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There Is No Turning Back! Includes 8 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Pixel Horror Studios. Share Embed.

Empowering The New Evangelists

Add to Cart. Will you fight through the hordes of enemies, rescuing survivors along the way? Or will you quietly run alone, protecting your precious resources?

When the lights go out, and the monsters approach, it's too late to stop and turnaround. You must keep going. There is After waking up in a world overrun by monsters you must decide what kind of survivor you are.

With the choice to fight back or evade, you will endure dwindling resources and ever-persistent enemies. Exploration and rescuing helpless survivors can bring you great rewards, but puts your very life in danger. Each survivor you save unlocks a trainable ability you can unlock per character to help you survive deeper into the chaos, and a knowledgeable trainer can unlock up to 3 additional ability slots to aid you.

No Turning Back: Seven Migration Moments that Changed Britain

Build defenses to help you escape while saving enough to keep you alive while you search for the next way out. But, in this uncertain world with mounting pressure from beasts and bad guys closing in, your best bet for survival is to study everyone's moves, learn from your mistakes, and keep going forward because Well, you can try to turn back - but why would you? Unlock and train abilities: Unlock additional player ability slots and player abilities to help you survive deeper into the chaos.

Community-Driven Game Dev A special thank you to the Pixel Horror Studios community that watched and participated in the development of this game. All art is copyrighted. See all.

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Customer reviews. If possible, the colours will be dark pastel colours as provided in most of the examples below. The closet door will play a vital role in the music video because we start and end with the door and I want it to establish the s look - wooden, rustic, painted with a pastel colour and can be customized based on our character.

This will be filled with clothes just like the ones people are wearing in the closet world.

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Then, the most iconic things in disco club will be shown like the dance floor, disco ball, neon lights, stage, etc. As our character enters the closet world, he sees a s inspired club in front of him. It's not an ordinary closet filled with clothes.

No Turning Back

As he reaches the end of the club, he meets the only person who can understand him. They talk using sign language.

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