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See the contents pages below. I will give away 2 of my drawings and 2 copies of the books — lucky dip style! I will give away two of my illustrations at each event.

12222 ‘Myall Creek Memorial schools art, writing & song competition

For my second celebration I will post the titles from my book and get you to write new poems to go with them. Check out my next post for details. I will give away a few illustrations with this challenge too! Details tomorrow. You can RSVP to the bookshops if you want to come to my holiday poetry celebrations.

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This year for our Matariki poetry competition we want you to write and present on a topic or an aspect of navigation that pertains to either your family, or Aotearoa. There is no time to spare as entries must meet the deadline of Sunday June 23rd. Entries to be emailed in school lots, or independently emailed to: mahueastfriends gmail. By 6pm Sunday 23rd June. Finalists will be notified by : Close of business Tuesday 25th June and should be prepared to present their work at Mahurangi East Library starting 6.

All family and friends are welcomed to attend the evening. Refreshments served by the Friends Committee. Your gold coin donation is welcomed.

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Our sincere thanks for your continued support of this exciting local library poetry comp where we aim to give your kids an authentic reason to write and present. The Winter Words evening events run from May through to September, on the last Wednesday of the month and start at 7pm. This is the one session of Winter Words set aside for children. This is their time to shine like the Matariki cluster. This year we look to Tangaroa, for a sea voyaging theme and we celebrate our belonging in Aotearoa.

We hope you will all get involved — the success of this evening is dependent on everyone pulling in the same direction. The teachers need to find time to motivate the kids, and ideally enable them to peer critique and support them as they edit their mahi. The parents need to bring finalists along on the evening and support them.

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Not an easy job I assure you! Our wonderful Auckland Libraries — Mahurangi East Library Community and library staff support with providing the venue. All of our super Friends of the Library contribute to the prizes for the kids, every time they purchase donated books or pick up a raffle ticket.

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You will also get to spend time in the museum itself. Our trusty book supplier is the Matakana Village Bookshop. With no time to spare, we hope you will be able to present these themes and support student writing as soon as possible.

A New Zealand Poetry Page for Children

We aim to make this event memorable for our young creative poets and trust it will be an event that they come to look forward to each year. Other announcements will follow as we confirm sponsorship and judging roles. This is a scrumptious book — a beautiful book — a book to nestle into on a stormy weekend and to most definitely share. From : Massachusetts.

Round and round A skip, a gallop, A leap and a bound. Into the air Harmony in movement I'm a dancer in a magical place. A feeling more glorious I never have known Copyright secured Raine Alyssa Catalano. Title : nope. By : nope. From : nope. Title : W A I T. By : Tania Dey.

From : India.

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When it is relaxing to be engaged, Dive deep you will always be saved You found something interesting, don't just settle nodding your head, Improvise and have your bodies lead instead. You soon realise however you master your split, it wont matter in the story if it does not fit, I suggest find your gift, Cause that will give the edge to your lift. Contemporary does not mean absence of traditional, Its an advantage if you have something additional, The strength you find in a classical, is a strong base so very foundational. Go ahead don't fall in limitation, you now know success is not an imitation, Whatever is your natural instinct, do it without hesitation, If you be open enough you will find mentors to lead you out of any situation.

Title :. By : Joe. From : U. I will reply back and let you know to which e-mail address you can send the files. The Dance Thinker is our occasional E-zine.

National Poetry Month Quotes

Fill in the form below to receive it for free and join us. Post contemporary dance announcements workshops, auditions, performances, meetings and important news Swirling spiral of her skirt spills tides of dream and memory Echoes of night song flutter our embrace in bed: rushing morning rays Drowsy day waning sex and love- seasonal trick Unattached- drop of water on lotus leaf Baked and cracked the sugarcane field melts into mud Receding winter leaves behind allergies One more year hanged with calendar- a new god Picking at a dead frog on the road- a crow A crow picks at cow's back in the afternoon- drooping rag-picker Green velvet from gate to door- monsoon end A moving train- confined in water bottle rhythmic ripplets Two toads croaking in the drain celebrate sudden shower Chased by a cat a rat sinking into the sand Sculpturing psyche in the city of dumb dreams: idols sweat in sun Elements clack in the small house shudder the harp and strings God, the first victim in the divided city: one more house torched Basking in the past they grow backward and yet talk about the future Tattooed on her back a nude exhibits a nude- FTV model Cut wrongly each body a slave- grey faces Tainted tongues weave mazes to stop birth of light Continuing after ejaculation-- anti-climax Her wet lingerie reveals more than her body— I drown in her sea A stray sperm grows in the ovum blooms as puffball Winter chill- her face grows more wrinkles I see a finger point to the eye in her breast mist lingers on lips No letters today- addresses of his dead friends greying in diary With changing weather they look for sun and shade both: chameleon tune She resents remembering allah in her car In the class test etching nudes on the desk two late comers Night bombing oleander garden white as death Vultures waiting for the remains of sacrifice on the temple tree Seeking for the white of the sky in your closed eyes It's still overcast fumes rise from smouldering ashes- terrorists' attack On a marble grave mating sparrows celebrate peace in cemetery So much night around the street light- no one's safe Heat wave burns and blows the withered nests whole night birds wail searching for shades In the AC room last night's coldness continues: outside summer sun Clad in swimsuit her body in water sweeps waltzing ripplets He sees the world through the light of the body with single eye Lingering in bed: to go to church or pub- Sunday morning Bedside- our night clothes await washing It still lingers like the taste of stale love last night: man and mask one Joy of union reduces as rhythm falls: restless embers grow She hides the mirror with rose and lipstick and keeps her fiction Reshuffling the shelves it's only dust, in alleys sneezing scholarship Gentle breaths prick cheek and chest unclinging looking away She undresses in dim light perfumes her body fills room with herself Love waves rise and fall between our shores of soul drinking each other's sea Shouting at her-- the breakfast aggravates fire in the throat The lone mushroom- - a pregnant woman stares out of the window After dinner leaves a freezing banana on the bed Moving shadows in the silence of the room- windows rattle Hungry eyes rest on their graffiti on the desk Face hidden at the window hear known voices Facing the sun the lone flower dying to bloom After the sunset wheels of a returning cart along the paddy Unmoved by the wind he sits on a rock wearing peace of the lake Unable to see his pale shadow reeling through vapour of the earth Night washes the sky-- the sun brings morning freshness to my window After days of depressing rains golden orb Her frisky bounce like snakebird springing its head in water preying Her eyes flash in dark the eel slides into her cave I watch the mirror They take off again their un thrown nets frighten fish- water turns whiter Storms circling within love is vision in action blue dot in deep space Sound turns fainter with greying geometry a rusted sign Hope in hidden words the invisible essence nearer dawn's glory The mountain doesn't know the river flows through its skin now stains memory Filling emptiness of the room with ikebana A fly flying in IC free of cost On a sheet of ice the chick trying to free itself from its mother's claws Two souls celebrate sailing on flames of white light new millennium The lone hibiscus waits for the sun to bloom: morning's first offering Rain-soaked sun sheds its sultry light-- her bare back Dew drop on a blade of grass rainbow A child's fingers feel the butterfly lying one with yellow leaves Shell -shocked or frozen he stands in tears on hilltop craving nirvana A dead leaf hangs by a spider's thread invisible in sun Staring at each other two fishes in half -filled tank ready for truce All guests gone: after the late party night and I alone Icy bed: moving the pillow closer to hers Only two of us- and a big house with roaming rats and cockroaches Meditation cell phone rings love echoes No god appears in the dark of my closed eyes— dream-image falters The little toddler with her fey appearance: a woodland sprite Seeking good news I watch the lines on my palms taking new turns We meet again in the album ever fresh her memory Tending the hooks she blushes to see the line of jewels The half moon on her neck reminds of love before departure Her trilling laugh on the phone- spring love Chess of love: checkmate before playing the game Falling leaves-- a sheet of autumn in the courtyard They all look for a little more moon coming back from movie Waves of mist shine with sun the day resumes laughter shakes each bough Fearing allergies he misses full moon party savours white light After morning walk the trio gossip each day fresh revelation The holy Ganges tolerates the city's garbage even rape and death Greeting the first rains after months of soaring heat-- the lone mango falls Exploring the world in haiku silence God an event The string of life lost in the knots of small things: living tragedies Sweeping gelled leaves they raise dust in my compound agitate windpipe The lone letter box rusting in rain for years none come to open Prolonged rains keep dahlias from blooming- seeds die again Shining on rose-leaves silken layer of dew drops: gloss of her mauve smile Chilly wind slaps the window panes closed to keep cross-legged couples warm Cloud over cloud darken earth and hide stars: dawn and dust one Red oleander and hibiscus calling morning to Kali Making love she presses with her nails: sparrow sports After lunch stretching legs in cubby-hole: a frog Love tickles with erect pistil: hibiscus Suspended on the spider's web — a hibiscus 3.

Without washing hands he touches hibiscus for worship: her frowning glance 4. After little rain lilies smile with hibiscus- the sun in May Too short can't reach the height: hibiscus Chrysanthemum on the mossy roof deeply rooted Too big for its web between two roses- a yellow spider 8. Around falling leaves a lone dreaming flower- mid-February 9. Stands alone in the assembly of flowers- Valentine' s Day Not sad to die blooming after a day's rain- the mushroom A frog in the drain stares at the traffic light turning green December morning — the first roses in the lawn: fragrance in passing Leaves sway to fly like birds free in the sky Waving down a leaf settles between her breasts All night trees wave with roaring winds: autumn in the courtyard Bluebells and hazels lost in rustic kisses: morning stars burn On a lean branch of neem swinging a bulbul The courtyard stormed with dried leaves and tamarind: her frail hands sweeping From tree to courtyard cotton balls blown on the wind- seed in the centre Her scarf — a rainbow of flowers moving in the sky Her visit — a transient painting on holiday's floor Painting mom's smile with broken crayons — smiling Winny Intruding her voice on the phone Switching on the hearing aid: wife's warm soup With her saree hitched up between the legs my wife in bed Raising her saree above the thighs bends to ease and blocks my way Rising early to make tea for everyone the newly wed wife As the duo sit lights go out — sofa springs creaking Dissatisfied with each other the two of us in an empty house In the grey of dusk sway between hope and despair their dream promises Leaning sideways she looks at mango picklt caries ache She repeats my ills to express her anger but I know only her love Basking in the sun files nails in garden chair my wife's friend No joy in lighting the candles this Diwali: both the children away Awaits his son's phone call from the border: dogs and cats wail His son's voice not relayed by wire: tense borders Distance mounts each time he visits home: love's last rites Shadow of age on the wall — second full moon Whiteness of the moon and rocks howl with the wind- December in the veins The sun not yet set but the full moon rises as if in a hurry Enveloping all of the moon at night- white chrysanthemums Setting moon leaves behind sparkle on the waves Noisy birds don't let me sleep: midnight moon Through the window gaze at the moon hid behind cloud after cloud Caressing her pregnant belly — water lily Still night nude kisses in park images haunt Standing behind the window bars observes darkness in shapes Night bombing leaves the garden white as death Vultures waiting for the leftovers of the sacrifice In the ruins searching her photo: evening Rutting dogs sleepless the whole night cries for sex Parents pelt stones at the mating street dogs- nosey children Nothing changes the night's ugliness in the lone bed Alone in a shrunken bed aged love In the well studying her image a woman Knitting silence my wife on the bench after lunch The lone mushroom — a pregnant woman stares out of the window Under the tree in meditation sunken a lone stone Alone on the National Highway Hanuman So many headlights and my myopic vision- walking difficult They walk on red coal matching steps with drum-beats: carnival of ecstasy Keeps him sleepless fireworks and high decibel puja all night Sleeping on the cold floor a mother with child Awaits sunrise to hire an auto safely sits at the bus stand Two women argue over price and weight offish: the hapless huckster Carbon flakes drift high above the flat I cough they widen the roads Burning tap water and seething house in the morning heat wave cripples Chanting mantra with wine in one hand and torch in other Building bridges where there is no river— the politician A mother and child stuck between concrete rubbles: fidayeen attack Setting ablaze Muslim houses and children seekers of Ram White-yellow trail the Mirage on mission: ten souls buried Amidst roaring guns clouds blossom snow lotus: light hilly terrain On the margin of home-to-work-to-home routine — life's achievements Shivering in the cold young boys sell balloons late night- New Year revellers Journeying tries to raise his silence to prayer Never enough the earth's hunger for graves: peace barricaded In measured pace hit for divinity two political golfers Disposable blades one over the other- dusty switchboard Seismic lab a network of cobweb: no earthquake for long No Zen thought — scribbling haiku with gun in hand Staring at the huge stone penis at Shinto shrine- two female lovers With her breasts bobbing up and down she challenges the moon as she walks Sees the eyes in walls as I rise to kiss her Drowned in empty whiteness: love Wiping tears from each other's eyes two souls in love Writing with strands of watery hair on her back a love haiku Love of three decades extinguished in a moment- anger in the mouth Shedding bitterness of the tiff in sex act she and I Moist lips parting on a tea cup promising expectation Bending down to pick up apple she presses piercing embrace She preys the body behind obsidian sheath fatuous flap After burns leaving the body the dead skin Her palms the only lingerie in Fashion Show Crouching out of the bath with hand on the genital his new tenant A pregnant woman bending over the mushroom bloomed under a tree Awaits the bloom of love in her womb: silent action Lovely with hope the glow in her eyes: no need of sun Her body — the night's perfection in dim light Seeing her a liquid sensation between the thighs On a canvas a poet in twilight painting her skin Sensing her presence he stares down the street- lingering perfume A star in making — but an island appears: the palm amuses Sipping gin with lime he says he loves sex each night but hates the smell Bleeding fingers draw new domes of betrayal in windy matrices His tongue between the teeth- sudden sneeze Fed up with my sex she threatens to move to our daughter's room Leaves him alone to escape daily rape in bed his wife The bedroom altar no substitute for temple- sacrifice of sex Winter's chill — sweating under the gown her thighs and breasts Scanning her stooping breasts — the first night Measuring life with ejaculatory rhythm — envies sparrow sports Her thighs — resting place for my head on bed Trying to decipher the complex curves on my palms in the morning rays Fondling her breasts I incite a poem on her body A film of mist between my eyes and her image Locked in her eyes the bright glow of the goddess Melting in the colour of the heart the sun in the west A lizard shrieks before the climax: love making The blood passes through green veins I hear the heart play melody of dews Every breath love in action — fire in the hole No bottom reader but the shape and the lines do tell she can stir the soul The aching limbs and blood dripping between the legs: love-making postponed With his head between the knees he squats and smells the body's sweat Bones rattle to make a song of flesh in the night- togetherness Insomnia blaming her not old age Lies with her in freezing cold: an empty tube Invisible jangles odours presences- twinges in bed Drying on the line pork venison and beef-- the room smells their vests Don't know their tongue — the stars beyond the mountains whisper among themselves While I lie alone shapeless fears rest on my eyes heavier than time Searching salvation a moth flies into the lamp: oily burial Colours sparkle in the morning's dew on the blooms- my breathing changes Nobody cares burial of my dreams in coal dust Besides allergies so many other complaints: sudden weather change Bronchial breathing — the only sound audible in the soulless space Cleaning dusts from the old sandals for a walk: again the same pain Peeling paint from the drawing room- shadows flicker Seeing no image in the mirror of time- foggy blankness Hot bath or no bath — the cough persists unmindful of the New Year's eve Sees in a flash — opening the eyes takes a long time Linked with anxiety my comfort at his home: Ph.

Fear of forgetting — car insurance premium paid a month ahead Fears the approach of night with him — twisting tassels In the lone room prefers haiku to yoga drinking scotch Sunday afternoon- waving into gin two drops of lime Difficult to change I am what I have disowned- dressing down salads The bed is short and the covering shorter — crouching alone Unruffled by passions and clamours — Buddha's calm Seeks Buddha's stone bowl to win the bamboo princess: she dwells on moon beams Her heart a thousand doors of oneness Disappears into dust her last photograph Trying to read good news I look at the lines taking new turns on my palms Looking for riches in her left hand shortening days on the pavement They sculpture psyche in the city of dumb dreams: idols sweat in sun Pulling out white hairs she reminds increasing age: time's fragrance unchanged Still a child- embracing a breast sleeps her man Exchanging anger with roses: petals fall They all walk like shadows in night for themselves Lying on his table a few unanswered letters and unrealized dreams A little child chases the painted dreams on butterfly wings Two butterflies racing with each other perch on the wire Sudden rain drops wet the wings of a butterfly lying at the basil Lost my way again asking for direction: a pleasant change Locked between the cracks cockroaches in the alcove dropping their eggs Awaiting their turn to feast on a dead dog crows in a circle A crow hits the scare crow and cracks its earthen head A crow picking at the ripe papaya and another waiting A yellow spider on the blooming marigold weaves tiny webs Two lizards fight to mate on the wall — balancing act After the quake a dog sniffing his master's presence in the rubble Searching Christ's sandals in the pile of shoes at the church's entrance Traffic snails through the water-logged road I feel a manhole cover Dust mites devouring the secrets preserved in my diary Seeing my shadow three fish in the pond look for a safe corner Sitting with its tail coiled round sweets in the box a lizard A hooker hides behind the green letter box: looking for a client Too heavy these man-made machines choking weight Students murmuring over the class test result: the teacher's curved lips In the moving train sleeping on his feet the newspaperman Flowers inviting seeds of love scattered in the perfumed garden Looking for a prey a snake slides through the fence warmth of the sun Safe from sun under nascent leaf a gold fish With sunrise gone to sleep the morning moon Two dreamy eyes await the rising sun through the fogged window A sweating sun after the midnight chill- changing hues of spring The sun conceals aeons of darkness planets mirror in the sky Closing its eyes in the setting sun — the Ganges in autumn He sees art in her wanton dress- crawling curls A butterfly rests on the butterfly tattooed on her sunning back Setting sun leaves behind sparkle on the waves Suddenly rise the sleeping waves from far off- 'quake in the sea Swollen sea boiling over the head- roars increase The sun rolls on the waving Ganges- whitens love-hope On the wave's crest travels a fallen leaf- rot on the bank Couldn't erase the wind's soliloquy from the waves breaking on the shore Travelling back from the waves of bliss a foam-leap On the waves rise shells in accents lie with love — beauty on the shore Bathing in thousands they float lamps on her breast the river sparkles Knee-deep in the pond standing obeisantly nude worshippers Ends with ritual one more morning — sun-worshippers in the pond Awaits the sunrise in the chilly Ganges a nude worshipper Sees visions eating food of gods- mushroom Fills the void with illusions and self- names them god December almost over what new wish to add to Christmas wish list On Christmas eve santa claus takes leave — mist on chairs in pairs Standing between flowers Jesus on the cross Making holes in the wooden cross white ants Colours of envy stick on their colleagues' faces: Holi revelry Krishna offering parijata to Radha: Narada looks on The temple's dome in the flooded Ganga- empty kalash Fermenting spring in the arms of lovers: a secret sin The cherry pink in the spring — a framed nude Embrace suffocates in bed — chill seeps through slit Wintry chill — enters the cold bed: skips morning walk Winter rain bends the roses low- lumbar pain The long night passes sleeplessly I deep -breathe the December chill Alone and sleepless count hours by asthmatic bouts- the long winter nights A part of the night hidden in the morning moon: the sun waves bye bye The first night spots on the sheet: clothes wake up Long wintry night — opening the mail box for a date Vulnerable darkness of the opening: standing erect Seek my haven where the sky arches the sea— a white gull leads Stars mock his drinking alone on the cement bench: moon in the glass Spend our short time together after a long watching the moon Along the road in shanties they shack up — dreams in smoke Seeking smell in cactus flowers: late monsoon Clouds don't rain coldly come and go- icy bed All night rain the gaping roof her shelter