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He can take on any shape, but reveals his identity within moments of doing so. He never discusses a case except the one he's working on in a given novel, so that his legendary close-mouthedness turns to garrulousness when a Hardy Boys novel begins, which is of course the only time we ever get to see him. All the same, he only discusses the case in enough detail to mislead his sons and put them in mortal danger. He has systems of information and data-gathering that put the FBI to shame, yet he is always losing his case notes , his ciphers , his microfilm , or some other valuable clue, usually by leaving it in his extra pair of pants, meaning that the Boys have to drive to Canada or Florida or somewhere to retrieve it.

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I suppose he isn't mysterious at all; he simply embodies what many think of their own fathers: utterly powerful, contemptibly inept. As a result, the Hardy Boys are able both to be superior to their father and to gain the satisfaction of "fearlessly making their dad proud of them. In the end, many commentators find that the Hardy Boys are largely successful because their adventures represent "a victory over anxiety. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: List of The Hardy Boys characters. See also: Leslie McFarlane. We can tell the newspapers that we believe our father has met with foul play and that you won't bother to look into the matter, but don't let us disturb you at all—" "What's that about the newspapers?

Main article: List of Hardy Boys books. United States portal Books portal Children's literature portal. Hardy's first name is given as Mildred. See Keeline The book in question is Casefiles No. The introduction of Pete Jones in the series predates the introduction of Valerie Brown from Josie and the Pussycats , who is often credited as the first African American animated character; the Hardy Boys first aired in while Josie and the Pussycats aired a year later in See also Billman , p.

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Dixon Edward Stratemeyer. Chet Morton. Leslie McFarlane Andrew E. Dead on Target Evil, Inc. The Hardy Boys in popular media. Juvenile Series books — Categories : Book series introduced in The Hardy Boys American young adult novels Young adult novel series American Broadcasting Company network shows Fictional characters introduced in Literary duos Fictional amateur detectives Teens in fiction Child characters in literature Characters in American novels of the 20th century American novels adapted into films Novels adapted into comics Novels adapted into video games Novels adapted into television programs.

Hidden categories: Use mdy dates from May Pages containing links to subscription-only content Featured articles. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Boxed; cover art by Mark Williams featuring a caped super with an eyebeam, fighting a super with an energy punch.

Boxed; cover art by Mark Williams same as the 1st Edition cover ; 80 pages stapled. Boxed, with a 96 page stapled rulebook and a separate 40 page campaign book.

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Cover art by Mike Witherby and Mark Williams, featuring a trio of supers above a cityscape. This was the first HERO System rulebook to present the rules separately from the genre material; both are in the book, but in different sections. This was the first book by this name to be a superhero genre book only, and not include the HERO System rules.

Kennedy, featuring a fire-blasting female super and an air-blasting male super battling in a water scene. A return to inclusion of the HERO System ruleset and the superhero genre material in a single product. Sometimes considered a "4. Categories : Hero System Lists of books Lists about role-playing games. Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from November All articles lacking sources.

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