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The husky sounds emanating from conch shells and long curled pipes echo around the snowcapped mountains, heralding the call to prayer. Young monks singing sacred texts start the proceedings, and then, with a flourish of incense, the rhythmic chanting of prayers begins. The low murmuring is punctuated by a cacophony of crashing symbols, shrill trumpets, beating drums and the rumble of horns that signal it is time for tea. All are welcome to accompany the congregation in a cup of the salty brew. Enjoy the quintessential ghats experience without the crowds on the banks of the sacred Narmada River in this regal town.

Join the pilgrims as they bathe and take sunset boat rides on the calm river waters. Avoid travelling when the monsoon season is in full effect. Home to a colossal white-marble statue of Lord Gomateshwara or Bahubali , a Jain idol, Shravanabelagola is a popular pilgrimage site. Temples surround the striking statue, set on the steep rocky summit of Vindhyagiri Hill and reached by climbing over steps. Some pilgrims are carried up to the summit on palanquins, while others ascend barefoot despite the heat of the stones, quenching their thirst by drinking the juice of fresh coconuts.

This is one of the holiest sites for Jains as Gomateshwara is the son of Adinath, the first Tirthankara of Jainism, and the sense of spiritual reverence is palpable. Visit when the weather is not overly hot, ideally in the months of September-November, but before any snowfall. Here, the emphasis is on a wider whole, and not solely the physical postures and asanas of yoga. The tranquil grounds support a daily program of yoga practice, silent meditation and Vedanta yoga philosophy designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. Healthy vegetarian meals nurture guests, and karmic yoga community service along with evening chanting and inspirational lectures transform.

Much of the body and mind exercises are performed on beaches, so avoid booking your trip during monsoon season. Although the atmosphere is relaxed and easygoing, the practice is serious and in-depth, yet suited for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Days begin with Mysore-style self-practice, followed by special classes in the afternoon focusing on asanas, pranayama and yogic philosophy.

Swims in the pool, as well as ayurvedic spa treatments, offer relief for tired muscles. While the destination is relaxing, the yoga classes offered by the best teachers in the region are challenging to both the mind and body. Run by the CGH Earth group, SwaSwara offers residential ashtanga- and ayurvedic-based wellbeing programs that include morning chanting, massage, yoga, philosophy classes, art yoga, meditation and balanced vegetarian and seafood diets. There is a minimum five-night stay but most ayurvedic programs require at least seven nights.

Guests stay in simple yet stylish villas on the shore of a small lake and have use of a large swimming pool and free private yoga sessions. The villas sit right on the edge of a lake, and yoga and morning meditation are done right next to the large swimming pool. A holistic residential yoga retreat, it features an ayurvedic spa, delicious meals made from homegrown organic ingredients, and stylish poolside and garden tented cottages.

In between ashtanga and hatha yoga sessions, ayurvedic treatments and panchakarma therapies, guests can work on the organic farm or take vegetarian cooking courses. Founded in the s, Auroville The City of Dawn has been around a lot longer than most spiritual and wellness retreats in India and has a unique vision of self-improvement.

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Established as an experimental community, it has attracted people from all over the world who desire to create a community free of government, money, religion and strife. Guests follow a spiritual path known as Sadhana that combines psychological discipline with yogic practice. Thank you! Thanks for your comments.

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Daily Doing Beckons the Creative Muse

This is what she come up with:. Explain why I should eat your strudel or step through your portal and expect to be reasonably sized on the other side. Mages are a powerful asset to anyone, we have plenty of utility when it comes to assisting others and their needs.

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I remember once upon a time when i was but an apprentice in the long road of becoming a Mage. Wanting to become as strong as Khadgar Himself. The Dalaran Mages have very high standards i will have you know, the exams where ludicrously hard, but i stuck through it , and now look at me…all imposing and stuff. There where two classes that bothered me and caused alot of hassle, those sinister modules where Conjuration and Teleportation.

I was completely hopeless when it came to it and the theory sucked.

When the Muse Beckons

There was one positive to them though and that was the practicals, i wanted to learn. The teleporting class started as a disaster, it required a great deal of concentration and will to even teleport myself to the room next door. It is by far the most dangerous stunt to do, i remember my first one…Vividly. My Proffessor asked me to teleport myself to the other side of the grand lecture theater, it was a test to measure competence and to see my standing level.

So i stood up, took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I mumbled the words of power that i learnt off by heart a few days before and felt my body lighten almost immediately only to be back to its heavy feel again. Then i tried to move, I looked down and to my horror and shock of what i saw made me let out a cry of despair and passed out. Turns out i teleported straight into the desk, the bottom half of my body melded with the framework. Needless to say i exercised my methods day in and day out, time after time and managed to pass the module with flying colours.

That reminds me, Lorena my friend used a portal from me when i was experimenting with my portals, i wonder where she might be. So the answer to your first section my muse is this, translocation is healthy , if you can master it, very exausting sometimes so i refrain from using it often. Only a select few have gained the ability to master it.

I must admit it took me a while to get the hang of it too. A series of practical tests where required to pass this one and if you are going by with what i said previously, you know what is to come. The second test was to conjure a loaf of bread. It needed to be aromatic, moist and hot.

That was easy, after all i got the hang of it right? It happened when the bakery put up its fresh bread on for sale, the smell wafted through the air and into my nostrils. Due to the deep craving that i had at the time one just happened to appear in my hands. But this method is what helped me sail throught the rest of the tests. Then came the time of the Strudel, the pinaccle of my graduation as a culinary mage. The test was complex, it required many levels in creating the perfect strudel.

The pastry in one hand, the jam in the other and of course the final process of merging them together in the final object. Very complex indeed.

Invocations and Inquiries for Awakening

The critic sampling the strudel was no other than Rhonin himself, i was such in awe at his appearance i started getting nervous. All in all the Mages that where to graduate where fifteen, we stood in a line and conjured or strudels.

Nice, bad, hideous? I could not tell.