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Otto Penzler Books. Sherlock Holmes: A Play.


Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press. Internet Broadway Database. Retrieved The New York Times. November 8, Famous Plays of Crime and Detection.

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Philadelphia: The Blakiston Company. From Holmes to Sherlock. Mysterious Press. Drama Desk Award. Archived from the original on The Guardian.

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Retrieved 3 October Garton, The film acting of John Barrymore , p. Pohle, Douglas C. Barnes, , pp. This is Orson Welles. New York: HarperCollins Publishers. Catalogue for exhibition October 28 — December 3, New York: The Museum of Broadcasting. Orson Welles on the Air, — Indiana University Bloomington. American Film Institute. The World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes. Bramhall House. Sherlock Holmes franchise media. Statue in London.

Baker Street Victorian Undead. Categories : plays Works based on Sherlock Holmes. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Promotional poster of the play. Sherlock Holmes Dr. Although the Larrabees know that Alice has the evidence, they are very afraid of the consequences of taking it. Prince says they should tell Professor Moriarity about it.

Moriarity plans to visit Holmes at Baker Street and tell him to back off. After listening to the story of the Larrabees and Prince , Moriarity says the first thing to do is kill Forman. They plan to send Forman to the basement where assassins will be waiting for him. Moriarity also plans to send Leuftner to the Larrabees to make a counterfeit packet of evidence. Larrabee is to sell the counterfeit packet to Holmes. Moriarity will get the original evidence from Alice, sell it to the nobleman and give all the money to Larrabee — Moriarity just wants to get Holmes! Terese comes to Holmes as does Forman who has escaped the assassination attempt.

He replies to a letter offering to sell him the evidence which he realizes will be the counterfeit packet that he will come for it. He tells Terese to return to the Larrabee house and to tell Alice that he plans to purchase the evidence but not to let Alice know he is aware it is fake.

Sherlock Holmes a Drama in Four Acts

Moriarity visits Holmes and they have a delightful confrontation which resolves nothing: Moriarity threatens to kill Holmes if he does not back off and Holmes promises Moriarity that he will be arrested in 24 hours. Moriarity and his henchmen prepare the gas chamber, after which Moriarity leaves. Larrabee is ready at the gas chamber to meet Holmes. Alice comes in and promises to tell Larrabee where the real evidence is concealed if he will promise not to harm Holmes. He promises. She tells him.

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He and the other thugs tie her up and put her into a closet. Holmes arrives. He and Larrabee negotiate. Holmes buys the counterfeit evidence and Larrabee snatches several thousand pounds from Holmes. Holmes cries exaltedly that they can now charge Larrabee with robbery. Holmes frees Alice from the closet and the two escape from the chamber by throwing it into darkness and locking all the miscreants inside. Holmes and the official police close their net on the Moriarity gang.

Although most of them are captured, some, including the professor himself , remain at large. Watson is in his office.

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The gang has destroyed Baker street and all Holmes possessions by a fire and they think Holmes might seek refuge with his old friend. Watson, unaware of the fire , has an appointment with Holmes and calls a cab. Holmes, disguised as an elderly clergyman, stages a two-vehicle crash and pretends to have hurt his leg.

Holmes tricks Madge into signaling that he Holmes is in the house. Moriarity, who is in a house across the street , overpowers the cabman the one that Watson called to take him to Baker street and who has been waiting and takes his place. This substitution is reported to Holmes by Billy. As Moriarity is led away by the police, he vows to meet Holmes on the continent. Von Stolburg and Sir Edward arrive. Holmes gives them the counterfeit evidence which they immediately realize is a forgery and after an emotional interchange, Alice gives them the genuine evidence.