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They are not a substitute for advice from your own healthcare professionals. We just need your email, then we'll add you to the list! Cancel Subscribe. Toggle navigation McMaster University info mcmasteroptimalaging. Walking speed, part 1: How fast should I walk to cross the road safely?

Fast facts about walking speed. Jul 21, - McMaster University -. The Bottom Line Our walking speed changes as we age and is predictive of our life expectancy and changes that are likely to occur in other areas of functioning. Men have faster speeds than women probably because they are taller. Walking at 1. What advice do you have about walking as I get older?

How fast do I need to walk to cross the road safely? How does my walking speed compare to others of my age? Get the latest content first. Sign up for free weekly email alerts. Painful knees? What about acupuncture? Mirror therapy for stroke rehabilitation: Tricking the brain into believing what it sees.

Author Details. Gait speed and survival in older adults. JAMA Jan 5; 1 Improvement in usual gait speed predicts better survival in older adults. J Am Geriatr Soc Nov;55 11 J Nutr Health Aging Dec;13 10 Bohannon RW.

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Comfortable and maximum walking speed of adults aged years: reference values and determinants. Age Ageing Jan;26 1 Update on distance and velocity requirements for community ambulation. J Geriatr Phys Ther Jul;33 3 Defining community ambulation from the perspective of the older adult. J Geriatr Phys Ther Apr;33 2 Energy-speed relationship of walking: standard tables. J Orthop Res ;6 2 Comes in at roughly Theoretically, I can imagine a long, narrow possibly non-convex polygon with a long diameter but a small area. Start near Carrbridge as he did, but head across the Monadhliath to just north of Stronaba on the A82 at around NN Just over 78km.

For Wales, start near Tregaron and head in an easterly direction to near Newbridge on Wye, and you can clock up just over 30km. There is no civil or criminal offence of trespassing in England or Wales. Any prosecution would have to be for damage, as in Scotland. Signs saying trespassers will be prosecuted mislead people on this point. Interesting but did this really answer the question. Not a perfectly straight line ignoring paths. These three answers are a huge disappointment. The person asking the question is planning an expedition, they are not interested in theoretical answers suitable only for wild animals.

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Many of the tracks marked in blue on your map are not paved. If these were to be removed from the calculation I suspect we would get a different answer. The map for the longest in England above shows another longer route. From just south of Melmerby in the north west on the A south east to near Bowbank on the B This avoids the Cow Green reservoir. Both appear on the OS with the same symbol so why is one allowed but perhaps not the other? Or are these tracks? Do the OS maps not show road classifications correctly then? When is a track a road?!

Thanks for your interest Tarun. The team have had a look and have said it comes down to the data that is used. These allow vehicular access and yes, by using this dataset, the line that you propose would have to cross some of these. We hope this helps, Jocelyn. Interesting, but rather pointless in my opinion. Also I would prefer to see more attention given to mileage conversions as well as kms. This is still the British Isles we are talking about, after all! Brilliant — a fascinating if useless bit of geography plus geometry that has clearly got us all staring at maps!

Ordnance Survey Blog GB's longest linear walk without crossing a road - Ordnance Survey Blog

Any chance your team could find the longest bearing road to road in West Yorkshire by this method? Pingback : Het wandelavontuur, dag 7 - Smarts Blogt. Line scale factor 0. Local Scale factor 0. The most accurate method for calculating geographical distance, ignoring changes in elevation, is using ellipsoidal-surface formulae. The shortest distance along the surface of an ellipsoid between two points on the surface is along the geodesic.

Hi Thomas. The route was created in response to a tweet that we received and was devised using technology and software that would be available to most people at home sitting at their laptops. The accuracy of the length of this route reflects this which would be accurate enough for anyone planning on carefully!

Hope this helps, Jocelyn. Hi Jocelyn. What are the start and finish grid ref and can you order a custom map to attempt this route. Hi Dan.

GB’s longest linear walk without crossing a road

The grid references are listed in the blog and yes, it would be possible to create a relevant custom map. Many thanks, Jocelyn. Great work you guys. The main difficulty is actually getting to Cock Bridge. It involves taking the bus to Aberdeen from Glasgow , bus to Aboyne, staying overnight there, bus to Ballater and finally taxi to Cock Bridge. The walk is over km and it does not appear t have any difficult sections apart from going up and over Ben MacDui care needed in poor visibility — the proviso is that you are an experienced hill walker.

There are only two possible bothies and so carrying a tent is essential. No phone signal and next to no people — nice and quiet:. The amount of rain meant that there were lots of river crossings, with the River Feshie being a serious one.

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There was also a 2km section where there were seedlings e. Ben MacDui was also not on due to the wind and the amount of snow on the ground which was not soft but actually quite hard. Links to them are on the above web site.