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Middle initial? The title of the opera? The English-translated title of the opera never do this?

Donde lieta usci (La bohème - G. Puccini) Score Animation

The name of the main character? The first word of the libretto? So many options.

La Bohème : opera in four acts : harp (Musical score, s) []

Same goes for chronological organization. Is it by when it was written?

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When the opera takes place? Better yet, you can get all hipster-nerdy-savvy about it and organize your opera scores by their premiere date. Spark some healthy debate over all those tricky posthumous premieres when company comes over who needs charades, really? And are we looking at height or width? Those new Ricordi paperbacks, printed in the musical equivalent of large-print novels, certainly take up some width and weight , as anyone working on Rigoletto knows well.

Download Romeo And Juliet (Opera Score French and English) (Vocal Score French and English)

The possibilities are overwhelming. Could be fun, until you hit the 20th-century, where your order of keys becomes entirely up for debate. And, does C major come before c minor? Are you a fan of classical music?

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Can you name all the well-known composers, conductors and the compositions they are associated with? Or perhaps, you would like to learn more about them? If so, you are certain to enjoy the quotes and musical miscellany in Quirky Observations on Classical Music.

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The answers to these questions and similar brain-teasers can all be found inside this book. With sections on composers, compositions, instruments, orchestras and their musicians, conductors, soloists and opera as well as much more classical music related trivia, this book has something for everyone. This book is a great way to find out more about classical music and those who have been involved in writing, playing and performing it through the years. This is a must-have for anyone who listens to, plays or appreciates classical music.

La Bohème: Choral Score with Italian and English Text (Kalmus Edition)

Friends and Fiddlers. Catherine Drinker Bowen. Catherine Drinker Bowen was a Philadelphian with music in her veins Into this book she has crammed the joy, comedy, and desperation of a musical life. With the skill of a biographer she sums up the human equation in music with insatiable enthusiasm.

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  7. She discourses on amateur quartets, fiddlers, wild-eyed cellists, wives who play violas and children who bang the box. This is a book which musicians will chortle over, a book which the layman will read with dawning delight. Marienlieder - A Vocal Score Op. Johannes Brahms. This modern reprint of the original scores features clear, large margins, making it ideal for students and musicians alike. Johannes Brahms — was a seminal German composer and pianist. He is widely considered to be both a traditionalist and an innovator, and wrote for piano, organ, symphony orchestra, chamber ensembles, and for voice and chorus.

    Featuring large, clear note heads and wide margins, this edition is perfect for studying and following the music. Experiencing Chopin: A Listener's Companion.

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    6. Christine Lee Gengaro. Throughout, she shines a spotlight on Chopin and his music, which illuminated the Romantic period in which he lived, the social and artistic climate that surrounded him, and the importance of the individual artist at a time of political foment. Similar ebooks. Giacomo Puccini. An Opera score composed by Giacomo Puccini. An Opera Score composed by Giacomo Puccini. Andy Beck.