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Asian American Autobiography. By Name. Burmese American. Chinese American. Filipina American.

Indian American. Japanese American. Korean American. Pakistani American. Vietnamese American. Making Face, Making Soul Alfredo Vea, Jr. Includes summaries, reviews, execerpts of his books. Jewish See Also Minority Studies. Kathleen O'Grady Concordia U. Allen, La Sierra U. Philip Roth Society. General Resources in Native-American Lit. Indigenous Peoples' Literature. Famous Documents. Indigenous Poetry. Native Youth Literature. Native American Mythology. Indexed by name, title, and tribe.

Course Syllabi Archive. Index of Native American Resources on the Internet.

A Multicultural Reader: Collection Two

Voyage to Another Universe - The Official Sherman Alexie Site. Charles A. Eastman Ohiyesa. Old Indian Days ; rept. Paula Gunn Allen. Joy Harjo. VoS is woven by Alan Liu and a development team in the U. California, Santa Barbara, English Department. To offer feedback on the site, please use the feedback form. Ds, or Native film and theatre. It also, crucially, reminds of Native access to a modernity not normally granted. The sightlines en route to this modernity, and the literature to which it has given rise, are notable.

Tribal culture became nominal, diversities were twisted to the core, and oral stories were set in written languages…. More than a million people, and hundred distinct tribal cultures were simulated as Indians, an invented pantribal name, one sound, bears treaties, statutes, and seasons, but no tribal culture, languages, religion, of landscape.

Shorthand must do to convey some of barriers through which a Native American literary tradition, that is written and scriptural as against the massive resources of oral legacy.

America Lacks Multicultural Literature

How to escape the diorama of simulations? The gallery of barbershop manikins.

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Red Man chewing tobacco. The Indian head nickel actually a woman.

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Film from D. But few could doubt that a major shift occurred when N. Scott Momaday was awarded a Pulitzer in for House Made of Dawn , the first Native text ever to be so honoured. Its portrait of World War II in the Pacific and Jemez pueblo Indian Country as respective combat-zones, and their personification in the figure of the Native-born Abel, yielded a massive, lyric, imaginative interplay of both history and fable. This circling, reflexive narrative, with its comparisons of calendar, belief system, memory, law, site, and languages, deploys a depth of image, a voicing, rare by any standards.

What to suppose its place, then as now, in the canon of American literature? That House Made of Dawn has assumed classic Native American status is irrefutable; it also has been taken to have ushered in the Native American Renaissance, however contentious the naming. Youngbear, Jim Barnes and Diane Glancy. I am an Indian with a pen. The stunning eventfulness of that history could hardly not invite en-wording.

Who could doubt the utter importance of Jazz, Blues, Soul, and Rock and Roll, together with all the different contours of black popular style in dress, foodways, sport, performance, and speech? More to immediate point who does not now look to African American authorship for a gallery as full as diverse of written voice? The urge to voice has its own necessary lineage, no doubt born of slavery-time and won against the coercive voicelessness both of southern colour-line and northern metropolis. The sight became lodged in my imagination as a symbol of silent suffering.

Freedom, voice, imagination: the terms give rubric to the vast literary articulation of black America. Denial of canonical access, however longstanding, could not last. As in Native tradition oral resource weighs richly and directly, folk legends, call and response, the dozens, and comedy stand-up to modern rap. Slave narrative, well more than a thousand recovered texts, offers a point of departure.

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  7. DuBois to Cornel West. The modern African American pantheon raises every further question as to canonical inclusion and exclusion. My soul has grown deep like the rivers. I bathed in the Euphrates when dawns were young. I built my hut near the Congo and it lulled me to sleep. I looked upon the Nile and raised the pyramids above it.

    Whether or not, since estimates vary, it indeed ranks among the largest Spanish-speaking countries in the world, its cultural heft is not to be denied. The rite of passage it inscribes, involving curanderismo, Christian dove, Aztec eagle and deific owl, poignantly calls up a one emergent life and the bandwidths of community memory. Asian America.

    Nor does it obscure the prospect that mid-century will see an end to any one presiding ethnic group. Once again a run of shorthand terms do duty for historical complexity: Yellow Peril, Orientalism, the Exclusion Act, Angel Island detention of Chinese, the Asia-phobic Immigration Act, Executive Order which in the wake of Pearl Harbor put , Japanese Americans into internment, together with the long corridors of stereotype, Charlie Chan to Tokyo Rose, pigtail laundryman to High Tech geek, Filipino maid to Korean groceryman.

    Literature in all its forms has given answering voice. This roster has infinitely expanded, yet more American literary candidature.

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    Little wonder Hagedorn would entitle her anthology Charlie Chan is Dead. A greatly useful purchase on all these different imaginative skeins is to be found in the Indian-American memoir of Meena Alexander in her The Shock of Arrival: Reflections on Postcolonial Experience :. Negotiating so diverse a circuit risks giving into lists and too hasty a survey.

    But something of the kind becomes almost inevitable in the span of a single essay as indicated in the references I have elsewhere tried to write at length on the issues and rosters involved. Three touchstones can serve as a means of threading the arguments in play, an overlap of canonical name, early twentieth-century white-liberal radical, and contemporary African American multiculturalist.

    To seek no other goal than the weary old nationalism, belligerent, exclusive, inbreeding,.. It is for the Younger American to accept this cosmopolitanism and carry it along with self-conscious and fruitful purpose. We had to become multicultural, and I think this will be a major factor in determining who finally survives in this country. Those who have incorporated other perspectives and allowed their vision to embrace other ways of looking at the world have a better chance of surviving.

    All three writers bear the evidence of an America, and American authorship, as a nation of not one canon but multi-canons, a nation of not one but many multiculturalisms. And all the truly richer and better for it.

    Exploring Children's Books Through the Lens of Diversity

    Bourne, Randolph S. Reprinted in Randolph S. Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. Hagedorn, Jessica, ed. Lee, A. Robert, ed. I-1V, Introduction, Chronology and Bibliography, i-clxxiii. Native American Writing, Vols. Levine, Lawrence W. Matthiessen, F. Reed Ishmael ed.