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References in periodicals archive? As the old saying goes it's harder to teach an old dog new tricks. Thought for the week.

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YOU can teach an old dog new tricks as Major, a disabled dog who had been dumped, is delighted to prove. Rolling with the pooches; Major, 13, gets mobility wheels after rescue from pound. As the old saying goes, "It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Remembering the last tractor on steel. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but year-old Beasley loves to learn in return for treats.

Old dogs may learn more slowly, however they will remember.

Give a life to a dog.. THEY say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but at 32, one time Premier League striker Marcus Tudgay insists he's looking forward to improving his game by watching Coventry City's precocious forward line. Do you see yourself as an adaptable person or do you put limitations on yourself?

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In the developed world, populations are aging. That means there are fewer youthful workers to go around. That also means that, faced with a talent crunch, employers are going to have to get over any irrational preference for youthful employees they may have.

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This proves a fact that really shouldn't be all that surprising, but which we sometimes lose sight of: Experience is incredibly valuable. Sounds like someone I'd really like to work with or for. Check out the complete post for practical advice on dealing with age discrimination and finding your feet in a new field. Seasoned veterans, however, have largely mastered these frontline demands. And experience means that when something goes wrong technology, anyone?

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I would argue that experienced teachers have an advantage here. Reticence to use a particular technological tool can also stem from doubts about its utility; is it really bringing anything new to the table? Having your students collaborate on a Google doc from home, or using a digital workbook with automatic grading to free up class time for more speaking, might make more sense though.

A cautious teacher is not a bad thing. I remember my time as a student teacher and telling my mentor I wanted to try out this new idea. I would argue experience helps us make this judgment. So, experienced teachers may be well-placed to use technology, but do they? The debate makes me think back to my time at school in England, in the 90s.

But what does research say about the age divide? In fairness, it is not a fallacy.

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  8. There does seem to be a disparity, though it is perhaps not as pronounced as some might expect. However, when it comes to actually putting technology to use in the classroom, the divide is not quite so stark.

    Hesitant about trying new things? That might not be as bad as you think…

    Nevertheless, I believe there are other factors that have a greater influence over the use of technology in education, or, what is more important, over the successful use of technology in education. Perhaps somewhat predictably given my occupation, I am going to emphasise the importance of training and collaboration. Obviously, the model of training is key here.

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