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Which causes even more harm. Due to her house been raided several times by gangs looking for guns, she has express permission from the local precinct to discharge her guns inside the building, so long as she record all information.

Police zero in on house in search for missing Utah college student

Happiest when using the guns she loves, she is described by the men she shoots as the virgin Mary. Minkei's top agent who was in pursuit of a notorious hitman known simply as "". When he located him he requested Mikuru and Yuuji accompany him. A close friend of Yuuji who'd been handling guns since the age of 5, he turned out to be hitman , regarding all hunts as "training".

Initially in control, he lost it when Mikuru reverted to her previous mindset before she met Kou, and committed suicide after Mikuru beat him while telling her that she was "just like him". The instructor at Minkei Training ground, he's tough but a knowledgeable trainer. He was suitably impressed by Kou's development and command potential recommending him to Fujita's Light Knight's B squad. Before dismissing Kou, however, he gave him a taste of what a Zero user could do. Ostensibly he did this after seeing how well Kou and Mikuru worked together.

Another meaning would be that he felt Kou had the potential to learn it. A police officer who is constantly seen as the one enlisting Minkei's help to catch panty thieves or other perverts , he takes credit when he does nothing and sees Mikuru and Kina as monsters due to the excessive damage they cause but he does show concern for them. In chapter 18 he leaves flowers at the place Kina was killed, saying how losing her was unbearable. A girl attending Kou's school, she's first seen in chapter 15, being robbed and after Kou saved her, she seems to have a crush on him.

Very clumsy, she is a source of constant jealousy for Mikuru as Kou is too good natured to leave her be, and too thick to notice her crush on him.

Nicknamed No-No, she joins Mikuru's small circle of girlfriends, and gives up on Kou when she realises how well Mikuru understands him. A school friend of Mikuru who writes eromanga for young girls. She takes inspiration from Mikuru, who gets scared by how accurately Sonobe recreates her Minkei life.

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She is commonly seen either doodling her manga or wandering around school grounds aimlessly until inspiration hits her. Unfortunately for her small circle of friends, she will often resort to using them for inspiration if the need arises. Such a situation occurs in chapter 41 where she cons her friends into the "man diet". Using Kou Ayuna was her freshman she garners inspiration from the activity of the bikini clad girls and the clearly flustered young man. After a beatdown from her enraged friends Sonobe is seen working on her next manga, while Kou has apparently lost considerable weight.

A courier service of two sisters that transport anything and anyone. Kou was mistaken for Hyodo Tanaka, the brother of an upcoming yakuza boss and taken by them. When the mistake was discovered Kou covered for the pair, pretending to be their "brother" allowing them time to grab with right person. The younger 13 Mana starts calling him Oniichan older brother while the elder is shown blushing while talking to him.

They are last seen transporting Snake and Witch after they beat Minkei during the Department store hostage situation. Mana uses a variation of the Zero-In style and Kou notices that she's even faster than Mikuru. The elder possesses a considerable strength, able to almost crush a man's head with one hand.

Their car is heavily modified to avoid pursuit an obvious play on The Transporter.

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About 1, years ago in India a symbol was used to represent an abacus column with nothing in it. At first this was just a dot; later it became the '0' we know today. In the 8th century the great Arab mathematician, al-Khwarizmi, took it up and the Arabs eventually brought the zero to Europe. It wasn't warmly received; the Italians in particular were very suspicious of any change to their ancestors' system of numerals. In a law was passed forbidding bankers from using zero or any of the new Arab numerals in their accounts.

Zero Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

He converted to Islam and returned to his monastery after 20 years' study with the precious knowledge of nothing. Dennis Salt, Horsham, W Sussex.

Leslie Farmelo, Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex. Their symbol for it was a stylised shell. Interestingly, they also developed a base 20, rather than base 10, arithmetic system. The abacus' empty space caused by going from 9 to 10 is just as much a zero as an 0 on the page. Use of a Zero symbol allowed arithmatic to move from the abacus to the page. They taught the Arabic number system to Western Merchants.