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Places are limited. Nicolai Foss U. While opportunism is a central behavioral assumption in transaction cost economics TCE , its role in causing hierarchical failure is still unclear. Adding insights from organizational theory and goal-framing theory to TCE, we further the understanding of opportunism in hierarchies by introducing four types of opportunism: 1 financial, 2 status, 3 effort, and 4 visceral opportunism. In the second set of propositions, we contend that different governance mechanisms need to be deployed to address the different types of opportunism under each hierarchal form.

More and more wineries are using third-party eco-certification, such as organic or biodynamic certification, to communicate their sustainable practices.

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At the same time some wineries are adopting sustainable practices without third party certification. The presence of these different sustainable practices raises the question of their comparative value. While previous research estimates that third party eco-certification leads to increased quality as evaluated by experts, it is unknown whether non-certified sustainable practices are also associated with quality improvements.

Evaluating the impact of non-certified sustainability practices on quality is challenging due to the difficulty of identifying such practices.

A total of , wines is analyzed. Preliminary findings based on different matching techniques indicate that self-proclaimed sustainable wines are of lower quality than conventional wines, while eco-certified wines are of higher quality than conventional wines.

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This suggest that non certified practices could be associated with greenwashing. Platforms and their associated ecosystems are an important organizational form in the digital economy.

A significant subset of platform-based ecosystems has at its core a central actor which owns the platform technology and makes decisions that crucially impact its ecosystem members. Find out more. Meet us there.

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Read more. Canal de communication incontournable pour communiquer, distribuer, et facturer ses services.

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