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When you love someone, how far are you willing to go to show them your declaration of your love? The pair started the day on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea and then segwayed to a helicopter, which left them at a hotel overlooking the cliffs of Monaco.

Another World - Action, Horror, Sci-Fi Full Movie

They moved onto an Oaktree oasis covered in lights and filled with notes jam-packed with reasons why he loved her and illustrations of the couple. To continue the nearly quarter-million-euro proposal, the couple walked to a cave filled with retro cinema memorabilia. To finalize the event, the cave opened up to a panoramic view. Romance Novelist Charged with Murdering her Husband. No, this is not a missing plot line from Murder, She Wrote. It is alleged that the year-old Nancy shot and killed her year-old chef-husband in June. On Saturday, June 2nd around a.

Emergency personal, once on scene, were too late to revive him. Nancy turned to her website to talk about their marriage of 27 years in a positive light. This September, Nancy was charged with murder and unlawful use of a weapon. She is due to appear in court again on September 17th. Friends of the couple were shocked by the entire series of events and are hopeful the police are wrong to charge Nancy with his murder. Nominee for the Most Tone-Deaf Bride of Oh, and her bridesmaid worked in a field where she felt that public photos from a plantation wedding would be detrimental to her career.

Make sure you read the comments too! Martin Schmidt always knew that he was adopted by his parents William and Cynthia Schmidt. To start the process, Schmidt contacted the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families to first get in touch with his biological mother, Michele Newman. Newman was on her lunch break at her job in Hawaii when she got the call. She immediately broke out into tears and left for the day after the phone call.

A few days later Newman and Schmidt talked on the phone for the first time. She talked about his birth and told stories about her and his father, her former high school boyfriend. The two parted amicably after their break-up, which happened before she found out she was pregnant. Michele was still curious, so she shot Dave Lindgren a text, which he ignored at first due to its strange area code.

He eventually answered the text and the two called to talk about their lives, revealing Dave had been married three times and had four kids while Michele had been married twice but had no other children beside Martin. The two talked frequently and had much to discuss, as Dave was going through a divorcee. He said he always wanted to visit Hawaii, where Michele was living, and she offered to show him around if he wanted to come down.

He got a ticket for himself and his nephew, who could act as a buffer and travel companion for the trip. When the pair met in person for the first time since they were teens, they felt a connection. When the vacation ended, the pair continued to talk to each other every day, and they also spoke to their son more often as well. Schmidt found out about the romance that was unfolding between his biological parents and got excited.

Michele moved back to Wisconsin and the pair eventually moved in together. One year after the first text message, Dave proposed. Their son happily officiated the ceremony between his father and mother. Amazon Prime. So, I did what any year-old with some free time and no relationship experience should do; I subscribed to Amazon Prime and watched my very first episode of Sex and the City, and binge-watched the entire six-season show. And now, being a year-old living in NYC, I have so much to thank them for, but also much to scream at them for.

First off, I am a good looking year-old. I have no birth defects or physical deformities, so I think that should count for something, yet despite this fact, men do not swoon over me or ask me out, or my friends for that matter, at the high speed that the women on the show do. Now maybe this is just me, because I am attracting college-aged boys, but somehow, I do not think so. I, just like Miranda in early seasons, think that we pine for it, and that is why romance is the way it is.

Then she falls into the arms of her true r love, her divorce attorney Harry. So, you could say I have some issues with the way the show paints romance for New York women. Yet, the show does something so much bigger than dangle romance in front of its millions of viewers--it depicts progression. To me, this show demonstrates feminism in its most pure form; four women building each other up. It is so rare to see a set of women who are empowering each other. While most women use men as a way to justify themselves amongst other women, these women have overcome that archaic notion and are using romance as a way to further and better themselves.

They do not seek their value in men, so they are not in competition with each other. Instead these women show us how to embrace ourselves at our purest, most concentrated self. There are few people, if any, that I feel comfortable enough in our relationship that I can talk about masturbation, sex positions, and sex toys with, like the women in the show do. Furthermore, Sex and the City does something else.

It shows four women in their prime childbearing years as single women who are productive members of society. Samantha Jones, a something year old PR mogul, is what every man dreams to be like: rich, happy, successful, self-assured, sexy, and gets around. The characters Carrie and Miranda have a special bond throughout the story, as they too act as less dramatic foils for each other during the series. Each of the women fits into, and attempts to break, stereotypical female categories. Charlotte is the idealist, Samantha is the predator a role she fills with her relationship as a cougar with Smith , Miranda is the cynical woman who has been snubbed by love, and Carrie is the breezy girl next door.

Thank you for diversifying the accepted lifestyle for women; Charlotte showed it is ok to have lunch by yourself. In fact, you can get back with your ex the very next day if you want to! Bluestocking Banter. This month, Bluestocking Banter sails into your inbox with best-selling author and pirate queen of romance, Katherine Bone.

Among the many sailing themed quotes on her website, this one by esteemed poet Roselle Mercier Montgomery, circa s struck me as especially apropos for Katherine:. Welcome, Katherine. Katherine: Instead of writing about the Golden Age of Piracy, I chose the Napoleonic War Era because of the perfect opportunities for smugglers and pirates, and privateers and naval officers.

What better motivation can there be for men challenged by love of country and the need to protect England at a time when invasion was a very real possibility? Had the British fleet failed to defeat Admiral Villeneuve off the coast of Cadiz, things might have been very different today.

Another reason I enjoy writing about the Napoleonic War Era is the length of time the war lasted in its many coalitions. Young people living in England at that time never knew anything but war and deprivation. To set your series in such a specific and short period, you must do a lot of research. Katherine: This is a great question! I do extensive research for my books. I spent ten years researching a western series that I started before turning to my first love: pirates. Sometimes it only takes a historical tidbit to get that process started. Other times, it takes a few weeks.

Who would suspect a fop to be a spy? What better way to be ignored. Be loud and be proud! Le sigh. Your latest release just came out on August 28th? What excites you about this story? Lady Adele Seaton is an opportunist with a big heart. Do you have anything to say to your SoCal fans? Several authors at the Great Book Exposition dress in the time period their books are set in. Want a picture with a pirate author? Come see me! Thank you for joining us today, Katherine. To enter click here. Captain Henry Guffald is no ordinary sea captain. But succeeding is not such an easy task, especially when his plan is foiled by a beautiful female pirate.

So when news arrives that her brother has been imprisoned in Spain, she quickly develops a strategy to rescue him and sets sail to intercept the first Royal Navy ship she encounters. Ready to put her plan in motion, Adele is a brilliant tactician, but not everything can be predicted. Now, Henry and Adele must join forces to save her brother and keep the secrets of the Crown just that—secret.

But sparks fly between more than just their swords, and their passion might very well be their undoing. Beat Navy! For more information on Katherine, please visit www. Man-gagement Rings Anyone? Mangagement rings are being billed as the male equivalent to engagement rings. Instead of having only the woman wearing a ring that symbolizes that they are taken, males and females have gotten into the idea that everyone should demonstrate that they are engaged. Additionally, this provides a way for women to reciprocate the act and buy rings for their partners as well.

The jeweler H. Samuel created the Tioro ring, which is a male engagement ring. It was so popular that the brand expanded the line to contain eight different low-cost rings from euros. Additionally, a lot of couples feel that the mangagement rings are inclusive, as they serve as a way to showcase that the members of the couple are taken by someone else. I Started Writing Them. By Ryan Field. The story will remain with me and so will all the characters. I will carry them with me as if they are friends or family members.

So I focused on answering random calls for submission that requested gay erotica and gay romance stories. If you could find it in a bookstore, gay romance was something on the fringes of what was considered Gay Literature. It was all very general. So I wrote about…and embellished…what I knew as a gay man. And back then all my editors were gay men. Editing and framing romance is not just about spelling and grammar. I submitted a 5, word love story about two gay men who meet through personal blogging…personal blogging as social media back in the day was like Facebook is now…and their story was far more emotional than it was sexual.

At the time, I had no idea that I was learning a few valuable writing lessons that I would use in the future. We thought about the sexuality more than the romance because everything had to be discreet and hidden. Just gay content in general was hidden from view. As readers and writers we wanted more mainstream gay stories and characters. But we had no control over what publishers or agents wanted, or what they thought they could sell.

I think the only author who could get away with writing mainstream homoerotic content was Ann Rice. In fact, I remember the first time I read Interview with the Vampire and I was amazed that someone had actually written gay characters who were even slightly romantic. When I was approached by a startup e-publisher in and asked to do something different with gay romance, I jumped at the opportunity. Without even fully realizing what I was about to do, I told the publisher I would do whatever they wanted. I knew it would be one of the biggest challenges I might ever face as a writer. It was almost completely unheard of to give gay characters a happy ending.

In short, the e-publisher contracted me to write several books with gay characters and a gay storyline that were loosely based on classic heteronormative romance tropes.

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They were storylines that had been done in the past many times with straight characters in books, plays, and in films. But no one had ever reworked them with gay male characters. No one had ever given readers gay male characters who found their happy endings, too. I knew the only way I could pull something like that off was to think of them as parodies, and I did that mostly by adding a good deal of erotica. I also had to change the dynamics a little. However, as a gay man I know how that works and reworking the storylines proved to be more of a minor challenge than impossibility.

That was all the motivation I needed. After my first two gay romance novels based on heteronormative love stories were released, I discovered something interesting. They not only welcomed e-books, they basked in them. It evolved into an online community of readers interacting with authors, both men and women, who only wanted to read gay romance. I actually found all this so interesting and liberating that I edited and indie published an anthology of my own titled, The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance.

I put out a call for submissions and I was inundated with responses from women who love to read and write about gay romance. The stories they sent me were so wonderful, it was difficult to choose which ones I would use in the anthology. It was another learning experience for me as a writer, editor, and as an indie publisher. I also helped a few new authors get their first start in the gay romance genre. Some of these women have moved forward to write full-length novels with excellent publishers. When I was asked to write this article, they wanted to know how I frame my gay romance novels for a female audience.

I never thought there was a need to do that, and I never wanted to insult my readers by trying too hard to do that. The best I can hope for is that what I write resonates with readers, it entertains them, and it gives them an escape with a happy ending. There are no set answers. The truth is that all readers are different, and fiction can be highly subjective.

Some readers…male and female…want gay love stories with less sex, and some want more sex. Ryan Field is a gay fiction writer who has worked in many areas of publishing for the past 20 years. He's the author of the bestselling "Virgin Billionaire" series and the short story, "Down the Basement," which was included in the Lambda Award winning anthology titled "Best Gay Erotica Life Saving First Kiss. Max Montgomery and Dr. Andi Traynor had been friends for some time before Max worked up the courage to tell her he had a crush on her.

When Andi realized she might have feelings for him too, the pair planned a surfing date for a few days later.

Seeking The Truth

After the pair got out of the water, Max started to have a heart attack. What a happy coincidence! Instead, over the last ten-months the relationship had blossomed over the near-death experience. The couple jokes that Traynor giving Montgomery mouth to mouth was one of the most bizarre first-kisses of all time. I expect a lot of interest from collectors. It was published in late January in a small edition of approximately copies and sold for 18 shillings in boards. Wigstock is Back!

Wigstock is back! After a long 17 year break, Wigstock is back! The entirety of the revival is because of Burkta; he was determined to show Harris the good time that is Wigstock. Harris lived in L. Then something horrible happened; it rained for two years straight. Everyone out there is aware of dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, alongside service-based money-making apps such as Care, Wag, and Uber. Additionally, those hired will be expected to introduce their clients to anyone who could be a potential date, if the client decides they like what they see.

Apparently, the job is more complicated then it initially seems: you must be 18, so you can go into any bars or clubs the client might potentially want to enter. Applicants must have strong enough personalities that they can create conversations between strangers and facilitate introductions between possible dates. If you live in Denmark and are single at 25, it is customary for your friends and family to shower you with cinnamon. The 25th birthday tradition dates back hundreds of years to when single spice salesman would frequently travel and thus would remain single due to their inability to form romantic relationships.

September Back to Archives. Nearby, on the Rue Palatine, was Saint-Sulpice. In addition, the cemetery gave me a spooky tone. A crime drama. September 9.

Romance Daily News | Articles, September

September 8. Even the strength and skill of her new found companions cannot protect her against a ruthless druid assassin. But in this realm, Charlotte is not the vulnerable little girl she thought she was. Naomi Jackson made a mistake. Born in the tumultuous years following the American Revolution, she embraced change, excitement, and adventure. So when the Devil Bill Williams swaggered into town, she launched into his arms, determined that her love for him could overcome all obstacles.

An important note for readers of my various series. With this being based on the immense hardships my ancestor struggled through, I wanted to be authentic to the issues she rose above. This book therefore includes period-appropriate harsh language as well as several scenes of conflict. I gave a great deal of thought to including these and feel they are necessary to fully convey the trials she overcame.

I apologize to those who feel uncomfortable reading that style of material. Please feel free to contact me at my website if you have any questions or comments — I thrive on your feedback. A couple of months ago, she could see ghosts and help them move on, or vanquish demons in her way with a few choice insults. Malus is back. The stakes are high and she might lose everything…including her soul. An ancient ruler returns to Earth, forcing those who remain to choose sides.

Alex, prophesized to lead the resistance, is a reluctant pawn in a war without clear victors. The Shiners are not only an enemy but also an army of emotionless killers who wear the faces of loved ones. Can she rise above the darkness? Or will she ultimately descend into its cold embrace? Meanwhile, an assassin is searching for him. Learning the truth. While urging Titus to become a believer in Jesus Christ, they manage to smuggle him out of Iran to freedom in Turkey. Dealing with the past.

Returning to the States, he discovers his Iranian mission failed because of political infighting within the Agency. Facing the future. In the middle of an active, ongoing operation, Titus is suddenly called back to the States where he must deal with the failures from his past and make decisions about his future with Detective Nikki Saxon.

I like the development of the characters and their relationship. I gave it five stars for the great storyline and the characters that seem so real. The story was action-packed and one is left wondering how the author could be so knowledgeable of the CIA and the work of their covert operatives. Long ago, Dragons ruled the Island-World above the Cloudlands. But their Human slaves cast off the chains of Dragonish tyranny. Humans spread across the Islands in their flying Dragonships, colonising, building and warring. Islands above the clouds. Tyrants to topple, betrayal, fiery romance, lashings of humour and a battle to win.

Fly high with two best friends as they take on the might of the Sylakian empire in this rollicking, unforgettable dragon tale. Morgan has become settled in her quiet life in Sutton, Massachusetts. Her peaceful morning yoga routine is assisted by her cat, Juliet. In the evening she guides her kayak across the placid surface of Lake Singletary. Everything is in its place. When Morgan stumbles across a dead body in the shadowy depths of Sutton Woods, her stability is knocked askew.

Jason, the ranger who comes to her aid, provides a steady rock of support. The death seems at first an accident, but Morgan knows in her heart that a delicate strut of life has fallen out of balance. As Morgan and Jason delve into the mystery, still waters are stirred. Danger billows from the depths of Purgatory Chasm, from the twisted histories that stretch back decades.

Can they unravel the tangled skeins before the past catches up with them? Aspen Allegations is the first novel in the award-winning Sutton Massachusetts Mystery series. It is followed by Birch Blackguards. All novels in the Sutton Massachusetts Mystery series are written in a boots-on-the-ground, chapter-a-day format.

On November 1st, author Lisa Shea went to the Sutton woods, hiked through them, and then that evening she wrote up the actual sights and sounds of that visit. That was Chapter One. The same process held true for each subsequent day and location. By November 30th the book was laid out. Each book captures a moment in time; as a whole the series shows the progression of events, news, and nature in Sutton over the years.

Lisa has lived in Sutton for nearly two decades and strives to craft stories which transport readers to her beautiful town. Then toss in an ample seasoning of local culinary delights, and this is the world of the Sutton Massachusetts Mystery Series! But was the death truly an accident? An anonymous note hints that her uncle was murdered, and now Clarissa and Paw are determined to sniff out the truth.

Read time is approx. Unfortunately, life is conspiring against her. As Trent and Amy work to uncover what really happened that fateful night, Amy finds her attraction deepening as much as their investigation. But to get to the truth, Trent may need to put himself in danger.

Everyone in town knew the dead woman. Murder at the Lighthouse is the first in a series of murder mysteries set at the English seaside, in a small Somerset town full of quirky characters, sea air and gossip. But I certainly would given half a chance. If you enjoy Janette Oke and Tracie Pederson, you will love The Texas Women of Spirit series, which follows three courageous young women on journies of faith and love. It is high energy, exciting, sometimes maddening, often frightening, heart pounding work. It gets in your blood. It grabs you by the throat and possesses you, body and soul.

And it is work. Peter Talbot could use a little magic. Cheap factory-made shoes are putting his shop out of business, his nagging sisters will never let him rest, and his efforts to find true love are constantly thwarted by worldly fickleness. However, the gift of a wild primrose and a shipment of rare griffin skin are about to change everything.

When beautiful, handmade shoes begin appearing in his shop every morning, Peter is determined to find his secret helper. What he finds introduces him to adventure and the hidden world of magic in Pippington. Enlisting the help of a flirtatious resort worker seems like a good idea until it begins to test her loyalty to her favorite cowboy, Jake Norris. Will an unexpected overnight trip to Tierra Roja Casino lead her to the answers she seeks, or are darker secrets lurking along the way?

In order to avoid a loveless arranged marriage to a man she cannot stand, eighteen-year-old Princess Pippa of Lauramore makes a bold move: she begs her father to hold a marriage tournament. But as the events progress, Pippa learns her valiant knight is prettier than he is capable. Set in a rich fantasy world, Pippa of Lauramore is a take-your-breath-away fairy tale romance with unforgettable characters, humor, and heart.

Now Jim has met the girl of his dreams and he finally dares to think of a new life. But can hope save him? Or does his worst nightmare happen,despite everything he does to fight against it. My only protection is a Ruger double-action revolver. All I have to do is trek the two-hundred-and-fifty miles north through desolate wasteland to the Gate. If she survives, her path will lead her to a final destination beyond anything she could have imagined.

As such they are suitable for teens and up. Miranda moves to the seaside town of Delphin Beach with her cat, Raziel, starts up a mystical store, and buys the blue cottage next door to her friend. Miranda must conquer self-doubt and trust her abilities to discover the answers before someone else gets hurt. You will love this cozy ghost mystery because everyone wants justice and an adorable cat as a companion. Miranda Moore agrees to help her friend Erica solve a mystery at Jasper House.

She has moved in but Raziel, her cat, is not happy. Miranda must find a way to quickly develop her paranormal gifts to help her friend, protect her cat and to expose secrets but she only has a week to do it. Get it now. Can she take the advice of her ghostly mother to swallow her pride and allow others to aid her? Can she find the hidden treasure? If she fails there is a lot at stake for all.

Who can she trust? Be sure to check out the sequel, Gidget the Horse Formerly Known as Witch, and all four books in the series! Mark is a slacker content with his life. Then, she comes into his life—Miranda with her I-just-escaped-from-a-Renaissance-Fair clothing. She has come from Bodiam Castle in the Middle Ages and demands a secret ingredient and a book of recipes for traveling through the treacherous colors of time.

Although Mark has never even heard of either before, he must find them, or Miranda will die. The sports car is definitely in trouble. An author interview is included with the book.

Scottish Romance and Historical Fiction

Far more comfortable in blue jeans and flannel than in heels and satin, Lee finds herself lying to every man she dates. And just think, she used to find it tough repairing a transmission! Also what may be the most romantic toilet-fixing scene in the English language. Unfortunately, his idea starts to cause some trouble along the way. All of the books in this series are equipped with large print text pop-ups for easy reading. Mercy loves her job. Traveling is the fun part. Sheriff Charlie Wagner is a no-nonsense guy. He needs to find the murderer. She needs to prove her innocence.

Since their early childhood days, her sister has always possessed unexplained psychic abilities that often enable her to predict future events. An antique appraisal in the home of a recently murdered woman puts Marty at the center of a search for the killer. Who did it? The well-known collector of antique Meissen china? A professional art and antique thief? Detective Jeff Combs is just as determined to develop a relationship with Marty and her dog Duke as he is to solve the crime. Download now by scrolling up this page and clicking the Buy or Borrow button.

When Alexandria Grace Groaban was a child, she learned she was very different from other children and adults she encountered. She saw and heard things that no child should ever bear witness to. She knew details of things and people long since passed, and she could hear voices and repeat them in whatever language she heard during the scenes which played out before her young and impressionable eyes. Through an encounter with someone she thought to be her guardian angel, Alexandria was given a reprieve so that she might know some normalcy in her childhood.

Now, whether for better or worse, she will find herself on the edge of a great precipice. One that will call her into action and into a world that she could never have fathomed existed. For Alexandria to know who and what she truly is, she will have to rise to the challenge of a battle that has been waged for millennia by beings first spoken of in Genesis, and embrace that which has lay dormant within her since she was a child. To make the game even more interesting, Kay is disguised as a handmaiden to her sister, Em, so that she might more freely mingle with the suitors.

In this way she can learn their strengths and catch them in their most unguarded moments. As the threat of border reivers approaches the keep, Kay finds that her pleasurable pastime takes on a far more serious overtone. Knowing who to trust and who to depend on becomes a matter of life and death! Knowing Yourself is book one in the Sword of Glastonbury series. Each novel ends in a happily ever after, which then leads into the next book in the series. Each of these full-length romances features its own flavor, atmosphere, and main characters.

Each is set in a different part of medieval England and showcases the natural beauty of its region. Knowing Yourself is set in Cumbria, in northwestern England. Knowing Yourself is a lighthearted tale of romance and courtship, with a pair of fun-loving sisters, in the style of a medieval bachelorette contest. It is suitable for teens and older. It does not feature any strong language nor any intimacy beyond a gentle kiss.

All she wanted to do was get home, trudge up the snowy hill to her front door, feed the tiger barbs, and get some sleep. If she could just drive the few remaining miles …. Rumble Strip is the first novelette in the Blackstone Valley Mystery series. Each story in this series ends in a cliff-hanger, building up to the grand finale.

You can choose to read the stories one-at-a-time or buy the finished book and read them in one fell swoop. I write these series in sections so my readers can chime in with suggestions and ideas along the way. The stories are suitable for teens and up with no explicit adult language or situations. They are set in the beautiful Blackstone Valley region of central Massachusetts, carved out by the Blackstone River.

I have lived in this region for over two decades. I adore the landscapes and beauty. An old evil is stalking the forest and it is up to the Keepers to discover her secrets before she destroys all they hold dear. As legend, ghosts, and the past link to the present, will Brian and the Keepers be strong enough to defeat her? Or will history repeat itself once again?

Every night, she sees a different person and a different dream. But every dreamer has one thing in common: they all hate Dr. Once again, Sara finds herself in the role of unwilling witness to a murder before it happens. Morris every bit as much as any of his would-be murderers do. Miranda is a runner—from every problem and every confrontation—with only herself to rely on.

Until a car accident nearly destroys her life. Miranda thought she knew everything about him. Then came the day she discovered he was running too. His love may save her, but will his secret destroy her? Reeling from a nasty divorce, Paige Reed wants to move forward, and leave the past where it belongs — behind her. A spontaneous decision leads her to a location set for a movie where she meets sexy Hollywood insider, Kellen Richards. But when a tragedy proves to be anything but accidental, he vows to protect Paige with every resource at his beck and call.

For Authors:

While Paige fights to find her place in his world, Kellen must engage in a lethal game of chess, their lives and blossoming love at stake. That is, until he meets Faith…. Drew seems to have the inside track to all things spiritual, but Claire lives in a family that does not go to church, with a mother who hates God.

God takes broken things and makes them beautiful again. He reclaims our desolate places. Suzanna Wilton has had a heavy share of heartache in her twenty-seven years. Left wounded by a marriage cut short, she leaves city life to take up residency in a tiny Nebraska town. Her introduction to her neighbor Paul Rustin is a disaster. Intrigued by the woman who lives down the road and propelled by a sense that she carries a painful burden, he frequently drops by to offer help as she adjusts to rural living.

Will Mona accept his offer? Can Alex get away with his plan? A heartwarming story about giving and forgiveness. He, a strong willed man of morals and faith… a titled Duke, the heir to a vast fortune and land holdings…. He was running out of time. Was there anyone in the kingdom, in all of England, worthy of his devotion? Reads like a classic! Will she be able to love him first as a mere farmer? When Lady Catherine Duncan shows up on the scene, things really get complicated.

Lady Catherine claims the Duke violated a marriage contract with her and threatens to contest his marriage. Will he lose Alexandra forever because of Lady Catherine? Or will his lack of trust drive her away first? Readers love this story set in the scenic Cotswalds of England. Few writers have the guts to tell a story like Lisa does. To find out more about this author and to sign up for her free newsletter, check out her author website at www. You will be among the first to know when her next book is coming out and enjoy access to other free reader resources.

The widowed Earl of Essex, betrothed to Lady Juliana … is hopelessly distracted by the rescue missions for the governess of his three children. Will he ever be able to stop rescuing the younger Lady Colton from her precarious predicaments? When it comes to dealing with his headstrong daughter and losing a string of previous governesses, this beautiful governess is proving herself to be quite capable!

Perhaps it is he, who is in need of rescue! This is a delightful story with a theme of kindness. The author has incorporated a number of French words and their translations into this novel, making this book an excellent choice to brush up on your use of the beautiful and romantic French language. Lisa Prysock enjoys sharing her faith in Christ through her writing.

For more reader resources, check out her author website at www.

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  • Tremble Dawson thinks her biggest worry is completing her college internship at a mega successful advertising agency. That is, until she discovers her seemingly normal upbringing has all been an illusion. Her life is turned upside down when a handsome stranger pays a visit and offers to be a special kind of bodyguard to protect her from an evil force bent on making her fulfill a twisted prophecy. Perhaps, she should have paid more attention to her unusual bosses or the sparks that uncontrollably fly out of her fingertips.

    Despite the clues along the way, Tremble is not prepared to learn that her existence is full of secrets—secrets from another world. Join Tremble on a bewitching adventure as she begins her journey to another world full of magical danger surprises. Heartwarming Contemporary Romance with a twist of Suspense standalone.

    When she accidentally finds out that her mother used to be a time traveler, Grae is transported two hundred years in reverse and witnesses the death of the first owner of the property. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time might result in Grae being stuck in another century, unless she listens to her new friend and helps solve the mystery behind the murder. Grae soon learns that the murder of Joseph Baker is just the first in a series of mysteries that have haunted Graham Mansion for two centuries.

    An old key is the token to make her time travel journey possible. Will the knowledge she gains on the journey help lead to answers in her own family history? The Legends of Graham Mansion series combines a little history, a little mystery, and a little twist in time for a page-turning journey that will have the reader guessing until the very end.

    Then life took an unexpected turn. Can Olivia find hope in the midst of her darkest hour? On the heavily forested planet of Lumin, the Network has slept, dormant, for over six hundred cycles. Compendium opens up a world of knowledge, and, for the first time since arriving at the Order, Mia has the key to reclaim the freedom she has lost. To do so, she must choose between her conscience and her heart. Conceived against an ailing world of fantastical beauty where long-lost technology tips the balance between extinction and survival, Mia must remember that there is always a choice, and that makes all the difference.

    In the first of a series of electrifying short stories, a coma and subsequent amnesia thrusts Frank Jackson into an unfamiliar world of intrigue and adventure where he relies upon his gut instinct to survive. Television reporter Callie Brown likes big cities and good coffee. Eight people were in the room when a fledgling actress died. Ten years later they are invited on an incredible journey, all expenses paid. Poison Bay is a gripping psychological thriller introducing the Wild Crimes murder mystery series, set in the majestic wildernesses of Australia and New Zealand:.

    Highly recommended. The government had obviously panicked, losing control and giving into external pressures. After they revealed that everyone on the autistic spectrum descended from aliens, they used these camps all over the world, supposedly to protect them, to keep them safe. But in reality, they felt the need to control them. They feared that, when the time came, they would attack the human race. He had to escape. Outside these walls were drones set to contain them, but James was going to have to save the world.

    He had to so he could save his brother. Burned by a dragon. Abandoned for the windrocs to pick over. Flicker, the valiant dragonet. Hualiama, a foundling, adopted into the royal family. The power of a friendship which paid the ultimate price. They burned the heavens together as Rider and Dragon. For his crime, Grandion the Tourmaline Dragon suffered exile and imprisonment. The Dragons forced Hualiama to forget her past. Now, the suns must set upon the age of the Ancient Dragons. Amaryllion Fireborn, last of his kind, bequeaths Hualiama an astonishing legacy.

    She is the Dragonfriend. Raised by Dragons. Burned by Dragon fire. Oath-bound to a Dragon. Crossing the Island-World in search of her Dragonlove, she will forge an indelible mark upon history. As war between Dragons and Humans engulfs the Islands, Hualiama must unravel the secrets of her tragic past in order to confront an evil that threatens the very existence of the Dragonkind. For love that is tested in the crucible of fate must burn, or die. Dragonlove is the sequel to Dragonfriend , set in the same world of the bestselling dragon series Shapeshifter Dragons and Shapeshifter Dragon Legends.

    Almost immediately she meets an Agape Group couple who help her with housing, marrying her boyfriend, and the birth of her baby. The Agape Group uses a hands-on approach to their pro-life ministry when they come to the aid of the newly-weds. Beginning her walk of renewed faith, Sherry is faced with enormous challenges. Her unstable father resorts to violence to regain control of his family. She needs a safe place to hide, and finds herself accepting a newspaper marriage proposal from a God-fearing young rancher in the Montana Territory.

    But when Leah arrives at the mountain ranch, she learns her intended husband was killed by a grizzly, leaving behind a bitter older brother and a spunky younger sister. When Gideon Bryant finds a city girl standing in his log cabin, his first thought is to send her back where she came from.

    Has Leah really escaped the men who seek her life? Matt Mason is a 15 year old boy who was raised on an isolated farm in rural North Carolina. With the untimely death of his mother it becomes necessary for him to find his father who is fighting for the Army of Northern Virginia. Much of the story is involved with the trek of the young man through war-torn Virginia in search of the Southern Army which is on the way to Gettysburg and the climactic battle that proves to be the turning point of the war. The experiences on the trek, the challenges he faces day to day as he searches for his father, and the friendships he develops make the book memorable and hard to put down once the story begins.

    That is especially true in the developing relationship with the beautiful Ami-Ruth who provides a new dimension to his life as the conflict surrounding them threatens to consume them both. Skip to content Home Contact. See larger image. Now she forges a quiet life helping teens understand their eternal value in a world saturated with the distorted messages of society.

    Helping out a neighbor can be murder… Avery Barks dedicates all of her spare time to training search and rescue dogs and helping the animals. Sometimes, doing the right thing backfires… spectacularly Bella Amaud is about to lose everything. Her shop, her home, and her fragile financial security. Yes, sometimes doing the right thing does backfire and life explodes around you.