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Her first public appearance occurred as a singer at the age of 16 on NBC, where her father worked. The marriage did not last long and she lost custody of her child. Norma Monserrat Bustamante Laferte born 2 May , known professionally as Mon Laferte, is a Chilean singer-songwriter and actress who is currently the most listened to Chilean artist on Spotify worldwide. She is also the Chilean artist with the most nominations in a single edition of the Latin Grammy Awards 5 in She started her career at the age of 9, after winning a guitar in a singing contest.

Pascuala Ilabaca Pascuala Ilabaca born , Girona, Spain[1] is a Chilean singer and songwriter, noted for her voice with accompaniment on accordion and piano. She studied music in India She is known throughout Latin America for her romantic ballads. Her first track was "Ay Amor. In Chile the record got her the Disco de Oro, and w. In , she joined the cast of "Gran reserva".

She was first runner-up. She works in various genres including folk, popular music, Latin fusion, ballad, jazz and religious music. Santiago a Mil. Archived from the original on February 1, Retrieved 21 January She is member of the synthpop band, Saiko. Last FM. Retrieved 20 January Margot Loyola in Margot Loyola Palacios September 15, — August 3, was a musician, folk singer and researcher of the folklore of Chile and Latin America in general.


She published a large body of work dealing with musical styles, folk music and customs of all Chilean regions as well as other South American countries. She also taught music. In she immersed herself in researching the typical Peruvian dances and musical forms, the marinera and the resbalosa. This allowed her to study the origins of these dances and to characterize the simililarities between the Peruvian and Chilean ones resfalosa and cueca.

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  5. She started her musical career in the Chilean indie music scene in , and achieved wider success after the release of her first studio album in Her musical style tends to be synthesized electronic sound, although prior to her official debut she made acoustic-oriented songs accompanied solely by guitar. In she recorded various demos which leaked to the internet shortly thereafter and spread by her friends.

    Between and she was also part of the Electro. Her father, a photographer was surprised by not only her photogenic qualities but her musical ear. At 14 she was enrolled by her parents in formal voice training where she began to learn and develop skills and techniques to help advance her talent to a professional level.

    She began to win various festivals and talent competitions in Santiago. Early life and career beginnings — In She was invited to perform in the television talent search "Nace una estrella" "A Star is Born" on Santiago's Channel 13 where she won. Career Mestrovic first appeared on television in in the Chilean program Rojo fama contrafama Red, the Value of Talent , where she won in the Singers category and received a car as her reward.

    Mestrovic was part of the second musical album of this program, called Yingo 2, and debuted as an actor with the miniseries Amor Virtual and Don diablo. On November 25, , Mestrovic left Yingo to join the rival show Una nueva compet. Nicole Monserrat Natalino Torres born March 5, is a Chilean singer who is a current member of Chilean pop rock band Kudai previously known as Ciao. She had left the group voluntarily in , and in made a comeback with her solo music career, which lasted a few years. During her estrangement from music, she studied interior design.

    In late , she and the other original Kudai members reunited, reliving her music career. Biography Early life Nicole Natalino started by doing voices for commercials and her musical debut was at the age of Even though she was a very shy girl, her mother convinced her attend the casting for CIAO. She debuted in with an album of pop-like songs.

    Nissen studied piano at the Conservatory of Music at the Universidad Austral de Chile and then pedagogy in music education at the same university. Teatro del Puente.

    MIJAS: CONNIE FRANCIS - The Singles Collection

    External links Official website. Biography Nicole began her career as a child. Colombina Violeta Parra Tuca born is a Chilean musician and singer. Parra is the daughter of the physicist, mathematician and self-titled "anti-poet" Nicanor Parra and the niece of famed folk singer Violeta Parra. Retrieved 10 June She is known mostly for being in the cast of the youth program Mekano, for her role in the television series Magi-K, and for being the host of the youth program Yingo. Gabriela Pizarro — was a noted Chilean folklorist, researcher, teacher and songwriter.

    She is considered one of the three essential researchers of Chilean folklore, along with Violeta Parra and Margot Loyola. Parra is acknowledged as "the Mother of Latin American folk". Her birthdate October 4 was chosen "Chilean musicians day". She was a member of the prolific Parra family. Her mother, Clarisa Sandoval Navarrete had grown up in the countryside and was a seamstress.

    She sang and played the guitar, and t. She is the lead singer of rock band Javiera y Los Imposibles. A third generation member of Chile's Parra family, known for its many musicians, she is the granddaughter of famous Chilean folklorist Violeta Parra. Inquique Star Estrella Inquique. Retrieved 2 April Violeta Isabel Cereceda Parra born 29 September , better known as Isabel Parra, is a famous Chilean singer-songwriter and interpreter of Latin American musical folklore. Early years Parra was born in Chile in and began her career in music at the age of 13 when she made her first recording with her world-renowned mother, the folklorist Violeta Parra.

    She has since interpreted and recorded the songs of some of the most famous Latin American folk singers. She returned to Chile when democracy returned to her country. She studied singing in her country and made her debut in the Central Theatre of Santiago in She made appearances in various countries in the Americas, later residing for a long period in Mexico. In , she conducted a concert tour of Italy and France, as well as debuting in Lon.

    Because of her bell-like voice and pitch-perfect whistling she received the nickname Chilenische Nachtigall Chilean Nightingale. Initially they lived in Portugal and France but by they moved to Berlin. Serrano had her first successes in the Wintergarten and the Metropol Theater where she performed Chilean folk songs. During that time she was discovered by German composer Peter Kreuder who managed that she got a record contract at the German Telefunken.

    Early life Rosenthal was born in Santiago, Chile. She has two brothers, one sister, and is the youngest of four children. Her mother, Liselotte, is an industrial designer, and her father, Christian, works in ceramics. When Rosenthal was eight years old, her parents separated. While attending school, Rosenthal stated she was bullied because her family was not wealthy. The series premiered on June 16, and ended on September 1, Clara Solovera May 15, - January 27, was a famous Chilean folk musician and composer.

    She was Chile's most popular folk music composer in the early s. External links Clara Solovera at MusicaPopular. She recorded for the first time the successful one "Chile Lindo" "Pretty Chile" , of Clara Solovera, and did not only he contribute to enrich the way to interpret those songs thanks to a voice recognized among the clearest and expressive of her time. Besides was a popular artist in an extensive sense: in the radio, the disks, the tours and the movies.

    Tijoux has often been praised for "exploring sensitive matters devoid of violence. Tijoux is the daughter of Chilean parents living in political exile in France during Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile. In , her family moved to Paris, France. United States Steel Foundation Vanguard Foundation Wells Fargo Bank Foundation, not funded ,. Series II: Programs Exhibitions Ajo Granadas y Tres Flores Exhibition Animation Exhibit Artesania Sorata - Cloth Art of the Andes Wilfred Owen Brigada Carnival '80 Exhibition Carnival '81 Street Parade Carnival '82 Street Parade Centro Folklorico Ceramics y Absurdities Ceramicas de la Tierra Christmas Art Sale Show Christmas Folk Art Sale City Neuman [with color slides].

    Colors of the Guatemalan Indians Community Art Murals Exhibition [color xerox prints]. Corridos - El Teatro Campesino Gregory Cortez Exhibition El Sol Nunca Muere Estelas Mayas Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition Flyers Fashion Moda Exhibition Licita Fernandez and Pete Davalos Fiestas de San Juan, New Mexico Flying Chapulas Exhibition Exhibit Anouncements Art by Serrano Gallois Gentes de las Americas Javier Gorena Workshop Group Exhibition Guadalupe Posada Huichol Art Exhibition Images of the American Indian Movement Casasola Images of the Southwest Exhibition International Hotel Exhibit Frida Kahlo Printmakers--Richard Duardo and Roberto Delgado Last Supper of Chicano Heroes Exhibit Mascaras cont.

    Masks as a Visual Image Miscellaneous Brochures and Newsclippings Miscellaneous Exhibits early Miscellaneous Oversize Exhibit undated. General Comments and Description. Mission Community Mural Exhibit Mixed Clippings and Exhibition Flyers Molas From the Cuna Indians New Members Exhibition Nicaragua Benefit One Day Exhibition--Ceramics and Absurdities Pinturaltura: Vermillion Blues Spilling Photography of the South and Southwest Exhibition Prints by Posada Projects in Progress Pumas, Corredores y Serpientes Santos de New Mexico Santos de New Mexico cont.

    Self-Portrait Exhibition Serrano and Gallois Show Flyers and Cards Siqueiros-Rivera-Orozco Sonada Despierta--Graciela Carrillo Tecolote Exhibition "A Decade in Flight" Tejidos de Otaralo Third World Women Art Exhibition Daniel Valdez, September 16 Coupon Luis Valdez Fundraiser Visual Documentary on the Mission District Now" Exhibition Exhibitions Supplement I Latin Printmaking Cesar Chavez February May Chicano Art on Film March Border Realities February-March Three Rounds on Short Notice April Women By Women May-June Avant Garde July-August Beyond War Organization Everchanging Photo Exhibition Steve Moses- A Memorial Exhibition Earthquake Exhibit, February-March Roots and Wings April-May, Popul Vuh.

    Hiroshima Exhibit March-April, Art in Jail July-August, Annual Christmas Folk Art Sale Dos Mundos May-June, Day of the Dead Film October-November, Sugar Reception El Caribe February-March, Border Watch Baw January-February, Maradiaga Cine Homenaje May, Homenaje a Ralph Maradiaga July- Aug, New Directions September-October, Un Rincon Cerca del Cielo October, Carlo Magno October, Exhibitions Supplement II Angel Del Valle Carnaval Photographs Carnaval by N. Urban Youth Unsigned Photographs of Earthquake Photographs No artist.

    Poster of Emiliano Zapata by Canales, 6 copies n. Diego Rivera 1 Time Magazine cover April 4, The Mexican Museum Newsletter Death and The Blacksmith Poster December Dia de los Muertos Murals from the Great Wall of Los Angeles, Homenaje a Frida Kahlo Homenage a Frida Kahlo General note. Yanez Envelope stamped February 2, Magu, April May 25 War Peace Art Exhibit, Summer Christmas Exhibition, November-December Domestic Allegories Indigenous Peoples: No Boundaries September , Day of the Dead, October- November Members Holiday Party December 12, La Moda May-June Mexican Book Arts Box History of Chicano Graphic Arts Outside Services Related Activities Leonel Lopez Nussa, March Aim for the Limits May 17, June 4, Related Activities in Lagrimas y Sonrisas February-March Artist Television Access Proposal Center for the Arts Exhibit Exhibition Schedule Related Programming Memos from Staff Mission Statements from Generation Project Beyond Boundaries, Enrique Chagoya Board of Directors information Bryant Elementary Drawings New Immigrants in the Cultural Landscape Re Generation Project Suenos Prometidos Artist Statements Year of the Immigrant Advisory Council Condition Report: El Corazon me dio un Salto, Miscellaneous silkscreens Papel picado festive cut tissue paper circa Special Programs Calendars andamp; Children's Class, Summer Christmas Benefit Folk Art Sale Christmas Card Design Christmas Window Contest Color Xerox Workshop by Susan Osborn Community Art Classes undated.

    El Teatro Campesino Reception Alice Karlegan Children's Class Lisa Kokin's Batik Class Lisa Kokin's Batik Studio Miscellanous Materials undated. Maradiaga's Silkscreen Class Mission Cultural Center Programs Publicity of Art Classes Relocation Opening Party Survey of World Music Artists' Resumes Bicultural Arts Program California Association of Bilingual Education C. The California Fine Arts Committee Eduardo Carrillo Paintings Victor Cartagena Center for Third World Brochure Centro Cultural de la Raza Chicano Moratorium Commemoration Comite Hispanoamericano Fundraising Community Sponsored Affairs Community Training and Development Project Current Valentine undated.

    Curriculum Material for Bilingual Education Frank De Rosa, Lowrider Artist undated. Diane Feinstein on Use of Arts Funds Exhibition Proposals Flower Films New Releases undated. The Foundation Center Fundraising: Foundations, Workshops, Etc.

    Moore - Music and Revolution (Socialist Cuba)

    Harry Gamboa, Photographer Rene Gelpi's List of Photographs undated. Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center Esther Hernandez, Artista Hispanics in Philanthropy History of the Mexican National Flag undated. Horizons Youth Employment Program Interamerican Film Posters undated. Latino Film Makers Newsclippings League of United Chicano Artists Lowrider Material Mary Hope Whitehead Lee General Description Note.

    Metrospanic Newsletter Miscellaneous Catalogs and Materials Mission Economic Development Association Mural Dedication Philip Morris and Arts Photo Projects, 1 Early 's. Photos of San Francisco Marathon Postcard Samples Project Real Stanford undated. Raza Art Network RCAF Artworks [prints] Romualdo Garcia by Claudia Canales Samples of Grant Proposals from Other Organizations San Francisco Affirmative Action Program San Francisco School Volunteers Slides, Photos, Xerox Prints Theater Program Untitled Silkscreenundated see also Oversize, Box 52, Folder Yerba Buena Center Zapotec Weaving Exhibit Series IV: Correspondence Files Correspondence General Correspondence Incoming Letters , Letters of Recommendation Miscellaneous Cards Miscellaneous Correspondence Support and Incoming Letters Support Letters, Support and "Thank You" Letters Xerox Corporation Series V: Clippings, Publications, Flyers Ambiente Newsletter Audio Brandon Movie Catalogs Billboards--Color Xerox Prints undated.

    Bronce Newspaper, March California Arts Council Handbook Clippings and Flyers on Chicano Murals Clippings and Pamphlets on Latino Films Clippings on "The Black Sheep project" Clippings on "Out of Line" exhibit Color Xerox Prints, Billboard, and Clippings Color Xerox Prints--Mission Murals undated. The Contemporary Day of the Dead Color Prints and Clippings Folk and Mexican Art Flyers and Brochures Flyers For Community Organizations Independent Curators Incorporated The List Las Posadas de Navidad Magazine Cuts Miscellaneous Materials Miscellaneous Materials cont.

    Miscellaneous Xerox Copies of Articles and Flyers National Murals Network Newsletter Newspaper Article, Latino Arts 's. Nutrition Action and Pan American Health Revista Xhisme Arte No. Ruben Salazar Articles The San Francisco Foundation Publications Tin- Tan revista comica : Issue no.

    Series VI: Photographs Bulk, Miscellaneous Magazine clippings, photo copies, undated. Proof Sheets by S. Nuzzo undated. General Description note. Francisco Camplis Photograph of Nude Woman Mascaras, --Layout for Brochure Silkscreen plate undated. Newsletter, Master layout Artwork by Laura Molina Altar to Candelario Medrano October Altar to Ed Badajos undated. Mi Linda Nicaragua October Box With a Story undated. Night Visitor undated. Spirit House for Lizzy undated. Fulanolandia October Altar to Don Perdito Altar to Her Grandfather undated.

    Flower Heart October No Love Letters in the Sand undated. En Espera del Centesimo Mono undated. In Expectation of the Hundredth Monkey undated. Homage to Lenny Bruce undated. Young Virgin and Friends undated. Altar for Rita Hayward ca. October Calcos by Vita undated. Viva la Muerte October Art Exhibition ca. Cinco de Mayo Parade ca. May Gallery Exhibition undated. Huichol Yarn Paintings, Nerika undated. Miscellaneous Exhibitions ca. Mission District Parade undated. Parade Mission Merchants Association ca. CAC Animated Workshop ca. Huichol Art Exhibition ca.

    Self-Portrait Exhibition September October 12, Casasola Photos February March 23, Day of the Dead Exhibition November 2-November 28, Day of the Dead Procession November 2, A Decade in Flight--El Tecolote. Images of the Southwest Exhibition March 5-April 3, The Renaissance of Paper Cut-Outs. The Defiant Eye. Annual Christmas Fair Art Sale. Contemporary Sculpture and Prints.

    An Exhibition of Works by Rudy M. In Progress Exhibition May 4-June 12, Border Realities Exhibition February March 23, Faces of El Salvador. Recuerdos de Frida Exhibition May 5-June 27, La Cruz: Spiritual Source. Images of a Community Exhibition May June 23, Galeria Calendario Exhibition January February 13, Images of the American Indian Movement.

    Women folklorists

    Miscellaneous Slides From Weavings of Ecuador Exhibition April 5-April 27, Everchanging Exhibition. Low 'n Slow Exhibition July September 22, Harry Gamboa, Jr. Self-Portrait undated. El Loco y la Vida El Muerto Jinete Arte de la Jente, Announcement Poster for undated. Benefit Festival June 9 year unknown. Border Realities, Announcement Poster for Boycott Coors, Announcement Poster for undated. Calendar for undated. Carlos Hermosilla, Announcement Poster for Celebremos la Victoria de Nicaragua, Announcement Poster for ca.

    Charles Milgrim Pianist. Chicano Moratorium, Announcement Poster for ca. Chippendale Festival, Announcement Poster for undated. December Calendar En Memoria a los Martires, Announcement Poster for ca. February Calendar Festival of Life, Announcement Poster for Francisco Aguabella, Announcement Poster for Las Fuerzas Vivas, Announcement Poster for Independence for Puerto Rico, Announcement Poster for undated.

    Inter-Art Extravaganza, Announcement Poster for ca. January Calendar ca. January Calendar undated. July Calendar undated. June Calendar ca. La Loca de los Milagros undated. The Longest Walk, Announcement Poster for March Calendar ca. Marcha Contra la Migra, Announcement Poster for undated. May Calendar ca. Mission Media Arts, Announcement Poster for ca. Molas and Photographs of the Cuna Indians undated. Nephtali de Leon, Announcement Poster for undated. Nicaragua Patria Libre o Morir!!! Noche Tropical, Announcement Poster for November Calendar ca.

    October Calendar La Otra Onda ca. Pick a Pocket for Nicaragua, Announcement Poster for Promises, Promises undated. Puerto Rico, Announcement Poster for September Calendar September Calendar ca. Short Eyes, Announcement Poster for undated. Simon Bolivar, Announcement Poster for The Silent Majorities undated. El Tecolote August 24, El Tecolote September Theatre Flamenco, Announcement Poster for undated.

    Thursday Night, Announcement Poster for undated. Traditional Crafts of Mexico, Announcement Poster for ca. La Ultima Cena, Announcement Poster for ca. Viva El Salvador Libre! Viva Nicaragua Libre! Xmas Festival Dance, Announcement Poster for undated. Mural Inauguration las Lechugueras, Announcement Poster for ca. El Paseo del Siglo undated. Orquesta Positiva, Announcement Poster for ca. No Show, Announcement Poster for El Amigo Americano, Announcement Poster for Asesino Por Contrato, Announcement Poster for Bisturi la Mafia Blanca, Announcement Poster for El Circo, Announcement Poster for Un Comisario Acusa, Announcement Poster for Los Dias del Pasado, Announcement Poster for Retrospectiva de Cine Mexicano, Announcement Poster for undated.

    Tumba Francesa, Announcement Poster for April Calendar ca. Tarahumara Mayo, Announcement Poster for Culture Clash, Announcement Poster for Monthly Calendar ca. El Manejo de las Perlas undated. Calendar for May ca. Viva Vasquez: Tiburcio - Genaro Azteca Warrior undated. April, May, June Calendar Una Noche de Salsa, Announcement Poster for undated.

    The 17th Annual Dia de los Muertos Hail Umbanda, Announcement Poster for ca. Liz Estrada, Announcement Poster for undated. Mercedes Sosa, Announcement Poster for Quilapayun in Concert, Announcement Poster for Sal Samba, Announcement Poster for undated. The Third U. United for Peace with Nicaragua, Announcement Poster for undated.

    Art from Jail, Announcement Poster for Chile, 11 Septiembre , Announcement Poster for Chicano Ball, Announcement Poster for February Calendar undated. April May and June Calendar August Calendar 7 Agosto 7 ca. Bilingual Education Says Twice as Much Colegio Cesar Chavez, Mt.

    Angel Oregon undated. Pinturas, Bordados Announcement Poster for undated.

    Galería De La Raza Archives CEMA 4

    La Carmen, por Vida Rivera, Orozco, Siquieros, Announcement Poster for Encuentro del Canto Popular, Announcement Poster for La Historia de California Somos Hermanas, Announcement Poster for ca. Semana de la Raza, Announcement Poster for ca. Steve Miller Band, Announcement Poster for undated. The Last Papa with the Big Potatoe [sic] Ceylon Tea: Product of European Exploitation! David Alfaro Siquieros Homenaje a Frida Kahlo, Announcement Poster for Posada, Announcement Poster for Posters and Society, Announcement Poster for November Calendar Revolution in Central America, Announcement Poster for Don Pedrito, Folk Healer Oldies But Goodies, Announcement Poster for Mujer de la Jungla IV undated.

    La Revolucion Mexicana - Mictlantecuhtli, Announcement Poster for Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla ca. Show Me a Short Cut University of California, Santa Barbara. Language of Material: English. Physical Description: Abstract: Administrative records, programs, subject files, correspondence, clippings, slides, photographs, serigraphs, posters, silkscreen prints, ephemera and other creative materials documenting activities of the San Francisco Bay Area Chicano cultural arts center. CEMA 4. Physical location: Del Norte.

    General Physical Description note: Being amended by GDLR to conform to standard language used now. All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Head of Special Collections. Permission for publication is given on behalf of the Department of Special Collections as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which also must be obtained.

    Founded in , the GDLR was, like many other such centros , a product of the Chicano civil rights movement in the s and s. These principles guided the GDLR and set it apart from mainstream art organizations in terms of philosophy and organization. Studio 24 has served as a means to generate revenue for the GDLR in face of cuts in federal funds for arts, and as an experiment in a new form of community art organization. Also, there are silkscreen prints, housed in flat metal cabinets, and 2, slides slides in 10 albums. There are separate guides to the silkscreen prints and the slides.

    The archival material includes business records, grant applications, exhibition descriptions and flyers, correspondence, miscellaneous publications and photographs. They cover the period of The collection is divided into nine series. Within each series, folders and boxes generally follow the alphabetical order of the titles that were assigned to them by the GDLR. Folders with the same subject are usually arranged either alphabetically or chronologically.

    Series I: Administrative Records, The series consists of two subseries and is housed in 13 archival boxes. The first subseries, History, Staff, and Organization , includes documents from the earliest period of the GDLR, information about its staff, and several re-organization efforts.

    The second subseries, Business and Financial Records, , consists of tax returns, budgets, some business transactions, and payroll journals. The records provide information about the efforts by the GDLR and Studio 24 to develop a self-sustaining route as a non-profit community arts organization. The third subseries, Grants, , includes grant applications and award or rejection letters that document the successes and failures of the GDLR in seeking support from governmental funding agencies and private philanthropies.

    Most of the grant applications were for GDLR's own projects and programs. Sometimes, GDLR acted as fiscal agent to apply for grants on behalf of other organizations or individuals. In those cases, the folder titles identify these organizations and individuals, in contrast to the majority of folders in this subseries where titles follow the funding agencies. Series II: Programs, The second series consists of three subseries. The first subseries, Exhibitions, , is the largest subseries and the heart of the archival material in the collection.

    It encompasses a variety of materials associated with the set up of exhibitions at GDLR, including correspondence, floor plans, brochures and flyers, exhibition catalogs, photographs of the art works and of the exhibition scenes, introductions, captions, news clippings, and guest comments. They are a rich source of information on the artistic activities at GDLR and beyond. The second subseries Exhibitions Supplement — was retrieved in and expands on the materials related to exhibitions held at Galeria de La Raza.

    Because of its late retrieval date, the boxes numbered 53—68, are included in the exhibition subseries out of sequence to better reflect their relation to Series II. The Exhibitions Supplement contains collected documentation for exhibitions from to The subseries is arranged chronologically, according to subject, to the folder level. Within each folder, the order is generally established by the donor and depending on the subject matter of the exhibition, will be found in the following arrangement: 1 Announcements, including press releases and public service announcements PSA for radio.

    The subseries is arranged chronologically with not dated materials placed in the beginning. The largest section of the subseries Earthquake in Mexico: Tragedy and Hope.

    Chilean folklorists

    This subseries is primarily visual arts, and photography and does not include documentation for the many exhibitions it covers. Any information available from the images has been listed in this subseries. The third subseries, Special Programs, , covers non-exhibition events at GDLR, such as workshops, receptions, festivals, classes, and contests. Although small in volume, this subseries shows the community service aspects of the GDLR. These materials represent the GDLR's professional networking activities and its social and political environments.

    Series IV: Correspondence, Series IV contains both incoming and outgoing letters that were not integrated within the other series. Unfortunately, due to a fire during the early years and later in due to the disposal of Maradiaga's papers by family members immediately following his death, the correspondence series is a very small one. Much valuable correspondence can be found, however, in the other series, such as the subseries on exhibitions. Series V: Clippings, Publications, and Flyers Series V contains various clippings on GDLR and its programs from newspapers and magazines, publications by other organizations, publicity and announcement flyers for GDLR exhibitions, and catalogs.

    Like the subject files, these materials provide glimpses of the GDLR's interactions with the community and its social and professional environment. Series IX: Silkscreens, This series contains silkscreens all organized by the artist's last name. Articles of Incorporation Bylaws. Reorganization Consignments Funding Ideas Newspaper Ads Xerox Copy Service Flyer.