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Efforts have been made to close possible loopholes but intentionally sabotaging them by using the console is not one of those loopholes that can be accounted for. Just don't. The guard at the Whiterun gate won't walk up to talk to me. What gives? If the guard does not walk up to you, it's quite possible you've spoken to him recently.

Walk over and talk to him and everything should proceed as normal. Ulfric is naked, you pervert! Well the ladies like him th This issue has been reported on occasion to occur in conjunction with Immersive Armors. Immersive Armors has a toggle switch within its MCM menu that should resolve this problem while using an alternate start mod. Choose from one of the many options to start your character. As more ideas are fleshed out, this list will grow. Caught Crossing the Border Illegally For those who wish to use this to play through the original game start at Helgen, this option will streamline the process to skip the race selection dialogue during the lead up to your execution.

All of the tutorial prompts will be removed as well. Escape My Cell You've been left to die, forgotten, in a damp, dark cell. All you really want is a second chance - to escape! Fortunately, Mara has taken pity on you and provided you a means to do just that, if you can manage it.

With this start option, 3 lockpicks will appear in the soul gem holder. Pick the lock on the jail cell door and win your freedom. It's that simple. You will simply begin the game proper as soon as you've climbed up the stairs. Until doing so, you can still go back and ask Mara for another option.

After that, you're committed. Should you fail to pick the lock, you can go back and pick another start option to get out. Sorry, Mara insists we limit this strictly to 3 lockpicks only. Arrived by Ship You will arrive by ship in the port of Solitude, Dawnstar, Windhelm, or Raven Rock with little more than some basic supplies, middle class clothing, and a decent sum of gold to start over upon your arrival.

Property Owner You will start off with the fully furnished house of your choice in one of 4 major cities. Windhelm is not included due to the quest that interacts directly with the house there. Raven Rock is similarly not included due to the attached quest involved with acquiring that property. Each house will start you off with appropriate class clothing and some leftover cash to spend. There will also be a selection of weapons fitting to the city available on the storage chest in the bedroom.

Alternatively, you can choose from one of the 3 Hearthfire houses. For these, you will start off with a fully furnished Entry Way, Main Hall, Cellar, and all exterior additions. The only thing which will not be enabled is the bard since the bard specifically mentions your steward you don't have yet. The drafting table outside should be ready to go with whatever additions you want on the house afterward. If owning property in a city is boring, you don't like Hearthfire houses, or you'd prefer to have access to all of the available hold questing, you can choose instead to own a farmhouse.

On Memory, Language, Love, and the Passage of Time

The farmhouse is situated on the main road just north of Rorikstead and comes complete with a pair of NPCs to act as your farm hands. Your farm will generate a regular income that you can collect from the farm hands. You do need to come home from time to time to collect it though. The farmhouse also supports adoption if Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions is installed. Member of a Guild You will be a new recruit in one of the joinable factions in the game. Your starting equipment will be geared toward the faction you have chosen. For the Thieves Guild, you will begin just inside the Ragged Flagon, having just emerged from the Ratway.

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Talk to Brynjolf to seal the deal. For the Dark Brotherhood, you will begin immediately inside the Falkreath Sanctuary and need only speak to Astrid to complete the process.

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For the College, you'll be placed just outside the Hall of Elements and will have completed the initial joining phase. For the Companions, you'll begin in Jorvaskr and begin with the mission to train with Varkas.

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For the Dawnguard, you'll start off in Fort Dawnguard ready to pick up the questline just after Bloodlines. For the Volkihar, you'll start off in Harkon's castle just after being bitten and becoming a vampire lord. Patron at an Inn You will be able to choose from one of several inns throughout Skyrim and Raven Rock too. Some are relatively safe, others not so much.

Nightgate Inn in particular is isolated in the mountains and is more dangerous than most others. Do be careful. Outlaw in the Wilds You will begin as a member of a group of bandits. For the sake of variety, the group of bandits will be chosen at random, from any properly configured bandit lair in either Tamriel or Solstheim.

You will begin with standard bandit level equipment. The bandit faction at the start location will remain friendly to you as long as you don't piss them off first. Tread carefully though, you WILL have a bounty of gold in the hold the game chooses. The guards will not take kindly to seeing you trotting into a civilized area unless you're prepared to pay up.

Soldier in the Army You begin as a recruited soldier in either the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Legion. Which one you choose will determine the gear you start with. You will begin at the point immediately after what would be each one's first mission, which is little more than a cannon fodder quest on either side.

Make sure you watch the Jagged Crown scene or things will get messed up! Camping in the Woods You are a lone hunter, camping in the woods. This will start you off with decent low level equipment, a campfire, cooking pot, bedroll and tent. The camp will remain in place permanently should you wish to return and use it as a base. Shipwrecked off the Coast Shipwrecked!

You were a passenger aboard a merchant ship on the way to Solitude when the ship struck an iceberg off the coast and then capsized. Make your escape from the doomed vessel, retrieving any useful items on your way out, then make your way to the nearby ice floes. From there, you'll quickly realize it's a LONG way off to shore. Take care if using survival mods, especially those with hypothermia modules. You can freeze to death quickly! Attacked and Left for Dead You find yourself in a remote area, robbed and left for dead by bandits. They were kind enough to leave what they thought was your corpse dressed in ragged clothes, but nothing more.

Can you survive the harsh wilderness and reach safety alive? The random locations now include a few spots on Solstheim as well. With proper setup, any location in Tamriel or Solstheim in any mod can be made to work with this. See the extension documentation for details. Vampire in a Secluded Lair The lair has always been home to you, for as long as you can remember. It isn't even clear to you anymore how long you've been a vampire, but you know you still hunger for prey and still have an urge to adventure.

The game will pick a random vampire lair location from anywhere in Tamriel or Solstheim as long as the dungeon is properly configured. This can include locations added by mods as well. You will begin equipped with standard vampire armor and weapons like all of the other vampires in the game. Be aware you could potentially be dropped into a cell with hostile enemies nearby.

Be careful when exiting your lair. Necromancer in a Hidden Lab The laboratory you discovered in Blackreach is running low on supplies. It looks like you'll need to set forth soon to replenish, and perhaps see what's going on in the world these days. Fair warning - there is a Dwemer Sphere outside the door to the lab. You'll need to plan ahead before leaving. Still stuck? Need some ideas? The chest next to you when you begin is yours and is a safe storage container. Warlock's Thrall You snap to your senses, a sudden weight lifted from your mind by a curious ring you found while gutting a fish.

You aren't even sure why you put it on, but you did. Then, suddenly, it becomes clear You've been under the control of a pair of warlocks dabbling in necromancy! Fortunately they are not aware you've broken their hold over you, and now is your chance to escape!

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  • You begin the game in Boulderfall Cave, the home of two warlocks. Aside from some rather mundane robes and boots, you are equipped with a very powerful Ring of Nullification and a cheap iron dagger. You are safe so long as you choose to remain in the cave.

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    • Venture outside, and as soon as you've wandered far enough, the warlocks will realize you've broken their hold and become hostile. Time to run if you want to live! Note: There is no safe storage at this location, so don't leave anything here if you want it later. Though you have lived there for some time, they still call you outlander, and now you once more hunger for adventure. For some people, this may be considered an unbalanced option since you get decked out in a full set of orcish armor and a nice big orcish battleaxe, but you're still level 1.

      Death can still find you easily enough. Khajiit Caravan Guard You've been with the caravan for a long time now, and finally your group leader has hired a new guard. Time for some adventure, but you'll always be welcome at the camps in Whiterun or Markarth. This option only activates for a Khajiit. Member of a Forsworn Tribe Once the true rulers of The Reach, your tribesmen and kin have since been forced to carve out a life in the rugged mountains, away from more comfortable living.

      The time has come for you to leave and find adventure on your own. Only available for Bretons. Note - You get a usable chest in the start location that's safe to keep things in. Argonian Dock Worker You've been on these docks for months now, perhaps longer. The locals aren't treating you any better and it's high time you did something about it. A life of adventure and glory is just the change of pace you need. Note - The first end table inside the door, with the soul gem holder on it, belongs to you and can be used as storage.

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      The container does not respawn. Redguard Alik'r Warrior Disillusioned with life back home in Hammerfell, you joined the Alik'r and set out to Skyrim on a mission. Only things are not what they seem and it looks like time to set out on your own. Nobody back home will know the difference anyway. Dunmer Refugee Windhelm Morrowind is still a very hostile place, and you've decided to take your chances in Skyrim instead. Upon arrival though, Windhelm isn't at all what you expected or were hoping for.

      It looks like it's time to cast aside your expectations of an easy life and become an adventurer. Note - The bedroll and sack you start standing next to for this are yours. The sack is safe storage. You're taking your chances on Solstheim in Raven Rock. Upon your arrival though, it's not at all what you were hoping. They almost treat you as an outsider. It looks like that easy life isn't there to be had after all.

      Might be time to take up adventuring instead. This start will begin in the abandon building on the edge of town and from there, you're on your own. Starting on Solstheim can be tough since the DLC is intended for higher level characters. Death will visit often if you are not careful! As part of your regular duties, you are tasked with routine investigations of various matters in Skyrim. Though Elenwen has yet to trust you with a field assignment - until now. How fortunate that it should mean finally getting to do some adventuring on the side while you're out.

      You begin the game inside the Thalmor Embassy on the upper floor, standing next to a bed. Since the Embassy does not respawn in the vanilla game, all storage should be safe. You will be a member of the Thalmor faction, so you can take what you wish from the building at any time, and can sleep in any of the beds you can find.

      Once you have arrived at Helgen, you will be removed from the faction and the Embassy will then be closed to you until the party during the main quest. Thalmor may become hostile toward you at this point due to their assumption that you've abandoned your post. Be aware that membership in the Thalmor faction may also make Stormcloaks hostile toward you, including cities run by them! Unlike the bandit start, you will retain this membership for as long as you avoid going to Helgen.

      You and Erik have lived in Rorikstead all your lives and have been the best of friends since Mralki took you in. Farming isn't a bad life, but ever since Lokir started telling all those stories about a life of adventure, it's all you two have talked about for months. Erik's father has finally given his blessing and the two of you are finally geared up and ready to depart! You begin the game at the Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead. Erik's mini-quest is completed and he has been assigned as your follower.

      You can dismiss him at any time just like normal. Your starting equipment will be the same as his equipment. Member of the Penitus Oculatus Only available for Imperials. You've been assigned to the Emperor's detail in Dragon Bridge.

      Netflix’s Another Life set for July premiere!

      The commander has finally realized that someone needs to go out and do some field work to prepare for the Emperor's visit to Skyrim. Fortunately, the commander has chosen you for the job. It can't hurt to do some adventuring on the side while you're out doing your duties. You are equipped with a full uniform, an Imperial sword, and Imperial shield plus incidental gear and loot. The first season is scheduled to premiere on July 25, Another Life follows the story of an astronaut and a space crew, who are on a mission to investigate the origins of an alien artifact that mysteriously appeared on Earth.

      As the crew attempt to search for alien intelligence, they face inexplicable horrors that might signal the end of their mission. On April 26, , it was announced that Netflix had given the production a series order for a ten-episode first season. On April 26, , it was announced that Katee Sackhoff had been cast as a series regular.

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      Filming for the first season took place on location in Vancouver , Canada from August 20, to November 20, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Another Life Genre Science fiction Drama. Deadline Hollywood. TV Line. Retrieved June 19,