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Thanks to website member jlars, aka John L from WI for sharing his river ice fishing Steelhead adventure photos from last week. More on this unique story tomorrow. Our parents get do that job. I learned early on in grade school with the last name of King my classmates had an open door to razz me. Especially, if I didn't exceed the going standard. This has carried over thru all my adult life where the ultimate best is sacrosanct in all my endeavors. Nobody making flies, meat rigs, or flashers goes to the extreme detail we do. Granted our products in some cases might cost a buck, or two more, but that's cheap to know you're going first class.

Monday the cost will revert to the normal 5. We are the first in the world to ever market flies in this manner! First is the selection in all colors and sizes that no tackle store can afford to stock. Third and probably most important is you get what you want, This is exactly the case when you order trolling flies in 3 different hook configurations.

Others like a good sturdy quality single treble for their flies. Many opt for the snelled double trebles that offer 6 points and barbs to stick and hold fish. We all fish differently and what works for one fisherman, might not for another. A sale is a sale, when the best selling, or new products are marked down. No one, no where offers the supreme quality components in these flies, or 3 optional hook setups.

Let alone a storage tube and a protection sleeve to prevent a tangled up strands of Mylar. To other outfits After that, the price will be 5. The edges of the highways are packed with deer in the early and late hours of daylight. So, be careful! Had to pick up bait last Monday and drove to the storage facility around 8am. Counted 2 that were hit cars on the way and when we made the return trip we seen another freshly hit deer. Manistee County 3 bumper crop seasons of acorns 3 out of the last 5 years and the deer population obviously benefited from this.

With the snowy December and the frigid January the herd is in tough shape. Today's photo of the day show a gaunt young buck eating dead moss on my property.


You can plainly see the sunken hip bones and the fuzzy heads which are clear signs of starvation. It seems like the Little River Band tribal netters pulled the same crap they did last season by leaving their nets in all winter. Then the tribe hired outside contractors to pull the perilous nets.

While the offending LRB tribal netters went on their merry way dropping more nets. The worst part of the current situation is a late season net that was set front of Barr Lake, slightly north of Manistee's Orchard Beach State Park. What makes this net so dangerous is Early season Brown Trout shoreline trollers should exercise extra care when fishing by keeping a sharp lookout.

Reason for the extra care? This clearly shows when our government bestows the rank of super citizen on a select few, respect for laws the rest of us have to abide by gets lost in the shuffle. As soon as more info becomes available to me, you'll be the first to know. I will post any and all news about the nets concerning public safety ASAP. In the MDNR planted 1. Especially, if we look at the big lake picture. Being critical of the DNR is not going to accomplish anything.

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It's in our best interest to certainly hope From the early s thru my charter guests would boat between to Browns in the month of April alone. In I wrote a "tell all" exclusive article for instant success on shoreline hugging April Brown trout. Click Brown Trout 7. Reasons for the downturn could be many, but the going consensus is the increase in cormorants.

Not to overlook the current strain of Brown Trout that the MDNR is planting might weakened and have lost it's ability to survive. Whatever it is? This facility raises about 2 million Lake Trout annually. Reason for this hatchery goes back a long time with the crash of Lake Trout in the late s-early s. Due to what many thought was from the lampreys let in thru the Welland Canal. This canal skirts around Niagara Falls with several locks. First is we spring forward one hour as we adjust for Daylight Saving Time tonight.

Saturday is the big turnout day. If you live within a reasonable drive from Birch Run, please attend this worthwhile event. Donated time means every cent from their show gets re-invested back into our fishery in one way, shape, or form. Congratulations to this fine charitable club and the good they do! I clean mine with compressed air in my shop, but you can buy canned air at any office supply that will do the job just as well. Computer fans move massive amounts of air to cool the case, CPU, and power supply.

Times 8 hours a day, that's whopping 28, CFM per day. Meaning a lot of traveling dust and dirt that can accumulate over time. Keeping the dust off aids in heat dissipation big time. Thusly, making for a more stable computer and one that will last a heck of a lot longer! If this doesn't give you a case of severe spring fever, not much else will. Posted a couple archived photos from back in my charter and river guide days as temporary fix. Top photo is a good chunky spring Steelhead that was an angry critter to deal in snag infest waters. Had to motor cross the river to pull this fish away from massive underwater log jams that would have cost us this fine specimen of a fish.

This fishery has since fallen on hard times and the outlook is bleak. The Flint chapter is a non profit organization, where all monies collected at the show, after bills are paid goes directly back into out fishery. All show personal from the club donate their time and put on one a helluva good event! It's been my supreme pleasure to know and fish with many of the members of the Flint Chapter of the Michigan Steelheaders.

There's a dollar off coupon for this Friday, Mar. Not quite sure how to interpret that saying for this March, cuz that Lion needs replacing with frost-bit Siberian Tiger. Probably, like many of you In fact, it's the best we've seen in the past 3 years with predicted temps in the 40s. Hopefully, this will draw a good crowd for the fine Flint organization! Gas is almost 2 bucks cheaper when compared to this time last year. Something unheard of at other shows.

Just to attend to look, browse, buy a drink, and a few snacks you'd be hard pressed to spend a whole 20 dollar bill. That is, I'll post exact times and dates later this week. In a departure from the past in I will not be doing this event. March 20th is official start of the spring Spoke with some of my Indiana southern Lake Michigan contacts and they'll be in search of Coho around the same time.

No matter how things change, we as fishermen stay the same.

Fly Tying - Tools, Tips & Charts

This is proven by a mid meat pole brag photo of a nice catch of Lake Trout from Lake Charlevoix. Photos similar to this have been taken since the camera was invented. Fishing is a hands- on sport that knows no international borders, or is shackled by any language barriers. Our mindset has not changed since the first hook was made! Monel wire has been around a long time, dating back to the s at least.

Monel is a way to fish deep.

The wire takes your lure down, but it's done with extreme amounts of line. To hazard a guess, I'd say you need ' off the reel to get down to the ' range with an unweighted straight monel rig. Necessary when ' to ' is the norm to let out. Incidentally, the spool on this rod was turned on a lathe and made out of solid wood, as was the rest of the rod too.

The Sun Sayings and Quotes

Only the line guides and handle piece were metal. I used to fish a lot of monel in the later s thru the early s for Lake Trout. More than like you'll never catch on when you're trolling for Salmon and Trout. In four decades of fishing the Great Lakes I've only boated 3 Whitefish that struck lures.

So, these fish are few and far between for the average troller. Thanks to website member jlars for sharing his great photos from the ice. In case you don't know the story behind this pattern, it was originally requested by one of our WI website members. In the 10" BTI Flashers the King Purple earned it's way to the top of the list thru retail sales at tackle stores, being much in demand at my webstore too.

There was a time I'd have said black and purple would work on dark days. However, when run in tandem with the bright shiny Monkey Puke design during test sessions in high full-sun conditions, the King Purple produced equal, Kinda blows the "dark-days, dark lures" myth right out of the water. Making this multi-use King Purple Glo color in a trolling fly just made good sense!

That's the good news, cuz you'll have this water and time frame mostly to yourself. The big morning rush is gone and fishing pressure will not increase until later in the afternoon. This is for those that lack confidence pulling an all attractor program. Attractors are called attractors, cuz they attract fish duh? If you click on today's featured photo taken early last September at 1pm you'll see almost flat calm table top water.

Less is more is the prerequisite for turning on negative to neutral mid-day fish. If you like bankers hours and still respectable catches maintain a 15' to 20' depth separation on your riggers. Crowding one zone is not gonna work. No more than 3 riggers should ever be used on a boat with a 8' beam to score at high noon. Part 3 tomorrow in this ongoing series. There are differences in these 2 boats. The 4-Winns fishes rougher water better with less weight above the water line, compared to the Sea Ray. In the years thru the 4 Winns Mostly due to the fact fish bite better when it's lumpy, as we regularly fished any seas up to and pushing the 4' range.

Sea Ray vs. Mostly during the less crowded weekdays. Churning out respectable catches on flat water? The fish are more skittish due to greater light penetration. Calm water presents it's own special set of problems. Flatter water in and taught valuable lessons in fine tuning our program. Relying on archived data accrued from Tune in tomorrow for the 2nd installment in this ongoing series of updates that will help your middle of the day tactics!

My Manistee snow gauge has moved another 4" to " since last November. Kinda non traditional, but it works! Cross referenced my thru test session data and found some trends that increase your success on the water. Best part is fishing in less than ideal conditions and pounding out respectable catches during the off-peak mid-day hours. The enlightening why's and wherefores will be included in this fascinating series of installments this week.

February has been tame compared to frigid January and last December's record snowfalls. Those I know that have larger acreage than me are say dead starved deer are becoming more numerous as of lately. The onset of the deep snow last December has stressed the deer. My snow gauge is now at inches since last November. I lost a cannon ball to the line to a king anchor last summer down towards Big Sable from a next to impossible to see milk jug.

Until we were right on it. There's rumor floating around Moonlight Marina where the Tribal netters from the Little River Casino keep their commercial net boats moored at. The rumor mill has be grinding out a story that the netters have not secured dockage for Hard to tell if this is true, or not.

The off season is generally always filled with fairy tales. This I do know, the trap nets in Manistee, MI marked with as little as effort possible. The hard to see deep-side King anchor on trap nets will now be marked with more than a floating milk jug. Dave Deforest explaining the situation: Evening Capt. The markings were agreed on late last year by the Tribal fishers and the other anglers charter and sport , thru numerous meetings.

The new markings are as follows: 1. Lead, shore side, 4 foot staff buoy with orange and black flags 2. Pot, 4 foot staff buoy with orange flag 3. King anchor, 2 foot staff buoy with orange flag 5. Each flag must be 12" x 12" RE your King and Zebra mussels, the whitefish are full of adult Zebra mussels. I've haven used a store bought prepared piece of meat since I've ran both and had a bunch better fish production with either hand-cuts or whole bait.

It's in my best interest for you to be as successful as possible with the line of tackle I offer. So, you can take my word making your own is one helluva lot better. Costs less too! Today's update came to mind when I re-worked an article completed in the fall of getting ready to debut the Super Mag Heads. The icing on the cake was to have the prototype Super Mag Heads using whole bait kicked maximum butt the first time they went in the drink! No brag, just reel-facts!

This was a deep fish that hit a rigger ' down over FOW. Wanted to see exactly what this "Nemo" Salmon was eating down deep and opened it up to examine the stomach contents. Then promptly snapped a couple of photos. What I initially saw was only two partially digested large 6" Alewives in the pre-poop stage. My sexagenarian over 60 eyesight didn't spot this at the time, or I'd have done more investigation during the unscientific autopsy. This has been bugging ever since. In rare circumstances are Salmon eating mussels?

Did these by accident end up in the belly in pursuit of bait tight to the bottom? Were the alewives eating the mussels that came out of their gut during the Salmon's digestion processes? Guess this is a topic that has more questions than answers. Thought this info would go hand in-hand with the article on Spectron braid for rigger rods that debuted yesterday. Without braid, fishing deep is a helluva lot harder to reach. Requiring cannon balls in the 16 class. We reached the fish spoken in the above with 12 pounders. Minimal rigger blow back at, or slightly below 2 mph ' down.

Those newer to big water fishing will probably benefit most. Fishermen from all skill levels and years of experience on the water visit this website. With the infinite amount of variables effecting our fishery Lot's of wonderful things are in store for us this season. These are sure signs that spring is on the way. Be sure check back in tomorrow for a timely new article that's set to debut! Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Born and raised in the heart of Pennsylvania's trout country, the Author has enjoyed wading waters coast-to-coast in pursuit of his love for flyfishing and fly tying.

Follow as he wades those streams again, remembering what first brought him to the fly waters that continue to draw him in. And share some time at the fly tying bench with 21 personal patterns, that over the years have helped to define this blue-collar troutbum. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. I had heard of the size 32 flies, but not being a midge fisherman, I didn't know they weren't available. Also, I've always carried Daiichi hooks, not Tiemco. Coach is wise if you find a wise coach, listen to him. The Tiemco size 32 is not available in the US, but is in Japan.

I import lots of stuff from Japan - stuff not otherwise available in the US. Within a few weeks I had Tiemco 32 hooks in stock, along with the Varivas Ultra Midge 30 for good measure. It didn't take long after that before I had one in the vise. I just had to try it. With good light, a good magnifying glass, midge jaws and thin thread, tying on the size 32 hooks wasn't too bad.

Tomorrow's Fish: And the View from My Vise - R. E. Long - Google книги

If you are at all obsessed with details, it can actually be quite enjoyable. My first few flies were not of a quality I'm willing to show the world I can't imagine why so many people proudly publish photos of their first fly. I am willing to show them to the fish, though. Have you ever been at a doorway whether metaphorical or actual and gotten a shiver and an uneasy feeling that there is, was or ought to be a sign reading "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here"?

That's how I feel about tomorrow's adventure. Size 26 Stewart Spider and bluegill. It would be much safer if I don't catch anything. If I do, and especially if I catch quite a few, I fear I may also catch an obsession.

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