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This week on the podcast, Jeff and Alyssa Bethke answer your questions, which include topics like marriage, life rhythms, reading the Bible, newborns, and more. This week on the podcast, Jeff and Alyssa Bethke talk about toxic relationships and the difference between a toxic relationship and a hard relationship that needs growth.

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This week on the podcast, Jeff and Alyssa Bethke talk about the mentorship and growth that comes out of brain trusts and how important it is to have a teachable spirit. Join Jeff and Alyssa Bethke for a special episode on Eschatological Realism and the mind-blowing truth of the gospel in our everyday lives.

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Jeff Bethke talks with Jeremy Pryor, his co-host of the Five Minute Fatherhood podcast and Dads Building Teams podcast, about what it means to lead a family team and being intentional with long-term family goals. This week for the Real Life Podcast Jeff and Alyssa Bethke interview author Sally Clarkson on how to create a space of Shalom and peace in your home, whether you're married or single.

They are laughing at each other one minute, then talking about something deep one minute, and we hope you are encouraged as you listen! All Episodes Archives. Download this Episode. Breaking Through the Darkness of Anxiety 0.

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The Loving Father and the Prodigal Son 0. The Key to a Good Relationship 0. Dealing with Pain 0. Creating New Rhythms and a New Story 0. Asking the Right Questions 0.

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  • Alyssa's Creativity Roundtable Discussion 0. How to Find Your Calling 0. In today's episode, Jeff and Alyssa Bethke answer your questions!

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    Sign up for your Noom trial today at noom. How We Live as a Family Team 0. Jeff and Alyssa Answer Your Questions 0. Conflict that Grows Your Marriage 0. Dealing with Toxic People 0. Everyone Needs a Braintrust 0. The half poker chip.

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    Strange, that little things like that could be important. By Alyssa Pelish I. In fact, a quick search….

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    Which of the following would best be described as an hiatus? Which of the following would most likely be considered a furlough? For extra money, an hour or two most days, I pose variations of these questions over and over. Each of them, along with its set of possible answers, goes into the database of….

    These people step into the room, in pairs or alone. From Kansas and Louisiana and Texas. They manufacture farm equipment, or they preach. Or they speak only Korean at home, and what they do for work — or used to do — never fits into this stilted conversation.

    Alyssa Mastromonaco Explores Her Non-Decision to Not Have Kids

    He really does mutter something about commie liberals a few times. This funny knack his kid has, like how some people turn out double-jointed or ambidextrous. His hair is an artificial grey and his forehead shines. On the phone, his ex-wife is alternately condescending and irate. Here was this nearly grown high school girl asking her little third-grade sister to check her homework for her, the mom remembers. He snorts at this — the most expensive college in the state. They ask me what they should do with Nora. If he were your son, what would you do with him? His wh words have a dignified whiff of h as they begin.

    We live in a desert, he says. Eli, he says, is…peerless. He holds up a hand. But we live in a desert, he says. In the antihero origin story Nora whipped up one day in class, the antiheroine is born with the sign of the serpent, which is the mark of uncertainty: what it portends could be wonderful or horrible.

    The father approaches his newborn daughter with fear and love, like all fathers have.