlier this year. Iran's exports to theworld's top iron ore consumer rose 35 percent to Any negotiations over it would be aimed at tinkering with it to improve it, not gut funding for it as Republicans want, White House aides have said. In a flashback, we see Oscar in San Quentin, where Wanda scolds him for letting Sophina and his child down. The message sticks.

The company generates most of its salesoutside the United States. So when those overseas revenues arebrought home and translated into dollars, the U. What are the hours of work? She used an ordinary ruler to determine how far away the peanut butter was from each nostril when it could be smelled.

Roughly 50 people died in Cairo and more than 20 in the country's second city, Alexandria, security sources said. There are no obvious challengers coming through. At 26, Murray has three to four years ahead of him jostling it out for number one, which is very exciting from a marketing point of view and very positive for his earning power," says Mr Currie. What do you do for a living?

It should never be suggested that a victim makes themselves open to crime because of what they wear or how they act. A Facebook page set up to promote her swim for a hospice charity and a diabetes charity said she collapsed in the water and was airlifted to a French hospital where she died. But Lincecum might not be in the clear. As Pence insisted he didn't need a car, first baseman Brandon Belt piped up from his spot two lockers down.

Our migration policy is to allow only highly skilled workers from outside the EEA, with an annual limit of 20, workers.