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However, the curse wasn't broken as the only way to kill the demon was to destroy its heart. Though Buffy offered to finish the job, Sid chose to do it himself and with a final "thanks", stabbed Marc in the heart, killing him and breaking the curse. Sid died moments later leaving his puppet form inert. Sid the Dummy is initially portrayed as the stereotypical "horny dummy" act when the Scoobies believe him to be a simple dummy, only for Buffy to find out later that it is not an act.

While relating his history to the stunned Scoobies shocked at watching a dummy talk , he describes a sexual history he had in the s with a Korean Slayer, even going so far as drifting out of the conversation and into the memory, later snapping out of it and saying "I'm back. Despite knowing that breaking his curse would cause him to die, Sid was accepting and possibly looking forward to it, saying he'd lived longer than most demon hunters.

Searching AD for a User Account with a SID

He displayed a greater knowledge of demons than Buffy at the time of their encounter due to his greater experience, knowing that decapitation wasn't enough to kill Marc. When Buffy offered to finish the job for him, Sid chose to do it himself, ending his quest and effectively ending his own life. Sid returns as a playable character in the non-canon video game Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds.

He first appears in the opening of the Cemetery level, and tells her where the apparently resurrected Kakistos had gone. He explains that he had met the First years ago and, as quoted, "royally pissed him off". After his curse was broken in "The Puppet Show", the First stole his soul and placed it in a duplicate dummy body of the one he was trapped in. He aids them in retrieving Cassandra's eyes from Sunnydale Hospital, and stays with Ethan Rayne, unwillingly dragged along for the ride by Buffy, while the Scoobies fought the First's minions and retrieved Cassandra's body parts.

Now we have a quick search that can be used by replacing the value of the objectSID in the query with the SID for an unknown user and ADUC will quickly return the matching user account if it has not been deleted from AD. Where things get a little tricky is a SID is typically represented like this: S For the mechanics of converting a SID in this format into hexadecimal for the purposes of using our query, take a look at one of my old blog entries which explains the math behind this process.

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In fact, here are some other custom queries I have made out of necessity which have proven to be quite handy. Topics Industries Partners. Automotive Communications Consumer Markets. Energy Financial Services Healthcare. High Tech Life Sciences Manufacturing.