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This is far from right ,people who go to hell have emotions and many other qualities that make them know where they are and why they are there. Luke There was a certain rich man, which Scripture: 2 Peter Denomination: Christian Church. Jesus makes it clear Hell is real and is eternal. FAS: Will Willimon shared this story. Early in my ministry, I served a little church in rural Georgia.

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One Saturday we went to a funeral in a little Scripture: John , Matthew Hell is a real place, with real punishment, for real people. We live in a time when so many things about our society have succumb to the forces of capitalism and have become commercialized.

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  7. No longer do families look forward to sitting down together for a Thanksgiving meal but they look forward to the early sales for Christmas. Even the sacred day of Filter Results. Sort By. Close Filters. Rating 5 stars 4 stars or more 3 stars or more Any Rating. Language English Sermon Type Full Sermon Outlines Summer Sermon Series Make a splash with your summer preaching. Should the deceased successfully pass through the gates, they faced one final test.

    During the weighing, the heart of the deceased was placed on a scale, with a feather on the other side. If the heart was heavier than the feather, it was eaten by Ammit, the Devourer of Souls. This is the first documented human narrative of a judgment of souls by a deity, and the binary separation of place where a soul may wind up depending on their deeds in life.

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    There is similarly an afterlife in ancient Mesopotamia, although it lacks the literary oomph of its Egyptian counterpart. There is no pain or joy to be experienced.

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    Just lonely, aimless wandering through the rise and fall of the sun and moon each day. There is also the story of Inanna, the Sumerian goddess. In it, Inanna goes down to the underworld and at each of the 7 gates, she must shed one piece of clothing.

    When she reaches the final gate, she is naked. Ersehkigal, the goddess of the underworld, is conveniently guarding this gate.

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    Ereshkigal becomes angered by Inanna showing up naked to her doorstep, so she kills her and hangs her corpse on a post. After her body hangs there for three days, the Gods decide to rescue and resurrect her.

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    Sound familiar? In ancient Rome, the underworld is described in a poem of Virgil as a place full of flaming rivers, with triple-thick walls to prevent sinners from escaping, black gates guarded by Hydra a sort of giant dragon with heads , and the goddess of revenge who sits a top a tower with a whip lashing the sinful populace that fills its dark caverns.

    Places like the House of Jaguars filled with hungry jaguars , the House of Shrieking Bats self explanatory , and the Sharp House full of razor sharp objects one must crawl through , and curiously enough, a House of Fire. There is a plethora of similar underworlds that spans across what seems like every human culture.

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    As the Bible was being written and rewritten, thousands of miles across the Atlantic ocean, ancient peoples of the Americas explored the realms of Xibalba. Born in Los Angeles to a Buddhist musician and an Italian flight attendant, Ali is a multi-medium artist, archaeologist, musician, virtual reality artist, Holocaust museum tour guide, former Chapter Head for The Satanic Temple's Los Angeles chapter, writer, aquarium enthusiast and cat mom.

    Hell is sometimes portrayed as populated with demons who torment those dwelling there. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.