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Many who have eaten oranges have never been in a land where oranges grow, but these persons know there must be such a land, because they have tasted its fruit. Likewise, I know there is a heaven because I daily taste its joy.

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Not only is there a heaven, but there is a way to heaven. All can go who will.

Heaven is a holy place, and the way to heaven is a holy way. A prophet of God said, "An highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called the way of holiness. The writer to the saints at Ephesus says, "He hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places.

Those who do not live a heavenly life on earth will never live in heaven. The heavenly life is the only life worth living.

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Should I ever forget these things all existing things will know of it. Tonghak was organized into branches or units ops of between thirty to fifty believers. The foundation date of the movement, 5 April, and the dates of the ordination of the leaders are kept as holy days.

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Services, as in Catholicism and other Christian denominations, were held on Sundays. It developed in followers the strong belief that injustice and inequality could and would be eradicated and that those responsible—in this case the ruling Yi dynasty—for the oppression that existed in Korea would be overthrown and punished. Maximum Purchase:.

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Buy in bulk and save. But at the age of eighteen this shy descendant of the Scottish Covenanters was converted to Christ.

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Despite naturally being of little account, and certainly not possessing any innate talent for the task, the Lord Jesus Christ fitted him for service and gave him the great honor of taking the Gospel of God all around the world. Later he worked in Sri Lanka and India before ministering for some years in the West, and finally exercising an itinerant ministry in churches around the world.

From beginning to end, its pages exude the fragrance of authentic New Testament Christianity. There are miraculous healings, direct divine leadings, and supernatural deliverances from death.

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The God of Dan Smith was a living God. Yet, at the same time, humility, sanity, and lack of sensationalism characterize everything that is written. I highly recommend this book. I knew almost nothing of this man of God, and have been richly blessed by reading this book.