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But come on guys… billboards nationwide! A thousand pictures painting just one word — YES! Kezia and Fraser are a match made in heaven. We need a bigger boat. Since it is the weekend after a week of political absurdity I thought a little competition wuld lighten the at osphere. Unfortunately for humanity, reason is prone to the corrosive effects of greed and ignorance.

It must be pretty apparent to reasonable Scots, that ideological BritNats lack vision, to say the least. How much are these anti-intellectual Yoon fuds costing the public purse? Interesting articles. Seems hard to get through to many that if Scots have no self-respect then others will have no respect for them, which is what we see.

News they know comes from Tory commentators, Tory newspapers and journalists. All those trade union meetings in the industrial heartlands, all those decades of sending Labour MPs to Westminster, completely wasted. Kez and Murdo a couple of blowhards with nothing of any value to say.

Hissing and screeching in parliament, what a horror show. I wonder if they realise just how ridiculous they sound. That racist bloke on the train is definitely the stereotypical no voting green hating Tory scumbag. I find it quite hard to get inside their heads. Often the jibe is made that they are driven by the temptation of the trough. Or even rising to that meal ticket for life which is the House of Lords, although in truth, very few make that. Many ordinary folks voted NO to stick the with Union because they felt their jobs, status, savings, relied on it.

These people will hopefully conclude that Indy offers greater security and switch. No, the ideological London-rule-regardless BritNat is a bit of a mystery! Revelations about the Beckhams. Taxes evaded. The Involvement of the Tory Royals. Political, civic Interference when they are supposed to be impartial. Not interfere in political, civic matters or facilitated influence. The Queensferry Bridge is brilliant. Same with the AWPR.

The Borders railway. Benefiting the economy. After decades of neglect. Increasing traffic chaos. Not funding essential services. Neglecting the statutory duty. Against the majority wishes and the public interest. Since the English estblishment seem to have used the English Courts to eliminated my Scotland to a regional devolved area am I now a Scotlitesman living in Scotliteland. I want my Scotland back.

The racist. McKinnons — the Law firm? Negative publicity. Legal impunity. Some of them unlawful solicitors become politicians above the Law. As the bridge building,brothers rowed away,from the remote island coast,they left behind the thong wearing walruses,to their devouring of all the local crustations,the hermit crabs,the slippery eels and left them to continue with their noisy,head-banging. Rothermere the tax evading Non Dom Press owner. To increase the tax evaded activities which will result in revenues being lost. Brexit will not cut migration in Europe. They then licked each other and it was over, and blew a kiss to Gordon Brewer over their shoulder as they skipped from the studio arm in arm towards the rabbit hole where Ken Clark was holding the door open for them.

Alas, true, so very true. What surprises is the vehemence some Scots employ to reject self-governance. The fear and anger behind the dismissal is palpable. Mind now, I telt you I was a weirdo. Remember the faux outrage from the labour branch in Scotland about a Chinese company wanting to invest? The best thing about this Beckham scandal is the lovebombing tactic will never work again. If it did ever with our more gullible voters. An iScotland would benefit more than a Scotland-part-of-UK ever did. However ….. Now that we are probably going to have to choose, Brussels looks a much better bet than London.

I hate to rain on your parade of witty comments about Murdo Fraser, but my reading of his behaviour is that he now regards his role at the Scottish parliament as a bit of a laugh. Politically neither he nor his party are going to progress in Scotland, and Murdo, unlike Wee Ruthy has no prospects down South,so Murdo has moved into a relaxed, take the salary, mindset.

Murdo is not alone in the Tory MSP ranks. Of course, it is to be hoped that Scots will try to think of the future and remember that we are all interconnected through the environment. Also, that human rights and environmental quality depend on one another. The Tories are really upset with the Greens that they have cut the imports of lettuces and other salads for awhile.

They crush you if you sail between them. Better to steer a wider course unless you have a Poseidon to hold them back. Mind you we do have a Sturgeon!! Circling round and round, trying to work out which direction she should take. Aye …Global Britain in action. Also read this article in the Guardian this morning. Seems that if we thought Theresa had dug quite a hole last week after simpering and fawning over Trump, then the ramifications are still being felt this week.

Pre-negotiating with 2 states that threaten the EU in their own way has not been lost on the EU bureaucrats and leaders. A Dail Hate offshoot full of anti-Scottish and anti-Snp crap. I and others have lamented for a long long time the lack of a combatitive narrative against Unionist lies from the SNP. But the vast majority of our people are not aware of Murdo Fraudster and Dippity Dug.

Some will scoff at this idea. Dear old Rock.. Like the Liverpool people did over Hillsborough, we demand Truth and Justice. Thoughts anyone? JLT Completely agree. Has there ever been a bigger faux pas, apart from the Brexit fiasco, than May breaking her neck to cosy up to this orange madman? Now Trump has lifted a lot of important regs from Wall Street, will May bring forward the promised tax haven too? Read Mike Daillys piece on moving to Yes. The usual bile filled reaction from zoomers, and previously Neil Findlay will just confirm to him he has made a good decision.

Another example if one were needed of the absolute arrogance of these alleged representatives of the people. Do you have issues with gay people? Lovely stuff. I could say they are like the baboons on the Rock of Gibraltar but then that would be insulting the baboons.. Mind you the baboons would probably have come up with a better white paper for Brexit than the imperialists.. Well here is a starter for them;- The UK government, with an unwritten constitution, set up a Supreme Court that, it seems holds sway over Scots law.

Following a hard Brexit foreign policy and defence strategy is likely to align with the USA. So more war adventures, and a wayward Trident missile system — located in Scotland. Social Media, internet blogs etc. Now I hope you get the point of all this. Thing is you do not get, for lack of a more appropriate term , straight people holding pride marches or objecting to any reference to their sexuality. It is now long past time in Scotland for everyone to accept that sexuality is a private matter and of no concern of others.

The law now exists to punish any perceived bias against anyone for almost anything. Including race, colour, creed, sexual orientation and disability. I say that as ex Local Authority. The elected personnel may be idiots, or not on top of the subject, but generally the paid professionals supporting them manage to make a reasonable fist of these papers.

And this is the Government that Slab politicians are working to keep us tied to, presumably that sometime in the future their gov will have an opportunity to mess things up. Public space is where we come together to experience a shared reality. Should a quasi-public Scottish body not protect the public from what is clearly partisan opinion carried in the Metro?

How are folk supposed to make rational decisions about their future, when there is such an imbalance in semiotic power in their daily lives? Peffers, I am a big fan of the English language, so much so that I know the difference between cue and queue, although I think que is the Spanish for what? Guid to see Patrick on board. There is a guy who understands how these budgets work.

As long as there is a separate Scottish Greens of course there will be policy differences but he is able to put that aside and compromise. Compromise is how the Scottish Parliament is designed to work. Many here are distrustful and some downright hostile after the last election but I appreciate their commitment to independence and am behind many of their policies.

Someone made a very pertinent point about the tories last night- by refusing to work with the SNP the tories ended up with a worse result for the high earners they purport to represent. If the tories had participated the higher rate would not have been frozen but would have only increased in line with inflation as originally planned.

I fair point, Brian. On recent evidence, and current events, it seems The West are doing a far, far better job of destabilising the West than the Russians ever could. Sir you are out of order. Mr Peffers has been a meaningful and helpful poster here for a long time. You are not the first to attempt to belittle him.

The trolls and their masters perceive him to be a serious threat. Good point. We are in addition to being a monarchy a theocracy with the Lords Spiritual in the upper house at Westminster. We share with Iran being the only two countries in the world where senior clerics sit as of right in parliament. If Iran is called a theocracy and it is then so is the UK.

Just another in the increasingly long list of reasons to vote Yes. They are many and varied. Any non Episcopalians should also be fairly appalled that their high heid yins are not also in that position. Where would it end? The Jedis would insist on finding a grand master to occupy a sinecure there. I have long admired your postings on here, however, your comments regarding homosexuality are somewhat odd.

Pride marches are a means of showing solidarity not just with other gay people within, say, Scotland, but globally, where, in some instances people are still in , imprisoned, hung, beheaded, stoned to death or thrown off buildings yes, really simply for being gay. In addition, can I just point out, that things for gay people in Scotland are still not as rosy as you suggest.

We still have gay bashings occur from time to time — people discriminated against, beaten up — or worse- up for no other reason than their sexuality. Things have gotten much better than the dark days when being homosexual in Scotland was still illegal which I still remember homosexuality was still illegal in Scotland up to , unlike England and Wales where homosexuality was decriminalised in But they are by no means perfect. This match is Scotland v Ireland, at Murrayfield.

So far, the minutes has consisted of five minutes of general chat, and a minute commercial for England winning the whole thing. It is not all about the Common Enemy. Labour branch office could have worked with the SNP to deliver a budget. But as in the brexit vote at Westminster they prefer to walk hand in hand with the neo con Tories.

Wee Wullie Rennie — libs do deals with the Tories and labour depending on the parliament. I note he s missing in the cartoon. Has he submerged already looking for nuke subs? They should return their wages to parliament and go home and brood. They have offered nothing positive to Scoland for the past decade or so and for the future. Interesting conversation with a Frenchman last night at my friends birthday party. His son works in London with one of the major banks. According to him they have already closed the trading floor and taken the business to Frankfurt and Madrid.

The staff are already in the process of being transferred out of London. There was a genuine feeling of disbelief amongst the Europeans there that the English public could be so stupid as to vote to leave the EU. Going to their site directly has the same result, of course. Is there any way someone could archive the whole article, or have they genuinely made that impossible? Not a peep down here about it on the media in the deep south.

Wonder what sort of pish would have been spouted had liebor been the government in holyrood?. Europe is caught in its greatest crisis since the Second World War. Brexit is now a reality and others may follow. How can Europe survive? What are the consequences of a divided Europe, on both sides of Atlantic? Could a United States of Europe, patterned after the American federal system, be a realistic solution? Guy Verhofstadt was prime minister of Belgium from to One where increasing devolution favours smaller regional communities and one in which a post-industrial Europe echoes its pre-industrial, medieval past with powerful city states playing the dominant role.

Or maybe it might be both. Either way the outlook for the traditional nation state does not look too rosy. Mike Dailly. Britain is, of course, England and England is Britain. Just ask the UK Supreme Court. Oops, did I say that out loud? Stirring, me? As cue was the word I intended to type.

Indeed the context of what I typed should have made that quite clear. I do apologise for my error, actually more typo than a spelling or grammatical error. Mainly due to a bandaged, badly lacerated, middle finger. Allow me to correct that for you. Allow me to further explain, as I already have in another comment, I am neither angry nor am I a bigot.

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Despicable Scumbag. Yep that rag, the metro, freely circulated on our buses as well. It is however quite often to be found on the floor, and I took a few the other day for cat litter. Better to put information through letter boxes imo. Thought Sirens are supposed to be a temptation………. Murdo and Kezia………Nae Thanks…….. Are exactly the opposite to what you claim.

The whole sexual orientation pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction. I know what they are, Robert Louis. However, that does not make them right. May I also point out that there are usually many attending such marches who are heterosexual in orientation marching in support. May I point out to you that I am now a disable person. Furthermore I have a son with learning difficulties and my late wife was confined to a wheelchair for some years after we suffered a car crash with a drunk driver.

Furthermore I have spent much of my free time since I was 11 years old doing volunteer work for those less fortunate than I — and I still do yet when I am able. I need no lessons in discrimination from anyone. BTW: I also have hearing difficulty now. I never, for a moment thought you were. My point is not that discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation is acceptable but that it is now taking the focus away from others who are equally discriminated against. Not so long ago my son was walking down Dunfermline High Street to his flat one evening.

Someone stepped out of a shop doorway and punched him in the face. Just by chance the next day I called to visit him and I asked if he had informed the police of the assault and he said he had. I decided to call at the Police Station to get some answers and was appalled that they said they could do nothing. To cut a long tale short, they though that it was too much bother as it was only a handicapped lad.

Now, think on this. They had not even bothered to check out the CCTV. When my wife was alive I had a person in a supermarket queue push her wheelchair out of the way and walk into the checkout in front of her. Yet not a single member of the public said a word about it. No one group should have priority over any other group but that is exactly what is now the case.

If you are coloured, or other than Christian, or of other than heterosexual orientation, the majority of people will support you. If you are physically disabled, or even mentally ill or handicapped you are often not getting the same levels of support from the public, the police, the courts or the governments. There are even critical views online.

I thought all that had been done away with. Marcia says: 4 February, at am The Tories are really upset with the Greens that they have cut the imports of lettuces and other salads for awhile. Civic nationalism can be a positive force for social transformation. The concept of self determination, as articulated in the Charter of the United Nations Art. Consequently, the principle of territorial integrity and respect for existing frontiers or the preservation of the unitary state as a major factor of international stability predominated over the right to self determination where this implied the dismemberment of existing states and secession.

However, advances in the field of democracy and fundamental freedoms over the last decades, accompanied by the growing consensus that the use of force is neither desirable nor effective in stifling aspirations for self determination, have led to situations where conflicts between the concept of self determination and the unitary state have become increasingly more difficult to resolve. The experience of the Kurds, the Slovenes, the Croats and the Bosnians has demonstrated that separatist pressures can no longer be regarded as strictly internal affairs, especially since the resistance to their struggle has had the effect of invalidating the fundamental assumption linking territorial inviolability — and, implicitly, the denial of self determination — to international peace and stability.

Consequently, the human rights performance of a state, including its treatment of its minorities, is steadily becoming a matter of legitimate international concern. Embodied in this attitude is the developing consensus, strengthened since the Gulf war experience, that state sovereignty can no longer provide governments immunity in cases of violations of human rights, particularly in its repression of its minorities. Another related issue is the changed world environment since the end of the cold war in Europe. Whereas before the cause of ethnic minorities was often exploited by the superpowers or their allies as a way of obtaining geopolitical leverage e.

A less likely pair of sirens I have never seen.

Looking for Sirens: Ancient Sites in Naples According to Pirro Ligorio

But only because they can merely whine, not sing. I am no admirer of you Mr Peffers as you know, or your supporters. Time and again you arrest interesting analysis by erudite individuals, who increasingly are posting less frequently, with your pompous, pedantic and self regarding pish. You once accused me of being a troll.

Well I think you are worse than a troll and are slowly strangling debate on here with your sidetracking of issues. Your latest being a wilful misunderstanding of your obvious homophobia being challenged. Your last post struck a chord Robert,my father who was deaf often commented on the fact that people the public were often more than willing to help a blind person but reluctant to assist a deaf person. I do this even though I know that the concept of deserving and undeserving disability being abhorrent has been around for many decades,but sadly it still needs sayin….

This is NOT the case for heterosexual people. Just like I still have to point out that deaf people are as deserving of assistance as blind people,to people who never even thought that they had been discriminating at all. I have copied lots and have learned a huge amount from him. Have recent events re. This simple definition, however, masks and longer and more complex genealogy of the term and concept……. Robert Peffers is a WoS star! Everything he posts on WoS is relevant and I personally have used his info to spank wobbly yoon airse on many occasion.

Great cartoon as usual Chris! What interesting times we live in! Promised the entire raft but only given a Pooh-stick… Once Brexshit really hits the fan, we can look forward to fake Harris Tweed, fake Aberdeen Angus, fake Stornoway black pudding and fake Scotch whisky as all EU brand protection legislation will be gone. There is only one REAL way out of this madness, and hopefully more and more people will see it that way, when presented with the real facts.

I always feel sorry for the England teams. That is one advantage Scotland have had for years, lower expectations, means they can just go out and do their best. And you accuse me of being a bigot! The budget thing — this is how politics should work. When I lived in Germany I was struck by how different politics was there.

There would be a crisis or impasse for a week or two then the parties would get together and hammer out a compromise, and everybody would move on. Probably the only principle they have apart from Union good, Scotland bad.

Article excerpt

My MSP told me the Tories at Holyrood dont contribute anything much, they just turn up to collect their salaries. They do like to give the BBC a few soundbites though. Great stuff. I used to support the rugby team more than the footy team, but when Hastings and co came out and showed their allegiance to Brenda at Indy 14, I switched off my support for any of them. Will they show the same passion against Angerland? There is mixed sexuality among those who favour normal levels of self government for Scotland as well.

Well done the rugby boys! I have to admit I only found the game by accident as I thought England were playing France and Italy were playing Wales — no mention of anyone else in the advert. A lot of that can be explained by the fact shown by research that when people have a lot of emotional investment in an idea, they reject evidence that could prove them mistaken: indeed when one tries to push them to accept new facts they can become angry and aggressive. It is worse than that, Heedtracker, Scotland is the bestest and most devolved region of any country in the whole wide Universe when it suits the Westminster Establishment but it is the most subsidised and scurrilous nation of workshy beggars of English money under the Sun when that suits Westminster.

Sorry Chic but I think this matters. Cheers Socrates 5. I had great respect for them up until then. I hope Scotland win the 6 nations this year deep down I always do , maybe the constant empire media kicking is wearing me down. These SNP inspired shortages are really beginning to hurt. What a wonderful game!

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  3. Tell America.
  4. I was always told that most people just read the first 8 or 9 lines of anything, so make your point at the beginning or it might not be read. Anyone know when that happened? To criticise me is your privilege and your right. As is mine to criticise you and yours. You will note, thought that I do not attempt to stop you posting and accept your right to criticise other posters.

    Seems you do not have such scruples. Have I? I had not noticed that — How nice of you to tell me I had. Thing is it just happens to be true, and neither you or I can dispute it, as long as Scotland remains physically attached to the British Isles the people of Scotland will be British. It is hardly my fault that you are stupid enough to confuse being British with being part of the United Kingdom. Last time I looked there was a rather significant part of Britain that was not being governed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

    So you deduce that it is my fault and in no way might just be YOU they object to. Perhaps even just that you agree with them and disagree with me? I only want to hear things I agree with. I was openly accused of being homophobic but I never made any homophobic remarks. How could I when the lady herself had announced her orientation to the press and broadcasters? If you can find anywhere I said there was anything wrong or unacceptable in thar then you are not reading what I wrote.

    You do not seem to realise that by accusing me of being so you are making my exact point for me. No one objected. I only turned the comment round, and I could not even cast doubt upon the sexual orientation of Ms Dugdale, Now note this well — the lady herself announced her intended marriage to another lady to the World on the public domain? So there you go. Now have I ever told you not to post anything you like? You are wasting your time, Capella, Lochside has been told that several times already. Perhaps Lochside just wants to take a swipe at me.

    He is welcome to do so. It must be possible, since we do see people change. Maybe we need to ask ex-BT folk like Mike Dailly what finally made a difference. You have hit the nail right slap bang on the head. The Westminster and Washington D. To them the notion of co-operation is totally alien and compromise is a dirty word, whereas in a proportional representation system where coalitions are the norm co-operation and compromise are the basic working method.

    I have never been to Holyrood although I have seen some committees in operation and attended a Commission hearing locally. It was clear to me that the description given by your MSP was generous. The only people who moved in a constructive direction were the SNP representatives and in the case of the Commission the non-politicians.

    I would hope that in an Independent Scotland they would have to change their ways or they will be replaced by other parties who will seek to do better for the electorate. Robert Peffers — disagreement and debate are fine with me too. I told you before, try telling an Irish citizen from the R. But this is typical of your rude style of attempting to belittle anyone who has the temerity to challenge you. Robert J Sutherland 6. I always have a few WBB in my possession and politely ask them if they want to get the actual facts to what is happening in the country.

    The whole edinburgh no voting deer stalker brigade just puts me off. Come on lads we all sing from the same hymn sheet. Big Chillax time, have a wee dram. First Labour tried to out-Tory the Tories. While Plato and the poets and the mystics exalted the Sirens to cosmic functions, to the popular mind, they are mainly things, if not wholly evil, yet fearful and to be shunned. Things to be shunned. I can go along with that. But where have they been transported to? Not the Corryvreckan, too placid for that. The Torran Rocks of Mull? No they can get off at low tide.

    Flannan Isle? Maybe not. How about farther off-shore. That will do — just the place — where there is sweet rock-all. Gala 7. Glamaig says: 4 February, at pm The budget thing — this is how politics should work. Wee blast from the past there Glamaig. I remember being annoyed that Holyrood was adopting so many Westminster protocols when the parliament was being set up.

    I thought is was an opportunity missed to start from scratch, not just copy the principles of the double swords length of Westminster. We can make a decision and have nobody interfere. Cronin and gray went back south I think. Back then the majority of team was borders, Edinburgh private school FPS, or the exiles e. For the record, Robert Peffers also made a racist comment when he first started posting here, for which he made excuses bringing in his late grandmother, but never apologised.

    Indeed, Fraser and Dugdale see nothing as their whole outlook on life and Scotland is clouded by their british prejudice and the unionist death dance. Come ndependence thier tune will change, but it will take time for the british BO to disappear entirely! Haha nice one Chris,is it not about time the red tories just join the Ruth Harrison we are not tories party. I see fat gimp boy has finally met his calling working for the premium fake news distributors the Daily Mail,with the pish and lies he gibbers he should fit in well.

    Ah see Whingestan won at the wugga, breck oot the buntin. Lots of politicians write in papers they might not normally agree with in order to get their own message accross to a wider audience and most of us accept that to be the case. With due respect Robert, what you say is correct but only of interest to academics and pub bores. If I remember right, a majority of Scots according to the last census consider themselves to be Scottish not British.

    The same applies to the finer points of the Treaty of Union which you so often quote. The Treaty has been broken a million times and no one cares about it any more, not even the SNP. End of story. Indy2 7. If my mug shot had been stuck on some shitey news? That normally works. FFS come oan. The discussion that follows questions the efficacy of subcultural theory as it has been understood since the work of the CCCS rejuvenated an interest in the field. A reconsideration of the corpus will necessarily explore the gaps and limits that undermine the relevance and theoretical potency of the work of Hebdige and others.

    To illuminate the blind spots of subcultural theory, the spaces, and specifically the global contexts and local circumstances in which certain cultural practices unfold, a thicker description of the multiple forces and vectors that shape them is required. The retreat to the spectacularization of subcultures offers ineffective descriptive tools and often obscures the complexity of current cultural practices that constitute, and are constituted by, the aleatory effects of a globalized cultural economy.

    Baird last cap — was in the Grand Slam. Laidlaw Roy! Investors in a Scottish commercial property deal have insisted on the inclusion of a get out clause that allows them to walk away if a second Independence Referendum is called. Chrysaor , the biggest, independent oil and gas sector company in the N. They are carrying over jobs and see this as an investment in Scotland and the UK. France is purchasing a huge, expensive building in Edinburgh with a possibility of it becoming a new Embassy and that there is an increase in similar business from other enquiries.

    I found the link to a live webcam and watched the final piece of the Queensferry crossing be raised into place on this stunning bridge which is almost complete, on time and under budget and should open in May. A rainbow framed the exact area as the manoeuvre came to a conclusion. And how many were in the squad? How many does that leave of the total number of players in and that were NOT in that photo of 17 players?

    Like I say, it was a typically divisive Unionist con. Sadly it worked on many unaware Indy supporters. A wee take I had on the cartoon was the SNP sailing up the political middle between Kex on the left and Murdo on the right. As to the rugby I am happy to see Scotland win anytime and any sport. Hastings and his ilk are no voters for their own reasons British Lions Tours would likely be in jeopardy with an Independent Scotland, at least that is what they would have been threatened with as would all athletes.

    In the same way pensioners were. Is it not time for Slab to take control of their own party and their own destiny and embrace an Independent Scotland? Are you really as bloody stupid as that comment indicates you are? Just why does it bother you? Has it not occurred to you that there are new people coming here all the time.

    There is very good reason for repetition. You attempt to justify your objections to my posts about, for example, the mistaken belief that Scots are not going to be British if they free themselves from the Westminster stranglehold. Do you not realise that belief is proof that you have given in to the Westminster propaganda? We Scots are every bit as entitled to be Britons as any of the other residents of the British Isles.

    We are not inferior to anyone else in Britain. You sure as hell are by your own claims. Not only that but even given rational explanations you still come out with silly claims — as you are doing right now. Now that is exactly the point. Mind you some of them may have been the Irish, Iberian, Portuguese or Spaniard, but not if they have become the People of Scotland. The Irish, whether they like it or not, live in the British Isles and are thus British. If they choose to claim not to be British then, like you, they have conceded their right to be British to the United Kingdom.

    As for the rest you mention their situation is nothing like that of Scotland and Westminster. In case you do not know it that is the claim made officially by the Spanish Government. Just because the Westminster Establishment has brainwashed you to believe otherwise does not change what the actual words mean. Matter of fact I do NOT like but you leave me little choice. No matter what perfectly logical explanation I give you, you come back with the very same illogical things over and over again. A numptie with so little sense that he picks fights instead of scrolling past the comments he does not like and necessitates me needing to reply to such daft objections.

    BTW: they are not so much for your benefit but as explanations to those who might not understand whatever the bee in your particular bonnet happens to be. I noticed. I just wish you could give a reasoned and logical explanation of what it is that bothers you. What I hope we will not continue to be is under the rule of the United Kingdom that is no longer a unite kingdom.

    The Irish, Welsh and English, I hope, will then please themselves, but they sure as hell will not take away either my right to be Scottish or my right to be British because is not their right to do so. Three Cheers for that, Socrates. Exactly my own feelings and they have been since I could think properly. It really annoys me they should claim our birth-rights. You are quite correct. Like lots of things mind you. Indyref2 8.

    Real news. Avocados have doubled in price this week. But the core, most committed went into denial and often became even more committed. In the event the Record named just 6 of that 18, 2 of whom came later, so 4 out of 15 or You can bet if there was more of that squat in that 18, they would have named them. It was also just a few days before the Ref, the Record must have scoured the four corners of the known universe to get even that paltry 18 out of over since that have been capped for Scotland.

    Meg Merrilees 8. Well…see above! On another note reading the rugby comments my heart is not in it supporting our team since The archetypal 80 minute patriots that attend Murrayfield give me the boak in their pretendy scotchmen for a day outfits. My cat would have converted it. It just got far too expensive for me. On this occasion, the guard challenged the man and sat with the woman and child till B. Transport Police arrived on the train and removed the offender.

    Ron Maclean Would you say hypocrisy and civility are easily distinguished as being different? I hae my doots anent Murdo as a Siren; he is the most inaudible speaker I have ever had the misfortune to have to listen to. He is more like Murdo the Mumble a sort of uninteligible blue Minion fitted with a mute. He also points up a fault in our Scottish democracy. We need to change the list to specify that the first seven places on any list shall be persons who have contested a constituency seat in the Region at that election and also that a person who has served two Parliaments as a list member shall be inelligible for a place on any list.

    For what it is worth I will repost my comments earlier as it relates to the original cartoon. The Scottish Enlightenment —. Craig chalmers was resident As for the vocal Naws.. Sole — edinburgh accies Hastings — Watsons Nicol — dundee hsfp. Ironically a yes town now. Someone on Twitter was very sour about it of course, saying it was a replacement for their current premises, but it looks a big, beautiful building.

    It is completely pervasive. Me too. A long time ago I came across an EU webpage, or perhaps even an EC webpage, that had contact addresses for getting information, and even how to make complaints about, the Rights of Self Determination. Thinking about it now it probably was the EC as they perhaps would be doing the routine donkey work for the actual workings of EU matters. Ref the British lions i belive we will in time have greater representation in that team post indy. I came across an on-line newspaper report by Mike Dailly telling of what finally made him change.

    Anyone on here who can speak from experience…? In the beginning Holyrood did operate in a spirit of co-operation until the SNP began to make headway and then some of the Ex-Westminster Labour lot got into Holyrood and it was all down-hill after that. Is culture just something that develops on a damp bedroom wall? What are we doing? On Scottish rugby players and IndyRef1, on a BBC panel discussing the upcoming referendum, one of my rugby heroes, one of the Hastings brothers, said that he was voting No because and I paraphrase as best as I can recall , he could not deny future Scottish players the opportunity to play for the British Lions.

    My TV screen only just survived various projectiles. Was this deliberate scaremongering or a lack of knowledge hardly credible , or lack of respect, for those Lions British and Irish Lions that hail from the Republic? Of course, he was allowed to spout without any challenge. It has stuck firmly in my memory. No more heroes anymore! Anyone who joined a debating society at school learned the rules of debate. Not only that but you could end up on the team that was taking the side that you, personally, did not agree with.

    I believe the French are leasing the building not buying it but the lease is likely to be a long one, very long. Do you follow football Joe? Well, Scottish football is run by very similar like-minded folk and that stems way way back long before anyone on WOS was born. Nothing will change in these fields pardon the pun until we are independent. Lochside, I agree that the freebie unionist press like the metro need to be opposed. During indyref1 campaign, lots of people clamoured for some sources of independent factual information, for news n views which reflect Scottish culture and values, which reflect the Scottish perspective.

    Yet the numbers of people who have continued to appreciate and support these new ventures simply do not reflect the need for such as these. The newsnet people, the iScot people, and others, stepped up to the plate to provide healthy, homegrown sources of factual and honest information to oppose the deluge of msm false news, all have worked so hard, investing time, money, energy,to provide real news.

    They have had to build these great media, online and hard copy, from scratch. I would rather support our very own Scottish media than trust the Herald group to help the independence movement. I would rather ensure the survival and establishment of our own media, helping them grow to fruition, to be there to provide our information and news up to and after independence. They are the ones who deserve our support. Robert P. As illogical as usual, Rock. If we cannot hold differing views and talk about our differences then we might as well throw in the sponge right now for no one would ever learn anything from anyone else nor would anyone ever find out they were holding wrong views.

    Scottish Schools have not taught the real history of Scotland in my lifetime. Much of it is utter lies. Like this one — The Jacobites are still being called Rebels in history. Now for irrefutable facts. The Jacobite uprising began in when The still independent Parliament of England rebelled against their Monarch and deposed him. They were the actual rebels because their Kingdom was a monarchy and they were rebelling against their rightful king.

    Not only that but The English and Scottish Kingdoms were then still independent. Yet in long after the Scottish King inherited the English crown and the rebellion of the English Parliament and even the signing of the Treaty of Union the English army was still slaughtering everything still alive across the Scottish Highlands. Do you not realise that was the exact instant that Westminster assumed that Westminster had full Sovereignty over Scotland?

    That is an analogy for the duck riddle, therefore the difference between an Indy supporter is that one of its leg is both the same. And as for the difference between the other Indy supporter… He or She has one leg less too many. I never understand guys like you that take their egos online. Its really not all about you.

    Brian Doonthetoon Not that I know such things as the difference between a duck but I do know that space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence. Places tend to be less so. Report I read said years but never sure how accurate these reports are hence long, very long lease seemed to cover any likely variation between different sources. One of them was a Channel 4 late ref 1 campaign debate, with likes of comic Rory Bremner, also he was ferocious NO alright.

    Never forgot that. Rory Bremner was also a ferocious NO but he kept neutral til that point. Most odd to see his anger at Scotland, even considering not being British anymore. Other vile sep news. Because they are. Its coming, for a that:D. For years the Irish refused to be British! Are they altogether wrong? So the post Brexit trade deals are going to revolve around arms based on fear of Muslims and Russians. Have they really had 29, people answer the question in the sunday Express by ArtyBagger 14h14 hours ago More Blistering piece from the ever elegant writer JournoStephen that is both terrifying and depressing.

    But its not privatisation and never will be! Jacky Bird sneered at Alex Salmond, just before ref 1.

    ‘Last Night a DJ Saved My Life’: Aspects of the Social Phenomenology of the Record

    Some of their defenders, spin docs, all round bullshit artists, wet farts, on twitter. They really dont get paid enough as professional liars, no matter how much they get. But the factory is just outside Cambridge, so its a massive investment in to a very very tory zone, whether or not they see action. Keep in mind, Cambridge and surrounds are extremely rich parts of teamGB anyway.

    None of that stuff surprises me. There has been years of bullshit about our powerful defences whilst cuts. Its more akin to a ramshackle Dads Army. Look at how fast Boris has rowed back on Syria. Now Assad is fine to govern. It makes me sick what they have done there. Keep the Heid auld son ,division in oor ranks and all that,just ignore. Mr Peffers i love your comments ,I would love to have your knowledge,maybe someday people will realize that YOU have been fighting OOR cause for longer than they have lived ,I wish there where more like you.

    This wee blog is phenomenal, its an education and my first and last port of call of a day. I read every single comment and sometimes i comment few tinnies in me granted cos am shy ,you all have different personalities and thats what makes it great. Did I dream you dreamed about me? Were you hare when I was fox? Now my foolish boat is leaning Broken lovelorn on your rocks. We all have a part to play before we gain Independence and the btl posters on Wings do that magnificently.

    Without passion we are lost. Oh hey, just re-read my posting above at 7. When I posted:. What a bawbag I am! Thepnr Thirded. Better we kick each other than prospective ex-NO voters, this is a very strange time, with a lot of people rethinking their views. To be honest we could stop right there. That fact alone tells you how hugely influential Heard has been on dance music. Where his peers borrowed from disco, the southside Chicagoan borrowed from jazz and in the process created timeless tunes that still absolutely bang in the club. His debut album 'Amnesia' sums this up best.

    The record kicks off with 'Can You Feel It' for fuck's sake, the tune that not only made 7th chords the go-to but also contains a bass sound patched into practically every soft synth ever made. Then there's the acidic funk of 'Washing Machine' , the drum machine workout that is 'Slam Dance' , 'Bye Bye' with it's lounging jazz piano copied by countless Italian producers in the early 90s and of course 'Mystery Of Love'. In the track was sampled by rap megastar and fellow Chicagoan Kanye West, proving the album's influence on not only every deep house track ever made but also one of contemporary music's biggest stars.

    Louis Anderson-Rich.

    Sleeping With Sirens - With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear (Acoustic Version)

    Blankets, sinking into sofas as the sun rises, zoning out to ambient mixes. The scope of the record is magnificent. Paterson would listen to hours upon hours of music, as well as setting up devices to make TV, radio and field recordings, and painstakingly select his favourite sounds to incorporate.

    His methods shifted the way many viewed sampling, establishing it as a practice with artistic merit that has since become a hallmark of electronic music. As the 80s turned into the 90s, sample culture meant taking the music of the past to craft something entirely new became one of the dominant forms of modern music. And perhaps no one did this more elegantly than Massive Attack.

    Although the term was not commonly used until a few years later, the album almost singlehandedly invented the genre of trip hop and at a time when the early euphoria of acid house was turning into the frantic sugar rush of rave, showed that dance music could exist at a much slower and more meditative pace. But what strikes you listening back today, nearly 30 years on from its release, is just how fresh it still sounds.

    Then you have to remember how inventive the make-up of the group would have felt in Albums made by bands with revolving line-ups and guest stars from all corners of music are de jour these days Gorillaz, Major Lazer and Everything Is Recorded spring to mind , but three lads from Bristol with interchangeable roles and guests like Horace Andy would have felt pretty radical in Need I say more?

    Sean Griffiths. From the opening beat the album introduces a tirade of punishing hi-hats and brutal, machine-made noise that continue apace throughout - the true archetype of untz untz untz. Mills showed an intense focus in his pursuit of stripped-back techno trips. He first came up alongside Mike Banks as a founding member of militant techno outfit Underground Resistance, but left in to pursue his own solo vision. Not only did this solidify him as one of the most unique ambient composers around, it also showed his idiosyncratic touch with IDM and acid.

    This was the very beginning of his influence and went on to inspire Squarepusher and Plastikman who have manouvered the in similarly beautiful and manic ways. Aurora Mitchell. In Richie Hawtin was not a one man brand worth millions, with tentacles reaching from high fashion to saki production. In he was not the Teutonic, flick-haired Ibiza-storming giant of today. In Richie Hawtin was a nerdy, shaven-headed, bespectacled DJ at the start of his career.

    Its influence can be traced to all those who have attempted to push the boundaries of dance music, filtering into the work of Fever Ray, MIA, Gorillaz, and even the electronic-influenced rock of Alt-J and These New Puritans. As house began to flourish during the early 90s, with many producers focusing on jacking rhythms that took over clubland, the NYC duo Masters At Work were able to stand out by showcasing a distinct contrast of musicality.

    They took the rhythmic motifs and made them their own with both a deeply soulful and lively essence in their material. Their vast knowledge was channeled into this diverse range of tracks, which included their own take on hip hop, reggae and of course a core foundation of house. Harrison Williams. It was a statement album and plenty listened and learned. It sounds implausible now, but for the first few years of the 90s, trance was a niche genre, mainly for the real space cadets.

    After this would come Robert Miles, the conquering of Ibiza, megastar DJs, helicopters and egos, but right here is the point of ignition, the moment the explosion began. And you know what? It still sounds great. Dego and Marc Mac were there for every development in rave. In their 'Mr Kirk's Nightmare' marked the shift from summers of love into hardcore, and month by month 4 Hero, Dego's Tek 9 and Mac's Manix pseudonym, and their Reinforced label expressed the extremes of darkness and euphoria as the breaks sped up and things got ever gnarlier. Then, in , just as jungle was fully coalescing from the madness, they dropped 'Parallel Universe' , which combined every influence, every emotional mode of rave, and more into a glorious, chaotic, cosmic exploration.

    Soul, Detroit techno, electronica, spiritual jazz, and sampling technology pushed way beyond its capabilities all orbited their singular vision creating something that — though moments can sound very much of their time thanks to that sampler abuse — still stands up as one of the most ambitious dance records ever made. They knew that techno was as much about subtlety as rowdy impact and, fuelled by an obsession with the most far-out ad hoc techniques of Jamaica's dub originators, they set about remaking the machine beats as an immersive bath of sound.

    Layer upon layer of echo and tape hiss, microscopic surface details made dramatic, and vast waves of bass: it sounded both completely alien and like it had always been there. And it changed everything. In fact, so ubiquitous is their sound pallet now that if you heard this for the first time it could be hard to believe it's a quarter century old.

    Techno around the early 90s was in its most fertile, formative and revolutionary phase. It was a sound that acted as a militant rebellion in a heated Detroit, one that was brimming with racial tension and social injustice. Another, albeit later, member of Underground Resistance, Hood soon became the master of stripped back, minimal techno.

    The sound of printers malfunctioning and computers melting might be a nightmare in real life situations but IDM producers such as Autechre turn the stuttering sound of a machine glitching into abstract musical beauty. Its distinctly metallic sound palette was eerie, robotic and weirdly melodic. No doubt it was ahead of its time when it was released, with the crunching abstract percussion and flashing lasers being a more pervasive influence on experimental music now through labels like UIQ.

    This darker, more menacing side of IDM and electro had a different appeal to some of the more emotionally driven records at the time. It has undoubtedly come to inform a lot of the colder and crunchier sides of club music, abstract grime and techno that has been released in the past few years. Jungle — proper full-bore, thousand-break-edits-a-minute, police-sirens-and-barking-pitbulls, murderous-ragga-sampling jungle — was never destined to be an album artform.

    It just moved too fast in every sense. Forged properly in , by the end of it was all but dissipated as a dozen new drum 'n' bass forms took over. Mostly it exists now via endless brilliantly shonky compilations, and MC-slathered mixtapes capturing the madness of radio and raves. Somehow, though, Andre Williams aka Shy FX , though still not even legally allowed into clubs as he slipped in under the wire in September of '95, managed the impossible and condensed all that junglist energy into a full-length album.

    He'd already created scene defining anthems with 'Gangsta Kid' and 'Original Nuttah' both included here , but showing a furious focus, he managed to build an album that not only maintained the momentum but held together in its own right. All of bass music since — from the crazed breakcore cut-ups of Venetian Snares and co through the bassweight of DMZ to new generationz of London teenagers — owes Shy FX a debt of gratitude, but more than that, he's still applying the same focus to the scene to this day. For every action there is a reaction, and in the mid-to-late 90s house scene it was Moodymann.

    While Larry Heard was the stately father figure of deep house , Moodymann announced himself as its twisted uncle who would let you smoke a joint in his lounge before handpicking records for you to listen to. Only an enigma like Moodymann could have that impact on entire generations of musicians.

    Before the Grammys. Before The Pyramid. Before the robot masks. Off the back of two tracks, 'The New Wave' which would later evolve in 'Alive' and 'Da Funk' , the pair were signed to Virgin, through which they released 'Homework' named because it was recorded in Thomas' bedroom. On the face of it, it was a nod to the dance music world that had come before them but it would go on to write dance music's future. Producers at the time were convinced it had to have been created using some newfangled recording software, only to discover it was spliced together using an old Roland TR and snippets of Elton John and Barry Manilow records.

    Younger fans may prefer the more polished and accessible sound of 's Discovery.

    Archive for Sirens 2011

    Nick Stevenson. And their second album was the one that set them on the path to becoming a globe-conquering festival behemoth. By calling in vocalists like Noel Gallagher, and playing concert venues like Brixton Academy to support the album as opposed to DJing in clubs, The Chems were able to appeal to an audience more used to gig-going and guitar music as much as they were able to appeal to the dance music faithful.

    Some might accuse them of pandering to traditionalists by positioning themselves in the rock world as much as the dance music world, but every act that makes the switch from club DJing to being a touring live act Bicep and Dusky are two recent examples owe a debt to The Chems and this album. If a pub quiz threw up a question about a game-changing drum 'n' bass or jungle album in the '90s, chances are it'd be Goldie's 'Timeless' scrawled on the result papers, rather than Photek's debut album.

    It came three years into Photek's career, in which he'd carved a reputation for producing apocalyptic tracks like 'The Seven Samurai' or hyper-percussive classics like 'Consciousness'. While jungle sounded like a combination of rigorous basslines and a smattering of percussion sent from the future when it arrived in the early '90s, Photek took the idea of futurism hundreds of years further on 'Modus Operandi'. Yet in between this there's the serene '' and suave, Pink Panther -esque title track proving jungle artists aren't only inclined to make tunes for a grotty dance.

    The album did so well it opened the door for fellow junglists Source Direct to release an album on Science in ' Dave Turner. When two brothers from rural Scotland released an album that twirls through mystic ambient, robotic vocal samples and lightly bobbing IDM in , it changed dance music forever. It sat comfortably beside IDM such as Aphex Twin and Autechre but it also conveyed the nostalgic and emotional role that voices have played in bands the duo have been influenced by — such as Beach Boys and My Bloody Valentine.

    Through analogue synths and drum programming that was lengthily laboured over, Boards Of Canada created an incredibly emotional sound. While the individual tracks of Air's debut album are intricately crafted gems the string sections alone were recorded in Abby Road , it's what the album pioneered that places it on this list.

    In a tidal wave of Dutch laser-kissed trance, pre-donk hoover-bassed hard house and the Champagne-breathed swagger of lates speed garage were washing through clubs, bars, airwaves and holiday resorts. It was an overwhelming period of extremes and excess; vodka Red Bull was outselling lager, DJs were becoming mega-rich superstars and Mitsubishi pills were making clubland intensely emotional. The album defined the calm after the strobe-storm; 'Chill' — or 'Chill Out' as it had somewhat cringingly been tagged — became the adopted after-genre by clubbers of the day.

    Well, not until next weekend any way. Electro is electro because of the vast works of staggered, frenetic art that James Stinson and Gerald Donald created. This little ripper comes in at 2. UK garage — which Skinner ploughed so furtively for much of his debut — had reached its commercial zenith the previous year and the super club bubble of the late 90s had well and truly burst. To a new generation of teens, the sounds of stripped-back garage rock emanating out of New York started to seem more appealing than the latest house or garage record.

    But with his tales of first time Es, kebab shop fights and neglected loves, Mike Skinner managed to build a bridge between two generations of British ravers. For those in their early teens, it was a road map for all that was to come. UK garage, ska and hip hop were all put through the blender alongside stories of characters we had all met and nights out we had all had… or were certainly going to have. But 16 years on, the true size of its influence keeps growing, with everyone from Kojey Radical to Jamie xx singling it out as one of the most important British albums of a generation.

    Before Dizzee Rascal introduced himself looking menacing in that bright yellow corner, the word 'grime' to the mainstream consciousness would have just been something seen on bottles of kitchen cleaning products. Even after he won the Mercury Prize there was no name-check for the genre in the Guardian 's article announcing his accolade. But anyone who'd grown up listening to pirate radio in the time UK garage was transitioning into a darker sound would've known exactly what Dizzee's coming together of chaotic kicks, harrowing melodies and tales of LDN life was.

    He knew his Urban Dictionary-friendly colloquialisms would be alien to many listening and that's what made it so exciting. Nothing like this had been heard before on a widespread scale, from the grim lyrical clattering of 'I Luv U' to the slap-to-the-face beats of 'Stop Dat'. He was flying the flag for the UK's underprivileged, showing kids just like him what could be achieved even with pot-shot lyrics like "I'm a problem for Anthony Blair" 'Hold Ya Mouf' and "we chuck grenades at Scotland Yard" 'Seems 2 Be'.

    Of course artists like Wiley and 'Pulse X' producer Youngstar deserve credit for grime's earliest productions, but without 'Boy In Da Corner' the genre might not have tasted the success it has in the last few years. He ain't wrong. Taking into account the star status of those two artists, Dizzee Rascal deserves some thanks for an album being mentioned in tracks for over 10 years.

    Like many budding genres, the more minimal forms of house and techno seemed to remain in the shadows for much of its early evolution during the mid to late 90s. That said, once the new millenium hit, awareness grew immensely due to a string of talented producers that allowed the music to reach more ears. A major leader in this big push was Ricardo Villalobos, the unique Chilean talent who has since become the posterboy for all things stripped-back and minimal.

    Yet back in his genius was only just beginning to garner attention. Tracks like 'Easy Lee' , 'Dexter' , 'Theogenese' and the rest of the nine track collection offer a mesmerising display of sonic exploration that is undoubtedly distinctly Villalobos and helped cement his place as one of the most creative producers in recent memory. Plus, the material transcended just his own fame and inspired a wave of new producers to test their skills at the subtle brilliance of minimal electronic music.

    It was all very confusing. But it was also thrilling: every track burned with furious rave energy, but held back, condensed into almost unbearable tension, very rarely allowed to cut fully loose, as layer upon layer of roaring bass and stuttering beats were added.

    These tracks still sound simply immense, and it's likely they pushed the likes of Coki, Skream and Rusko to amp up their bass wobble and send dubstep into stadium territory a couple of years later. But Jamie and Roly could do subtlety too, and just as their respective solo work would voyage into cinematic territories, Vex'd influence can be heard on every bit of dark electronica in today's world: from Chino Amobi to Arca, Death Grips to most of the Houndstooth stable, Vex'd's vicious pressure still reverberates. In the early s New York was the place to be.

    Just not for dance music. But with such a strong history of dance before it, from the Studio 54 to the Paradise Garage to the club kids, it was inevitable these influences would filter in, and like the Talking Heads and Blondie before them, bands like LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture kick started a dance-punk movement for a new generation. With label DFA the hub for this new, ferocious and unhinged take on dance music, LCD Soundsystem took centre stage with their self-titled debut album.