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Buying a French horn can be stressful. These high-priced brass instruments are complicated and come in many styles, configurations and budget levels. This list is geared toward newer to intermediate players who may be doing this for the first time.

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Many music shops will allow your rental rates to apply toward a final purchase, however consider all your options—including buying used links to eBay —before going this route. Just like buying a new car, there is steep depreciation after taking it off the lot. For this reason, it can often be a better value to buy a good used horn that will hold its value. Single horns in America typically stand in the key of F, while double horns add a Bb layer of tubing to the existing F layer.

The extra Bb set of tubing makes it easier to play in certain ranges.

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The player switches between the F and Bb sides with a thumb key. Single horns are good for only about years. Then the student will need to move to a double. For this reason, we recommend renting single horns instead of buying. However, consider that you might save some money on renting with a cheap used single horn from eBay.

Different materials will affect how the horn responds. Gold brass horns typically produce a darker tone and have slightly slower response time. Silver horns respond quickly and have a brighter quality. But just looking at color is misleading.

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The horn layout also affects the darkness vs. We recommend using a material that best matches your style of instrument read our Geyer vs. Kruspe article to learn more about these layouts. Holst places the fourth folk song, "I'll Love My Love" [2] in stark contrast to the first movement. The movement begins with a chord from French horns and moves into a solo of clarinet with oboe over a flowing accompaniment in F Dorian.

The solo is then repeated by trumpet, forming an arc of intensity. The climax of the piece is a fermata in measure 32, followed by a trumpet pick-up into the final measures of the piece. Again, Holst contrasts the slow second movement to the rather upbeat third movement which features the folk song " A Blacksmith Courted Me ".

Second Suite in F - Gustav Holst

There are many time signature changes 4 4 to 3 4 making the movement increasingly difficult because the brass section has all of their accompaniment on the up-beats of each measure. The upper woodwinds and horns join on the melody around the body of the piece, and are accompanied with the sound of a blacksmith forging metal with an anvil called for in the score. The final D major chord has a glorious, heavenly sound, which opens way to the final movement.

This chord works so effectively perhaps because it is unexpected: the entire movement is in F major when the music suddenly moves to the major of the relative minor. This movement is not based on any folk songs, but rather has two tunes from Playford's Dancing Master of The fantasia continues through several variations encompassing the full capabilities of the band.

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  6. The final folk tune, " Greensleeves ", is cleverly woven into the fantasia by the use of hemiolas , with Dargason being in 6 8 and Greensleeves being in 3 4. At the climax of the movement, the two competing themes are placed in competing sections.

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    As the movement dies down, a tuba and piccolo duet forms a call back to the beginning of the suite with the competition of low and high registers. The name 'dargason' may perhaps come from an Irish legend that tells of a monster resembling a large bear although much of the description of the creature has been lost over time , the Dargason tormented the Irish countryside. During the Irish uprising of the late 18th century, the dargason is supposed to have attacked a British camp killing many soldiers.

    This tale aside, 'dargason' is more likely derived from an Old English word for dwarf or fairy, and the tune has been considered English or Welsh since at least the 16th century. Holst later rewrote and rescored this movement for string orchestra, as the final movement of his St Paul's Suite , which he wrote for his music students at St Paul's Girls' School. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. May Song of the Blacksmith.