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CBS News. Inside Edition. More from AppuseriesKannada. Related playlist Talking Books in Kannada. Talking Book in Kannada - Thumbelina. Related topic The Emperor's New Clothes. Kids Clubhouse. MBC Entertainment. Les contes d'Andersen - Les habits neufs de l'empereur. The Emperor's New Clothes Trailer. Trending O. Simpson joins Twitter, tells followers he wants to "set the record straight". Geo Beats. And there was of course the happy ending Overall review: These books are a great way to introduce younger by younger the suggested grade level is children to alternative ways of reading.

In the back of each book there was a blurb about the original creator, Hans Christian Andersen as well as paragraphs about the 're-tellers'.

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There was also a glossary for each--some of the words weren't words you'd ordinarily hear in a first to third grade classroom--and some discussion questions and writing prompts to get the reader thinking and creating. These are set" - Poisoned Rationality Blog. Artist Timmins uses a muted color palette and clown-style makeup on all the red-nosed characters to emphasize the humor. This book in the Graphic Spin series includes a brief glossary and a short biography of Andersen as well as discussion questions and writing prompts. The backmatter includes discussion questions and writing prompts.

In both cases, the illustrations are nontraditional enough to appeal to older readers. Gloassaries follow, as do discussion questions and writing prompts. Diablo Unified School District. Doing this story in a graphic novel adds great illustrations. Graphic format is a favorite of mine! It makes it perfect for students who are reluctant readers and never seem to finish a book on their own. Young readers who want to read anything they can get their hands on will also enjoy the graphics and fast-paced text.

The full-color graphics make an enormous impact on the story. Vocabulary has been well selected in the retelling of this story. The Emperor has an insatiable desire to own as many clothes as he can. He gets them from far and wide. One day, when the Emperor was traveling through town, he came across some beautiful cloth and asked the two men selling it if they had woven the material. They said yes, but they were actually thieves. The problem was that there really was not a suit and the emperor was actually in his underwear.

Everyone was afraid to tell him that he had been tricked. This is a delightful story that teaches a lesson about greed and pride, and will be enjoyed by both boys and girls. At the end of the book the author includes a glossary, a mini autobiography, information about the author who retold the story, and the illustrator. The last two pages have discussion questions and writing prompts. I highly recommend this book. As a result, librarians are automatically wary of a publisher who releases a spate of new fairy tale adaptations.

Stone Arch has put its best foot forward with this new line of graphic novel adaptations of fairy tales, books that succeed on every front. Cenicienta, a Spanish-language retelling of the familiar Cinderella story, is a fine example. The book is bound in a sturdy yet attractive library edition, and the high-quality paper makes the painted colors leap off the page, as for example in a panel featuring the brilliant glow from within a magical coach headed toward a certain legendary ball.

The translations are also strong, with natural word choice and dialogue that pays attention to the nuances of class as the poor and the wealthy speak to one another. With these stylish new fairy tale adaptations, Stone Arch has reset the standard" - Teacher Librarian Magazine. Select the product information you'd like to include in your Excel file and click [Export to Excel]. Please login to add to cart. Capstone Library librarians teachers parents Advanced. Please sign-in to Register Now. Books Capstone 4D Our Imprints.

Print Books Interactive eBooks. Featured Authors Spanish Books. Bilingual Books Book Trailers. What's New? It is in this area that "The Emperor's New Clothes" scores over other fairy tales which formulaically feature beautiful princesses, handsome princes and wicked witches. These types of fairytales do not provide very much in the way of perceptive commentary. In this respect, "The Emperor's New Clothes," in its few short paragraphs, has more to recommend it than many epic action and adventure novels do.

The Emperor's vanity allows the two con men to manipulate him. They flatter him in order to deceive him into parting with his money. The Emperor's pride prevents him from admitting that he cannot see the clothes. Such an admission would make him seem stupid, if the weavers are to be believed. He ends up deceiving himself, because his pride matters more to him than the truth of his own eyes. The Emperor's self-importance is boosted by having a whole bunch of obsequious "yes men" around him.

None of these "yes men" is prepared to question his judgment and none of them is prepared to say or do anything which might damage their standing in their ruler's eyes. The folly of accepting "facts" without question, results in the truth being ignored. The Emperor and courtiers believe what the weavers tell them, and the crowd believes what their leader tells them in spite of a total lack of hard evidence. The Emperor, the courtiers, and the crowd, one after the other, all assume that the existence of the clothes is beyond doubt.

The folly of seeing beauty where no beauty exists is the direct result of collective, undue, respect for supposed experts. The fake weavers, who are enthused over their "wonderful" cloth, and the court officials who praise the invisible clothes, are no experts, yet their authenticity goes unchallenged.

The folly of behaving like sheep leads to the crowd living a collective lie. Even though everyone can see that the clothes do not exist, no one in the crowd is willing to stand up for the truth. It's so much easier for everyone to just go with the consensus and conform, rather than to think for themselves. The child who speaks out, when no one else dares to, is at first exposed to ridicule and scorn.

But eventually, the truth wins when the crowd recognises the lie which they've been a party to. Even when the crowd is laughing at him, the Emperor continues his parade. To turn back would be to admit that he cannot see the clothes which would label him as "stupid," according to the weavers or that he realises he has been fooled by the weavers in which case he is gullible as well as stupid.

Instead, he carries on, blindly pretending that everyone else is wrong and he is right—the most stupid response of all. If one looks behind the very simple language in the telling of this fairytale, one finds a story all about the failings of human beings—failings which have caused so much grief, hardship and sadness in the world. We can recognise the vain, proud Emperor, unsuited for the job of higher office, the pandering and obsequious henchmen, who offer uncritical support, and the crowd, who fail to recognise the truth, preferring that lies be allowed to flourish.

All of these characters still exist in our current societies.

The Emperor's New Clothes: The Graphic Novel

We recognise them, but we do not necessarily apply the lessons that they learn to our own lives. Undoubtedly, there are lessons in "The Emperor's New Clothes" which have not been learned by all. These are the lessons, for both children and adults, that make "The Emperor's New Clothes" the most intelligent of all fairytales. I have written articles on many subjects including science, history, politics, philosophy, film reviews, travel guides, poems and stories. All of my articles can be accessed by clicking on my name at the top of this page.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. It was really a good. Thank you, it had been immensely helpful for my understanding of the messages that the story intended to tell. Alan Taylor; Thanks very much Alan for your comment. I agree absolutely about the power of the written word.

Too much these days is just cheap unsubtle sound bites. Stories like the 'Emperor's New Clothes' carry so much thought and perception by comparison. Eric Calderwood; Thank you very much Eric for your nice comment, and my sincere apologies for not replying sooner. Best wishes, Alun. Excellent article on the "Emperor's Clothes" Very thought provoking. The power of the written word is lost on so many. I feel lucky to be included in the group that "gets it". Great points about the messages within this children's story.

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I especially enjoyed the one about modern art and fashion. I also appreciate the Reference links. It's true about children's stories. Sometimes a seemingly simple tale like this can work in getting a message across far better than a more direct, sermonising approach. The message as you've clearly shown truly apply today.

"The Emperor's New Clothes": A Lesson for the 21st Century | Owlcation

Stories are indeed much more powerful and children's stories often disarm our self-coated sophistication and drive through it deep insights. Frances Metcalfe; Thanks very much Frances. Appreciated greatly. I also love history with a modern perspective, such as can be applied to this story :.

The Emperor’s New Clothes - Full Movie - Fairy Tales For Children

They always say we should learn from history but sadly we rarely do and the same goes for morality tales such as this. If everyone behaved less like the characters in 'The Emperor's New Clothes', the world would be a better place! This is exactly the sort of article I enjoy reading. Historical and contemporary, well thought out. As with panto, 'fairy tales' can so often be interpreted in modern terms.

Wonderful article. One of the appeals of old tales like this is that although human lifestyles may change, human behaviour - good and bad - never does. I am sure plenty of characters as vain, pompous and obsequious as the ones in this story exist today.

The Emperor’s New Clothes – The Golden Age of Illustration Series

And Hollywood I'm sure is home to many of them! Great job mining some very pertinent applications of this old story to modern life. I'm thinking that the self-important attitudes to be found in Hollywood may be a good place to begin applying this story. Jonas Rodrigo; Thank you Jonas. It's often an appealing element in a story when an innocent junior is shown to be wiser than those who are supposedly his seniors or superiors.

All that you say about pride is true. Pride is so often misplaced and actually disadvantages those who suffer from an excess of it. The Emperor's New Clothes is one of my favorite stories. I love the character of the boy - the child who isn't really named but everyone knows is the real hero.

Thanks for this great piece. I agree that the "Emperor's New Clothes" has a profound moral lesson and should be taken seriously at this time. We got to let go of too much pride.

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Learn to accept our frailty and not pretend knowing everything. Thank you so much for such a warm comment. It's very much appreciated. I've long felt that this story deserved to be regarded as more than just a simple fairy tale; it is amazing to me just how much wisdom about human beings can be contained within such a short story - that was the genius of Hans Christian Andersen when writing 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. This is as comprehensive a tale as ever has been told You've truly proved the "thought provoking insight that they provide into the human condition" and have written it so well!

You are a superb writer. I do not know how much of a part fairy tales play in childrens' lives in the 21st century, but there certainly should be a place for simple fantasy in every child's life, and a place for gentle and subtle morality tales such as 'The Emperor's New clothes'. I hope therefore that children are aware of stories such as these - I guess it's up to parents to keep alive the tradition of reading them to children. I hope they do.