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Women in their 20s, 40s and 60s share with the ABC why they don't want to be mums and how being childfree is turning out. Why women are ditching men and choosing the single life The folly of misguided love and why unhappy couples stick it out Is one romantic partner enough for you? How divorce can spark self-discovery and happiness for women When a Tinder date results in motherhood Scientists unravel secrets to long-lasting love When taking a break mid-relationship can actually save a marriage How to have a workplace romance without anyone losing their job Are they into you?

Their voice is the giveaway Staying in a loveless relationship for the kids Seed dating: Branching out in the search for love Did you know it's legal to marry your first cousin? Choosing a childfree life Dating after the death of a partner Finding out dad isn't your biological father Why aren't men changing their name after marriage?

Saying 'I don't': The case for not getting married. She couldn't prove otherwise Here's what you can and can't claim on tax. And beware, the tax office warns it's watching 'No-one yelled anything': Mum watches in horror as daughter is killed by sharks Analysis: A small Chinese bank has collapsed and experts are worried the financial system may fail with it Trump talks up ties with Australia after dinner date with PM Apple shares dive as chief designer leaves after 30 years to start his own firm photos Germany's leader Merkel wracked by tremors during another public appearance Opinion: Morrison's election honeymoon is over and this issue could define his leadership Second PNG volcano eruption in two days stretches scarce humanitarian resources School tuckshops face closure amid a volunteer drought SPORT Analysis: Is football really coming home this time?

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Europe battling heatwave so hot it's causing chicken manure to combust and spark bushfires Fast radio bursts are incredibly brief and violent — and now we know where one of them came from Vegan crocs? Unusual teeth suggest ancient crocs were at the bottom of the food chain. Connect with ABC News. Got a news tip? Editorial Policies Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. This week was full of winners, will you be one of them?

The price of philanthropy By Tasha Wibawa Big philanthropy generates positive responses from recipients and communities, but critics say it also serves to highlight the enormous gap between the haves and the have nots. China and America the focus at G20 The other countries matter, but at this G20, there's only two countries that hold the fate of the world order in their hands.

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She couldn't prove otherwise. Just In Melbourne school in lockdown after man seen with chainsaw Pedestrian dies after being hit by truck near Melbourne's Victoria Market ACCC loses lawsuit against makers of 'flushable wipes' Man accused of dousing another man with fuel, setting him alight Families SA withheld crucial facts before children were murdered North Korea wants more foreign tourists, so should you go?

Property owners facing 'big sting' as bills increase, amid building industry concerns Second PNG volcano eruption in two days stretches scarce humanitarian resources Notorious prison escapee known as the 'postcard bandit' fails in bid for freedom Apple shares dive as chief designer leaves after 30 years to start his own firm. She couldn't prove otherwise Video captures moment 'hero' teenager saves baby falling from apartment window John Travolta taking a break from filming to deliver his Qantas to Wollongong 'No-one yelled anything': Mum watches in horror as daughter is killed by sharks A small Chinese bank has collapsed and experts worry China's financial system may fail with it Germany's leader Merkel wracked by tremors during another public appearance I am a teacher and this is what I know about students and mobile phones 'He's ruined our lives': Teacher who sexually abused 38 students jailed Here's what you can and can't claim on tax.

And beware, the tax office warns it's watching England's World Cup hopes in trouble as four-way tussle develops. Is football really coming home this time? Cheering, Evazan watched as Triple-Zero murdered Nuss, believing that the cyberneticist was no longer useful. As Organa, Evazan tasked the hunters with the destruction of Triple-Zero. They immediately refused and went to leave, but stopped upon noticing Aphra on the viewscreen.

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Winloss and Nokk accepted, leaving to hunt their new target. Once the hunters had gone, Evazan removed the pluripleq he had been using to disguise himself as Organa. He expressed his doubt in Winloss and Nokk's success, but thought either outcome would be interesting to watch, turning nervously to look at the viewscreen, where Triple-Zero was threatening him through a mirror. Aphra and the assassin droid continued to make their way across Milvayne City , but they were intercepted by Tam Posla, who had been resurrected by the Force-imbued gundravian hookspores. However, the hunters were distracted by BT-1, who attacked them, letting the latter pair escape.

With the commotion temporarily over, Evazan installed Baba's new cybernetic arm, equipped with its own mini-flamer. Fearing Triple-Zero may survive to hunt him down, he then strengthened the broadcast signal from the droid's eyes to present his entertainment back to the residents of Milvayne. With the populous now watching the live feed, Evazan announced Aphra and Triple-Zero as fugitive on the run, prompting any willing individuals to help the Milvayne Authority catch them. As money-craving callers made false claims about the pair in the hopes of winning the prize, Posla, revived again by the hookspores from his impalement, re-affiliated himself with the Milvayne Authority and led them to the fugitives as they traveled on a bloatbarge.

Prior to being gripped by madness, Doctor Cornelius Evazan was a promising surgeon, [3] though he later gained notoriety for the cruelty he inflicted upon his patients, [10] while his reputation as a smuggler and murderer also made him many enemies across the galaxy. He and Ponda Baba enjoyed brawling and gunning down defenseless beings, [3] and Evazan was quick to antagonize those who crossed him, as demonstrated by his brushes with Cassian Andor on Jedha [21] and Luke Skywalker in Mos Eisley.

A self-described "techflesh artist", [19] Evazan was boastful of his infamy, openly informing Skywalker in the Mos Eisley Cantina that he had the death sentence on twelve systems.

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After Baba began to bully Skywalker, [1] Evazan was quick to escalate the argument, [12] even going so far as to threaten Skywalker before Obi-Wan Kenobi interceded. Ignoring the old man's attempt to smooth the rising tension, the doctor resorted to violence, shoving the farmboy aside and drawing his blaster pistol, which ended poorly for both Evazan and Baba.

To avoid his many death sentences, Evazan used a pluripleq to change his face. Adopting a new name, "Lopset Yas", [32] he managed to stay off the grid for over a month, [18] until he revealed himself to Chelli Aphra. He also trusted Chelli Aphra a lot, having to follow her wherever they she went due to the hubdroid they had in common. When she followed the Force spirit to the Penumbra-1 shattersprite Yas was quick to follow [33] and he made sure to keep Dek-Nil's central processor to keep their implants from detonating.

A human male, [3] Evazan had light skin [4] and stood at a height of 1. But he usually had a similar appearance to the abednedo species , having brown skin, and eyes that changed color over time. Evazan was also a skilled electrician. He was able to find and rebuild a transmitter on Accresker Jail, and gave it to Aphra to use.

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Evazan wore a long-sleeved khaki shirt underneath a brown vest, a pair of dark-brown pants , and a pair of black boots. His black belt had a golden buckle and a holster [3] for his SEC blaster pistol [4] When operating, Evazan wore scrubs and used a variety of medical instruments. Alfie Curtis has his makeup applied by a member of the art department, transforming him into Cornelius Evazan.

This story's version of events, [41] which closely matches the film's revised fourth draft, [42] describes Obi-Wan Kenobi as cutting off Evazan's arm, rather than Ponda Baba's, with Evazan retreating into the crowd without a word following the fight. Star Wars creature effects make-up artist Nick Maley was displeased with Evazan's distinctive facial prosthetic. He felt that the prosthetic's texture did not work well with that of Curtis' face. You have to reign in that instinct to go back and put things in just because you loved them when you were a kid. The character's name originates in Star Wars Legends storytelling, as he was first referred to as "Roofoo" in Brian Daley 's Star Wars radio dramatization.

Evazan and Ponda Baba ," a short story written by Kenneth C. Flint for the anthology book Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina , created the name "Cornelius" as an alias of Evazan's, [49] while The Official Star Wars Fact File 51 from was the first source to establish the character's full name as Cornelius Evazan. In the new Star Wars canon , Cornelius Evazan's name was used in the mobile card game Star Wars: Force Collection , [52] which initially launched on September 4 , Although the launch of Force Collection predates [53] the Star Wars canon reset of April 25 , , [54] Lucasfilm Story Group member Leland Chee confirmed that the game was kept updated to fit with canon.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Call it madness. Call it art —it's all the same to me: I must know more. Contents [ show ]. Though he surely does not remember. He was different, then. Not yet disfigured. But still, a killer. The first of the decraniated. You're not giving him narcotics now , are you? Because Solo dropped cargo. I have nothing to give. Ponda Baba and Evazan are backing it. I thought, for a moment, of an Evazan blitzed to the gills, who would make a violent situation only more violent, and was relieved he shall be without.

Though saying it out loud, I'm not so certain. Which Evazan is better? Medicated, or not? I became someone else. A tragedy, to hide a face as lovely as mine. What's the plan here? Flopso, meet Dek-Nil. It's Lopset Yas. S-so—you know this droid? Why aren't we running? It's on a rampage. Don't call it that. It's a sentient telekinetic fungus. He had his man after all. We must lie low. I simply thought this would help pass the time while I build you a new arm. Cornelius Evazan : " You just watch yourself. We're wanted men.

I have the death sentence on twelve systems. Come, let me get you something. We had a great night hopping from a seafood restaurant, to a cocktail lounge, to making out at a bar on a dock so close to the water you could dip your feet in. Then I practically fell asleep at the wheel coming home. The next night, we had another terrific date wandering around New Bern and going on a ghost tour half the town is haunted, apparently.

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Still, I both got annoyed waiting for him to come to me, and felt guilty over his two-hour commute. And if that drive is the price for dating a decent guy, I feel for you, small-town ladies. Jason was also the first real test of my approach to this trip. The bar scene, on the other hand, was a blast, at least as the new girl in town. I went out by myself and by the end of Saturday night was rolling with a new friend group 10 people deep. There was the young Marine who did an exaggerated double take before telling me I was the most beautiful woman in the bar.

And the also-very-young hero who swooped in to rescue me when a woman was rude to me and held my hand as we ran through the streets to the next stop. And then there was Peter, who I met that night in a bar set in the basement of a haunted mansion. Even though we disagreed on everything, I admit his passion and his quick mind really turned me on.

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There was so much good in what he valued: jobs for the working class, providing for his family, supporting the military. By yourself? Are you sure? It had seemed so promising at first. I swiped right, sent message after message, and … crickets. If I had a time machine, I would have avoided South Beach entirely. For someone unaware of that agreement, though, the come-ons are relentless.

When I finally got my drink after 20 minutes, he went in for another hug and knocked it to the ground. I retreated to a corner to text friends in New York where they could find my body in the morning. Even while I was on my phone, a guy came up and started grinding his ass against my crotch. He seemed harmless, and spoke only Spanish. Then the lights came up and he asked me, in perfect English, if I was going to come to his hotel and fuck him or what. He was cool about it; I'm pretty sure our date was a dud on his end too.

Just when I thought Miami was irredeemable, I met two amazing humans who saved the night.

'I love the freedom of single life'

Guys know they have to spend money to impress a woman, but they also expect something for it. Is it going to be when I already have thousands of dollars invested in this woman? Am I going to get it in or what? At our final stop, a late-night basement club in a strip mall, a Bumble message flashed on my phone from a cute finance guy with a great profile. I invited him to come hang out. He sent me a pic of his crotch in boxer briefs. In my experience, women who get on dating apps on a short trip are looking for a good time.

So there might be hope in Miami — as long as you can stick it out through the groping and dick pics. Even on the tech scene ranked no. Different from Texas, different from each other.

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That obsession with difference may explain the barrage of strange messages women of color told me they get on dating apps from white hipster and techie dudes trying to expand their horizons. Austin also happens to be the only fast-growing city in the country where the African-American share of the population is shrinking , which makes the dating scene particularly hard for black women. They were, for whatever reason, checking for me. Driving, it soon became clear, may be the single-biggest obstacle to dating in Austin, a city where nothing is really walkable.

No one uses public transportation ; traffic is among the worst in the country ; taxis are prohibitively expensive; and last spring, the city effectively ran Uber and Lyft out of town , and getting home on one of the other ride-share startups that have popped up can mean a half an hour wait at best. Even hookups are down, anecdotally, since Uber left town. Then, walking me home, he pulled me aside next to a kitschy souvenir shop and proved to be an amazing kisser. I was sold. But when I left town, our texting fell flat. Later, I got several missed calls from another Midwest phone number, which he suspected was a friend of hers calling to hear my voicemail message.