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The doctor reveals that Elvis' bloated appearance was due to his severe constipation.

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Nick explained. And even through all the trials and tribulations of their personal and professional relationship, Nichopoulos will first and foremost remember the captivating yet compassionate person that was our beloved American icon, Elvis Presley.

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He was just one of a kind. Nick added.

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He would change from one person to another as soon as he walked on the stage. Why were people coming out with so many different stories about the night he died? For example, no one could get the colour of his PJs correct. You would also know if someone had not came to bed all night, I know I would know if I was alone for more then a few hours, and why not accept the American flag.

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He strongly believes in his country. That is why I had to look more into it.

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So many fans have been hurt, why he would do this. When he cared so much about the people. Did Colonel Parker have something to do with this? After all, he is worth more dead than alive. He was wealthy, so he could just disappear. And even if he was sick, he could afford the best Medical help he needed.

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Why did they not do a DNA if he is really dead, because Lisa would know that is the one thing that can prove he is really dead? Immediately following the singer's passing, his family requested a private autopsy to determine the cause of death. Several of the other pathologists involved in the autopsy would go on to criticize Francisco's tactics he was apparently favoring the family's privacy with his announcement and conclusion. Multiple doctors involved reportedly argued that the musician's cause of death should have been attributed to a toxic combination of pharmaceuticals.

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With the autopsy request coming directly from the family rather than at the state's behest, the full findings were sealed after the procedure. Multiple attempts were made over the years to get the documents unsealed, with a reopening of the investigation into Elvis's death getting the physician's notes, but not the autopsy itself, released.

The book debuted with little fanfare and only became well-known once journalists and the public began denigrating Dunleavy, a former tabloid reporter, over his allegations about Elvis's drug use and carousing.

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It wasn't until almost two years after Elvis's death that the possibility of drug connection began to be seriously reported. Type keyword s to search.

Shocking DNA results reveal Elvis Presley was always destined to die young

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