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It tells us who God is and what He is. Let's spend today praising the Lord.

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Lord we praise you for the fact you are: My God Psalm ,28; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; My defense Psalm ; , , , , My refuge Psalm , , , , My counselor Psalm My strength Psalm , , , , , , , , , , , My rock Psalm ,31; , , , ,6; My deliverer Psalm ,17,19; ,17,19; , , , , , ,5; , , My high tower Psalm , My Shepherd Psalm My light Psalm , My healer Psalm , Our guide Psalm , My hiding place Psalm , Thy faithfulness Psalm , , ,5,8; ,90 My hope and trust Psalm Full of compassion, gracious, longsuffering.

Why so many churches just use the chorus without the verses is a mystery to me, because the words are meaningful. This is a shame, since the Bible clearly speaks of lifting our hands to the Lord as a sacrifice of praise. If one goes to Bible Gateway and enters in the keywords: lift hands, you will see many references. Facebook Twitter RSS.

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Shirley on Friday October 16, at am. Psalm Praise the Lord! O my soul!

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Your goodness so faithful Your grace so amazing Your mercies are new every single morning. Your gates are open for all to enter in with thanksgiving we praise You in Your courts in joyfulness we shout forth You are God!


There is no other! From everlasting to everlasting Your truth is our freedom Your love our comfort Your name our peace. Have a wonderfully blessed praise filled week with the Lord!

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