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Instead of the softness and effeminacy which characterize the men of rank in most countries, they exhibit a union of elegance and strength, a robustness of frame and freshness of complexion, which I am inclined to attribute to their living so much in the open air, and pursuing so eagerly the invigorating recreations of the country.

The Third Edition. Page 71 - Place the other end under the before-described surcingle, so as to keep the strap in the right direction ; take a short hold of it with your right hand ; stand on the left side of the horse, grasp the bit in your left hand, pull steadily on the strap with your right ; bear against his shoulder till you cause him to move. As soon as he lifts his weight, your pulling will raise the other foot, and he will have to come on his knees. Keep the strap tight in your hand, so that he cannot straighten his Continuing the History from its Colonization, and completing a period in the History of the American Revolution.

This cheap edition of Mr.

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Bancroft's standard Work is now complete as far Page - Special Correspondent. Page - "We hold this to be a pattern volume of cheap literature. Baucher, of Paris misprinted Faucher in the American edition , the great modern authority in horse-training and elaborate school equitation, under whom our principal English cavalry generals have studied—amongst others, two enthusiastic disciples of Mr. After Mr. Rarey had taught five or six hundred subscribers, some of whom of course had wives, Mr. Indeed, the proof that the circus people knew neither the Rarey plan, nor the results to be obtained from it, is to be found in the fact, that they continually failed in subduing unruly horses sent to them for that purpose.

Six lessons from Mr. Rarey would have produced, at least, temporary docility. Now from this, although in some respects the same class of nonsense that was talked about Mr. Rarey, it does not seem that any Parisian veterinary surgeon staked his reputation on the efficacy of oils and scents. He cannot help it—he must fall on his knees. Make much of the horse in this position, and let him get up free of all hindrance. So little idea had cavalry authorities that a horse could be trained without severity, that, during the Crimean war, a Mademoiselle Isabel came over to this country with strong recommendations from the French war minister, and was employed at considerable cost at Maidstone for some months in spoiling a number of horses by her system , the principal features of which consisted in a new dumb jockey, and a severe spur attached to a whip!

From the time of Alexander the Great down to the Northumberland Horse-Breaker, there have been instances of courageous men who have been able to do extraordinary things with horses. But they may be divided into two classes, neither of which have been able to originate or impart a system for the use of ordinary horsemen. The one class relied and relies on personal influence over lower animals.

They terrify, subdue, or conciliate by eye, voice, and touch, just as some wicked women, not endowed with any extraordinary external charms, bewitch and betray the wisest men. The other class rely on the infliction of acute pain, or, stupefaction by drugs, or other similar expedients for acquiring a temporary ascendancy. In a work printed in , quoted by Nolan, we have a melancholy account of the fate of an ingenious horse-tamer.

He would, at a sign from his master, lie down, kneel, and make as many courvettes springs on his hind-legs forward, like rearing , as his master told him. He jumped over a stick, and through hoops, carried a glove to the person Pietro pointed out, and performed a thousand pretty antics.

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It was probably from this incident that Victor Hugo took the catastrophe of La Esmeralda and her goat. Dan Sullivan, who flourished about fifty years ago, was the greatest horse-tamer of whom there is any record in modern times. The landlord was retaining part of his kit as a pledge, when Sullivan, who sat in the bar, vowed he would never see a hungry man want, and gave the soldier so good a luncheon, that, in his gratitude, he drew him aside at parting, and revealed what he believed to be an Indian charm.

Sullivan never took any pupils, and, as far as I can learn, never attempted to train colts by his method, although that is a more profitable and useful branch of business than training vicious horses. It is stated in an article in Household Words on Horse-Tamers, that he was so jealous of his gift that even the priest of Ballyclough could not wring it from him at the confessional. Sullivan left three sons: one only practised his art, with imperfect success till his death; neither of the others pretended to any knowledge of it.

One of them is to this day a horse-breaker at Mallow. This action might not be possible to undo.

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