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I will offer a longer introduction to the book as the release of the English edition draws closer. Our new framework — the Triad of Commoning — focuses on the commons in three interrelated aspects — the social, the political peer governance , and the economic provisioning. This approach emerged after months of working on our book.

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Much of that language points us in the wrong direction by downplaying or ignoring the social, personal, and ecological relationships that live at the heart of a commons. But to a commoner, shared wealth such as a forest or river is alive. Started by a shopkeeper, the brand went on to become an official purveyor to the royal Bavarian court and today has a global reach.

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The platform at Hannover Main Station Just your regular train station platform. If you look around, you notice there are as few props as possible.

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Also, the platform and the ceiling are almost the same width. The buildings near the party site were also made of deeply atmospheric brick.

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Travels of the World Tell us more! Germany Edition Great to have a drink! Great to look around!

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