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It's been years!! My husband couldn't believe it. I'm going to work so hard at this thanks so much for triggering the start of something great and the summary and exercises!! Then I joined up for another set of classes and invited five friends to come!

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We had a fabulous four weeks of getting pushed out of our comfort zones and we learned and improved heaps. Benny is extremely knowledgeable and engaging and has a knack for explaining music to people at all levels of experience. He taught me that I have a natural musical instrument within me that can be mastered and he put the strength back in my voice that I had when I was younger. From the very first day you increased my confidence. Your focus on all the aspects of the body that make up the voice were very interesting and helpful.

I also found the weekly exercises you gave me a good way to stay connected to my voice. I have recommended you to several people who have expressed interest in improving their singing and will continue to do so. You have great knowledge and a good manner. He is very encouraging and is great at giving constructive criticism. I would highly recommend his classes.

Great fun and a great approach to instilling good practice techniques which have helped me gain a better quality to my singing voice which was very necessary!! She really enjoyed her lessons with Benny as he ensured that she had suitable breathing exercises and opportunities to learn songs that were engaging, current and age appropriate. Throughout Benny demonstrated professionalism and enthusiasm. He is clearly a committed teacher who used technology and scaffolded learning and teaching strategies in support of our daughter's learning.

I highly recommend Benny and thank him for his patience and calm and caring approach! Teaching me many hard to acquire singing techniques Benny is full of tips and tricks on how to improve my vocals in any situation. He is very patient and understanding and his explanations are always easy to understand and simple.

He will surprise you on how fun and rewarding singing can be. You can choose to pay weekly after each lesson or get the Package Deal. You can choose to pay your fees by cash, bank transfer or by credit card PayPal - fees apply. Due to popular demand, gift vouchers are available. They come in 2 formats:. Physical Voucher printed on glossy paper stock - gift envelope included. Contact Benny to get your gift vouchers. Taking singing lessons can be a daunting experience, especially if it was your first ever lesson. Your inner voice tells you: "What if I sound horrible?

What if the teacher tells me that I have no talent?

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What if I don't like the teacher? I firmly believe that if you can speak, you can sing. Everyone's voice is different due to genetics, prior training or even sheer passion. What's important is that you take the first step towards improving what you have. Under expert guidance and a keen listening ear, I believe that you will definitely improve your voice if you're willing to put effort into making it happen. It's very important to me that you enjoy your singing lessons. That's why I insist that you try one lesson for free.

If you're not happy for any reason, just walk away and never hear from me again. Lots of Free Parking Nearby. I'll listen to your voice and give you some constructive feedback. I'll tell you what I think your strengths are and what you need to work on to improve your voice. If you decide to continue lessons, I'll then use these information to help me plan your next lesson. That way, you get the maximum value for your lesson time - doing things that are aimed specifically at improving your voice. Most people are nervous during their first lesson.

So, if you do, I want you to know that it is perfectly normal to feel that way.

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Once I start taking you through the vocal warm-up and you start singing songs, the jitters will go away very quickly. I found Benny throu gh the internet. He worked out the type of songs that would suit my voice and found music for me to practice. Starting every lesson with stretches and exercises in order to improve my voice. He is patient, always encouraging, even when I think I sound terrible, he will find a positive to keep me motivated.

I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone wishing to explore their voice. After just eight lessons, he taught my daughter all of the techniques she needed to become a more confident and accomplished singer. Would your singing voice improve if you do nothing about it? Would you be able to improve your singing voice on your own, without expert guidance and feedback? Should you let your nervousness about taking singing lessons override the potential rewards of being a better singer?

The time is now. Take your singing skills to a whole new level! I expect the bookings for the free minute lessons to fill up quickly. Book yours now or you might be put on the waiting list. The vocal warm-up tracks awesome. My students have been able to practice at home in the car, or wherever suits you what we do in class because of them. Your satisfaction comes first. Skip to content. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Book your free minute lesson now.

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Do these things happen to you? High notes getting 'stuck'? Running out of breath when singing? Wobbly voice? Can't sing as high as you used to? Singing out of tune? Voice feels sore after singing? Voice lacks projection? Don't know how to warm up your voice?

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Feeling tensed in your throat? Not feeling confident to sing on your own? Weak high notes? Dear singer, My name is Benny Ng. I've also recently branched out to performing live music around Sydney. Singing didn't come easily to me. I was born and raised in Malaysia. I moved to Sydney in to study music. I had a fantastic singing teacher and was making great progress in singing. Then, that teacher moved interstate. Alone in a foreign country, I didn't know anyone who could help me.

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Why is Learning to Sing So Difficult? What Will You Learn? Singing Tutorial Videos Click on image to play video. That is what I intend to change. Yes, you can too if you take singing lessons from me. Plus, You're Getting Extra Bonuses! Bonus 4 - Practice Plans You'll get practice plans as part of each lesson.

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Bonus 5 - Student Showcase There are at least 2 student showcases per year June, October where you'll get to perform one song in front of an audience. Students - Photos. News Contact Staff Gallery. Goodnature's ELA Mr. Hannan's 6th Grade Social Studies Mr.

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