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Following Mary's uncle's shocking confession - how he lures ships onto the rocks and drowns women and children - she escapes from the Inn and goes with his brother, Jem, to the horse market in Launceston. But things don't go to plan. Joss has returned to Jamaica Inn and is very angry about Mr Bassat's visit.

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He storms out of the house and sets off across the moor. Mary decides to follow him. Mary finds herself attracted to a visitor to Jamaica Inn. But who is he - and can he be trusted? Meanwhile, another visitor discovers some suspicious objects in an upstairs room Mary has to work in the bar of Jamaica Inn on Saturday night. She gets to meet a group of rough and drunk men. Later that night there are some strange goings-on in the yard outside.

What's happening - and why are people talking about murder? Immediately she discovers what a mean and scary man her uncle is. He sets the rules and tells her what to do. On her second day there she discovers a locked room — what is inside? When Mary's mother dies, she goes to live with her aunt and uncle who run the Jamaica Inn.

It lies in a remote and bleak corner of England. On her journey there she is warned to keep away. But why? The crew are almost back in London, but will they make it home in time to win the challenge? Listen to the last episode of our drama, The Race, to find out!

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Sophia and Passepartout have recovered from the dodgy lobster that Phil cooked for them, but the crew aren't in the clear yet. Find out what danger they face next in this episode of The Race! Phil decides to say thank you to the crew by cooking a slap-up meal. How will it go down? Listen to episode eight of The Race to find out! Phil, Passepartout and Sophia have all fallen asleep while at sea! There's a loud bang — what's happened?

Listen to episode seven of The Race to find out! The Mermaid has been stolen! But who has taken Phil's yacht and how will he get it back? Is it the end of his round-the-world adventure? Find out in episode six of The Race! The satnav is down and they've narrowly missed being hit by a container ship. Will Phil, Passepartout and Sophia be able to continue their journey?

Find out in the next episode of The Race! Phil and Passepartout rescue Sophia from her violent husband and make their way onward from Sao Tome. But technology is about to fail them! What's going to happen? Find out in episode four of The Race!

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Phil makes it to port. But things are about to get tricky when a storm threatens his journey — will Phil and Passepartout survive their latest obstacle? Find out in episode three of The Race! Phil and his friend Pete set off on their round-the-world. Will it all be plain sailing or will they sink?

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Find out in episode two of The Race! Phil's a writer living in London. His life isn't that interesting — but it's about to change dramatically! Find out just how much in episode one of our drama, The Race! Ebenezer Scrooge has been taken to several different places by three spirits. He saw that if he died, nobody would care because he is a bad man.

How will this experience change Scrooge's life? Ebenezer Scrooge is getting used to the company of ghosts, but here's one he doesn't expect. Ebenezer Scrooge seems to be changing his ways. He has learnt a lesson from a ghost which took him to the past and now is ready to be visited by the Spirit of Christmas Present. Selfish businessman Ebenezer Scrooge receives a visit from the first of three spirits. This is the Spirit of Christmas Past. In this episode, you'll get to know Ebenezer Scrooge. Nobody seems to be able to get a kind word or even a smile out of him.

Alice is at the trial of the Knave of Hearts - and she is taller than ever before. The King asks the jury to give their verdict - but will the Queen let Alice escape without a punishment? Alice finds herself at a trial. Did the Knave of Hearts steal the Queen's tarts?

What does the Hatter know about it - and what's that funny feeling Alice is having? Alice plays croquet with the Queen. But what are the rules - and how can Alice play croquet when the ball is a hedgehog? Alice finds the Hatter and the March Hare having a very strange tea-party. They manage to make Alice angry - but how? And do riddles always have answers? Someone inside the Duchess's house is angry - but who? The Duchess's baby is making some very strange sounds and the Cheshire-Cat smiles while the cook throws things.

Will Alice meet anyone who isn't mad? Alice is beginning to wonder who she is, when a caterpillar gives her some advice about a magical mushroom. But is it good advice — and who thinks Alice is a snake? Alice is too big to fit inside the White Rabbit's house. The problem is, she's already inside it!

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How does she get out - and why is everyone throwing cakes? Alice meets all sorts of creatures as she swims around in a pool of her own tears. She joins in a Caucus-race: but how can you win a race with no rules? And who will give the prizes?

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Alice can't stay the same size for more than a few minutes! When she's big, she cries a pool of tears. What will happen to her when she gets smaller again? Alice is an ordinary girl, until the day a white rabbit runs past her, saying "I'm late! The Creature reappears in the Arctic and boards the boat which has rescued Viktor Frankenstein. The Creature explains the killings and offers to leave everybody in peace, but on one condition Viktor Frankenstein meets the Creature at last.

Will they be friends or have a fight? Viktor Frankenstein is ready to give life to a creature, but is this really a wise thing to do? Viktor Frankenstein has always been passionate about science and he and others paid a high price because of that. He has a warning to all who, like him, tried to challenge Nature. The White Elephant restaurant has always struggled to stay in business and the future is not looking good. They desperately need customers - and when they finally get one, Gordon's skills in the kitchen must keep them there.

Find out if he can do it in this final episode and learn some hope-related phrases. There's a bake-off competition taking place and Gordon seems to have made a special effort - and he only does that when there's something to win! Peter's also made a cake that looks exactly the same — what's going on?

Watch this video to find out, and learn some competition-related phrases. Ceilia's latest idea from her management training is to get everyone to do a job swap. This will give everyone the chance to see what other people's jobs involve. This could be fun, but will Gordon be able to 'lower' himself to doing the work of a washer-upper?! Watch this to find out and learn some phrases related to empathy. Gordon changes his appearance to try and look fashionable but his work colleagues have their own opinions on how he looks and they can't keep a secret.

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Watch and learn some fashion-related phrases. What's this? Gordon has come up with a new recipe for ostrich lasagne. He just needs someone to taste-test it. When the team offer to give it a try they soon wish they hadn't!

Watch and count how many phrases you hear related to feeling sick. There's a criminal in the area but could he be coming to eat at The White Elephant and who's going to be the bravest person to confront him? Watch and learn some phrases related to being brave. Peter the waiter is shaken up when he nearly gets hit by a van but Gordon has no sympathy as he brags about his new mobile business venture. Can the two things be connected?

Learn some phrases about honesty. It's been a late night for the team at The White Elephant but Gordon seems remarkably lively. That's until he hears about an award that only he could win! Watch and learn some sleep-related phrases. It's a special 'sushi night' at the restaurant and Gordon is keen to make a good impression on the customers. But his best efforts don't quite go to plan and he runs out of an important ingredient. Is the evening going to be a disaster or can someone save the day? Watch and learn phrases used to talk about very unsuccessful events. The restaurant is about to get a visit from the health inspector.

Everyone needs to make the place clean and tidy but Gordon has other ideas. And why does he need to clean up his act? Watch the video and listen out for the phrases used to do with being clean. The restaurant gets some customers from America who demand a meal that really puts Gordon's cooking skills to the test. Can he give them what they want or will he leave a bad impression?

Find out by watching this episode and listening out for the phrases related to failure. Lucky Mary! Someone has left her a special gift and she thinks she knows who it's from but is she right or has someone else in the kitchen got a soft spot for her? Find out in this episode and listen out for the phrases related to love. Gordon cooks him something really special - but is it what the customer had in mind? Find out in this episode and listen out for phrases related to excellence. Something smells good in the kitchen — Gordon is preparing a special meal but unfortunately the red wine he's using isn't going into the cooking pot.

Will the customers ever get to taste it — and will they want to? Watch this episode and listen out for the phrases related to timing. Don't panic! Twenty-five people are heading for The White Elephant. Will Gordon really be able to cook for this many people? Join RadioTimes. Well, more jokes anyway. Until next time, my watch has ended. Gilly is there also. Here they stood, indeed. Props to Grey Worm for surviving, and Tormund! Good lads. Sadly, now they will just languish here, unloved. Maybe next week! That seems odd. Cersei when she finds out everyone survived battling the white walkers demthrones pic.

Gendry tonight: GameofThrones pic. Remember her chats with Tywin back in season 2? It was Rhaenys and Visenya too. Rhaenys rode Meraxes. Visenya rode Vhagar. Visenya Targaryen was a great warrior. She had a Valyrian steel sword she called Dark Sister. The dagger Bran gave to Arya makes so much sense right now. Bran knew it all along. GameofThrones DemThrones pic. Cool trick with the Dothraki arakhs, even if it was pointless. Bigger message — the episode shows our heroes deciding to take the fight to Cersei in the so-called Last War, after rebuilding Winterfell a bit.

Game Of Thrones: Season 8 – Episode 4 ‘The Last Of The Starks’ REVIEW

After two episodes away, Cersei is back! Truly epic, very scary at times and kind of horrifying, even if the end was a bit of an anti-climax. Aside from the thousands of Dothraki, Unsullied etc. Still pulling the rug out from under us. I applaud bold dramatic choices. The whole Army of the Dead is gone, three episodes before the end? That is ballsy. What are they going to do for the rest of the series now? Just fight Cersei? Arya just did her flippy dagger trick and took out the Night King! All with the Valyrian steel dagger that started it all, and that Bran gave her. Drogon is escaping with a lot of unwanted passengers.

On a related note — has anyone seen Pod lately? Just poke it with some dragonglass! Anyway Daenerys saves Jon and Rhaegal. So far the Night King it doing a much better job of dragon-ing. Bran knew one back in the day! Now also the Hound and Beric are sneaking about. Who designed Winterfell with so many spooky corridors? At least the silent bit is over now though. But we are still seeing a three- way aerial dragon battle!

This is insane! Writing this is also making following the battle super hard, so I will definitely have to watch this again tomorrow. Her death would be…. The Hound, meanwhile, is struggling with all the fire, while Arya obeys zombie rules and decapitates a lot of wights.

Lucky they did all that dragonglass prep eh? Remember when they all threw themselves off a cliff at Hardhome? Tyrion is…putting moves on Sansa? Weird flex but OK. Except now he has to abandon all his men to hold back the onslaught by lighting the trench. Bless them. This is why you need air traffic control.