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Jul 06, Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi , novella-short-story. This novella was good. It was not mind-blowing but gave some insight of the first encounter between human forces soviets and americans against a spaceship that crashed in Iceland after being hit by a nuclear device.

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  5. "Xenonauts – a remake of a game of old."!
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Most characters are there, because a "away" team consists in 8 people or more. They are redshirts if you get my drift. If you enjoy the game and want to read more, then read it. If not, there isn't anything new. Mar 19, Letande D'Argon rated it did not like it. Good intents not necessary lead into something good. The original idea was really nice. To make it short, the game was planned as direct yet unofficial successor of the famous game from 90s.

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  • And, of course, a lot of people wanted to re-create the original X-COM. Unfortunately, lack of creative thinking led the whole project into the dead end. Goldhawk Interactive re-created the original X-COM very close to the original up to the point, where it started to feel like a cheap rip-off , but were unable to add anything new, anything that was supposed to make their project special and unique.

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    The only really fresh thing about it was that the game took place during the Cold War period. But this novella tried to use exactly that - Cold War concept. Technically, this novella is a prequel to the game that is supposed to tell us how it all began. You won't learn anything new about the setting of the game from reading.

    This novella literally fails to extend the game story and just threw some new names in it. He tried to add some images to remember and some sort of moral too. But lack of skill makes all that gone in vain. Talking about X-COM novelizations. Official one was made by American writer Diane Duane , while unauthorized one was made by Russian writer Vladimir Vasilev.

    "Xenonauts – a remake of a game of old."

    In this novella we have a story that revolves around the Cold War and the main character here is Russian , while author himself is American. The thing is - author did the best he can to describe both Russians and Americans as good guys. I mean, usually when you mention Cold War and cheap Sci-Fi together, while keeping American writer in mind, the first thing that jumps to mind is an army of vodka-powered Russian cyborgs on their mechanical bears, who wants to conquer the world, and brave American commando to save the day while smoking the cigar and wearing sunglasses.

    This novella is nothing like that.

    Xenonauts: Crimson Dagger

    It tries to show that both Russians and Americans are people with hearts and souls. But there are two things about that. First, it feels really weird to get something like that in the novella based on computer game, in which all that doesn't really matter. And second, lack of skill ruins the idea a lot. So, it turns out to be not deep and nicely written enough to be considered as proper work and somehow out of the place to be a part of game-based work.

    The idea about fighting the old stereotypes about two superpowers was good, but author was unable to do much with it, while as an addition to the game this work does exactly nothing. Sep 15, Rob Savidge rated it liked it. This gives some background story to an independent pc game based on the X-com series. Given what it is, I'm glad they found an author who can write.

    He did a good job with the action, and there was some minor character development, but beyond that there wasn't all that much to the story. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable. Oct 08, Ilkka rated it it was ok. I really loved the game, and after finishing it, I noticed this freebie tagging along. Not my genre, but hey, Xenonauts.

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    • Jul 29, Jonathan Reskof rated it really liked it. Xeno Well written ,interesting, compelling with well fleshed out characters. I enjoyed this book.

      Xenonauts Xenophobia Ep 2 [FR] : Les armes de l'ennemi

      If you like this genre I definitely recommend it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The player takes the role of the commander of a clandestine organization known as the Xenonauts, attempting to defeat an alien invasion of Earth in the alternate history year The game retains the fundamental mechanics of the early X-COM games, in this case considered to be a real-time global air control and strategic management and research component of the game, coupled with turn-based ground combat where the player controls a squad of soldiers and vehicles against the alien forces on a tactical scale.

      Soldiers develop their attributes through combat experience, and terrain in the ground combat maps is destructible. The year is Gone are the days of quelling the Hungarian Revolution.

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      The biggest challenge he faces now is teaching his little girl arithmetic. But things are about to change. An object of unknown origin has been intercepted over the Atlantic by the Americans. Nuclear missiles are launched. The object crashes in Iceland.